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Take This Halloween Costume Idea ... Please

Cecilia Rebecca Ziko: One year my brother's friend dressed up as The Best Man: disheveled and in an ill-fitted suit, top buttons and tie undone, shirt half untucked. Maybe missing a shoe. He spent the night standing on chairs making toasts, spilling his gin and tonics, putting his arm around people and telling them awkward stories. Doing the worm. Whenever someone asked who he was suppose to be, he would act all offended, "What do you mean 'Who am I?' I'm the best man!" I think he ended the night passed out in a closet.

Drew Zandonella-Stannard: One of my old coworkers once went as a garden gnome. She basically just dressed herself as a gnome (very comfortable and warm) and carried around a plot of fake grass that she would stand on from time to time. Sort of brilliant! This could easily be reinterpreted as a "sexy" garden gnome, but really, who can beat wearing a cozy drinking suit AND having a clean place to plop yourself down?

Jane Marie: The best one I ever saw was on a stranger BUT all my friends were with me so it would be lame for me to copy it. Here's what it was: a door guy. He was a dude dressed up like a regular juicebox wearing sunglasses, and he had a velvet rope, complete with the metal stand thing (where did he get one?) and a clipboard. The best part was that he never broke character and he was such a jerk and kept stationing himself in busy places like in front of the bathroom door. Luckily, his "guest list" had every single "sexy" costume on it: Sexy Nurse, Sexy Vampire, Sexy Zombie. I was Suri Cruise that year so I got in to the bathroom as "Sexy Baby."

Jaya Saxena:  There was a girl in an engineering school that went as "Sexy Transistor" and wore a nude bodysuit with this design all over it.

Helen Rosner:  My all-time favorite was worn by a UChicago grad student (of course). He had on a t-shirt with a silhouette of the continent of Asia on it, and was wearing one of those forehead flashlights. Get it? ASIA MINOR.

Marie Lodi: Mormon kid on a bike — white button up shirt, bike helmet, backpack and name tags.

Lili Loofbourow: The God of Small Things sported a toga made of a sheet with lots of tiny items pinned onto it: tiny scissors, miniature saw, buttons, etc. Princess Leia hair topped by a crown of laurels.

Bianca Turetsky: My friend Kristen has been trying unsuccessfully since college to get a Donner Party together. Everyone in the group would be wearing ripped and dirty pioneer-style clothing. Some people would be missing limbs and maybe someone would carry a heart on a stick or be eating ribs.

Abe Sauer: My favorite, that I attempted last year but ran out of time, is perfect if you have babies. Dress yourself (dad) up like the Empire State Building. Tall hat with Empire State Building characteristic top. Cardboard flat sides with windows on them (open a few and hang Barbie dolls out for extra awesomeness). Baby dressed as a gorilla (suits are available for this) hangs on the front of the the dad dressed as Empire State Building, as King Kong. Baby King Kong also holds blonde Barbie (obvs). On top of hat, use hard wire to make two or three biplanes circling. Extra credit: Other child (old enough to walk) is dressed as one of the biplanes. Kind of like this, but with an old biplane look to it. That child then runs around the Empire State Building and King Kong. HIGH CONCEPT!

Molly Shalgos: The best one I ever saw was the one my babysitter wore to take me to a costume party in third grade. Not sexy, not sultry, 100% awesome — she came as a gumball machine. Red leggings, red turtleneck, and a little red pillbox hat, and she'd cut arm holes into a huge, clear plastic bag. She tied off the bottom of the bag, and then filled it up with tiny multicolored balloons, and taped a cardboard 25c sign on the front of the bag. The pictures still crack me up.

Erin Sullivan: I’m aways a fan of a conceptual costume, and one of my favorites was A Lightening Victim, where a girl teased the S out of her hair, smeared dirt all over her body, and charred her clothes.

Lisa Richey: The Morton salt girl.

Allie Pape:  A was a guy wearing a T-shirt that said "Go Ceilings!",  a hat with a big C (might have been a Cubs cap), and a big foam finger with "#1” on it. What was he? A ceiling fan!

Danielle Roderick: The best I've ever seen was "the woman who wants your slot machine." This was a couple of years ago, so she had a big plastic cup full of quarters, some NICE Oscar de la Rentas, and a thriftstore warm up suit, complete with fanny pack and cigs.  It was fun because she got to wear major makeup (big lips, mascara city, fake wrinkles), and another dude had dressed up as her husband, who was always circulating the party looking for his crazy wife, who said she was going to the penny slots, but now he can't find her. He had on suspenders, faux belly, and was smoking a cigar.   They would shout at each other across the party to shut up, and to meet at the buffet.

Kathleen Walsh:  Sexy Gorilla (gorilla suit with bikini on top, high heels).

Katie Heaney: My friend and his group of friends once went as The Baldwins and basically all wore leather jackets and then made duck lips/Blue Steel faces in every picture.

Megan Dietz: Unladybug. Ladybug costume plus cigarettes, ripped stockings, and a bad attitude.

Josh Duboff: A few years back, my friends and I for some reason decided to go to the Halloween parade in Chelsea. On our way back to our friend's apartment afterwards, a beautiful man dressed in a tuxedo (a red rose in his lapel!) biked in front of us. He was holding a white sign that had "I'm sorry" written on it. We all shouted some variation of "What are you?!!" at him at the same time. "I'm... a formal apology," he responded, and we all swooned as he biked off into the distance.

Megan Collins: My favorite — and maybe this has been done, but I thought it was clever? — was a guy dressed up as a kissing booth. I have no idea how he rigged it up, it was kind of like a cigarette girl thing, where there was a strap across his neck and then the flat surface in front of him, but it extended up on both sides and connected at the top where the sign was.

Edith Zimmerman: A sexy lamp. Gold bodysuit, lampshade on her head, tassel coming down from her ear or somewhere. Amazing.

Arianna Stern: A few years back, my brother dressed up as grapes. He stuck a safety pin through the stubby knot-end part of inflated, purple balloons, and attached them to an all-brown outfit. The nice thing about this dirt-cheap getup is that it's able to accommodate hot or cold weather. Beware, though: In a tell-all email, my brother wrote, "People kept running up to me throughout the night and trying to pop them or pull them off.  By the end of the night I was literally pushing away drunk strangers."

Nozlee Samadzadeh: The best costume I've ever seen was Miss America in a Parade: the girl in question wore a leotard that she'd bedazzled to look like the top of an evening gown, a sash with MISS AMERICA 2006 written on it, elbow-length white gloves, nude pantyhose, and gratuitous heels. Her hair was upswept, hairsprayed, and tiara'd and she wore a ridiculous amount of makeup. And...there was a tiny papier-mâché red convertible hanging around her waist, with a clear windshield, little doors painted on, working headlights, and everything! She spent the entire night smiling really big and waving with her white-gloved hands.

Photo by Feng Yu, via Shutterstock

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i love the sexy + not sexy combo. i had 2 gf's who went as "Sexy George Washington" and "Sexy Abe Lincoln" a few years ago. Trouser shorts with suspenders, over low cut white button up shirt with fishnets and character shoes. But uptop they had ridiculous RIDICULOUS wigs, beards and hats on but with eyelashes and red lipstick. The photos still make me laugh.

The Lady of Shalott

@jro omg I am so tempted to do this now


@jro I was going to do Sexy Albert Einstein a few years ago but I couldn't find the right wig. Right now I'm considering Sexy Michael Myers.


@jacqueline Tease your hair and spray it white? Unless your hair is too long and too dark for that.


@jro Consider also sexy versions of everyday occupations -- Sexy Bus Driver, Sexy Lunch Lady, Sexy Judge.


@jro Last year, I had a Halloween party to go to in Jersey. I was Sexy Bruce Springsteen. Tiny cut off shorts, white tee shirt, black lacy bra, fishnets, motorcycle boots, bandana, wig and cardboard guitar. People lost their damn minds.

Stephanie Doig@twitter

@jro I have wanted to be Babe-raham Lincoln (TM Wayne Campbell) for years.


@jro Sexy coal miner! Little denim dress with some sort of flannel, lots of cleavage, boots ("sexy" long johns if you're in Minnesota like I was), hard hat, and lots of black eye shadow mixed with glitter rubbed everywhere.


@Stephanie Doig@twitter Oh shit. I posted this link way down below, but it really belongs here. Always good for a re-watch if you've already seen it (It's OLD.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4rUiV_Hh74


@jro The first time I ever gained respect among Gawker commenters was, in a thread much like this one, I suggested someone dress us as a "Sexy Abortion."

Bridget Smith@twitter

@jro I have two friends who went last year as Rosie the Riveter and Sexy Uncle Sam, complete with beard. (It was Uncle Sam that really made the costume.)


@jro I once knew a girl who dressed up as the Sexy Unibomber. She wore a bodysuit, heels, a zip-up hoodie, a fake mustache/curly wig, and aviators.


@jro I saw a girl dressed as "Babe-raham Lincoln" one year in a tight tshirt that said "EMANCIPATE THESE."

That plus top hat, beard, short shorts, suspenders and fishnets was amazingness all around.


@jro sexy jesus. enough said.


@hideously Went as sexy CTA bus driver for 2009. Still have the fishnets and heels, but haven't worn them since. (Okay, not quite true, still totter about the house on the heels sometimes when bored in the evenings.)


@jro Doesn't everyone remember the Miss Universe national costumes? Miss America was totally sexy George Washington this year, and Miss Chile was a sexy miner. I'm sure your friend was a better sexy George Washington though, Miss America was wearing a diaper.


@jro cosigned on the Baberaham Lincoln. I've wanted to do it for years but I never felt good enough about my legs to pull off the requisite booty shorts.

Julie Cannon@facebook

@jro thank you for validating my entire life. i've been yelling about dressing up as sexy freddy kreuger for weeks now.


@jro I love it, too! Last year I was a sexy Hobbit- Froho Baggems, and this year, I'm going to be a sexy Victorian lady- a Vicwhorian. I'm going to slit a skirt way up high and wear bloomers and a corset.


@jro ditto. I've been wanting to do Sexy Ruth Bader-Ginsburg for yeeears. maybe unzip the robe a bit and rock some serious cleavage? Frankly, RBG is pretty sexy all on her own (seen those pics of her from the ACLU days? yowza), so maybe i'll play it straight.


@candybeans also, because this thread is a reminder of how awesome Hairpinners are, and because i want to take you all home with me, may i use this opportunity to share the google group for a sort of informal LA 'Pin up? http://groups.google.com/group/la-pin-up
You all just sound irresistibly delightful. Come.


@jro I'm going as a "garden Hoe" rather pleased with the double meaning. :)

Caitlin Podiak

@cherrispryte A friend dressed as a sexy tampon in college. She went to several big parties all over campus in some kind of cotton padding mini-dress dipped in red paint, wearing tampons with red paint on them as earrings, and a rope pinned on a tail.


@jro I went to a party recently as Sexy Harry Potter. Big glasses, mini skirt, and fishnets, plus school shirt. My boyfriend went as a generic wizard, and as we walked home, strangers stared. I'd put my coat on and it looked like some dude had dressed up as a wizard, got a box of beer (party leftovers!) and picked up a hooker with terrible glasses.

This halloween I am doing Zombie French Maid.


@Bridget Smith@twitter Oh my goooooooooooooooooooooood amazing.

I went as Rosie the Riveter to a communist themed party. It was when I had bright blue hair, that was pretty amazing. And also, wearing steelcaps REALLY cuts down on the juicebags that talk to you at parties. I also sewed all the hammer and sickle flags for that party. I AM A GOOD FRIEND. Most of the costumes were pretty good, but there was a guy there dressed as Obama, in blackface which... I can't even. And then I got involved in a heart to heart with a charming young boy about Socialism™ and Feminism™ and The World™ and then he threw up on my steel caps.

Good times.


@cherrispryte I thought I was the only one that twisted. Only I think I was imagining to be a Sexy Self-Abortionist and I'd be wearing a large Mickey Mouse t shirt covered with blood and carrying a coat hanger.


@jro if you google image search "sexy john belushi," my dog is the 4th result

Annie Murphy@facebook

@jro I was a not sexy playboy bunny one year. holey grey wool sweater with a plaid playboy bunny emblem sewed on, brown sweatpants that i stuffed the butt of, with a mangey grey tail attatched. mangey grey ears. i drew on whiskers and got red lipstick all over my teeth. i kept standing next to girls dressed up as unironic playboy bunnies. they weren't getting it.


@Annie Murphy@facebook That is SO great. Kudos to you.


@jro i was sexy kim jong il last year - good thing for me rompers are so popular. top half kim jong il: bangs spray painted black and sticking up, sunglasses, olive drab romper top. bottom half sexy: tiny-ass olive drab romper shorts, lace stockings, thigh-high boots. it was a mindfuck for everyone i ran into, but so fun.


@cherrispryte A friend once went "there" and dressed up as Sexy Hitler. Short Khaki dress, Chaplin stache and a swastika arm band.

Beck Rea@facebook

@jro Girl. God made black fishnets just for times like these--everyone's legs look amazing as hell in them.


@jro Two years ago I went as Sexy "Sully" Sullenberger (the hero of the Hudson): basically a sexy airline pilot costume but I wore a grey mustache and carried a bloody goose stuffed animal. No one got it.


@squid_vicious Yes! I went as sexy Fidel Castro last year. Just some short camo gear, heels, Fidel hat, plus a beard and cigar. I wanted my friends to go as other sexy dictators, but they weren't into it. We should be friends.

PS, i love your handle.


@jro omg,i am just now reviewing all these. sexy abortion!sexy hitler! sexy einstein! so good. it's too late now, but next year i might have a party for which the theme will be Sexy+NotSexy, ugh, you guys. The el oh els.


@jro Sexy Dalek, anyone?? :D


@bananagram I went as Imelda Marcos one year. Teased up hair, puffy sleeves, and a bag of shoes. Can't say I was shocked by the lack of recognition.

Hi guys! I've been lurking for a while but felt obliged to post thanks to the Halloween threads. Weeee!

Alex Shapero

People popping the balloons of a grape costume is real! it sucks! it's also the beginning of "the best time I ever hooked up in a snuggie"


I did the gumball machine thing once and the same thing happened. D:


@Alex Shapero I can totally relate. I went as a Sim one year. I had a big strawberry blonde wig that had a purple bow sewed into it. I panted to styrofoam cones green and wired them together and into the wig. I then wore my most sim looking outfit. Drunken people were throwing shit at my head all night.

Alex Shapero

@laurel ahhh did you suffocate?

The Lady of Shalott

I am a grad student in history. This year I totally want to go to the department party wearing a lab coat, a stethoscope, and one of those head thingies doctors wear.

Get it? I'M A REAL DOCTOR. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA then I can see how many of my colleagues punch me out.

Jolie Kerr

@The Lady of Shalott Please take video of their faces as you tell them. Oh please please please.


@The Lady of Shalott Hi friend. I like you, friend. Can we be friends, friend?


@The Lady of Shalott oh god you must do this! Tangentially related true story: when I first met my future mother-in-law I said something brown-nosy about how she must be proud she must be to have 2 sons who are both doctors. She replied, "oh, but [your future husband, who has a PhD] isn't a REAL doctor like his brother [an MD]." There is officially no appropriate response to that.


@The Lady of Shalott Oh man, I would LOVE to do that at my department, if only we were cool enough to have a party for Halloween. whomp-whomp.


@LauraJ And like, Latin says, "doctor" MEANS teacher. So who is the real doctor the professor? Or the physician? Pwn her with etymology next time.


@The Lady of Shalott i'm a history undergrad! disillusionment- snap! currently lying in bed watching telly eating crisps and not reading about Augustine's ideas on Judaism!


@The Lady of Shalott Another PhD in History -- I might have to steal that idea for this year.


I love this snow globe costume, but I'm not sure I would be able to make it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jpotisch/sets/72157622304407047/

The best costume I ever made was a big lego. I cut arm and head holes in a big box, glued 6 whipped cream bowls to the front for the prongs, and spray painted the whole thing blue. It was impossible to sit down, but very popular.


@plaidowl I might steal this. I bought a vacuum last week so have a pretty good person-sized box that is begging to be made into a costume.


My husband is a balloon twister. He made a UFO with a little alien in it and a red ray that came out the bottom and hooked under his arms so the whole thing stood up about four feet above him. He wore ratty jeans and a wife beater to go as a redneck being abducted. Super cheap and it won him a costume contest!


@OhShesArtsy You had me at "my husband is a balloon twister."


@OhShesArtsy: Pictures, please, yes?!


