Thursday, October 13, 2011


Suburgatory? More Like Suburgeaven.

Last night I fell in love. With a television character. Who is a teenage girl. Named Tessa. Sorry! I'm a creep I guess! No, but seriously, are you watching Suburgatory? I accidentally saw it last night and it's my new favorite thing. Selling points other than the girl: Jeremy Sisto FINALLY in a comedic role and he is hotlariously playing a single dad who is in the PTA with Cheryl Hines and Ana Gasteyer, actual jokes, and a character named "Kimantha." Back to Tessa: She's the human, likeable Daria we've all been waiting for. Snarky, but nice. Pretty in an edgy way. Short. She skips class in the bathroom like we had to. And she started a blog that will probably be infrequently updated and boring, just like IRL.

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but I can't say it. I CAN'T SAY THAT WORD.


@JoanTition And...it makes me think of food? Subs, burgers, etc? Suburbatory would've been better, I think.


@Ophelia Suburbatory sounds a little.... masturbatory. INAPPROPRIATE.

I think we can chalk this up to some words just NOT going together. Stop trying so hard, Mr. Clever Clever and just give us a normal title we can all say.


@JoanTition fun fact...at my office, when we start a new project, we have an "incubator" to talk about it. My friend started shortening that to "'Bator," which is excellent, and JUSTTHISSIDE of getting by HR.


Yes, I'm watching it because ABC Family is totally able to produce decent television (Pretty Little Liars!!) even though most of it sucks (as I imagine Secret Life of an American Teenager, etc suck) and I was so this comment is an embarrassingly earnest confession of my love for both Suburgatory and PLL. But seriously, Suburgatory's cast is great. I love how dead eyed the character Dahlia is. And Lloyd from Entourage is there! The show has so much potential!


@lizkimballet I find my enjoyment of PLL embarrassing, too, but I can't stop watching. Cannot wait for it to start again next week!


@lizkimballet Is it as good as Greek? Because anything of that ABC Family caliber, I will watch.


@Ophelia Greek. Oh my god, Greek. I am only mildly ashamed to say that I sobbed alone in my kitchen watching the series finale of that show.


@rachelrachel Seriously. That show made me cry more than once. And I would actively wait like a teenager to see if Casey and Cappy would ever finally get it together. The 18-year-old in me loves him! Why is he not in more TV??

oh, disaster

@lizkimballet Switched At Birth? Anyone? Okay, just me.

one cow.

@lizkimballet Did anyone catch the few episodes of "Free Agents" on NBC? I just learned that it has already been canceled, which is so sad! It was great! Very clever & likeable characters, no laugh track, good acting, good writing. UGGGGGGGGGGGH, whyyyyyyyy!??!

Truly Outrageous

@andrea disaster Yes, Switched at Birth, AND The Lying Game.


@Ophelia Oh yeah Greek was ABC fam, too! So good! PLL is good, too just completely different. It's kinda like Gossip Girl (when it was fresh and good), except GG is a scary possible murderer claiming to be a dead girl. Or Veronica Mars, if Veronica Mars were 4 girls who were terrible at solving the mystery of their dead best friend and have a ton of secrets. Also recaps here are awesome and only enhance the viewing experience, if you ever watch: http://www.afterellen.com/tags/pretty_little_liars


@Truly Outrageous @andrea disaster YES! I love S@B and PLL. They are both totally amazing. Though PLL is much more of a guilty pleasure and it makes me feel like I'm 13. Yikes.

Out of curiosity, I watched an episode of Secret Life recently. It was AWFUL. Everyone was getting married and two of the characters were going through a divorce... but they're all still under 18? That HS needs a serious talking to if the kids are all that messed up.

oh, disaster

@Jennifer@twitter The only episode of Secret Life I saw was from the first season when the girl was pregnant and her mom and grandma were discussing whether or not they should send her away (seriously, not making this up). I was like oh, hello, 1955, I'm turning this off RIGHT NOW.


@andrea disaster Switched at birth is legitimately really good! Deaf issues! On tv! Multiple Deaf characters!


My most secret, dumb, amazing ABC Family obsession is Switched At Birth. Incredibly implausible, dramatic, and ridiculous, plus you learn sign language! (Kind of.) Highly recommended for drunken late-night Netflixing.


@lizkimballet Huge, anyone??


I don't understand why ABC isn't putting this online. Are there Hairpinners who work for ABC? Why aren't you putting this online?!


@heb Yes, I never watch TV on TV. Don't they want hits from me for advertising!?!


@acookieaday It's on Hulu now! I just discovered it!


I, too, discovered this last night! I wanted to hate it, but I couldn't.


Yesssss! This and Revenge (don't laugh) are my favorite new shows.

The joke in the 2nd (?) episode about Scarlett Johannson, dead, is one of my favorite jokes in anything ever. Everyone watch it!

Lily Rowan

@Inconceivable! REVEEEENNNNNGGGGGE!!!!! Love it.

alice b. tchotchke

@Lily Rowan Yes! The X'ing out of people's faces has never been so compelling.


