Thursday, October 27, 2011


What's That Supposed to Mean, Target!?

Look at what came in the mail yesterday. This is the entirety of the note: "Regarding your Missoni for Target order." And then at the bottom it says the card is worth $25. That's it! That is all the info. I might cry. Should I cry?

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is it an apology gift card for the hassle? or did they sell out of something that you ordered?

real question: do i have a $25 target gift card waiting for me at home?!?


They sent me an email saying they had to cancel the rest of my order because they didn't have enough stuff, and they would send me a gift card because they were sorry. I got mine this week too.

Bad news is you're not getting your Missoni stuff. Good news is $25 to spend at Target!


@punkahontas I don't know. I saw some of that Missoni stuff that hadn't yet been purchased and I feel like it was really cheap feeling/looking for something that's more expensive than it should be. I also felt like most of it was fucking hideous.

That being said, I'll totally take Jane Marie's gift card if she doesn't want it.


To be fair, that puppy does look real regretful...


@emilylouise That is the saddest dog I've ever seen.


At least he's being a good soldier about it.


Good news all around people. They actually gave you money, and you never have to realize that the Missoni stuff is not as well made as you'd like it to be.


@acookieaday Eh, I think the Missoni stuff is just exactly as well made as people would expect it to be. This is Target, after all.


@thebestjasmine Yes to this. So far I'm not unhappy with the quality of any of it, for the price I paid. It's not like the stuff was going for real Missoni prices so I'm not expecting honest to god luxury goods here.

Valley Girl

Whoa, what? Did they oversell then? I was only able to buy one piece online but it came weeks ago and I've been happy with it. #humblebrag?

This makes me even angrier at those damn ebay scammers.


@Valley Girl Yeah, the oversold it. I feel like the whole thing was super annoying, and it actually made me LESS interested in real Missoni. But I think it's a classy move by Target to give out the gift cards.


I mean, you could send it to me, I need some new Fruit of the Loom undies in a pack, which are always more expensive than I think they will be, because I always think, "Oh, it's a basic brand so it won't be too much money," but they are like $9/back, so I never buy them, even though I really need new underwear, and then...

Bridget Smith@twitter

@activisty UNDERWEAR IS SO EXPENSIVE. Mine are all getting waistband holes and faded colors because I haven't replaced them in years, and realistically, I should not be so hung up on spending $9 for 3 pairs of underwear, but when I have to buy like 3 packs, it adds up!


@Bridget Smith@twitter $9 for three pairs? that is outrageous. I get that people love their fancy undies but I like getting mine in a plastic bag at the grocery store. Hanes are my favorite. Are they really $9? I thought they were like, a lot less than that.

Acrylic Disaster

@insouciantlover Gosh, I want so much to get some undies at the supermarket or at Duane Reade or something. But I want a 3-pack of ALL BLACK COTTON PANTIES. That way I don't have to save my few black pairs for Blood Week. But they NEVER have all black undies for women. It's always, like, 1. pink and grey strips 2. orange and purple curlicues 3. light blue


@Acrylic Disaster Yes, black panties are essential and you can never have too many.

I also feel like a chump for over paying for my panties now. 5 for $25 is not the deal some stores would have you believe.


@activisty I heard there was a cotton shortage this year? But yeah, I am always surprised at how much even cheap underwear and socks cost sometimes. I'm like, oh it's like $5, but really it's more like $15 and I am briefly outraged EVERY TIME.

Ladies Who Punch

@Megan Patterson@facebook heh, he. you said "briefly".


@Acrylic Disaster Jockey makes a three pack of all black. They also make a three pack of greys which isn't so bad either, and they all hold up well.




@Acrylic Disaster YES. THIS. UGHHH. AND IF THEY ARE THE RIGHT COLOR IT'S NEVER IN THE SIZE YOU NEED. So much anger about underwear!!!!!!


Realistically, Target sent you this to keep you from posting (as a random for instance) a blog post about your Missoni order. BACKFIRED.

Aunty Christ

WHAT!? I pay $9 for underwear all the time. One pair.
Missoni is all on clearance at the Target by me. It's just returned stuff but there's a lot of it.


@Aunty Christ We still have a bunch of stuff on clearance too. I'm not sure what it says about the people in my city though. It's all still really ugly to me.


@shlee I liked the rosy comforter set, but that was about it in the whole line. I showed it to my husband and he haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated it.


maaaaaybe it's just me but the missoni stuff is butt ugly. I was at target yesterday and there was a chevron knitted mini skirt that made me have a seizure.

Aunty Christ

Do a google image search on "missoni jumpsuit" and imagine drinking a margarita on the Mediterranean in Cannes in a sun hat and said jumpsuit. That's what Missoni is for. Which I imagine is why it looks weird Target-style.
My mother is going to look like an acid trip at work (substitute teacher) all decked out in her button up & leggings she got in the clearance section at an MN Target.


I saw some Missoni for Target stuff at the Goodwill on W8th Street last week. It happened that fast.


@parallel-lines Target has A Relationship with Goodwill. I'd guess they were corporate donations, rather than stuff people bought and have already gotten rid of.


Reading Between the Bullseye


So I'm going to put this here because the word Target is in the headline...
Do all these ads on the side for some sort of hoitytoity New York milliner making hats for Target mean that hats are coming back into style? Please tell me the answer is yes. I would love to be able to wear hats but I am not the type of person who can rock a look that is not already being worn by at least a good 30% of the population.


@ormaisonogrande I hope so because I LOVE hats so so much!


not gonna lie, since the excitement of zigzag print sweaters has worn off, I'm really hoping I come home to a gift card.

Rebecca Graham@facebook

I'm harboring all sorts of contradictions, but as i took a night off from occupying my Town, I found a bunch of Missoni (in regular sizes!) on the clearance rack at the local Target. Maybe people bought it out and changed their minds? Good luck, Janey!

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