@OhShesArtsy The Best Time I Married a Balloon Twister? Please?


@laurel There are some pics somewhere, I'll look!

@posturegirl I actually have a pretty cheesy-fabulous engagement story involving balloons, maybe I should!


@OhShesArtsy "cheesy-fabulous engagement story" ... if you don't post I will be sorely disappointed.


@supergirlieque Ok, so, as established, the guy I married is a balloon twister. I met him in college, he was great fun to bring to family reunions and parties, always made a great impression, young cousins love him, etc.

Because I am a major ball buster, we decided together that we would get engaged on our one year anniversiary. We had gone ring shopping and picked out my ring together. When the date rolled around, hubs decided he still wanted to surprise me with how he would propose.

He called me on the day he was supposed to propose and said that "we need to talk". Which is a MAJOR juicebox phrase, btw. He met me in the hallway of our dorm and this conversation took place:

"OhShesArtsy (except not that, he does know my name), I lost your ring."
"Well... I was outside practicing what I was going to say and I dropped it-"
"Then let's go look for it!!"
"-but then a pack of dogs ran up and ate it!"
"... what?"
"I don't know which one ate it but they are all in my room."

He took me to his room (dorms, remember?) and it was PACKED with balloon dogs. So I went around and shook them all until I found one that rattled. He had managed to put the ring inside one of the dogs (I don't know how, balloon twisting magic??). I'm pretty sure I was laughing too hard and ruined the sweet part of the proposal but that's not the part anyone wants to hear about!

So that's my cheesy-fabulous engagement story involving balloons.


@OhShesArtsy I know I'm late, but that is amazing!!!!!


My boyfriend keeps hoping I'll get on board with the sexy costume idea and sighs audibly when I yell out stuff like, "I know, I'll go as Sven Hoek! Noooo...I'll go as Dom DeLuise! What do you mean that's not sexy? What about Dom DeLuise in a bikini?"


@parallel-lines Mine expresses the opposite. This year he wants me to go as Homer Simpson.


@hideously I feel you. The year my boyfriend arranged the Big Lebowski group costume, he assigned me Donny.


@CheeseLouise Word. My boyfriend and our friends are going as Saturday morning PBS. I get to be Jeff Smith from the Frugal Gourmet.


@Megatron That just made my afternoon!

Katie Scarlett

@parallel-lines Sven Hoek (who I somehow forgot about! wtf!!!) AND Dom DeLuise mentioned in the same comment?! Hello, Friend.


@parallel-lines Sexy Dom DeLuise would be AWESOME.

Atheist Watermelon

@Megatron OH MY GOD Jeff Smith from the Frugal Gourmet... Ahmaaaaazingggg... Saturday morning PBS may just be the best group costume idea I've ever heard of, or will ever hear.


Best group costume I ever saw was in the village Halloween parade a few years ago. One dude dressed up in all beige, with a stuffed sweatshirt maybe? To look round? And he had a group of people dressed in all white chasing him around while he screamed. Egg and sperm. It was AMAZING.


@emb343 this is all sorts of ridiculously awesome!


The best I ever saw was on a stranger - a guy was dressed in ratty jeans and a flannel, possibly wearing a backwards baseball cap and holding a can of beer and stumbling everywhere. Then he had this contraption that suspended this grid of small (like maybe 3x3 inches) squares of frosted plexiglass or something in front of his face... It's hard to describe but his costume was "person on the TV show COPS" and the plexiglass contraption made it look like his face was pixelated out.


@misskaz I always wanted to do that one but couldn't figure out a good way to do the pixelation!

Sorry For Partying

@rootmarm Maybe you could buy a cheap generic mask, draw a grid over it, and paint in the squares with various shades of nude?


@misskaz my friend did that in uni! But he took a life size headshot of his face, pixelated it in photoshop and then printed it out himself before mounting it on foam core. The trick it to cut around/with the pixels (ex. cut two little pixels out as eye holes). I think he taped the mask unto an old pair of glasses so it would sit perfectly on his face.

Let me tell you... it was fucking uncanny when he looked straight at you. And the photographs!


Best costume that basically no one saw me as due to me getting shitfaced and puking in the gutter (classy):

Henry Rollins c. 1985.
I wore a nude body suit and black nylon shorts. I greased up my hair. I gave myself a unibrow.
AND: I bought "make your own temporary tattoo paper" and studied and recreated EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS TATTOOS AND APPLIED THEM TO MYSELF WITH PAINSTAKING ACCURACY.

My BFF went as Danzig.

We looked so awesome. I am still so pissed I ruined everything with whiskey.


@JoanTition Don't you talk about whiskey like that!
Umm...but seriously that sounds awesome and now I'm going to go read Black Coffee Blues.


@JoanTition I LOVE IT. (Ps. do you know about the comic Henry & Glenn Forever?)


@dinos THANKS. And: YES! It at once confirms my love is shared by millions... and also confuses me because my love isn't special!?!?!

it's so great, though. so great.

Jolie Kerr

OH OH OH. This is THE PLACE to say this: I had a terrible revelation while listening to Ashlee Simpson (as one does). I am a great lover of sex, and costumes, and cleaning and yet I have never dressed up in a French Maid's costume! So this year I will be A Sexy Clean Person, and I cannot WAIT.


@Jolie Kerr kudos to the shame CD and correcting people (in your head) that it's "Ashlee" not "Ashley".... sheesh.


@Jolie Kerr OH PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE GOING TO DEMONSTRATE A HANDSIES AND KNEESIES WASH! Speaking of people losing their damn minds.

Although, to be fair if it were me, I would have to be a Drunk Sexy Clean Person to do something like that. And be around Hairpinners only. So never mind.

Also, pictures? Please? And also, tell us you will have Sexy Arm and Hammer and Sexy Oxyclean, too.


@Jolie Kerr If I didn't have a thing to go to, I'd dress up as a bleach bottle and follow you around all night, just for the gratuitous cuddling.

Jolie Kerr

@AnthroK8 OH YOU BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR I WILL. Maybe I'll even fingerbang a radiator!

Okay so who wants to dress up as my Sexy Cleaning Products?


@cherrispryte you could have a bottle of ammonia there as well, and have TOXIC FRIENDS.

ETA: The toxic friends would have to keep making out or whatever, and then trashing each other to everyone and complaining about how GOD AMMONIA IS SO IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

Which is when Sexy A Lady would have to deliver some sharp advice.

It's like Sexy(er than usual) Hairpin.

Jolie Kerr

@cherrispryte "Sexy <3 u Bleachie"


@Jolie Kerr Can I be a Sexy Bottle of Vinegar? I can run around all night pushing other cleaning products out of the way and yelling "use me i'm cheaper!!!"

Jolie Kerr

@smidge Oh dear God yes to all of this YES YES YES


@smidge My friend was really trying to convince his wife to go with him as Piss & Vinegar for Halloween. He was like "PLEEEEEASE?! You can be Vinegar!"


@punkahontas THAT IS AMAZING


@smidge Feel free to use it! He never managed to convince her.


@smidge And I will be baking powder and TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE MUCH FOAM.

bouncy castle

Jane - I have a friend who literally dressed up as a "Sexy Baby" last year. Fishnets and heels under a nude bodysuit, diaper, bonnet, and oversized lollipop, plus red lipstick and smoky eyes. The most unwholesome "sexy" costume?


@bouncy castle THAT IS THE BEST!


No! I already had plans to go as the Morton Salt Girl this year.


@ABear Do it!!! I was the Morton Salt Girl last year and enjoyed it. Yellow dress, bob haircut, white tights, canister of salt. Plus you'll stand out in a crowd of sexy devils/angels/nurses. I'm leaning towards Hamburgular this year. I guess I'm really into corporate mascots?


@ABear It is such a good costume! My face went :O when I read that one.


@ABear There's always the Utz Girl.


@ABear Coppertone Baby, perhaps?? Nude body suit + pigtails + bikini bottoms with a stuffed puppy safety pinned to them.


@leon.saintjean Utz girl is fun and easy. I was Utz Girl one year and my man was Mr. Boh so we could recreate this. Only without the engagement part.

Other bonus of Utz Girl is you have an excuse to carry around chips which comes in handy when you're drunk-starving.


@ABear Where would you find a dress like that? It's so cute :3 I want it!


@ABear Go for it! I went as the Morton Salt Girl a few years ago. I got a big cardboard canister of salt, emptied out the contents, flipped it upside down and cut out part of the bottom, and used it as a cozy for my beer.


Dear Jane: please please tell me how to be Suri Cruise. I have the right hair for it now and I desperately need a Halloween costume.

Also, my best ever Halloween costume was a giant nail polish bottle, circa 1996.


@jacqueline I am dying to see a photo of Jane as Suri! Or at least tell us what you wore!!

Jane Marie

@jacqueline i wore a denim romper and a white puffy sleeved short sleeve blouse, carried an l. ron hubbard book, got a pacifier, barrettes in my hair, cheapo fabric mary janes from chinatown and pinned a heart shaped photo of my mommy and daddy on my bib :)


@Jane Marie Incredible.


Back when I worked at a garden center, the owner picked himself up a cheap suit at a thrift store about a month before Halloween. We used a can of spray adhesive on it, then rolled it in ryegrass seeds (they sprout fast). We misted it, put it in a drycleaners bag, and hung it in the greenhouse. By Halloween it was nicely grown out. He went to the party as a LawnBoy.


can I tout my own? see icon.

Veronica Sepe

my sister went last year as a sister-wife with a couple other girls and a guy. they did it compound-style with the buns and prarie dresses. i was so proud.


My sorority's advisor in college had the best costume ideas. Here are the 2 greatest. 1) A deviled egg. Dress up like and egg, and wear devil horns, a tail and have a trident. 2) Slutty garbage can. Because its trashy!

Sadly, I never get to got to Halloween parties because I'm a workaholic without much of a life, but one day I'm going to be a slutty garbage can and it will be awesome.


The best group costume I ever participated in was the nine circles of Hell from Dante's Inferno. I got to be the last circle!


@smidge: I did a series of Halloweens as Dead Women in Literature (English major fail!): Juliet, Ophelia, Joan of Arc. Basically period-type costumes and zombie makeup. My goal was "pretty but dead".


@smidge My husband and I went as William S. Burroughs (sport coat, fedora, dark circles under his eye and his arm tied off with a syringe) and I went as Joan Vollmer (shot glass glued to the top of my head and bullet hole in my forehead). No one got it, and I was sad.


Favorite couple costume #1: Frieda Kahlo and her monkey

Favorite couple costume #2: Lesbian Bed Death. Pajamas, Netflix, New Yorker, etc. Super-scary.

My personal favorite was going as the Whore of Babylon. Big red prom dress, every piece of costume jewelry I owned, tons of makeup and MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH written on my forehead in liquid eyeliner. Plus a crocodile pool float as my "beast."

Aspirational nerd costume (as yet to be enacted) involves going as Margery Kempe and my boyfriend dressing up as Jesus.


@MerelyGoodExpectations # 2 is the scariest.


@MerelyGoodExpectations I am going to suggest Margery Kempe and Jesus to my sister and her boyfriend, because they'd totally be into that once they're on the same continent again.


@MerelyGoodExpectations I think we have similar taste. My all-time hit was a Pope Joan costume. I had all kinds of vestments and carried around "the blood of Christ" (a jug of Carlo) that I made everyone kneel to drink. Got to spend all night telling everyone who would listen about the medieval church.


@MerelyGoodExpectations @distrighema These are my two new favoritest costumes. My biffle and I have always wanted to get enough people together to do a full on danse macabre group costume.


@distrighema Oh yes. Please tell me you also had some sort of bloody baby trailing behind your vestments.


@distrighema I had an ex who was the Pope for Halloween EVER YEAR. I don't know whether to blame his rejected Catholic upbringing or the fact that he was probably just too cheap/lazy to purchase more than one costume.


@mirror_father_mirror One of the best ever Halloween visuals I ever had was at a backyard party when I looked up to see a pope calmly holding his lit cigarette and drink above his head, continuing his conversation with a girl while a swirling group of luchadors in masks humped his leg. I can only hope your husband had such a magic moment.

screwball cate

Why does all my ideas SUCK so much compared to these ones?? Love love love the "Formal Apology" one. Also sexy weird stuff like lamp and gorilla and Abe Lincoln.

Tyler Coates

I can't believe I forgot to submit my idea! A denim jumper, frizzy / permed hair, maybe a Halloween broach, and big glasses. When people ask what you are, you reply, "Your mom."

N Bryner@twitter

@Tyler Coates I would worry about someone's mom having passed away, and then making them feel bad. But then maybe I'm overthinking. It's an awesome idea!


@Tyler Coates My mom wears Halloween brooches and earrings. Truth.


@Tyler Coates: A friend did something similar for Wigstock one year. He poufed up his quite short hair, wore an acid-washed denim jumpsuit, white Keds and was clutching a pack of Virginia Slims and a set of keys on a big pom-pom. He kept asking people, "Who needs a ride? The station wagon is parked right around the corner."


@Tyler Coates In high school I had a Halloween party, and my mom wore a pink fuzzy bathrobe, pink fuzzy slippers and a green face mask and hair in a towel like a classic "Mom" outfit - everyone at my party thought she was just wearing that, and I was HORRIFIED - but of course, that was the point of the costume. +1 for Mom.


@Olivia2.0 I went to a 21st a couple years ago which was 80s themed because the birthday girl was 'made in the 80s' (89. Then I had a crisis in the shower where I realised she couldn't remember the 80s and I WAS OLD WAAAH). Her mum was there, as herself in the 80s, complete with fake pregnant belly in an awful mumu. It was the greatest.

Next time I get invited to an 80s party I'm going a House and going as someone from the 1880s.

femme cassidy

@Craftastrophies One of my aunts had a '50s-themed birthday party a while back, and my grandmother stuck a pillow under her shirt and came as pregnant, because "that's how I spent the '50s." (Catholic family. 11 kids.)


My favorite lazy costume was a guy walking around in plain clothes holding a hand-written sign that read, "I let the dogs out".


@parallel-lines: My favorite lazy costume is along the same lines. It was way too cold one year to wear any costume, so I carried around a picket sign that said "Nudist On Strike" and laughed at the shivering Sexy Whatevers.


@parallel-lines My favorite lazy costume was when my three friends and I dressed as Three Men (we made a fourth friend do actual work and dress as a baby). We made no attempt to look like the actors/characters; I wore a shirt with "Steve Guttenburg" ironed one, and the other two wore shirts that said "Ted Danson" and "Tom Selleck." Some people loved it, others hated it.

Atheist Watermelon

@parallel-lines My favorite lazy costume was a friend's of mine- he went in his usual clothes, but wore a hat with a leaf taped onto it, the leaf hanging in front of his face. When people asked him what he was, he would reply by blowing the leaf away from his face. Get it? He was a leaf blower!


My go-to Halloween costume is "White Suburban Mom" and every year I look AWESOME. My biggest artistic decision is whether or not to wear my pink Red Sox hat.


Drowned swimmer! Speedo, then paint your entire body in blue.

Cat named Virtute

@shenannies This sounds SUSPICIOUSLY like my roommate's Tobias from Arrested Development costume.


@shenannies excuse me, does this effectively hide my thunder?


@shenannies I just blue myself.


Mine are always conceptual and involve hidden wiring. One year I was "going really fast": hair sprayed and shirt tails and tie wired to stick out behind me. I kept striking running poses.


@Lucia Martinez GAHHH DID I SEE YOU AT A PARTY LAST YEAR?!?! see my comment below!


@liznieve naw, mine was two years ago, and I was wearing dress pants


@Lucia Martinez we must just be one degree removed from one another though... I can't imagine someone else coming up with the same costume! still totes one of my all time favorites, and I may have to steal it this year... (cough, ahem)


@liznieve we're cool: this year I'm going as the annoying t-mobile girl. (though I might raise the hem on my hot pink dress and go as the sexy annoying t-mobile girl.)


@Lucia Martinez as long as you have a friend who can go as that annoying dude rapping (poorly) next to her as she coyly wrinkles her nose.


Dear Hairpin: Is there is a chance that someday commenters will be able to post pictures? Because I really want to post a picture of my cat dressed up like a turtle but the internet won't let me (#firstworldproblems). xoxo


Man, it is a toss up between Helen's and Josh's. I think the formal apology may be the very best costume ever conceived.

This would only amuse the law folks among us, but I will never forget the guy who asked to borrow my favorite U Washington t-shirt for his Halloween costume - he went as the seminal case of International Shoe v. Washington.


