Friday, October 7, 2011


Which Pocket Man Friend Is Right for You?

"This pocket manfriend is called Eric. Graphic designer, bike enthusiast, vegetarian. Combs his beard. Collects vintage armchairs." Eric comes with a certificate of Eric-thenticity; other Pocket Manfriends include Ray, Craig, and Nicholas. They're all made of clay, and they cost less than $8.

[Via/Thanks, Caroline!]

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Haha, Eric is a Portlander... and is anyone else a little creeped out by these things? It's an interesting idea but I'm squeamish about carrying a face in my pocket.



You made me laugh so hard.


@Serafina the one pictured in this post because my boyfriend's name is Eric and this looks just like him (he has a slightly darker beard). Can't wait to tell him I'm going to keep this in my pocket so he's always with me when we're apart.

It's worth $12 just to see how terrified he will be of this. CANNOT WAIT.


@not_a_commenter I think I might know this Eric. Although there are probably about 1000 Eric's like this in Portland.


@not_a_commenter You could build a small shrine in the closet with candles and incense, then "accidentally" let him find it.


@Serafina I'm totally going to do this. Thanks for the idea!

major disaster

I thought pocket manfriends were called "vibrators."


"I just want to roll you up and put you inside of me. Your curly hair will tickle me everytime i move."

10 points if you can name that movie reference!!


@ThundaCunt Step Brothers


@sp8ce and you win the internet!! Lmao! i loved that movie!

its the goddamn Catalina wine mixer....

Tuna Surprise

I'll buy the ginger one when he's inevitably 50% off.


he looks like Drew from Toothpaste for Dinner (with a less awesome mustache): http://www.facebook.com/pages/Drew-Toothpaste-For-Dinner/237825069812


@nonvolleyball yes yes yes! That was my first thought! But I only want Drew in my pocket if he's drawing cartoons for me all day. And that might be beyond the capabilities of a pocket manfriend.


The Pocket Manfriend that would be right for me would be the black one, or the Asian one, or the Hispanic one or the...oh. Sorry. Only white men can be Pocket Manfriends.



What would that really solve? I, for one, am sick and tired of white people controlling the representation of nonwhite pocket manfriends.


@SuperGogo Ugh, I should know better than to mess with HTML when I'm denied the ability to edit. Here's the custom manfriend link: http://www.etsy.com/listing/76228669/customized-pocket-manfriend


@SuperGogo I saw that. I guess I'm just surprised that there aren't any non-white manfriends already displayed on her page.


@wee_ramekin: Things White People Like = Etsy


@ejcsanfran Things White People Like = Other White People.


@annepersand Things White People Might Also Like = People Who Are Not White (right? :o/ )


@wee_ramekin Things White People Say They Like But in a Way That Mostly Means Wearing "Navajo" Jewelry and "Ironically" Liking Hip Hop


@wee_ramekin I had the same thought. Sadly, manfriends come only in white.


Do all manfriends not shave anymore, or just the pocket ones?

fondue with cheddar

@youresmalltime TINY RAZORS.


@jen325 I feel like a clay beard would be so hard to maintain!

fondue with cheddar

@youresmalltime Not if it's glazed!


@youresmalltime I know, right? I looked at them all for a beardless one. Do not want bearded man, even in a pocket man. Picky, picky, picky... Signed, A Single Gal


"Nah it's alright, I'm single but I have a creepy face in my pocket. See? Now I can go about as if I were a normal member of society"


All those pocket manfriends look like Guess Who boardgame faces.

Quick Brown Fox

@Elleohelle Does your Pocket Manfriend have a beard?

Aww, man!

Tuna Surprise

@Quick Brown Fox - heehee. Does your Pocket Manfriend have vintage frames?


@Quick Brown Fox Is it PHILLIP?


@PrimarySource Aw man PHILLIP! He was always the creepiest one.


The pocket-ladies are all so freckly! But they don't have names :(


@leon.saintjean ... ... ... I feel there is meaning in the namelessness of the pocketladyfriend.


@AnthroK8 that's the title of my favorite sarte play.



I think Dear Prudence should have recommended pocket ladyfriends for the married fellow. He could have camped in the bathroom for long periods while studying them wistfully.


HaHAAAAAAAAAA at the 'Eric Eric Eric I Made You Out of Clay' tag. Edith, are you hoping Eric is Jewish, or does he just remind you of a dreidel?


"Today in Passive-Aggressive Gifts Smug Coupled Women Can Give To Their Single Friends... It's a rock with a boyface on it!"


But I already have a tiny human in my pocket... and he's alive.

out of order

I am embarrassed by how much I want the pocket lovebirds.

fondue with cheddar

I wish I were single and dating, because I would have a handful of pocket manfriends, and I would throw them all on the table and see how they landed to decide which ones to call/go out with.

fondue with cheddar

@jen325 In fact, I want to have a pocket man/woman/girl/boyfriend to represent every person I know. And I would put them in a jar.


@jen325 I just picture your friends coming over and you sitting there with a jar full of rocks painted like them with a calm smile on your face. That would be creepy.

Random, but what is your icon from? It reminds me of something...


All these manfriends look like they would sneer at my record collection. Maybe I need a brofriend.


I'd rather keep my pocket space saved for my pocket insulin pump and my pocket keys and pocket cigarette case made into a wallet.

Because the day I get a pocket manfriend is the day I just give up entirely.


My first and middle name: Craig Ray. As a ginger beardo, these accurate rocks make me feel scared. Like, am I actually a tiny rock in one of your pockets?


@cbrownson This could turn into a good Twilight Zone episode.


Well, I've completely given up on manfriends - so I just have all my pockets filled with catfriends. They are made of pebbles and I want to hug them all, all the time, forever...


@ejcsanfran If I could shrink my cat down and carry him around with me all day, I would be SO HAPPY. Also, I'm weird.

jamie schuh

@momentisaflower Yes, yes, one billion times yes! (am also weird)


@momentisaflower totally not weird. I think I told my dog this last week (not like I was just talking to him or anything..)


@beanie Of course you talk to your dog. It's not like you talk to plants, or anything non sentient.

Which, also, would be fine. I talk to my house. Like, I get home and I say 'hello, house, did you miss me?' Ok, maybe that isn't ok, now that I see it written down like that... Maybe I spend too much time alone with my house and my cat. I meaowed at my boyfriend the other day in reply to a normal question.



Hahah, Ray is speaking to me because he sounds like Ron Swanson. But I would kind of prefer to have a Ron Swanson one.


I'd hit it.

Oops, I mean: I'd skip it.



What do you have against skipsters?

Barry Grant

"... but the husband was built too small."


she needs to expand her types. i'm a fan of beards but i know a lot of women are not.


No way, that manfriend is called Greg, he is a snakecharmer of a man who used to work in my office and all the women thought he was SO NICE and SO PROGRESSIVE but it was all a smirky, smirky act.


Gotta Catch 'Em All! Gotta Catch 'Em All!


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