Tuesday, October 11, 2011


You & RJD2, Alone in a Room, Wires Everywhere

Does this tutorial by RJD2 about how to build a modular synthesizer turn you on? No? What if I told you he's the guy who made the Mad Men theme song? Like, already there's that and then this song that I think is even better, plus the fact that he's from Ohio, but then he says stuff like, "On the left those are trimpots (the "pot" is short for potentiometer). They're like the exact same thing as the volume knob on your stereo. It's a variable resistor. If you have a 10K trimpot, that means if you turn it all the way one way it'll provide 10 K-ohms of resistance; if you turn it all the way the other way, it'll provide zero." Zero ohms of resistance.

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RJD2 is great. I sent this to my electronic music making husband!


@rootmarm I sent it to mine, too! He was very excited.


picccccss!!! we want rats nest porn!!

Miss Zarves

Yes. Yes it does. In fact, the album "Magnificent City" w/ Aceyalone and RJD2 is equally good to listen to while sexxing and running (but not at the same time. or, maybe).


My husband builds modular synths! It's weird to see his hobby on the Hairpin.


I read the title too fast and I thought this was going to be about Robert Downey Jr.

What it is actually about is very interesting too though.


I read it too fast and thought it was going to be about the droid from Star Wars.


I love RJD2. I love the Mad Men theme. How did I not know that he was behind it? I think I've even looked for the composer in the credits, but it was listed under his real name or something.


Yes, it turns me on. Been thinking about building my own synth for years.


God damn you Jane. I'm a happily married woman now reminiscing about my short-lived stint as an Audio Engineering student.

Obviously my heart ended up not really being in it, but DAMN the boys were cute. And I would/could have cleaned up in there.

Hot mayonnaise

My trimpot provides 11 k-ohms of resistance.



the best. <3 u rjd2ie


Love RJD2. Ghostwriter is def my favorite ever of his songs (and one of my favorite songs overall). Elliott Smith and Betty Wright samples! I find him really attractive which says a lot about my taste in men too. I also have always wished I were an engineer so this post made me really happy all around.


It's a shame, I don't think RJD2 has made a really great release for awhile. He's like DJ Shadow - paralyzed by past success. Only DJ Shadow never tried to be... folk, or whatever.

Analog hardware nerdery is always worth basking in, though.

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