@karion My brother has threatened, but thus far not managed to pull together, a Carbolic Smoke Ball costume.


@MerelyGoodExpectations Guys, mock me all you want, but I want to go as sexy Mrs. Palsgraff, and like tape some giant falling scales to myself and a sign that says "Do not transport Fireworks on the Train."


@MerelyGoodExpectations I am awestruck by this.


about 10 years ago I went as Jon-Benet and my friend went as "little kid who was runner up to Jon Benet who is happy that she is dead and can claim her title." the best part was that we wore these to a party that (unbeknownst to us) had a theme: "office christmas party." everyone else was in turtlenecks and christmas vests and we were tottering around in poofy dresses and mary janes and puffy-painted sashes.


@mynamebackwards haha holy shit. once i went as ZomBenet (zombie JonBenet)

but i'm a bird

@mynamebackwards My 6'2" dark haired gay man of a bff in college went as Jon Benet. he was glittery and tragic and face forward in lots of bushes that night. also, 1998, too soon?!


@mynamebackwards The Halloween party had an additional Christmas costume theme? That's wild. I kind of want to throw a Christmas party where you have to wear a costume.

Nate Jones@twitter

This is the right time to share this story:

Last year I decided I wanted to go as Paul the Octopus, the German octopus who predicted World Cup matches. (He had died the week before, so the costume was a tribute.) He was a sort of brownish-orange, so I went to American Apparel and bought a tan 'Batwing Hoodie,' and then two sweatshirts that same color. I cut the arms off both sweatshirts and then stuffed them with cotton and newspaper -- tentacles!

At this point I was unsure where to put the octopus arms, so I called my mom. She said to put two on the front, and two on the back, up near my shoulders. So I did, but after I'd attached them I noticed I stapled them on too low. So I had two long, cylindrical skin-colored things dangling down off my chest.

When I entered a room it looked like I was in costume as a topless old tan woman. (http://i.imgur.com/aK5PZ.jpg)


@Nate Jones@twitter basically you rule.

Four Horsemeals of the Eggporkalypse

@Nate Jones@twitter PAUL THE OCTOPUS!! What a fabulous costume. (So is saggy topless lady, actually.)


@Nate Jones@twitter !!! A few years ago I hand-sewed and painted a seven foot tall felt bacon strip costume and the first person to see me screamed out "OH MY GOD, A MAXI PAD."


@Nate Jones@twitter Good fuck that's hilarious.


@Vicky Johnson I went as a Q-Tip my senior year of high school. My mom helped me make the costume. I took 10 yards of white tulle and wrapped it around and around a baseball cap with the brim cut off, then we made a wide blue paper band to hang around my middle with the Q-Tips logo on it. I wore it with a long white nightgown, and every single bitch I went to high school with was like, "Ew, Clare, are you a tampon??"

That afternoon, when the teachers judged the costume contest? I won. So suck on that.


@Nate Jones@twitter I went as Paul the Psychic Octopus last year too! Nobody got my costume either. http://www.tumblr.com/photo/1280/1433449712/1/tumblr_lb2hattTHl1qzo9ij


@Nate Jones@twitter I love that you called your mom. Unless she's a marine biologist, this really doesn't make much sense; yet we'd all do it.


@Nate Jones@twitter Oh Nate, that's adorable. You are the cutest tan old topless woman I've ever seen. Nice touch with the halo.


This all reminds me of my Favorite Halloween Costume Video Ever. I quote it every Halloween since, like, the beginning of YouTube or something.


My best Halloween costume was the year I wore a plaid shirt backwards and a cowboy hat and went as a Reverse Cowgirl. HEY-OOO


@mala that's amazing.


@mala: That is, quite literally, the best.





a bunch of us were the cast of dirty dancing a few years ago. tall hot curly blonde dude was baby. his boyfriend was penny and super disgustingly trashily hilarious. i was baby's sister cause i got the bangs for it. we tried to do an abbreviated version of the movie but got waaaay too drunk. the time of my life!


This was my costume two years ago, so since it's too early for me to recycle it (which I prob will in another half-decade), y'all are welcome to it! It's super easy. I bought a white styrofoam cone from a craft store, glued it to a headband, and wore it with an orange shirt and a yellow skirt: I was a candy corn.


@SuperGogo DONE. And thank you.


I had a friend in '08 that went as "Sarah Palin if she were a butterfly" which has always been one of my personal favorites. It was just irreverent enough to be easy and poke fun alllll the other Sarahs running around that Halloween.


my all time favorite: lady with loose pants stapled back like 3,000 times, same with her shirt and its sleeves. her hair was teased, then swooped back with lots of gel. what was she? Going Really Fast.

I love me a good conceptual costume, I will tell you what.


My favorite: a girl dressed up with pigtails, lollipop, a school girl costume with a little bit of cleavage and then wrote "early puberty" across her chest.


This is so exciting. I love Halloween so very much. What is the stance on halloween parties? I am not a fan, because I live in NY and the West Village on Halloween / Halloween weekend is pretty much the most magical place on earth. It's like Disneyland for drunken horny grownups.


@leon.saintjean ooooh, but get trapped in that parade and have a bicycle pedal nail you in the shin as the crowd carries you down the street, and you quickly shift your allegiances. but yes, love the subway during halloween. LOVE. IT.

Tuna Surprise

I lived on 6th Ave and Spring Street for several years and Halloween in the Village was the bane of my existance. But the super-duper cute kids parade around Washington Square Park always warms my heart!
This year I got a ticket to the 9/11 memorial. Apparently no one but me was willing to visit on Halloween. I went back and forth on whether it was morbid, but mostly I was just relieved I got a ticket.


@leon.saintjean LOVE LOVE LOVE. A friend of mine has a "Half-Assed Halloween" Party every year, and the deal is that: 1. You have to come in costume, 2. You can't spend more than $5 on your costume, and 3. She won't tell anyone the theme until that afternoon. It's awesome, and last year PBR sponsored it, so we all got tons of free beer.


so, this is a Safe Place, right? here's my confession: I've never dressed up for Halloween. I'm 27 years old. Blame it on my ultra-conservative Christian upbringing, and now it's turned into this lingering self-consciousness/inability to think of ANYTHING to wear. Every year I say, this is the year I'm going to dress up! But then I chicken out and stay home and watch Gilmore Girls. :( But I think this year I actually need to do it. Any ideas on a good, first time costume? I'm liking all this ludicrous sexy ideas.


@heyits http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4rUiV_Hh74


@punkahontas <3 punkahontas!


@heyits Find something you like? Please dress up and go out this year!!!! Halloween is kind of the best thing ever and I'm sad you missed out.


should I be Sexy Edith Massey this year? Girdle, plastic eggs, stop wearing my retainer for a few weeks?


@rootmarm yes.

and uh... can I, too?


@JoanTition I think it would be great if a very large group of people were all the exact same weird thing? like 44 Sexy Edith Masseys?


@rootmarm 30 Helens agree

(p.s. I love it)


Oooo... almost 10 years ago some friends and I did the unfortunate Miss America pageant contestants. I know - it's been WAY overdone, but ohmygod it was fun! I dressed up as Mystique from the X-Men (Miss Tique), our dude friend was a drag queen (Miss Ter), and another friend was a catholic school girl (Miss Ionary). But the BEST one was my friend Kim who made herself super pasty white, cried in her mascara, tore up a dress and some white tights, put dirt in her hair and tied rope around her wrists and ankles... Miss Ing. Disturbing, yes, but genius.

I was the Miller High Life Girl two years ago. I had to carry a bottle around with me all night because nobody recognized me - lame.


@MatchGirl I would have! The Miller high life Girl is one of my favorite mascots. I talk about her alll the time to people, I love she's keeping it classy double-fisting on the moon,


@MatchGirl I've thought about going as the High Life girl in the past and I kind of want to see how you pulled it off. Were you sitting on a big crescent moon?


So, my birthday is on Halloween, but I am terrible at coming up with costume ideas. Some of my friends are brilliant though. One of my friends has been What's Her Face (complete with possum: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClSeOb2q170&feature=related ), Betty Newbie from the original The Sims game, and a member of the Donner Party (but it was election year, so along with her bloody prairie outfit, she wore big buttons saying "Vote for the Donner Party!"). I tell you what, girl is creative!


Once I went to a Halloween party as a guido girl: orange spray-tan, hair straightened flatter than flat, "PINK" sweatpants, sparkly white lipstick and North Face puffy jacket. When I got there, some girls were like, "Oh, why didn't you dress up?" And then I laughed forever.


@HydrogenJukebox That happened to me the year I went as a Lipstick Lesbian. "Oh, you look so nice today, but where's your costume?"


That King Kong idea is genius. I might have a baby just to be able to do that costume.

Barbara Gordon

I think I'm going this year as "The Death of Print Media". Basically, I'm getting a white dress and stamp-printing news stories all over it, then I'll do death make-up and carry around a stamp pad and letter stamps to "Print" people, because no costume is complete without a way to piss off everyone around you.


@Barbara Gordon I once helped a friend make a dress out of newspaper (difficulty level: hard) and then she carried a red whip and was "bad news."


@xx-xx-xx Guy at a party last year had cat-like ears and a fluffy red marabou tail, with bits of crumply newspaper stuck all over. He said he was Fox News, but the costume was not in such great shape by the time I saw it, and my guess was Kitty Litter.

Tuna Surprise

A couple years ago, I dressed up as Britney Spears going crazy on the paparazzi, complete with green umbrella, bald cap and grey hoodie.


When my sister lived in London a few years ago, she didn't have a costume so I suggested she go as the Summer of Death - grim reaper with summer accessories holding a list of all the celebrities that died that summer. No one in London got it :(

Katie Walsh

@Tuna Surprise You are my hero. That is my fave Brit iteration. Briteration.

Sorry For Partying

My friend suggested this one, not actually wanting to do it, and I could never get anyone on board for it: group costume as the Duggars, of 19 Kids and Counting fame. I figured all the boys could wear khakis and buttoned-up-all-the-way polos and the girls could wear floor-length denim skirts and blouses. We could substitute dolls for some of the smaller children.


@Sorry For Partying I did that a few years ago, teased my hair up, wore a prairie dress and carried a bunch of dolls with me. It was right when the show first aired and wasn't so omnipresent, so not many people got it, but those who did loved it.


Took apart one of those "autumn color" arrangements from the craft store. Attached a few individual pieces to a sturdy headband with wire, so they were in kind of an arc over my face. Went around breathing out puffs of air into my decoration.

I was a Leaf Blower.


@aagblog I just laughed so hard at this I hurt my spine!


@aagblog Oh that reminds me of a time when I used a bunch of fake autumn leaves, plastic creeping ivy vines and drapings of Spanish moss and other stuff as adornments to my ghost Kathy from Wuthering Heights costume! Hmmm...I might do that one again this year.


My best was Sexy Jolly Green Giant. Sewed myself a green satin strapless dress, went to the craft store and bought a bunch of fake plants, cut all the leaves off of them and started gluing them on in layers. Once I got the bottom done, I realized that they were kind of stiff, so I glued the top part on while I was wearing it, which had the added benefit of it being extremely supportive of my cleavage all night.


@Brunhilde It totally was the best.


I was the Drunken Bridesmaid a few years ago, complete with half-down updo and running mascara. I took off my bra at the bar, and did a lot of yelling about what a beautiful night it was and how I was not jealous at all. Wish I'd run into the Best Man!

A few years before I was the High Snowboarder. I wore my snowpants and goggles, with some evergreen twigs tucked into the strap and a makeup bruise on my forehead.


@gangey Thank you, I was trying to think of a way to re-use a bridesmaids dress from earlier this year for Halloween. :)


@gangey I lovelovelove chance run-ins with your halloween counterpart. One year some friends were Derelicte and ran into someone dressed as Mugatu.


@c. I was a Derelicte model twice! And I thought I was so original.

Regardless, it is an easy costume to make; you just need black garbage bags and duct tape to make a dress a la Project Runway. Add whatever other garbage you have lying about (the trashier the better), some crazy black makeup and you're good to go!


This was not necessarily the most creative costume I'd ever seen, but it was definitely the best execution of it. A guy dressed as the pope walks up with his gang of friends to a huge apartment block party, where you seriously had to shove your way across the porch in order to get anywhere. Taking notice of this, one of his friends runs up to the porch and yells "Lead his holiness to the holy water!"
Everyone stopped what they were doing, cheered, and the crowd parted, leading him to the keg.
As if that wasn't enough, later that night I saw him, plastic cup in hand, gently flicking beer on girls passing by saying "bless you, child."


@renemargarita I'm dying about this! Hilarious!


I saw a band of "unemployed ninjas" in the Lower East Side in NY two years ago. They were really loud and drunk and kept shouting, "I can't see you!" to each other. Horrible ninjas.


The best one I've seen was my friend Alex last year - she dressed as Darth Vader and made heavy breathing noises all night, but otherwise no sounds and stayed completely in character. Most everyone, including me, had no idea who it was until the next day.

Mine always seem to involve severely impairing my own mobility for the night. This year, Scout Finch in her ham costume.

The Lady of Shalott


Barbara Gordon

@Vicky Johnson I tried that one year and FAILED at making the ham. Detailed instructions, please!


@Vicky Johnson I want a picture of that!

Four Horsemeals of the Eggporkalypse

@Vicky Johnson SCOUT AS THE HAM!!! That is, no lie, my favorite part of that book, I don't care how ridic that makes me.

And yes, detailed ham instructions please.


@Four Horsemeals of the Eggporkalypse In the rural arse-end-of-nowhere french town I used to live in, there was a dude who used to parade round at the local rugby matches in a ham costume. Never failed to make me laugh.


@Vicky Johnson I have always wanted to do Scout/ham. I did Phoebe Caulfield one year. That was good.


@Vicky Johnson AAAAHH!! I did this last year! My BF went as Atticus Finch/Gregory Peck. It was brilliant. You will be the highlight of your party/country.

@Barbara Gordon So basically, you get some chicken wire, shape in into a vague ham shape, paper mache the hell out of it, cut out a you-sized hole in the bottom and an eye slit, and paint it brown with the word "HAM" on the front in white! I wore a bike helmet under the whole affair so the chicken wire didn't dig into my scalp. If (when) I do it again, I'd wear the dress/romper she does and bob my hair, 'cause after a bit (15 minutes?) I wanted to take the ham off so I could do things like sit down, eat, use the bathroom with ease, and move my arms.


@TheArcticSea Yes! Exactly that, I love papier-mache. Except my boyfriend, despite being handsome as hell, thinks it would be weird to go as my father. So he's going as Boo Radley.


I went to a high school where the uniform was a black pleated jumper and black v-neck sweater. Which I still have. And I also was given the gift of a pair of Ravenclaw socks and a Ravenclaw scarf.

Cover up the school insignia with a Prefect badge, and BAM, Generic Background Artist Is Go.

Honestly, I am kind of glad I moved quite a bit in the last years, since I could just get out my really, really persuasive Ravenclaw outfit and wear it till it's no longer really worthwhile.

But my favorite conceptual one so far is the friend who showed up in all white, with tampons and maxi pads dipped in blue dye.

Picasso's Blue Period!

Also, I am going to a wedding themed on the Geek Calendar next week. I am working on my Bletchley Park Code Breaker outfit even now, because I am going to be A Spy.


I was at a Haloween party a few years ago where two people independently came dressed up as cotton candy. I had never seen anyone dressed up as cotton candy before, then two in one night! One used cotton batting for the candy part, the other used tulle. The person who used tulle, just had it lying around. Who has tulle just lying around???


@Xaxa ...me. I will keep that in mind.


@Xaxa I don't, but I have about 6 yards of gold lamé. It's leftover from the local Sing-Along Sound of Music, which I attended dressed as Ray, A Drop of Golden Sun. I was the only person over the age of 8 in the finals of the costume contest.


@Xaxa I've got loads of tulle just lying around, but it's black (I used it for my Kirsten-Dunst-as-Marie-Antoinette costume senior year of college).


@Xanthophyllippa OMG. Did you go to the Sing-A-Long at the Hollywood Bowl? Because if that was you, my friend saw you and came home and told all of us about it because she thought you were the best. !!!


@pterodactgirl Sadly, no; I was at an event here in the Upper Midwest. But it's nice to know that I could be mistaken for someone that someone else thinks is the best!


When I was like 6, my mom made me a purple unicorn costume. I have yet to top this costume, it was the shit and I was the prettiest unicorn!


@nogreeneggs I was a rainbow unicorn when I was six. Do we need to take this outside?


