Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The Performance Art Baby Arrives

The lady who was going to give birth in an art gallery has given birth in an art gallery, to a 9 lb. 2 oz. baby boy named Ajax, born yesterday morning. Congratulations to them both. In case you weren't one of the select few to witness it firsthand, "the remnants from the birth along with a video of birth" will be on display until the exhibition's November 7 closing. "The atmosphere in the gallery was magical," says one witness. "Everyone was also very helpful," she also says, mysteriously.

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"remnants of the birth"?



@Dancersize Ugh yes.


@Dancersize I know it's like, you mean she didn't eat them right then and there?


@dragoness is her baby one of the "remnants"?


Ajax - of course.


@ejcsanfran I mean, not only did she contribute to the world of performance art in a new and exciting fashion, she birthed a line of cleaning products! WHAT a twist.


@emilylouise: "Siblings Comet and BonAmi were unavailable for comment."


@ejcsanfran Yeah, naming your kid after a hero who commits suicide is a great idea. Unless she named him for Ajax the Lesser, in which case she named him after a rapist?


@ejcsanfran et al: C'mon you guys, naming him John or George would've been such a letdown.


@ejcsanfran Scrubbing bubbles was already taken I guess.


"She plans to re-conceptualize her role as a parent to baby Ajax into a work of performance art that will last for the rest of her life."

And I feel sorrier and sorrier for baby Ajax.


But...but...what about the pooping? Ugh.


@RocketSurgeon Maybe that's what they mean by "remnants from the birth."


@RocketSurgeon Oh God. I feel so bad for whoever has to clean that up.



Also, my cubemate went and had her baby eight weeks early yesterday. At least she didn't do it in an art gallery.


@figwiggin Oh God, is the baby okay?


@thebestjasmine Thankfully, yes. 2lb 10oz and needs to incubate for a while, but no problems that I've heard. She called right before I got off work yesterday to apologize for not coming in, because she is crazy.


@figwiggin Awww, poor tiny baby, I wish baby and mom well. And for her to stop being crazy, omg.


@thebestjasmine Seriously! I wanted to reach through the phone and (gently) smack her upside the head.

Semi-unrelatedly, pre-eclampsia is oddly pretty.


@figwiggin: Your cubemate sounds like my aunt, who called me to apologize for missing my husband's birthday party just before she was wheeled into emergency gall bladder surgery. (Hope she's as wonderful as my aunt, too...)

Nic Knack

I love the 'congratulations. how wonderful' tag! Just about the perfect time to use this.


All I could think was, 9 pounds! That's huge! I hope the small humans that emerge from my birth canal are more reasonably sized, like Nicole's lovely infant. Also that no one is watching. I think I want to start a new thing...giving birth in the dark! It's more natural b/c...the interior of the womb is dark! Our mare had her first foal at night, out in the pasture, and everything was fine. One night, I'll just pop some pain pills, slip out of the marital bed, and when my husband wakes up, I'll be like, TA-DAAAA, BABY!!


ugh. so many #tinytinyscreams

-she gave birth, not in a hospital, but in an art gallery, to a 9lb 2 oz baby!! A. 9. POUND. BABY!! Not in a hospital...does everyone hear that!?? Yes? Okay, good!
-she named her damn baby Ajax. *groan* Another damn hipster.
-"the remnants from the birth along with a video of birth" will be on display until the exhibition's November 7 closing." 'NUFF SAID!!

Faintly Macabre

My new theory is that Ajax is the secret lovechild of Rick Santorum. Think about it: it would be natural for one kind of foamy substance to beget a foaming cleanser, and both the mom and the dad clearly -love- birth/babies as performance art!


Does homegirl realize most ladies give birth to a live audience? They're called doctors, nurses and extended family.


"Marni experienced this unforgettable moment surrounded by a small group of family members, friends, and a handful of randomly chosen participants." Now, that seems less like an exhibition and more like you just invited too many people into your hospital room. Hmmm ....


She named her baby after my toilet cleanser?

Ham Snadwich

Back in my day, a performance artist would smear their naked body with chocolate or bite the head off of a chicken. These kids today, doing regular stuff and pretending its art.


I think this is actually kind of awesome. Childbirth is usually seen only from the medical perspective or the ew gross perspective, so to have someone call it art is interesting. I wonder how much the "observers" had to pay for admission tickets.


Is it a "conception name"? So maybe baby is named after Ajax, Ontario and not the cleaner? I mean, both options are horrifying, so I really don't know why I'm trying to justify this terrible name/life choice.


Y'all, Ajax is a fairly common name in Greece. Maybe she (or the baby daddy) has some familial ties to Greece?


Why is this considered art?

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