Wednesday, October 5, 2011


What Goes with Everything?

Quick, pick one ingredient you have in your fridge that you need to cook for dinner tonight before it turns brown and watery and rotten and then you have a real mess on your hands plus you're out five bucks again due to your poor planning and the fact that 2-for-1 asparagus sales get you every time. Quick! Did you pick asparagus? Guess what it goes with? Crab and eggs! You should make a quiche.


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Vici Cornwall@twitter



@Vici Cornwall@twitter qream goes with everything.


@Vici Cornwall@twitter I saw a Qream ad in Elle! The same one Edith has an article in, which is super appropriate.


@Vici Cornwall@twitter

No, I think the Qream will be (as) good (as it ever was) for another century or so.


i have to make chicken OR ELSE!


The answer is always cheese.


@EleanorRigby I have this problem where I assume cheese lasts forever, so I usually find myself thinking something like, "Cheese on toast! Excellent, I totally have cheddar in the fridge!" and always ends up as, "Cheese can grow MOLD?"

The Widow Muspratt

@Nutmeg but you can always just cut off the moldy part!


The whole "must eat that before it starts to rot" thing is what made me realize that I wanted to be a vegetarian. I had some leftover chicken tenders in my fridge, and I thought "gotta eat those before they go bad," and then I realized that chicken "going bad" meant rotting FLESH, and I thought, "Hey, I'm a grown-ass woman, I don't have to eat meat if I don't want to." So I stopped. And then I did my research and realized that there are tons of reasons to go veg*n, but really—it was the "something's rotting in my fridge" thing that gave me the initial push!


@Kivrin, as a recent vegetarian who has let too many giant pots of beans grow mold in the fridge, I can't really say I prefer one type of repulsive decay over another. Food liquefying into smelly goo is just never positive.

wasabi peas

@wallsdonotfall that's happened to me on far too many occasions.


@wallsdonotfall: Oh, I know. Moldy food is bad news. In my case, though, the thought of "FLESH rotting in my fridge" is way more horrifying than "plant matter decaying in my fridge." :-P


@Kivrin Meat never rots in this house. But veggies do!


I love this website and now want to marry it. And not just because it told me what to do with my on-the-brink eggplant.


oyster sauce


@becky@twitter On everything. Even ice cream.


@yrouttasight i misread the post at first. i have oyster sauce in my fridge that i don't know how to use or what to make with it. that's not on the list, sadly.


meaning i need help with what to do with the bottle of oyster sauce. anyone?


@becky@twitter Make a bunch of okonomiyaki and slather them with it!


@figwiggin whaaaaat no. get okonomiyaki sauce and mix it with mayo then slather


@becky@twitter use it in lieu of the anchovy paste in Martha Stewart's recipe for pad thai. It's not horrifically authentic, but it's very quick and tasty.


Serious under use of garlic.


@margaret_r Especially since we now all know how to peel entire heads of garlic in ten seconds!


@margaret_r Garrrrrrlic. Come to me, my pretty. (aka agreed)


People have all this stuff in their fridges?! I have a plum tomato, salad dressing and several eye masks. And that is way more food than I usually do. That chart had octopus!


@shenannies AND PIGEON. PIGEON!!! There is only one person who would need that, and it is Wyley McFadden.
There was also Ostrich.


My refrigerator and wallet thank you for this.


Ahhhh you know I just went through my fridge last night, right? It was mildly humiliating.


@cherrispryte Me, too. It wasn't as bad as the last several times, because I got rid of all my old tupperware and got a nice, much smaller set of stuff that actually matches. I have less stuff to lose in the abyss of my fridge, so I *have* to clean it out more.


Feeling pretty smug that I didn't need the help of this awesome graphic to make a decent dinner from my nearly empty fridge and pantry, but it is an awesome graphic and I want it on my kitchen wall. It'd go nicely next to my cheese poster.


@MeghanElizabeth right, i'm pretty good at combining things and making wackadoo concoctions, but these graphs are so gorgeous. I ALSO want it on my wall, next to your cheese poster. You can mail that to me, right? Cos i needs it.


@candybeans also, Courgette! And Aubergine! Totally the names of my first 2 kids.



Courgette, it's turned so cold
Courgette, it's past your bedtime
you've played the day away
and soon it will be night?


As mentioned yesterday (and on twitter) where I'm ranting about cookbooks, is there ANYTHING in the world more awesome than flavor combos?

Here is an assignment for ya'lll: bleu cheese and pineapple. Especially if the pineapple is carmelized. So heavenly.


@leon.saintjean that would be a kick arse pizza.


@leon.saintjean : WHAT. Oh man, I have to try this. I bake pear and bleu cheese tarts all the time -- next round I'll have to experiment with that.