@nogreeneggs My mom made me a pink unicorn costume when I was 8. But everyone thought I was Miss Piggy. My older brother was an Ewok, also in a homemade costume, and everyone thought he was a teddy bear. It was a tragic year.


@dk SEXY EWOK. sweet jesus thank you.

Hot Doom

Ok, ok, I've been kicking this one around for a couple years and haven't done it, but how about a sexy furry? Like, a busted up rabbit or bear outfit, but with thigh-highs, sexy nurse outfit and an overall painted jezebel look?
My favorite costumes to date were Anne of Green Gables when I was 9 and Frida Kahlo, last year. For the latter, I gave myself a unibrow and was met with questions from more-than-casual-acquaintances asking if I had the brow all along and how did I grow it so fast. Le sigh.


@LolaLaBalc: Careful; 'sexy furry' traipses awfully close to the line between irony and intended function.

Hot Doom

@Too Much Internet Gah! I just did a google search for furry porn to see what would come up. I think the artwork of the horse with the nip clips and bondage gear pretty much put this costume idea to rest. But seriously you guys, furry porn.


As a bearded "big guy" who needs a costume for both Halloween and Mardi Gras, I was originally thinking "pirate". But then today I had another idea - Paul Prudhomme! Is this a good one?

I kind of just want an excuse to get a chef jacket and toque for wearing when I cook for friends.


@leon.saintjean Does Paul Prudhomme do products? Because if you had the outfit and kept offering people samples of things, I think you'd be a favorite.

Tuna Surprise

I think the best part of the Paul Prudhomme costume would be the jazzy scooter...but that's just me.


@leon.saintjean: Also a good excuse to get a Hoveround/Lil Rascal/Lark!

Tuna Surprise

You've just inspired me to be Julia Child. I just need to convince my much shorter friend to be Jacques Pepin and we'll have the best costume ever.


@leon.saintjean You know how we feel about Oxyclean around here--you could be Billy Mays!



Having seen Paul P. at his restaurant, and having seen you, you will need lots of padding to get the 4 x 4 effect, chef's whites, the hat, and maybe some of these.


My hilariously awkward friend Liz went as Rose from Titanic. Not just any old Rose, but Rose "being drawn by Jack" Rose. That's right, nakey Rose. She so eloquently puts it as “Guess what…underneath this leotard and bra and underwear and full-length, high-waisted tights and off-brand spanx midsection cincher, I’m naked for REAL”

Here's a photo to document, and her account of her STD free halloween!


A crowd-pleaser indeed.


@ashceeps Best costume ever!!!


@dudavocado yaaay thanks - that's me! Pretty much my finest moment ever. And I'm now the proud owner of not one, but two Heart of the Ocean necklaces, so I can check that off my 7th Grade Dream List.

you're a kitty!

@LizHo seriously, your blog is hilarious.


@ashceeps @you'reakitty! aww thanks! Now I'm blushing.


@LizHo Also a big fan of both the nude Rose bodysuit and your blog, lady. Jon Hamm's sock and Stevie Wonder BJs FTW.


I can't stay awayyyy. My dream in life is to go as Link from Legend of Zelda. I told my boyfriend he could be Ganon, I mean that is a really badass costume! We would be so cool. I also told him he could be Link and I’d go as Navi and just yell “hello! hey! listen!” the entire time..it would be so awesome for the one other person besides myself that likes LOZ. But alas, my boyfriend doesn’t care about my Halloween dreams :,(


@nogreeneggs *I* care about your halloween dreams. "HEY--LISTEN!"


@fareby_galore <3 (that is a heart container for you!)

quote unquote

@nogreeneggs but what period link cus really there's so many incarnations. which would be kinda awesome if you were NES link and bumped into Game Cube link...


@nogreeneggs I was Link a few years ago! People loved it, and it was easy to make. Keep the dream alive!


@nogreeneggs: As has been documented in several galleries on the internets, girl Links are always loved.

you're a kitty!

@nogreeneggs this? http://pinterest.com/pin/100450282/

you're a kitty!

@you're a kitty! oh also http://pinterest.com/pin/176634510/


Best Group Costume: PacMan.
I was maybe 11 at the time? My dad is a huge costume buff.
We made all the ghosts out of foam (cut pixelated and covered in fabric--worn like sandwich board.)
I was PacMan, complete with a three dimensional body constructed of hula hoops and cardstock.

The year after that was Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Elvis Costello's Spectacles

Best one I've ever seen? A bunch of people dressed up as Tetris blocks.


@Elvis Costello's Spectacles Arcade games (done well), make very good group costumes.

Porn Peddler

@Elvis Costello's Spectacles I HAVE SEEN THIS ONE AS WELL. It was so bizarre to look out my window and see that walking up my street.


@Elvis Costello's Spectacles I have also seen this! There was this one other guy who had a boombox playing the Tetris theme with them.

you're a kitty!

@Elvis Costello's Spectacles At my college we had an annual costume contest. One year there was a whole tetris group that came out on stage and stacked on top of each other, which was a big hit. Then the threw off the boxes - naked, underneath, as it turned out - and streaked.


@you're a kitty! CARLETON. repping riiiight here.

you're a kitty!

@franzia *fist bump*


I love formal apology.

I tend to come up with good ideas but then either forget them or have trouble executing the conceptual ones. Last year I was Eloise, and I think I'll be her again for one party this year, but a friend is having another party where everyone goes all out and her house is creepy and awesome so I need a good costume. Last year the specific theme was people or things you'd expect to see in Hell, so I dressed up as Ayn Rand.
I want to be the Morton salt girl in the near future but I think one of my friends has dibs on that this year.


@florabora Also in a perfect world someone would have a turtle I could borrow for the night to be my Skipperdee but idk how turtles feel about drunk people


@florabora i LOVE Eloise! well done


A few years ago, a friend and I dressed as The Shining Twins as adults. We found matching dresses at Forever 21 (they were dark blue with a red sash and definitely looked like a grown-up version of the dresses the girls wore in the movie), wore white knee socks, black mary janes, styled our hair the same as theirs and did our make-up so that we looked really pale with really, really dark circles. We walked around all day holding hands, going up to people and commanding, in the same creepy British accent as the girls in the movie, that they "Come play with us."

It's by far the best Halloween costume I've ever had.


@KellySkittles: I can't wrap my head around how great this is.


@karion Here's a photo. For authenticity, we chose to stand at the end of a hallway with crazy patterened carpet.


so what?

@KellySkittles i did that one year with my friend, too! it was amazing, we sewed our costumes so they were exactly the same as the ones in the movie and we actually look a lot alike, so the twins thing was sort of plausible. people loved it.

Quick Brown Fox

I, too, love the sexy/unsexy costume. When I first started thinking about Halloween this year, I wanted to be Groucho Marx. But then in a fit of rebellion, I decided to be SEXY Groucho Marx. But then in a fit of confusion, I told my friends I wanted to be Sexy KARL Marx and they decided that we would go as a group of sexy Commies (Lenin, Mao, etc.) Fortunately, this idea has been scrapped.


@Quick Brown Fox Fortunately? I'm confused.

a horde of great crab things

@annepersand Seriously, you need to unscrap that idea. It's amazing.


@Quick Brown Fox: As a secondary on topic bonus, you guys get to be a 'Communist Party'.


@Quick Brown Fox And you can steal the Leninade catch phrase, and spend the entire night encouraging people to "Get hammered and sickled!"


A few years ago I went as the walk of shame: bed head, short LBD with a white button up shirt over it with lipstick smeared on the collar, smeared mascara, and a condom wrapper taped to the back of my leg.
What really made the costume though was when we stopped at a convenience store on the way to the party, and a lady walked up, tapped me on the shoulder and said very sheepishly "excuse me miss, but do you know what is stuck to the back of your leg?" Priceless.


@Maria Don't you mean Walk of Sexual Accomplishment?

(j/k- I am stealing this this year)

Also, Walk of A Cowboy Who Had a Good Time would be something I would pay to see.


@AnthroK8 Indeed.


@Maria YES! I did this once, as a spur of the moment, in a bar bathroom. It was a night or two before halloween, and I met my friends at the bar to find them dressed up. Shit! What to do!

Took off my bra, and half ass put it on over/under my dress. Rubbed my eye makeup all over my face. Used hand soap to make "cum" in my hair. Smeared lip gloss around my face. Helped myself to the free NYC condoms.

Best half assed, 5 minute costume!


@kariface Wait. NYC gives away free condoms in bar bathrooms?


@Maria Yes, they do. However, i'd never use one ... i've seen people throwing them at each other, poking holes, burning them, etc ... Plus, the way I look at it, theres always a bodega open with "real" condoms, and if homeboy doesnt want to shell out $3 to fuck me, he's not worth it. I'm better than free condoms, dammit!


My favorite costume was two years ago. I went as Taylor Swift and my (crazy, insane, gaygaygay black friend) went as Kanye. VMAs bitches! We had a fake gold statue that he kept grabbing from me, and interrupting me in front of people. We did this all night at the WeHo Halloween parade and it was VERY well received. Until I blacked out and lost my wig, but.


@emilylouise: Coincidentally, "I Blacked Out (and Lost My Wig)" is the title of Taylor Swift's next single...


@emilylouise That's hysterical! I had 3 theater friends who went as John Kennedy, Jackie O and Marilyn. The Jackie O and Marilyn would have choreographed fake throw downs at various places, one of which was in a Denny's. It was a blast!


@ElisabetM my perfect couples costume: jfk & jackie O, post (like 4 minutes) -assassination. one day...

Four Horsemeals of the Eggporkalypse

I am soooo bad at Halloween costumes. :( But I love seeing other people's!!


One year I went as an exploited child-star who is approaching puberty. A sort of Shirley Temple-like look crossed with Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.. and boobs. I won a prize for that. It was a special moment.

My Mother tells a story of attending a halloween party back in the 70s where a black drag queen came as Jackie Kennedy right after the assassination. The pink suit and blood everywhere. She said nothing could ever really top that.


@gfrancie "the pink suit and blood everywhere" YEAH! THIS!!

Bridget Smith@twitter

The cleverest costume I've ever come up with is entirely thanks to a pair of black & white striped knee socks: I was the Wicked Witch of the East. Black dress, green make-up, witch's hat with a little house taped to it, those socks, and no shoes.

This sounds clever until you realized I've been a witch for approximately three-quarters of my Halloween costumes.


@Bridget Smith@twitter I've done this. I went home with a dude who was The Hulk so we were both green!! But I lost my fake nose, my hat, and one of my shoes (I wore red shoes).


@Bridget Smith@twitter When I was really little, I dressed as a witch to a party and my dad went as a cowboy... Halfway through the night I got sick of wearing my hat and gave it to him. He cheerfully wore it and introduced himself as the "wicked witch of the old west" all night long.


My work costume last year made me lose respect for people...I was Hester Prynne from the Scarlett Letter. Bought a long black dress, made a Pilgrim-style apron, cuffs and collars from old pillowcases, had a black felt bonnet lying around, made a giant red A from an old Xmas stocking, carried a baby doll. People kept asking if I was a nurse. Mostly francophones, so maybe it doesn't translate?

My night costume was a sheep (shorts, tshirt and toque covered in cotton balls, black tights and long sleeve shirt underneath, felt ears pinned to the toque). The clothes were stiff, I smelled like white glue and shed everywhere. But I looked adorable!

I think my favorite was the year I was the devil in disguise (devil horns and tail, pitchfork, giant sunglasses and a fake moustache). I look great with a fake moustache, but it was really uncomfortable.


@swirrlygrrl Girl I hear you about being mistaken for a nurse. I was Beatrix Potter for Halloween one year and people kept asking me if I was a nurse? I was dressed in like, full Edwardian and carrying a stuffed Peter Rabbit, so I don't know where the heck they got that from.

Barbara Gordon

@swirrlygrrl Are you and I the same person? Because I have been both Hester Prynne and a sheep. They are great costumes.


@annepersand @swirrlygrrl Another mistaken costume reporting in! Not as a nurse though. Last year I dressed up as Björk in the (in)famous swan dress, and I had this girl running up to me shouting "OMG Lady GaGa!!!" D:


@swirrlygrrl I dressed as a suffragette one year and so many people (guys, especially) didn't get it. And this was in our nation's capital, no less.


@swirrlygrrl: ... Hmm. Your 'Devil in disguise' costume gave me a good idea for a group costume. 'Devils', as in:

Devil in Disguise
The Devil you Know
Devil in the Details
Devil's Advocate
Deviled Egg
Jersey Devil

etc. Some of them would be difficult to pull of visually, but hanging with your devil friends would provide context.


@annepersand I get asked if I'm a nurse, just generally, out in bars.

Why do I only get hit on by older Italian guys who think I am a nurse. NO REALLY, WHY.

Vera Knoop

@easyonthetonic I guess I'm not so good at costumes, because all my costumes get mistaken for other things. The year I was Jeeves, everyone thought I was Charlie Chaplin. I had no moustache! And yet.


I guess I'm not so good at costumes, because all my costumes get mistaken for other things. ...List on MLS


Last year I was Sloane Petersen from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, simply because I found this white fringed leather jacket on eBay (http://imgur.com/zaICa). I then forced my boyfriend to go as Ferris, because duh. It was one of those costumes that no one gets until you tell them, and then they're like "OH yeeeeeahhh, Ok." I blame this on not having a "Cameron" though. Related: anyone wanna make me an offer on this sweet fringed leather jacket??

Porn Peddler

I was Coketalk (as Britney Spears) last year, and a Blue Meanie the year before that, both of which were super comfortable costumes. I was Astroboy my freshman year of college, and I feel the need to resurrect and perfect that costume.

One time, Mister dressed up as Dr Manhattan for a theme party, but, lacking any kind of foresight whatsoever, decided to do this by SPRAY PAINTING HIMSELF BLUE. It took quite a while to get all that off of him and I am fairly sure there are still blue flecks in the shower of the apartment I was renting at the time. He wants us to be Kabuki performers this year, because I apparently make comically expressive faces (I do....) but I can't tell if this would be cultural appropriation or not. And also, I want to be Aldous Huxley. Nobody will get it :(

Fucking awesome costume: my mom as Tim Burton's version of the mad hatter.
Mad Hatter
(How cute is she?)
And again.
(I mean aside from how terrifying she looks in that costume)


@Third Wave Housewife He blue himself?


Halloween costumes are my favorite!
I have a question for you guys. I've had a couple Halloween costume ideas but my current plan is to be Natalie Portman in Black Swan. So just ballerina outfit, plus blood (I haven't yet decided if/how to do the piece of mirror embedded in my stomach). BUT was Black Swan too long ago for this to be a good costume?


@Ellie Because it came out in December, making this Halloween your first reasonable opportunity to do the costume, I think you should be fine!


@Ellie I think you're okay. There were TONS of Black Swans in the Bay to Breakers race out here in San Francisco this summer. But my favourite was a black dude just dressed as a swan.


I've seen this a couple of times, but it's still my favorite: A group of people riding bikes in jeans and hoodies. The person at the front of the pack has a little ET doll in a basket, covered in a blanket. So simple. So clever.


@chevyvan YES YES YES! I saw this about 10 years ago, and it may have been one of the happiest moments of my life. Sad y/n?


My favourite was a Paper Bag Princess - I took one of those huge yard waste bags and sewed it so it had some semblance of a dress shape, a tiara from the dollar store and some dirty tights. I wore another dress under the paper bag, in case it got torn, but it was fine! Yard waste bags are heavy duty.

In high school one of my friends just threw on a bunch of weird items from our costume trunk and when anyone asked what she was, she said, "Can't you tell?" like they were being stupid.


Here's one that's really simple and super fun: a teabag! (shut up, stop being disgusting.) You take four big rectangles of that iron-on interface material that makes clothes stiff, and make two pouches by ironing them together on three sides. Fill them with dry leaves, then iron the top closed, and hang it over your shoulders with two more strips of interfacing. So easy and gets really good responses.


On more than one lazy occasion, I've worn my black server's uniform and carried a big fake diploma that says "BACHELOR'S OF FINE ARTS IN ENGLISH". Sorta depressing, I know.


@arbybee I am a bartender & cocktail server and I have a bfa in writing.
This Halloween/ forever I think I'm the gift of schadenfreude


This year, I SO BADLY want to be a Twilight vampire. Bad wig with way too much product, and ALL THE GLITTER.


@glitterary OMG I love it.


@glitterary My husband is tall, thin and very pale. I am shorter and brown. I really really want to go as Edward and Jacob. I would wear a muscle suit and cut off shorts, all he needs to do is spike up his hair and apply glitter, then we could fight over a brunette Barbie doll the whole night.