@alice b. tchotchke Revenge is SO good. So much backstabbing, I just can't. Not really buying Eric Van Der Woodsen as the hot poor guy though. His Goodfella's accent is a little much. But that's my only complaint! The rest is perfection.

Lily Rowan

@LizHo My only complaint is that isn't it on Weds at 10, opposite every other show I want to watch? It's bananas. I've been getting it On Demand.


@Inconceivable! Revenge is DELICIOUS. So good!


@Lily Rowan That's me on Thursdays...damn you CW for putting the Vampire Diaries (yes, I KNOW) up against my NBC comedy lineup.


@Inconceivable! Revenge is totally my new favorite show (I mean, obviously behind Parks and Rec). I look forward to it every week. Last night, with the therapist? SO good.


I also love this show. Just for the "Scarlett Johansson, dead" line alone! In Canada people can catch it online at citytv.com.

Chesty LaRue

@CanuckChick Thanks for that!
Also, omg Alan Tudyk is also in it? Love.


@Chesty LaRue Alan Tudyk is the only reason I'd heard of this. And probably the only reason I'd check it out...though yay, if it's actually good!


@ActuallyKT Yes, this is the only reason my husband and I started watching it, poor Wash.... Any way, yes it's actually a good show. It's kinda suburban life on crack if viewed through a kaleidoscope but in a good way!


I watched for the first time last week and I adored it. Ana Gasteyer and Chris Parnell cracked me right up-- I hope this doesn't mean we won't be seeing him anymore as Dr. Spaceman on 30 Rock, though! My only hesitation with the show is that voice-over. I cannot take it, not at all.


Jeremy Sisto isn't hotlariously doing anything though because THAT GOATEE. I can't.


I saw an advertisement for this show before the season began and it just so happened to fit nicely into my Wednesday night TV schedule. I tried it out the first night and I've been watching ever since. And Jeremy Sisto = Y-U-M. Hotlarious indeed.

Nancy Benecki@facebook

I also love this show. Just yesterday, I found out this show is based on a book, also called Suburgatory. The basis sounds the same - big city transplants adjust to suburban life. But the book was written by a mom. I guess some of the concepts were changed for TV.

young preeezy

Ahhh!! I read a really good review for this show last week and have been meaning to watch.


I watched the first episode! It was all right! I haven't found a way to bring up with subject with the old boyfriend, though. Pretty sure he'll make fun of me for wanting to watch more of it.

Caitlin Podiak

@tortietabbie My boyfriend actually spearheaded the push for this to be added to our regular TV routine.


Anybody here watch Parenthood? I'm in love with Haddie and Amber.


@momentisaflower LOVE IT!!! omg, so much!


@ThundaCunt They both have Twitter and I'm obsessed with following them. They both seem so down to earth and awesome, and they both post set pics from Parenthood! http://twitter.com/#!/maebirdwing is Mae Whitman's and the girl who plays Haddie is @BibleMan.


Wednesday is my ABC nite, so i love this new show! my absolute fav tho has to be Happy Endings...does no ones else love this show!?? Megan Mullally as her always optimistic mom!?? no ONE!?? i love everything about it. *sigh* i would marry Happy Endings, if it was legal!


@ThundaCunt Watch it, love it, live it! I'm kind of obsessed with it. After the hipster episode last year, me and friend could not stop saying 'over it'. It drove everybody we know crazy, but we were entertained.


I love this show! Actually I love most of the ABC Wednesday comedies (except The Middle, watch Up All NIght instead, I mean GOB BLUTH) and Revenge is such a great soapie obsession! I'm so glad to finally hear good reviews, I was afraid it would get cancelled because I hadn't heard anything about it.


didn't anyone else watch this and think it was annoying?


@chirdia I'm with you on that one! I couldn't get over how condescending the main character was to all of the people around her (and just in general really pretentious). This isn't to say that I expected the show to present a shiny view of the suburbs but really, I couldn't sympathize with her at all (for the record, I wasn't a big fan of Juno for the same reason :/). I feel like the suburban "hell" motif is a bit played out; the suburbs are looking pretty good for the people normally kept out of them :/ Also what was with the whole "everything you do make you look like a lesbian" running gag?


I covet that girl's hair *intensely*, it's stunning. I do watch this show, I like it as well and I think it's well written. Not a huge fan of how other characters' suspicions of her alleged lesbianism is 'funny', but not everything is perfect.
Jane try out 'The Middle'! The two youngest are amazing, especially the girl (Sue). Sue is the most awkward, amusing and endearing character I've seen in ages.

Alef Bet Jewelry@twitter

I started watching it since the show bought our jewelry for one of the episodes. I thought I would hate it, but absolutely LOVE the show! So funny!!!


Yeah, I'll say it: poor man's Awkward.


@statistics_lie totally! i had just finished Awkward so this doesn't seem as great as it might have otherwise...


Ugh ugh ugh ugh UGH. I watched three episodes based on this 'Pin endorsement, and I thought it was SUPER sexist/misogynistic. I mean, seriously? This takes every negative stereotype about women and confirms it. And we're not supposed to be offended b/c it's a "comedy"? Even the character of Tessa is only "good" b/c she is unlike ANY of the other women on the show. BLERARGHHGH I HATE IT.

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