The Lady of Shalott

Tonight is garbage night so I have to clean this isht out. Except I actually clean out my freezer, and here is my method:

I hate it when food goes bad. Because it is gross and smells and is generally disgusting. Instead, I have developed the weird habit of putting my rotting/rotten food in the freezer. Then I pop it in the garbage just before it goes out--ergo, no stench of rotten milk in my kitchen, or rotten vegetable or whatevs. By the time it thaws, it's out to the dump. Ta-da! No muss, no fuss.

Of course it does mean that now my freezer is full of crap, but hey, at least it doesn't stink.


@The Lady of Shalott My fridge is my trash for foodstuffs because my dog hasn't learned to open the door yet.


@The Lady of Shalott For the same reasons, we keep the compost in the freezer. No mess!


@The Lady of Shalott I do that when I trim chicken or meat - all the skin and nasty goes in some plastic wrap in the freezer so it doesn't rot in the garbage. Which, because I have a tiny galley kitchen, has to live under the sink because otherwise it would be in the dining room, and unfortunately the radiator for the kitchen is also under the sink, so it essentially incubates anything I put in the trash.


@The Lady of Shalott This... is brilliant. BRILLIANT!


@Xanthophyllippa Oh! Since you are already putting skin and nasty in the freezer, why not add the bones to the bag too, and make stock whenevre it gets full? There is NOTHING like a mug of some homemade broth on a cold winter's night!


@lovelettersinhell That would be a thoroughly amazing idea except that I almost never buy bone-in chicken. I'm too damn lazy to eat food I have to work at. (Hence the reason I never cook Cornish hens, even though I love them.)


Six adorable but almost 3-week-old quail eggs? I'm thinking it's time to use them as tiny canvases for tiny art.

wasabi peas

bacon should be surrounded by everything else.


@wasabi peas I almost bought Brussels sprouts this weekend because I have bacon in the freezer, and my favorite way to make a healthy vegetable terrible for you is to fry it in bacon grease.

wasabi peas

@Nutmeg you mean terribly delicious.


@wasabi peas NO DOUBT. I once roasted Brussels Sprouts in hot bacon grease, and it was the best thing ever (garnished with more bacon, obviously)


@Nutmeg Now I know what to do with the 24 ounces of bacon grease I have in the fridge. Too bad I don't like Brussels sprouts...


@Xanthophyllippa Pan fry every veggie ever in bacon grease. Especially asparagus. It is delicious!


@wasabi peas do you know that FOR SURE??? I have converted people to Brussels sprouts just by steaming them and pan-frying them in bacon grease (and one of these people was my mother, who is adamantly pro-vegetable but said she couldn't stand Brussels sprouts, so you know her loathing went deep).


@lovelettersinhell OH. Thank you! I will try this with some zucchini I have to use up this weekend.


@Nutmeg I think this comment might have been meant for me, since wasabi peas seems to like them. I definitely do not like Brussels sprouts because I don't like the fundamental texture.


I actually want to print these charts out and frame them around the kitchen. Stylish yet functional!


@LastMinuteLulu or wallpaper! yes!


@LastMinuteLulu Oh wait, we can! http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/store/


@LastMinuteLulu And don't you just want to say, "bulbous root veg" over and over?


@Ophelia Who says I wasn't saying it before?


As a TERRIBLE salad maker- this is exciting. BF is a salad genius. It always makes me cranky until one of those genius things is put in front of me and I happily gobble it up.


Poor Liver. He does not play well with others. And Caviar is so snobby -- too good to go with most things. I like these charts - so pretty.


On the vegetables chart - there is "watercress" and "cress" - first, who has those? Second, aren't they the same thing??


BROCCOLI. I found two stalks in my fridge yesterday that were creepily still okay? I am kind of afraid to eat them (I think they are three or four weeks old), but if I get food poisoning at least I can call in to work sick.

The Widow Muspratt

I need an infographic like this for clothes.


@akapocalypse yes please. I am fine in the refrigerator, but struggle mightily in the closet.


Since when is artichoke a root vegetable? Or is eating artichoke roots a thing?

Lumpy Space Princess

Though it's not as pretty as these charts, this totally reminds me of the book The Flavor Bible. Anyone else have it? I love it! I can't be bothered to follow recipes, but I still want things to taste good, and this book caters to that kind of mentality! I recommend it.


@Lumpy Space Princess I have it! I use it all the time and it taught me to apply anchovies liberally to any hardy green. It's the best.

Lumpy Space Princess

@CheeseWizard Oh my goodness, yes. Speaking of fish, it also helped me make a tuna salad that was out of this world - out of chopped apple, fennel bulb, red onion, and tahini dressing (and tuna).


Ok people, wtf is Rocket?

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