For some reason, he is not on board.


@dappykitty WHAT. That would be amazing, though! Tell him the Internets DEMANDS IT!


A buddy of mine was part of a massive group Venture Brothers costume in college. I am STILL jealous. It looked amazing.

My absolute dream, as the only Jew I know these days, is to convince some nerdy friend to be Ecclesia and Synagoga with me. You know, like the statues: http://journal.ambrose.edu/ojs/public/journals/1/cover_issue_11_en_US.jpg

Does Axl have a jack?

The funniest group costume that I've seen, as much for dramatic commitment as creativity, was The Running of the Bulls: a bunch of guys in traditional white outfits and one guy dressed as a bull. I saw them tearing ass down the street with the proper amount of yelling, etc. several times that evening.

Last year I was a Victorian/steampunk-ish vampire slayer. It was awesome and no one got it, despite my garter o' stakes.

Does Axl have a jack?

@armyofskanks Ooh, and two that would be great if you had the proper audience, so feel free to borrow: First, "A Mouse, Duh", from Mean Girls, with random revealing outfit of choice and mouse ears. Second, Hipster Ariel.


@armyofskanks I have done "A Mouse, Duh" and it is THE BEST. Until you lose your mouse ears.


@armyofskanks OH MY GOD hipster Ariel. So good.


@armyofskanks Thank you for this suggestion -- I am pretty sure I'm gonna do Hipster Ariel!


Long time lurker, but I had to create an account to share my last year's Halloween story. I was: Salvador Dali Parton. Big 80's shiny dress, big blonde Dolly wig, big lipstick/eyeshadow. My friend drew a skinny Dali mustache, and I pinned my interpretation of a "Persistence of Memory" melting clock to my shoulder.
I thought I was totes hot stuff, and was so excited to meet all the friends and make out with all the dudes. Gradually, from whispers around me, and then finally after being directly asked, I found out that people thought I was a biological man dressed in drag. Whenever I told people my actual title, they were thrilled, but my memories of the night are sullied by the tragic misunderstanding. Needless to say, I made out with approximately no dudes.


@bigredballoon This is by far my favorite. Sorry it tragically led to no making out, but that is clearly their loss!


@bigredballoon That is so badass! To have a REALLY good Halloween costume, you have to let go of your vanity, and also alas the making out. My best ever was as a snake handler, which was FABULOUS, but not hot. Horrible cheap polyester dress from Goodwill, suntan-colored pantyhose, my grandmother's big white sandals, stringy hair pulled back with barrettes, NO makeup except for fake snake bites, and of course, lots o' rubber snakes. Oh, and a mason jar with a Sharpie skull and crossbones drawn on it, for my strychnine (read: gin and tonic minus limes).


I was a black-and-white movie star once! Dressed up in a black-and-white print dress, black sweater with fur collar and cuffs, white stockings, grey 1930's style hat...and then I painted my face white and my lips black. Get it??? I got a bunch of pictures taken of me in the West Village that year.


LOVE THAT! My husband and I went as a Villain and a Damsel in Distress (complete with railroad tracks on my back) and one year, and we made our costumes Sepia-toned! Dying everything was a pain in the butt (so was hand-painting the railroad ties) but the costumes were so great.

I'm considering recycling that one this year, but the tracks got broken and they were SO MUCH WORK.

Tammy Pajamas

The best costume I've ever had was a group costume: Robert Palmer and his vacant backup dancers/band. Super easy costume and we made some foam core instruments, including a key-tar. We went to a few parties and made grand entrances en masse, attempting to maintain disinterested facial expressions. This was difficult because a) we knew our costumes ruled and b) we'd eaten some mushrooms.


@Tammy Pajamas We did this too!!! It was awesome!


One year in college - 1998ish? - I was Monica Lewisnsky and my bf was Bill Clinton. All he did was wear a suit, carry a cigar and we spray painted his hair gray - and he talked in a RIDICULOUS southern accent all night. And I just HAPPENED to have the very same infamous blue cocktail dress from the Gap - so I wore that, shiny curled under hair. I remember having a loooong discussion in the sorority house while getting ready whether Monica would wear NUDE pantyhose, or CREAM tights. I think we decided on cream tights, but, in retrospect, she was clearly a nude pantyhose type of gal. Also, you would not believe how many different items we tried to put on the front of that dress to get "the stain." Again, this was totally an all sorority house project. Things we went through: conditioner, toothpast (no one had plain WHITE toothpaste), lotion, elmer's glue (education majors). I think we finally broke into the kitchen and made a paste out of flour & water.


@Olivia2.0 I had friends who did that one year, pretty much the same thing except my guy friend wore no pants, only boxers.

Unaccompanied Lady

@Olivia2.0 I did that too! I wore knee pads and a blue dress.

Atheist Watermelon

@Olivia2.0 I totally did that in 1998!!!! Two words: Glue Stick. :-)


@Olivia2.0 That was in a movie... Made of Honor? Yeah. It shows Halloween 1998 at a college and all the Monicas and Bills.


This year I am tempted to make no effort: I would like make sure I have a drink in hand the whole night and tell everyone I'm a cupholder.

That's what I wanted to do in '08, but I got bullied into doing "a real costume" for a friend's party. I wore a skirt suit, knee high black boots, a slight bouffant, my glasses, and a beaded red white and blue elephant pin I'd borrowed from a crazy Republican neighbor. When people guessed that I was (yet another) Sarah Palin, I told them I was Tina Fey.


@mgll The quickest costume I ever came up with was Tina Fey (this was around the time she did Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon) - I have/had dark hair and the same type of glasses as her, so I just grabbed a dark blazer from my mom's closet and wore it over a regular tee and jeans, like Tina actually did.

Of course, almost NO ONE at my high school watched "Saturday Night Live" at the time, so no one got it (except for my one friend that watched SNL).


The best idea yet, that I haven't actually carried out, was to RSVP a Halloween party invite that I'll be there. Then don't show up at the party. Later, when they ask why I didn't show, I'll say I was there! I went as a ninja!

Unfortunately, this requires 1) a Halloween party invite. 2) someone to care that I didn't show up.

lavender gooms

Wow, you guys are so creative. And ambitious. Last year I went as Liz Lemon. I wore the jeans, button down shirt, and Chucks that I already owned, and wore my glasses instead of my contacts. I have brown hair. Done.


@lavender gooms I did essentially the same thing, but back when Tina Fey was still on SNL - she wore the Liz outfit, jeans and all, while doing "Weekend Update." Only one person got it; I think we were the only two kids in my high school that watched SNL.

Of course, now that I have a job I dress like this pretty much all the time, so it ceased to be a costume.


I never do the sexy costumes. EXCEPT one time, when my boyfriend dumped me right before Halloween and was going to be at the party. I wore a white low cut tank (and a push up bra), a white tutu, fishnets, red high heeled boots, a tiara, and a really fantastic pair of wings that I made myself. Lots of pretty sparkly makeup and curls in my hair. (I was also 24 and in peak physical condition, so that didn't hurt either.)

THEN I blacked out out one of my front teeth, stuck a pair of pliers in my cleavage, and carried a sparkly drawstring bag. I was THE TOOTH FAIRY, and it was SO GREAT.

Later that night, I got into an argument with the ex (who though I should have declined the invitation to the party, as well as all future invites from that group of friends. HA!) We were standing under a streetlamp in SoHo and I kicked him in the shin before storming off, wings and all. I can picture it perfectly and it was awesome.


@punkahontas I can also picture it and it was AWESOME. Sending you a retroactive high five!


@tortietabbie *HIGH FIVE!* Thank you! Sticking it to an ex by looking super hot is kind of the best thing ever. He was SO PISSED. Aaaahahahaha.


@punkahontas I was the tooth fairy when I was seven and missing my front teeth for real. My mom glued dimes all around the edges of my wings.


@punkahontas I first read that as "THEN I blacked out and lost one of my front teeth," oh my god. After realizing my mistake I then couldn't decide whether storming off and leaving your ex under a streetlamp would be way more hardcore w/ the recent tooth loss, or less... either way, good work!


at my hugely halloween popular university, the best costumes I saw were:

1) Duffman and entire brigade of Duff beer cans, complete with choreo
2) Mario, Luigi and Princess done perfect

Tropical Iceland

GOD I love Halloween. Last year I spent the whole night at home next to ten bags of candy and NO trick or treaters showed up. This year however I live by UNC, which has the most infamous halloween in the land. It's time to commit.

Last year I was Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes. I found a PERFECT stuffed tiger, it was easy and everyone totally loved it. Feel free to steal that one, also a great couples costume. This year I'm all set to go as a lady version of Jaques Cousteau, but I really wish I could get a crew together to do different gangs from the movie The Warriors with me. I don't think it would make much sense if I showed up in a rugby shirt, overalls, and rollerskates by myself.


@Tropical Iceland I went to a Warriors themed scavenger hunt once. Each team was a different gang, and it was so fantastic. It was kind of in reverse though, because we went from Coney Island to Queens. But who cares? WARRRRRRIORS COME OUT TO PLAY-YAY....


@Tropical Iceland I just moved to Raleigh (where are the best parties?!)and I roller skate like a champ, so: heyyyy girl. My current plan is to go out in Durham as a food truck (cardboard boxes, spray paint, easy-peasy) and carry around Moon Pies and Twinkies to sell. Every day I'm hustling.


@Tropical Iceland Booyah! UNC's Halloween is awesome.. but it's going downhill, the cops really buckled down on everyone last year :(


@Tropical Iceland @SlapHappyPappy

i reeeeeeally wish i'd gone as carrboro last year (i live in LA now and no one would get it, of course) but i'd already put too much effort into another costume by the time i conceived of the idea. imagine: cat's cradle tee, vintage cardigan, cutoffs, bike helmet, weaver street market tote bag, TOMS shoes, "hipster" glasses, adorned with bumper stickers (eARTh, carrboro farmers market, CD alley, nightlight, merge records, obama 2012, etc.), and carrying an open eye branded mug (and a carrburrito until i finished eating it), with a hula hoop or two. i think there was more to it, but i'm not tapped in anymore so i can't remember. :\


@alien_she amaaaaazing. i go as carrboro with my open eye mug every day here in philly!


@Tropical Iceland @slaphappypappy I live in CH! Can we plan a triangle pinup?? PLEASE?!


@unfortumissy yes please yes please yes please! i will totally come to a triangle-area pinup.


@Tropical Iceland Whaaaat how am I so late to this! Let's do it (how do we do it?)!


My best two childhood costumes were a carrot and a tadpole. OH YEAH, that was me. I had a lot of friends and I was very popular.

I never get to dress up for Halloween anymore because my dumb boyfriend had to go and get born on Halloween and he never likes to go to parties and dress up. Before he was on the scene, my roommates and I would throw a huge Halloween party and invite hundreds of people over to trash our house. Sighhhh...those were the days.


@tortietabbie: ... sounds like someone isn't on the Fun Bus. I get it that not every birthday should be a Halloween themed birthday, so that's why you get separate Halloween and B-day parties, duh.


@tortietabbie The best kid's costume I ever saw was a sandwich. Clearly his mom had made it very lovingly and it was pretty spectacular, but what made it great was his little olive-on-a-frilled-toothpick hat.


@tortietabbie My birthday is on Summer Solstice, which is conveniently four days before christmas and also my swain is pagan, so solstice is HIS big yearly celebration. AND ALSO I had some tragic family events on my birthday a couple of years ago whaich means it's Devocember. So usually I have an 'un birthday' sometime January. Alice in Wonderland theme optional but fun. Perhaps you should suggest such to the boyf?


My housemate wants to do Harry Potter theme for her birthday. I'm planning to go as the Snitch, with a gold onesie and some wings. I will curl up in a ball at every opportunity. Helps that my last name is Ball, too.


@rayray I also once saw people who had stolen a load of shopping trolleys and joined them all together to make a Hogwarts Express complete with theme music coming out of it.

Sorry For Partying

@rayray I saw people do this, but as the Jamaican bobsled team from cool runnings. But theme music really takes it to the next level!

you're a kitty!

@rayray At the premiere of the last movie, I saw a girl dressed as Sexy Snitch - gold lamé minidress, heels, wings, and "I OPEN AT THE CLOSE" blazoned across her hips. It was AMAZING.


Last year I was "myself in my graphic memoir." I wore makeup like I was a black and white drawing, made some flat cardboard hair, carried a flat cardboard beer, and had a set of blank captions hanging in front of my waist. All night long people could use a sharpie to fill in the captions as things were happening. Things got pretty weird.


My favorite halloween costume was super easy to make: Using packing tape to secure the seams, make a little twiggy-style shift dress out of bubble wrap and wear it over a slip or bodystocking or something. Then you go crazy with the eye makeup, and once you're done, fill your eyes with Visine until your mascara and eyeliner run all over your face and it looks as though you've been crying. Then, when anyone asks you what you are, you quiver your bottom lip and whisper "I'm fragile."

Thing is, people really do love to pop bubble wrap, and it inspired a goodly amount of unsolicited touching, especially by the male attendees of the party. So be forewarned. Other than that, surprisingly comfortable!


I don't understand Halloween costumes. I always try to come up with something clever and end up going as a fortune teller/staying home instead. My last Halloween costume was Paul Simon -- I put my long hair up under a baseball cap, wore jeans and a random flannel button up I had, and carried my ukulele around (because I'm 4'11" and it was to scale). Nobody got it, not even when I told them, so my friend let me borrow a long black skirt and I threw on my fortune teller get-up.

This year I want to go as Anansi Grace, but I'm worried no one will get it, so I'll probably go as a fortune teller/stay home.


@ikkepagrasset Anansi Grace is genius. Go for it!


I really want to recreate my fairy princess costume from when I was six (https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/74181_549527391174_63300030_31709863_172700_n.jpg). All I need is a froofy white dress and turquoise socks! Turquoise socks are a must for any fair princess, obviously.


@sophi I was once a fairy princess with a fluffy white tutu skirt, a wand and a dark green plastic mask. I think I was like 5.


so this one is terribly fratty and juvenile, but it still gets me every time: this guy i know dressed up as premature ejaculation. he wore jeans and no shirt. whenever people asked him what his costume was, he said, "oh, i just came in my pants."


This year, I'm dying to go as Janet Snakehole, but I can't find anyone to be Bert Macklin.


@Lemonnier Clearly I strongly support this.


Once I made a diamond out of cardboard, painted green and attached to a wire hanger that had been shaped to sit on top of my head. I was a Sim! Not difficult, and you get to wear whatever you like - good for all weathers.

hahahaha, ja.

@pixieg Awesome! :D I did the Sim thing too one year, but because I have zero artistic talent I had to patch it all together with butt-tons of duct tape. Last year, I was a superhero called "The Flying Buttress," with a cape and a fake spring-loaded butt and underwear outside of spandex. I went to a party full of physicists. No one got it. :(

Miss Zarves

This is the best thread for ignoring my work. Thank you, pinners.

I have two Halloween costumes that I'm proud pretty of: the first in 2008, as Sarah Palien. It was basically just a Sarah Palin getup, with a green face and antennae. I spent all night saying things like "Thanks but no thanks for that intergalactic bridge to nowhere!" and "I can see Andromeda from my spaceship!"

The second was a Death Panel (2009). I was the Grim Reaper with the scythe, and I also had a flag-fabric sash that said DEMOCRAT. I carried around a clipboard with my list that included: YOUR GRANDMA, and anyone else who got in my way that night.

paper bag princess

My two best costumes were:

1. My roommate and I put on figure skating costumes and went as Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. She wore a knee brace and I spent most of the evening chasing her around with a pipe.

2. The bee girl from the Blind Melon "No Rain" music video.

I really wish I could recreate those but my friends have all seen them both.


@lizzle One of my friends went as Nancy Kerrigan a few years ago. I went as a pirate wench and kept hitting her on the knee with my sword. She created a limpy dance move for the evening, and thus, "The Kerrigan" was born.


@lizzle OH MY GOD (why does this thread make me so nuts?) -- I wanted to be Tonya and Nancy a couple years ago with one of my friends but then she abruptly moved out of state and boo! She had good Nancy hair! Plus, she was more than happy to sit on the floor of the party all night and pretend to cry! I did Bee Girl once too but I immediately ripped my tutu on a door hinge thing because I have a weird habit of bumping my hipbones into things.


@lizzle my friend and I went as Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan! we didn't commit to it as much as you all did, though.


@lizzle I was the bee girl one year too! I thought it was a brilliant idea - I'm awkward, bespectacled, and the two things I was good at as a child were tap-dancing and spelling bees. Unfortunately, that was the year every sorority girl decided to dress up as a sexy bumblebee, and so my creativity was lost on everyone.

paper bag princess

@dorkydebutante At the bar, an impressive number of people got it but then I went to a party with a bunch of younger people who thought I was a regular bumblebee. I drunkenly shouted "I'm not a bee, I'm THE BEE GIRL!!" about a thousand times and they thought I was nuts.


I want to preface this by saying I was in college and feeling very un-PC...I once was Jon-Benet Ramsey. Or however you spell her name. I had an amazing dress and sash and bangs like you wouldn't believe.
I also was the morning-after one year. That was good, slutty animal-print skirt with condoms stuck to it, fraternity shirt on, make-up askew. Just how I looked almost every morning! Le sigh...

Auntie Maim@twitter

I LOVE these ideas! My ex-boyfriend once criticized me for treating Halloween as performance art, which I took as one of the best compliments I've ever received.

My absolute greatest triumph was when my awesome friend and I dressed together as Beverly and Gladys, two drunken, feuding women from a 1960s cocktail party (inspired by the movie "Die, Mommie, Die") -- 1960s middle-aged lady hair, clothes, makeup, lots of costume jewelry. We carried cocktail glasses and had in-character arguments all night about stealing each others' fourth husbands, who was having an affair with the gardener, etc. People started following us around just to see what we would do next.

I also went one year in late-60s dress and makeup, white-blonde wig, fake boobs, plus dead makeup, fake blood, and bits of broken CD cases for glass -- I was Jayne Mansfield, 29 June 1967 (the day she died in a car accident). Absolutely no one got it. Many people did not even know who Jayne Mansfield was.

This year I may do one I keep thinking about every year and haven't done yet: ballerina on a bender. Leotard and tutu, stage makeup, hair slicked in a bun -- but tights with runs, hair all messed up on one side and makeup smeared on same side, with leaves or candy wrappers or something in my hair on the messed up side. It satisfies my friend's salient criterion for Halloween costumes, which is that it incorporates one's progressive drunkenness.


@Auntie Maim@twitter That Jayne Mansfield costume is amazing! Morbid and amazing, the best kind. I think the best way to get people interested in Jayne Mansfield is to yell, "SHE'S OLIVIA BENSON'S MOM!"

N Bryner@twitter

@Auntie Maim@twitter One year I went as Isadora Duncan; wore a flowy dress and gave myself deathly makeup and attached a cardboard cutout of a car wheel to the end of a scarf around my neck. Not too many people got that one either.


@Auntie Maim@twitter best costume ever ever ever.


One year when I was super cheap I dressed in the trashiest thing I could find, ripped up fishnets, hooker heels, just-had-sex-hair and smudgy out of control makeup, and taped an egg carton to a headband...



1. Last year, I went as part of a Project Runway group costume. I was a random fashion designer, my husband was a trashy European model, a friend of ours was Tim Gunn (he had never seen the show but he watched a bunch of YouTube videos and managed one hell of an impression), and another (male) friend was an amazing Heidi Klum. We milled around the club all night passing judgement on the costumes of others.

2. My husband has a homemade Alien chestburster costume. It's a cute sock puppet with button eyes and fangs that pops out of the front of an ordinary t-shirt. One year, we made a tiny witch hat for it and he dressed in his regular clothes. When people asked, he said, "Oh, I didn't want to go out. But he's a witch."


A few years ago a friend wore my "Emerson College Alumni" t-shirt, put a big slash of fake blood around his neck and went as a mercy killing. It was pretty good, though maybe only if you went to Emerson.


@MagnificentMess As someone who lives in Boston and used to frequent the Charles Playhouse karaoke nights, I think this is hi-larious.


This thread is awesome! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween. Last year, I had two costumes--one was for a party we went to and the other was for the festivities in Salem, MA. At the party, my husband was Alan from The Hangover and I was the tiger, complete with a fake steak and fake roofies that I glued onto the steak. The Salem costume was a goldfish made from an orange Hanes XXXL sweatshirt with approximately 300 baking cup "scales" that were cut in half and hot glued on. Pic is here: http://www.coolest-homemade-costumes.com/coolest-homemade-goldfish-halloween-costume-idea-9.html
This year I am going as Sammy Hagar.


@Impybat: The bubbles really sell it!


@Impybat haha, thanks! At the last minute I decided I needed an accessory.


@Impybat NO WAY! My boyfriend and I went as Allen and the Tiger last year... I think I one-upped you though. I had a steak with "roofies" glued to it. AND I wore a toilet seat around my neck the entire night. I had cuts on my shoulders at the end of the night, but we won the costume contest! :)


@The Kendragon Wait-- a REAL steak?? Alas, there were no costume contests where we were :(


@Impybat haha whoops, no. Mine was fake too. I stole it from my little cousins kitchen set.

quote unquote

because i didnt grow up in the states and i fucking LOVE halloween i've been making up for it ever since. i went as "broccoli" last year: green corduroy pants, green shoes, fuzzy green cardigan, painted my face and afro green and made a sour face all night. this year i want to go as professor raptor (corduroy jacket w/ patches, sweater vest, dinosaur head) BUT i cant find a decent dino head (plus what if i wanna make out with someone later?!) so i'm thinking now "not quite final girl" basically Michelle Rodrigues in everything she holds a gun in, gets everyone to safety, kicks serious ass but still gets eaten by zombies.

my favorite costume i saw on strangers was "Reality TV" - 5 people, 1 video camera, 1 audio/boom, one wrangling a cable and a clipboard walking down the street as a guy and girl couple had a very intense fight on the street. it literally stopped traffic and when their scene ended EVERYONE CLAPPED.

my other favorite was last year my friends went as Animaniacs and ran around the Weho parade photo-bombing people. a bacon-wrapped hot dog lady pointed and said "los de loony toons!" which really means they win at life.


In college I would always strap a wildebeest skull to the top of my head, throw a black sheet on, and wear pan pipes around my neck. I've been wanting to up my game since then, but subsequent costumes have been way worse. I'm jealous of people who are good at halloween.


Molly Shalgos has the best babysitter ever


My profile pic was my costume for the last two years. I was *supposed* to be the girl from The Red Shoes, but apparently that fairy tale is NOT as well known as I thought it was. Eventually, I gave up telling the damn story and was just, "really scary doll." I was also Pippi Longstocking, which was cheap and fun.


@ginalouise I'm a redhead, and used to do Pippi all the time! I would use a coat hanger to make my braids stick straight out from the sides of my head.


@ginalouise that fairy tale is scary as hell


AND, I met a girl at a party last year dressed in a witch hat, black suit, pearls, and kitten heels. She was Christine O'Donnell!


@ginalouise My friend did that same thing last year! She also had a pin that said "Not a witch!" It was awesome.


I have nothing useful or awesome to contribute, but this comment section has made me fall more in love with Hairpinners than ever. Can there be a Hairpin Halloween party? I would totes go to that, as this bunch seems to self-select for awesomeness.


Last year, I was in a bar in DC, where there are no famous people, ever. And these two guys walked in, and I said, "Hey, those guys dressed up like Harold and Kumar for Halloween!" And one of them was Kal Penn. It was super-embarassing, because he totally heard me say it, and realize what I'd said.

But that same night, there were also four people who came as two teams of Double-Dare contestants - they were awesome!


@Ophelia If /I/ were Kal Penn, at least once I would have to grab some random Asian dude and make him be Harold and Kumar with me for Halloween.


I LOVE THIS THREAD. I am stealing all these costume ideas, all of them. This year I'm thinking about going as Spring Break. Jorts, airbrushed t-shirt, frizzy hair, bad fake tan, flip flops, and constantly yelling "SPRING BREAK FOREVER!!!" and then doing shots.

2 years ago I was Frued in a slip. I thought it was awesome, but everyone just thought I was a cross dresser :/

Cat named Virtute

@hearththr That happened to me too, but I went ALL OUT: fake beard and moustache, bright red lipstick, little round glasses, a cigar, and a sign around my neck that said YOUR MOTHER. I got a lot of weird looks and my city's equivalent of frat boys asking if I were a) Mr Tumnus (?!?!) or b) a crossdresser. The best was the pack of 18-year-olds that stared at me in confused horror until one of them was brave enough to step forward and ask "What--are you?!" in a hilarious voice.


@Marika Pea@twitter Yeah I had the whole shebang, beard, glasses, cigar, and I even used a Germanish accent. And most of the people at the party were a bunch of nerds, so I figured they'd get it. At the gay bar after the party more people figured it out.Go figure.

Where the hell did Mr. Tumnus come from?!?

fondue with cheddar

I dressed up as grapes once! I attached the balloons to an apron for easy pee-break removal, and I pinned a big, fake leaf to my head. There was only one juicebox who popped them; everyone else was cool. I heard lots of Fruit of the Loom jokes.

fondue with cheddar

I used to throw themed Halloween parties. One year the theme was superheroes. My friend came in with post-its stuck to him saying things like "shirt", "pants", and "hair", and he spent the entire evening sticking post-it labels all over my apartment.

He was Captain Obvious.


Oy. Bianca's Donner party costume idea made me go read the Wikipedia page about the Donner Party. Shudder. Do not do this!


@superdave incorrect


I'm confused as to why nobody has mentioned dressing as Mayor McCheese. For about three years now my brother has alluded to his interest in going as the leader of McDonaldland but has never put in the time to actually make the costume. I want to see this happen. Any takers?


@cocokins I'm stealing this for next year!


@heb Ah! Good. Finally. Send me a picture.


Okay I feel like I can admit this idea here, but I'm pretty proud of it so be gentle. I have always wanted to go (or make someone go) as Picasso's Blue Period, by wearing a blue tarp poncho covered in blue-dyed tampons. Every time I think about this idea I smile and feel happy. It just seems like a lot of work so please, someone try this out, take a picture, and share it.


@FoxyRoxy Because I have been reading this thread for the past couple hours of my workday, I can tell you with some authority that someone above TOTALLY DID THAT and you should contact them for photos. Also, a box of tampons and blue food coloring is totally do-able, so you definitely make it happen in under three episodes of Buffy.

fondue with cheddar

The best costume I've ever seen was the game Operation. This guy built a huge game board with his head sticking out, and he had a red light on his nose and everything. The best part was that it was a working game! People would try to pull the pieces out with tongs, and if they touched the side BZZZZZ! and his nose would light up. It was incredible.


Am I the only person who comes up with an outfit first, then tries to create a title/explanation for it?


Last year, I went as the cover of National Geographic. I wore a blue pashmina like a headscarf, and painted a "frame" of cardboard the same yellow as a nat'l geographic cover.


@Ophelia: Do you also have haunting, piercing, judging eyes?


OH, and one year, this girl came wearing a blue tarp and hiking sandals - she was the UNHCR.

Two-Headed Girl

Last year, a microbiologist friend convinced me + two other friends to go to a concert as DNA, so I was "sexy Guanine". Only two people got it. Fun fact: one of those people was my current boyfriend (who I didn't know at the time), who months later randomly messaged me on tumblr asking if I'd been one of the DNA people. This year we're doing Daenerys and Ser Jorah from Game of Thrones.

The best ones I've seen, though, were a condom (on campus!) and some girl dressed as a refridgerator with actual leftovers in it. Also an Old Spice guy, which mostly gets props because it's fucking cold on Hallowe'en here.


@Two-Headed Girl My sister and her boyfriend are doing Daenerys and Ser Jorah! And my ex went as a condom wrapper once. There was a hula hoop involved.


At a circus-themed Christmas party, my then-b.f. and I went as a knife thrower and his assistant. He wore a puffy shirt, a sash around his waist, carried a handful of fake (but realistic) throwing knives - and Coke-bottle glasses.

I was in full on circus assistant lady drag - along with a glitter eyepatch, a knife sticking out of my very tall and befeathered blond wig, bloody stitches and wounds on my (hairy) decolletage, arms and legs, sewn-up slashes in my leotard, missing tooth and a horrible scar running from my cheek across my mouth to my chin.


Last year I went as Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. I was the only one with that costume at the bar I was at and even won a free drink!
I wore a black bob wig, a crisp white button-down, tight black capris, and I hot glued a syringe to the end of a popsicle stick and sewed it to the inside of my bra so it looked like it was jammed into my chest.(The syringe was actually a feeding syringe for small animals I bought at Petco.) It was pretty dope. And guys were mesmerized by the syringe.

Gef the Talking Mongoose

One year when I was really pressed for time, I borrowed a double-breasted pinstripe suit, pinned a set of big fairy wings on the back, carried a sparkly wand and chewed on a fat cigar all night. Obviously, I was a Fairy Godfather.

so what?

my friend went as tammie faye baker last year. i've never seen so much mascara -- she must have used an entire tube.


Most comfortable costume I've ever worn: black shirt, black sweatpants, gray facepaint, squirtgun full of water to spray periodically. Bam, you're a stormcloud.


When I lived in New Orleans, one Halloween I dressed in a Playboy bunny outfit carrying an Easter basket with large spooky tiki heads sitting in it. I told everyone one I was the Easter Island Bunny. Not too many got it but those that did seemed to enjoy it!

Bonnie Downing

Little tweed suit, pumps, chignon. Fake birds glued all over your head and body. The lady from The Birds!


@Bonnie Downing I saw this last year at a club in NYC. The chick who did it had dreadlocks, so she did up her hair to kind of look like a bird nest, and she had a fake crow in her hair, and one on her shoulder. She also had bloody bird-peck marks painted all over her body, and they looked real. One of the best costumes I've ever seen in my life.


@Bonnie Downing I did that in 2007. Bought a bottle-green vintage suit on ebay. Fake birds. Wripped fishnets. Blonde wig. Blood. The funny thing is that I am actually terrified of birds, so it wasn't a big stretch for me.


@Bonnie Downing I know I'm a hundred years too late but I did this too! I bought rubber birds from a joke shop, which had elastic already threaded through from the top of one wing to the tip of the other, and wore them as headbands. Easiest costume ever. A couple of trickles of fake blood from the forehead and you're Tippi Hedren!

black rabbit

I'm trying to convince Mrs. Rabbit that we really need to go as MC Ninja and Yolandi. She's not buying it.

Back up plan: Her as a sheep, me in a kilt.


@black rabbit I am ALWAYS trying to get Mr Llama to do these kind of AWESOME costumes with me and he never will. So this year I am going as Kreayshawn and he can be...Mr Kreayshawn, IDK.


@Alex Shapero I can totally relate. I went as a Sim one year. I had a big strawberry blonde wig that had a purple bow sewed into it. I panted to styrofoam cones green and wired them together and into the wig. I then wore my most sim looking outfit. Drunken people were throwing shit at my head all night.


There was a guy who used to always win the College Halloween ball. ONe year he came as a giant paper clip. Another he recreated the milk carton from the Blur "Coffee and TV" video. It was awesome! I hope he's still out there wearing amazing costumes every year! Best one I did was Bo Peep and her Sheep. Got himself to go as the Sheep, naturellement.


I'm going as a garden hoe! short shorts, tied flannel shirt, gardening gloves, hat, and waist apron full of seeds and trowels. :) Fake dirt smear on cheek. :)


@The Kendragon o.m.g. i LOVE this idea. i just might steal it!!


One year my brother and I dressed up as the Heat Miser and Snow Miser for our family's Christmas party. We even did a performance of the song as we walked into my uncle's house. Since stores start pushing the Christmas "spirit" around Halloween, I think this would be an appropriate costume. Nothing will ever top seeing my brother in gilttery gold leggings!


@Rebecs My sister and I went as Heat and Cold Miser one year! That was a good one.


Oh my goodness, you guys! I've been a total looky-loo lurker for so long and this thread is the thing that made me finally break down and register (particularly bigredballoon's Salvador Dali Parton post*, though so many threads have almost done it -- especially when the comments are full of posts about cheese). And, just in time too; most years, I'm the person who has an organized list of Halloween ideas by the end of August but this year has me confounded. Debating a bloody, mangled Little Red Riding Hood with slashed-up cape and wolf paws/head somehow attached at the shoulders. Or a Toddlers & Tiaras kid but how the hell does a non-sewing-type find a horrible dress like that without going broke? Oh, and the awful little white ruffle socks.

* "Salvador Dali Parton" type mashups are exactly what my friends and I love! One year, my friend was FrankEinstein (a party-store Frankenstein outfit with "E=MC2" written across the shirt part, a big white fuzzy wig with a lightbulb affixed to it...); another time, he was Darth Waiter (red and white striped TGI Friday's-type shirt with pins and buttons and stuff -- one was black and said "The Force" with that red circle and slash over it, plus Vader gear) and another friend was Admiral Snackbar (Akbar mask, apron, and one of those cigarette-girl-type shoulder-strap things); and, last year, he was Jewbacca (huge, insane Chewbacca outfit that drove him nuts all night, a yarmulke, and shawl). My BF was supposed to accompany him as Han(ukkah) Solo, but ended up having to work that night, so I'm not sure how that costume would have come together. In keeping with the Star Wars stuff, I am hoping to make someone be "Grandma Tarkin" this year.

Other fun (and fairly easy) stuff I've done in past years are Mia Wallace (yay to the poster here who went all out with the needle; I did too and a man said I was disgusting); post-pig-blood Carrie (what a mess); Jack the Ripper victim (spray-painted styrofoam peanuts strung together make good intestines); post-gunfire Jackie Kennedy (FrankEinstein friend was JFK; we rigged a flappy head wound for him and used a glue gun/crumbled styrofoam peanuts to make the oozy bits); drowned Ophelia; wrapped-in-plastic Laura Palmer (I don't recommend -- very uncomfortable!); and a roller-derby girl with one of my friends with t-shirts that said "The Death Starlets: They're Wheel and They're Spectacular" and lots of blood and bruises. That's a fun and easy one, plus you can wear an inappropriate plaid pleated skirt.

God, I blathered... and overused parentheses. Please forgive me if that was rude for a first post! I just got so excited!


@Hellcat: Jewbacca and Han(nukah) Solo are going into my "costume ideas for if I ever have a b.f. again" file. Though I'm thinking I like the sound of "Chaim Solo."

Jon Custer

@Hellcat Elephants Gerald?


@ejcsanfran Jewbacca, while well received, had a hell of a time at the food table trying to eat chips and dip, etc., what with his lengthy arm hair so... be warned! But there is always the sleeker and less hirsute C3P-Oy.


@Hellcat Goodwill is your friend for a horrible fluffy dress. About 75% of my Halloween costumes start at Goodwill.


@Mame16th I'll definitely try that; surely my trusty glue gun will be of help (for hems AND rhinestones!). We've got a huge Goodwill store close to me but last year I was shocked by what they were charging for things! But, a helpful hint to anyone with a Joyce Leslie store nearby: VERY CHEAP clothes that can easily cross the line into "Sexy Whatever You Need for Halloween" and most likely fit better than some bagged costume you get at a party store. In fact, I still wear my black, pleated "Baby One More Time" skirt in day-to-day real life (though obviously not styled in the same way. Also, don't stop into your local Walgreens for smokes on your way to a party in that outfit).


@Hellcat jfk and jackie o! oh man, tell me it was as awesome as i clearly have for many years imagined it to be


@nice_belt It was pretty good but I have to confess that the idea came from the movie The House of Yes. Goodwill for pink clothes for me and for my friend's shirt, tie, and jacket (we didn't want to use his real clothes for the upper part). Styrofoam "crumbs" applied to our clothes with a glue gun (use a lot of glue -- it will dry in big, blobby lumps for texture) and fake blood, smeared on and also applied via spray bottle. His head/hair was a dark wig with a latex brain glued on top, and then covered with a dark toupee (from the costume store; he doesn't really have a toupee at his disposal) partially attached to that so that it would flop open to show the brain. Stick-on bullet wound (which did not match his skin at all -- oh, it was so orange! -- but who cared at that point?).

It really didn't take too long to get together at all, once the clothing was found. I'll try to find a picture.


@Hellcat I was Jane Austen Powers a few years ago — frilly blouse, corset, red velvet pants, male symbol necklace, glasses. It was fun. My boyfriend was Pee-Wee Herman Munster, basically Frankenstein-style makeup and props on a plaid suit with a bow tie.


@DrGirlfriend OOOH! Those are good ones! Now I want to think of some more, but all I'm coming up with is Jack Torrance Shipman (Torrance Shipman being Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On, which I had to look up for her last name so maybe that's no good because the explanation would take the fun out of it...)


OH MAN. I dressed up as a bunch of grapes one year, too!!! But I feel like I did it the easier way and I tied them all together with purple ribbon and then wrapped them around my body (I was also wearing a brown monk-like robe. It ended up as a perfect cluster!

I also had to play a concert that night and the balloons made it REAAALLLY hard to play the violin, hahaha.

Thankfully, no one ever tried to pop my balloons.


@CurlsMcGirlypants My sister and her best friend did grapes this way back in like 1980. I agree that the ribbon and wrap metod is way easier.


My best ever costume was Jackie Kennedy, right after the assassination: pillbox hat, white gloves, low heels, and a pink shift dress covered in gore.

What's that about bad taste?


@unfortumissy Ha! My mom is one of those "I remember exactly where I was when JFK was shot" / commemorative-Kennedy-plate collector types and she was not amused by my Halloween get-up (though she complimented the detailed splatter work).

Jon Custer

Best one I remember is Cyndi Lobster. Oh, and Cocaine (a guy in all white holding a mirror behind his back).


This one time, my friends and I went as the Fly Girls from In Living Color. Complete with dance routine. A couple of years ago, I went as a douchebag (which basically consisted of an Ed Hardy shirt, Ugg boots and shorts, a trucker hat and lots of bronzer...this was BEFORE Jersey Shore came out), and definitely stayed in character all night, everyone was "bitch" or "bro," every picture has me doing duckface and a peace sign. Last year, I was a hipster, complete with a can of PBR and made up band names to discuss. This year, I'm gonna go with a camper from Camp Anawanna.


I've wanted to be the dead dove in a paper bag from Arrested Development for years, but had always assumed I'd sew the bag. I'm embarrassed to admit I'd never thought of using a yard waste bag. (Thanks for the inspiration Phlox!) With the announced return of Arrested Development, I think this is the year to finally pull the trigger on this one.
Now I'm wondering if I should jump on the sexy+unsexy train and be Sexy "Dead Dove. Do Not Eat."

Fig. 1 (formerly myfanwy)

@Czarna_Owca Do it! If you can get someone to dress up in a $3,000 suit and go with you, even better. Or the "Cornballer". God, so many good ideas from that show....I bet I could convince my biffle to be a "Milford man" since he hates talking to people and parties anyways.

you're a kitty!

@Czarna_Owca you must do this.


@myfanwy Dang, the "Milford man" idea is perfect for the antisocial and lazy man in your life. Of course, you could always take it a step further and dress him like the walls (oh, Buster), but that would require scoping out the party location, etc. The costume ideas from the show are nearly endless: Gangy (Maeby's horror movie character), Tobias (blue, silver, Mrs. Featherbottom, during his graft vs. host battle), Buster after the loose seal incident... I should stop now.

I've also wanted to be Ann/Bland/Egg for a while since, well, that's my name. I have super curly hair, though, and don't own a flat iron. Don't think any friends around me have one, either.

Sexy Dead Dove it is!


@Czarna_Owca Late to the party on this, but I did an AD costume several years ago. I was Lucille 2 - long sequined top and black tights, a wig from a costume store that I think was branded "Hollywood" - short, spikey and black, lots of costume jewelry and makeup, and a name tag printed to say "The Plumb Clinic." I spent the evening knocking people over yelling "WE'RE OKAY! WE'RE OKAY!" and rolling on the ground. Not sure if anyone got it without an explanation, but I had amazing time.


@Czarna_Owca This is amazing. Do it please.


I am dying (no pun intended) to get a group together to go as the zombie Golden Girls with an obviously alive Betty White. My friends say this is in bad taste and refuse to go along with it. Please someone steal this and take pics!!


@shelleycerata ZOM-BEA ARTHUR!

Erin Thompson

Shower pouf! Crinkle a TON of tulle material around your body in a round, poofy shape and have a rope coming out of your head. It doesn't hurt that the guy I know who went as a shower pour for Halloween was taking bong rips all night and got in a fight.


Spray adhesive on a grey t-shirt and grey jeans, then coat with kitty-litter. Voila, you're a scoopable pee-ball (warning: don't sit down)

femme cassidy

My partner is going to wear a polo shirt with a popped collar, some Ax body spray, and drink shitty beer. I'm going to wear the sluttiest miniskirt I can find with fishnets and a cleavage-tastic shirt, and we're going to walk single file all night, with me in back.

Bros before hos.

Ryan Biracree@twitter

The year before last I went as a "concert taxidermist" -- a perfectly pressed tuxedo and a plastic bag full of stuffed animals and fake blood.


All of these amazing ideas almost made me forget I want to go as Lady Godiva this year.


Ok, so in addition to the snake handler and Heat and Cold Miser, one year my sister and I went as Oompa Loompas and her husband was Willy Wonka. We were excellent. The year Martha Stewart went to prison my sister wore an orange prison jumpsuit with a ruffled pinafore apron and a string of pearls. I was Medusa with a sheet toga, green makeup, and my recycled snakes from the snake handler outfit.

As far as other people, friends of mine went as Richie and Margo Tannebaum one year, and American Gothic another. Other friends went as Patsy and Eddie from AbFab. I saw a couple at a party dressed as paper dolls, with paper costumes complete with tabs and flat hats with a slit in them to fit over their heads. I saw a random guy at a street party dressed as a lawn jockey. He carried a lantern and would periodically stop and pose with it.

I have a fantasy about opening a costume idea service. For a small fee I'd give people ideas to suit their budget and tastes, and for a larger consideration I'd make them a costume. I think I could pick up some cash that way.


@smidge And I will be baking powder and TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE MUCH FOAM.

Munich Pixie Dream Girl

This post has come at the perfect time. I just bought a fake mustache at the dollar store (easily top five purchase ever), and have decided that I'm going to be sexy Tesla. Last year, I was pretty pleased with my Joan Holloway costume, even if no one knew who I was.


@lostinthesupermarket SEXY TESLA! I would make out with you immediately.

Gef the Talking Mongoose

@jceekah, @lostinthesupermarket : I believe you're looking for this, right?


Love the formal apology!

My aunt's go-to costume was an all-pink outfit (inluding big pink sweatshirt) with a sneaker tied to the top of her head: gum stuck on a shoe. Some of my friends have also dressed as Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" video.

I once went as an Edward Gorey drawing: floor-length black and white dress, gray fur stole, elbow gloves, black bob wig, long beaded necklaces, and drew an "outline" with eyeliner pencil on my arms, neck and around my face.


@nowwhat An Edward Gorey drawing! I may have to steal that one day.

Any One Ninja Plot

The sexy/unsexy discussions, combined with the "formal apology" costume, just makes me wish "fancy" was the adjective of choice for girls' costumes instead of "slutty." I would so much rather be a fancy cop than a slutty cop. (Any excuse to bust out white elbow-length gloves...)

Which brings me to my favorite costume ever, for the rehearsal dinner (costumed) the night before a Halloween wedding (fancy/uncostumed). Even though we all went as regular costumes, our friend Aaron was "candy corn...going to a wedding." White socks, orange tights, yellow shirt...top hat, coat with tails, dress shoes.

Auntie Maim@twitter

@Any One Ninja Plot I love the "fancy" idea -- and "candy corn going to a wedding" is awesome. I may have to play with this idea a little bit.


I've been super lazy/cold in the past years and took advantage of the Nudist On Strike idea. I was going to go as Poison Ivy for part of a Batman group last year, but the Rally For Sanity threw a wrench into my holiday drinking plans.

And just so y'all know, this article and its comments are the greatest way to procrastinate midterms/plan future costumes.


This may be sliiightly insensitive, but I'm planning to be Hurricane Irene this year: I heart NY t-shirt, hair teased out as big as it'll go and filled with tiny trees, cars, leaves, etc, giant lightning bolt earrings, "Hi My Name Is: IRENE" nametag, glittery overblown makeup with way too much eyeliner, carrying a Super Soaker.

The best part of this costume is that I will totally be wearing jeans and sneakers and therefore winning at life when I end up having to haul myself across SF on foot in the middle of the night, which always seems to happen to me on Halloween.


@maiasaura That's not insensitive at all! It's not like you're going as Zombie Steve Jobs.

you're a kitty!

Best ideas I've seen around the internets lately have been: Nyah Cat, Sexy (female) Jack Harkness, Madeline... and someday I will go as a plague doctor.


@you're a kitty! There is no such thing as a non-sexy Jack Harkness.


@armyofskanks OH MY GOD hipster Ariel. So good.


No one got my Dead Bonnie Parker costume, but man I had fun with the turkey baster full of red paint for the splatter! (Tip: Put down a lot of newspaper. Then put down more.)


My friend and I decided to go as the Yip-Yips from Sesame Street last year. Unfortunately he lives in a different state and couldn't take the time off from work after all, so I walked around by myself as a Yip. Nothing is more pathetic than one lonely Yip.


Mine aren't as punny or clever, but I'm going to say them anyway. I'm not in America so Halloween is not so much of a thing here, but I have friends who like to throw random costume parties.

One time I knew there would be a TON of naughty schoolgirls, so I was Stern Headmistress. Pencil skirt, tailored shirt, super high heels and backseam stockings, hair in a bun and I already have librarian glasses. I borrowed my teacher-cousin's name badge and put a sticker that said 'Miss Ann Thrope' over her name. It was also definitely the right crowd to walk around spanking people with a ruler. And chalk in the cleavage of course. Did you know that white chalk draws beautifully on black fabric, such as shirts? It does!

Another time I had a party straight after work, so I wanted a costume that I could whack on on the way there. The theme was 'tv' so I went as Grumpy Bear from the Care Bears. I just wore jeans and a blue tshirt, and a hat with bear ears that I knit (I totally wear that in normal life, now). My hair is blue, so that helped. And I carefully drew the belly symbol and pinned it on on the way there. I was the third person there, the other two were dressed as Oscar the Grouch and Blackboard from Mr Squiggle (CULTURAL REFERENCE that no one will get) and we all stood around being cranky. :D

I am trying to think of a rad costume this year to take advantage of my blue hair. Maybe I'll just stick googly eyes on the back of my head and give out cookies. Or make these again. http://www.flickr.com/photos/craftastrophies/4025042341/in/set-72157605661976437/

femme cassidy

@Craftastrophies If you have blue hair you should obviously OBVIOUSLY go as Coraline!


@femme cassidy Oooooh, I FORGOT about coraline.

Is it bad that now I am considering getting my hair cut before Halloween for greater verisimilitude? I need a haircut anyway...


@Craftastrophies !! my hair has been blue for three months, how did i get roped into a stupid group costume when i could be CORALINE?


@sandwiches NooooO! Is it too late to back out? Or costume change! I am knee deep in planning this costume. If only I can convince someone to be Wybie. Not the Other Mother - I have enough of those exact mother issues, k thx.


Last year the bf and I went as a double rainbow. We crafted it ourselves and even had a bonus audio component - speakers hidden in our gloves that we rigged to play choice quotes such as "it's so intense," "what does it mean" and *laugh-sobbing*.

Previously: trophy wife (my bf was a poolboy), ebi nigiri, and Tara Reid, complete with giant fake boob popping out.


guy from the mentos commercial, dollar store suit with the white paint stripes on it, pack of mentos, theme song on my cell phone.


I LOVE Halloween, especially as I 1. will jump at any excuse to wear a costume and 2. went to UC Santa Barbara (Halloween is THE biggest weekend there).

The best Halloween costumes I ever saw in college were a bunch of people who dressed up as Mario Kart - in addition to regular Mario character costumes, each person had a little cardboard car (hanging from their neck), and they would run up and down the block racing each other. I was particularly impressed at how they were able to clear off part of the busiest street in the neighbourhood to do their races.

Another one I really liked (but is much more specific to Santa Barbara) is "Bill's Bus," a shuttle that takes people from Isla Vista (the neighbourhood just next to UCSB) to the clubs downtown. Basically, some people painted a refrigerator box to look like the bus, and in each window of the "bus" they painted silhouettes of drunk people (drinking, making out, giving lap dances, etc.) The bus never got that crazy when I took it (it was usually too crowded) but it was still an awesome idea.

Dana Bjorum

@dorkydebutante I also once saw an amazing troop of Mario Kart characters! In addition to all the characters with their cars, there were also the clouds and the worm with the stop light, etc. Amazing.


my friend and i are officially going as babe-raham lincoln and and un-ladybug, respectively, specifically because of this post. genius!


Last year was my first year dressing up for Halloween (don't judge!) I was a swan: white dress, feathery wings, black tights, and black swim fins.

This year I want desperately to be Philomela (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philomela_(princess_of_Athens)). Recycle my wings from last year, after some tattering/dyeing. Long beige/white dress, russet in the back, like nightingale plumage. Blood on my chin and hands. Ideally I wouldn't speak, but would wander around wide-eyed creeping people out. I am trying to convince my roommate to go as Procne: blood-stained apron and a butcher knife!


Previous costumes: Andy Warhol (my bf flaked on dressing up as Valerie Solanas), Holly Woodlawn (Drag Queen Warhol Superstar), Nico (I am sensing a theme here). Edie Sedgewick (that one is easy and warm! Fur coat, skirt as hat held together with brooch, etc.).

Never very sexy, always (sub)culturally (ir)relevant to me and hardly anybody else. Last year I was simply Fabulous (muumuu, turban, cat's eye glasses), but people ended up thinking I looked like Edith Prickley from SCTV so that worked!

This year I want to be Jerri Blank from Strangers with Candy. I think it is time. I do have a problem with being in character... Better start studying my quotes now!

Anita Ham Sandwich

I'm late to the party, but I love reading all these ideas!

This year I'm planning to go as David Bowie on the Aladdin Sane album cover (I've already got spiky red hair)--just need some red and blue face paint and maybe a hideous white jumpsuit.

A couple years ago I went as Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby. I dyed my hair blonde and it was in a pixie cut, stuffed a pillow in a maternity dress, and made a "Baby on Board" pin with devil horns on the baby silhouette.

Kerri Mercury Morris@facebook

@Anita Ham Sandwich I did a Ziggy Stardust costume for a costume ball earlier this year! I'd be happy to share photos!

Anita Ham Sandwich

@Kerri Mercury Morris@facebook
I would absolutely love to see some photos! Can you message within The Hairpin?


Just this morning a friend of mine asked me to help him with his "Boy George In the Karma Chameleon Video" costume. I'm so excited!


I have a friend who is a diy genius and she helps me and the whole group of friends make costumes each year. Last year we made this really awesome sea monsters costumes - I went as Jaws, she was Chtulu, another friend was a giant squid, etc. I love that costume so much that I want to reuse it somehow this year, but I can't just go as Jaws again, right? Maybe I'll put some pantyhose and heels on and just be a Sexy Shark or something.


@Brittabot Wear a kids' floaty innertube around part of yourself and be a pool shark!


Buffalo Bill and Chubby Kidnapped girl from Silence of the Lambs....dude in silk kimono, nude body suit or real life tuck back...bad lip stick, scraggly blonde hair, dangly earrings, girl in dirty sweat pants, hair a mess, dirt on face, metal bucket with rope attached, lotion in bucket!! and/or carry a white dog with a chicken bone on a string...dude can carry a piece of water hose for extraness!!!


too many to list .....

- a friend got some ripped up thrift store fishnets, a too-small tank top, wore f'ed up makeup, and a little sign that said, "your mom"

- another friend went as florida in 2000, she was dressed in all blue

- i have a friend who looks a lot like justin timberlake, he went as "dick in a box" one year. inside the box was a picture of dick cheney

i've had less luck with my own costumes :

- in 2007 i dressed up in business attire, wore a sign that said "security" in front, "mortgage" in back. a lot of quizzical looks

- i'm korean, one year i dressed up as kim jong il. it was pretty awesome, i sewed a n. korean flag onto a surplus military shirt (had to make the flag, it's hard to find one to buy!), found some huge sunglasses and wore a women's black wig backwards. no one got it though.

- i sewed a giant candy corn costume one year, but everyone thought i was a traffic cone.

- i went as post-suicide-attempt ritchie tenenbaum, once that was just depressing


These are all so awesome and I'm so jealous that I have no Halloween plans because if I did, there's about 8 ideas here that I'm dying to steal. There needs to be another NYC meet-up soon since I missed the last one and need to be friends with you awesome ladies and your awesome Halloween costumes.


So for Purim this past year I went as a spelling bee. I got yellow felt sticky letters and slapped 'em on a black full-length camisole, bought wings, antennae, and a pair of black-and-yellow-striped tights, and did my eye make-up using this tutorial -- http://michellephan.net/cute-bumble-bee-look/

The tights were were marked as "adult one size fits all" but they ... weren't, really. I couldn't pull them up any higher than my thighs, so I wore one of those wretched "shaping garments" to hold them in place, so as not to be waddling around all evening. It was really extra.

I was really proud of that costume, but I'm afraid I've blown my wad now.


This year I'm going as "Sexy Roz the Secretary from Monsters, Inc." Though I guess the 'sexy' is redundant.


won a couples contest a few years back as "Mr. & Mrs. Roper." from Threes Company. there's still talk of that one around here.


Last year I went as Keith Richards (with a foam-board Telecaster). My (now ex) boyfriend went as my amp (big black box decorated with metallic Sharpie). I don't know if I'll ever think of anything quite that cool again.


My sister's OCD tendencies cam in handy one year when she painstakingly fabric painted a game of tetris onto a black unitard.

Patrick M

I saw this on Flickr a while ago and probably have thought about it at least once a week since - The greatest Halloween costume ever:


This year I'm going to wear slutty eighties clothes, and have a big pregnant belly, and when people ask what I am I'm going to say "Your MOM."


When I was in the 5th grade I was SUPER into musicals (aaand still am)so my gramma handmade me a Young Cosette costume. Complete with weird milkmaid bonnet. I don't know how accurate that is with French revolution styles but whatever. Anyway, I was convinced that the boys would finally think I was really sexy because I could pull the elastic puff sleeves off my shoulders, like on the Les Miz tee shirts, even though I had brown eye makeup smeared all over my face as dirt.

A bunch of bitches that had all decided to go as a lame camo-themed-group came up and were like, "Uhmmm sooo if you wanted to be Cinderella, why wouldn't you be her AFTER she's a princess?"


@darianlo This is amazing, and I totally would've been your best friend in fifth grade. I still might.


@ohfiddlefaddle If you don't have any Halloween plans, I might have to ask you to be the Eponine to my Cosette. Then we can get drunk, wave revolutionary flags around and yell-sing "Can You Hear The People Sing" in crowded bars... Hey, we can't let the guys have all the fun!


Red Hood, Werewolf Hunter: Red hoodie from Salvation Army, artfully tattered; hiking boots; jeans; red domino mask and/or bandanna hiding nose & lower half of face. Fake axe (avoid anything that looks like a gun), spray bottle labelled wolfbane, leather belt decorated with fake-fur "tails".

Added fun if you run across someone dressed as a werewolf: flip a coin to see if you cure him/her or if you battle to the death! Or at least until you're both tired of flipping coins. (Bonus dork points if one of you has dice.)

For added fun, talk a few friends into doing something similar-- members of the Red Hood Corps! (Or with some adjustments of accessories, you're Zombie Hunters or Vampire Slayers, etc etc etc.)


@FinalGirl I did something similar 2 years ago. I ripped up an old burgundy-colored ren faire dress and threw on a likewise shredded corset over it. Over that I had a red cloak. I had a belt with coyote tails, "teeth" made from porcelain clay strung onto a cord attached, and a huge plastic mace. I did makeup bruises and tattoo cuts/scrapes/scars. Everything got bloodied up and I was ready to go. I love your idea of having a Red Hood Corps!


These are great. My personal favorite is from 2000, when I dressed as Fuzzy Math (and carried a Lockbox). My little brother was Fidel Castro, so we were quite the pair.

I'm currently trying to figure out how to finagle a costume for Meltwater Pulse 1a, as my paleoclimatology department needs more costumes.


My personal favorite to date: Overdose Barbie. Pink dress, pink lipstick, bloody nose with powdered sugar worked into it and a huge hypodermic needle (reminiscent of mia wallace) glued to my chest.


One year, I dressed as Lara Logan, CBS News Chief Foreign Correspondent. I'm a journalist, so this made sense for me. And since she was always overseas coving the war, I had the army pants, a tan shirt, boots and a fake press pass on which I put her name. I tried to find a flack jacket and a "press" helmet, but alas, my local Goodwill does not carry those items.


I thought of another good one-- My friend's mom has talked about this costume for years. She went to a Halloween party where there was a woman dressed up as a character from The Birds. 60's tailored suit, messed up hair, bloody scratches, and of course a fake bird stuck into her head. Magical.


The best was the year I went dressed as the Hamburglar, complete with mask, hat, cape, striped outfit and cheeseburger purse. I got "ZORRO!" shouted at me from across the street once, but they were obvs drunk as hell. I also had little hamburger-shaped candies I threw at everyone. This year... maybe Meg Griffin?


I keep trying to convince the BF that we should be Bob and Linda from Bob's Burgers, mostly because it's easy and I love Linda. But the costumes themselves aren't very interesting and don't require my beloved fake blood. He also keeps saying he'll be Keyboard Cat, which makes me laugh and laugh and laugh, but I doubt he'll actually do it, damn it!


Last year I went as The Cash Cab... It was an awesome and interactive costume!

I made it out of an old rectangular laundry basket covered in yellow and black striped shiny fabric. Shoeboxes on the front and back gave it the cab shape and I attached black blank CDs on as wheels. I bought black and white checked ribbon and tied it to the front and back of the cab like suspenders. I taped the Cash Cab logo on either side. Then I bought glow sticks and put them all over the cab and my wrists. I had a list of trivia questions and fake money to hand out too! If I had a flashy light, it would have been even better so I could do THE RED LIGHT CHALLENGE! :)

Thanks for sharing all of these great costume ideas!!

Mrs. Crankipants

I made my son a Seeburg diner table jukebox costume last year. It lit up, and we had a playlist on an MP3 player attached it to a battery powered speaker inside the costume, so it played music!


Jessica Messica

My favorite costume choice was a "One Night Stand" which sounds sexy but actually was boxer shorts and a men's button down with a messy bun and smeared makeup. I wore some thigh highs that had a condom and it's torn wrapper tucked in and mixed cornstarch and water to a certain consistency and decorated my neck with it. I wore one earring and would ask people if they saw my other earring.


one year my friends and I were works of art:

- I was a jackson pollock. You just wear white and splatter yourself with paint and forge his signature on your butt
- my other friend was a warhol. she photoshopped the same picture of herself in 4 different crazy colors and stuck them on her costume
- then we had a frieda khalo...scarves, unibrow etc
- and a roy lichtenstein...she wore 50s clothes and put comic book dots on her face

then we all walked around with frames. it was awesome. A jackson pollock is also a sweet costume to do on your own cause it can be as slutty or non slutty as you want!


@jessica my friend was a one night stand too, but she just wore a cardboard box with drawers drawn on it and a lamp and alarm clock glued to the top. Then she painted a big red #1 on the side....get it? one nightstand?


this is THE best thread on the internet, it's official.

@goldfish i love love LOVE that idea & will most likely steal it. amazing.

the best costume i've seen in recent years was my good friend who dressed up as Bob Ross. it was reeeeally funny, he painted a fake beard on his face, wore a huge afro wig, and went around painting happy little trees on everyone's faces all night


This year my best friend and I (also female) are going as Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. Tricorns, breeches, waistcoats, the works, and we've procured cap guns that look like flintlock pistols and plan on loudly challenging each other to duels all night. She'll rant about the Federalist papers to anyone who'll listen and I'll be carrying an umbrella to slink away behind after "killing" her.

Previous notable mentions:
-Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles (with same friend, last year)
-Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill in "Game of Death" yellow motorcycle jumpsuit, complete with screen-accurate patches and samurai sword
-The Royal Tenenbaums (I actually cut my then-blond hair into a bob for this costume and somehow flawlessly pulled off Margot Tenenbaum, best friend did Ritchie in drag--also awesome, another friend did Chaz in a red tracksuit, and we even had a Bill Murray join the group at the last minute). I chain-smoked all night and the fur coat made it my favorite Halloween costume ever, since it can get pretty chilly here in Colorado in October.

I need a costume for the night I go out without my best friend (Aaron Burr is not quite as recognizable without the Hamilton), and I was just going to do random steampunk lady, but I think I'll take a cue from a poster above and be a steampunk vampire hunter. It'll give me a good excuse to chase around kids in Twilight costumes all night. I'll just claim I'm Lady Van Helsing or something.

Loved this thread, guys. Hairpinners forevahs.

Flies in my eyes

I'm thinking the sexy "everything" costume...kinda based on this thread. Think fishnets, cat ears, short skirt, bunny tail, stethoscope, and fangs...or something of the sort. Really an assortment of stuff you can find in the accessory aisle of the Halloween store and fishnets and heels.


@Mel I kind of did this one year when it was the day of Halloween and I had no costume! I just went to Ricky's and grabbed stuff. I had fangs, fake blood randomly all over my skin, I attached spiders and cotton webs to my head/face, wore a long black dress (aaaand probably some other stuff). I said my costume was just "Halloween."


i was once boxed wine. stuck myself in a big box with "franzia" painted on either side, and then sort of held some actual franzia inside of it. it was very tiring.

my favorite costume was mary from there's something about mary. i had chin-length blonde hair with bangs at the time, so all i did was wear a red dress and spike my bangs way up high. everyone knew. if i had it to do over again, i would have made a guy friend dress up as ben stiller with a fake weenie stuck in his zipper!


YAY HALLOWS! I am a big fan of the topical pop culture reference costume. Last year I was cupcake boobs Katy Perry (I made a KILLER cupcake bra/tanktop thing and made all this amazing jewelry out of candy, long blue wig). Now that costume is all over the costume shops but HELLO that was last year and also, they are cheesy-looking.

One year my (female) bestie was Glenn Danzig, which remains one of the best costumes I have ever seen, and another girl at the party was Nevernude Tobias, complete with bald cap and mustache and short shorts/cardigan outfit and it looked so professional and I was jeals.

This year I'm going to be Kreayshawn and it's going to be AWESOME.


AMAZING thread.

A lazy 'pun' costume is an "Eskimo Kiss"-- add a scarf, mittens, hat, and boots to your outfit, hang a cardboard pair of red lips around your neck and get lipstick imprints on your cheeks. Stay warm, and nuzzle noses with people you like.

A friend went as all of Jim Halpert's The Office costumes at once- 3 hole punch, 'Dave', bookface, and Popeye retired as an office worker.

I've also gone as Spot Conlon, from Newsies. This year I'm being Coraline! Not as clever or conceptual as some of these, but I'm excited!


Also, I'm doing face painting at a kid's Fall Fest/Halloween party. The costume theme is 'favorite performers/actors/musicians'. Any suggestions?

The group is a bit conservative, so it shouldn't be too outlandish, and hopefully easy to put together.


I'm going to the NY Pinup with a fake pregnant belly... I'm going to be "drinking for two."

Harriet Welch M@facebook

NOO! I am always a dumb joke. (A killer bee: bumble bee with assorted weaponry, A black sheep: punk rock gear with sheep ears and face paint, A pin-up girl: sandwich board with assorted pins in an arrow design pointing up) I already made my foam finger, elaborate t-shirt and baseball cap to be a ceiling fan. I love the fact that my costumes aren't sexy ________ (insert occupation), no one else wears the same thing and that they are fun conversation starters. I hope I don't see any other ceiling fans.


@Xanthophyllippa OMG. Did you go to the Sing-A-Long at the Hollywood Bowl? Because if that was you, my friend saw you and came home and told all of us about it because she thought you were the best. !!!


Any ideas on how to do the arm/rock to be James Franco's character from 127 Hours? The rest of the costume is pretty easy, but that's my plan for this year assuming I can work out a rock or knifed off arm. I'm told my Qadafi idea is tasteless and Anthony Wiener presents some other challenges.

Ellen Patton@facebook

I am playing with this idea...
Dress as Neo from the Matrix; Wear a percent sign (%) on my shirt or on a necklace or whatever. "The One, Percent"
Any thoughts? Any ways to make it better or clearer? Help a sista out :)

Beck Rea@facebook

I took the Donner Party idea (AWESOME) and adapted it:



@Beck Rea@facebook My friend is a descendent of the Donner party! She has a sense of humor about it, so might be OK with this...


A roommate and I threw a masquerade party a few years ago. No reason, it wasn't Halloween. We just wanted people in costumes! Best costume was a guy who took two sheets of cardboard, cut them out into the two components of a pair of scizzors, wrapped them in aluminum foil, and affixed them to his forehead. (I forget how, a headband perhaps?). What was he? "Runs with scizzors." To pull this off, the scizzors have to be appropriately large, big enough to almost get in the way. Dirt cheap cause he had this stuff around the house.


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The Clock at Lincoln Center! So hypnotic and compelling. If you are in NYC, I highly recommend stopping by. mountain house


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