Tuesday, October 11, 2011


"Size, Orientation, Flicker"

You know how once in a while you'll hear a scientific explanation of some aspect of human behavior and you're like, "Oh, wow, so that's how my brain works!" and then a second later you realize that's how everyone's brain works or they wouldn't have been able to prove it, so a brain is just a machine, in which case you're barely an individual and there is no God? Watch the part about the 7's.


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Yeah, but that music is pretty inspirational, so I'm feeling optimistic about this machine.


Remember when charts and graphs were just charts and graphs? Now the designers have claimed them as awesome innovations! What new territory has text staked out for itself recently? We're losing ground, people!


@boyofdestiny Could you repackage this sentiment in a more forward-thinking graphic format? Thanks!


Is it possible to have a well-designed infographic fetish? Because I think I do.


@HydrogenJukebox Me too. Whenever there's a link to Information Is Beautiful, I lose an afternoon to my awe.


@HydrogenJukebox yes. Give me Tufte or give me death.


@liznieve : Oh man. That book.


Yeah, these things give me existential spirals too. I'm like, just a lab rat, man, and the world is the laaaaaaab. There's nothing about me that isn't shaped by biology and environment, maaaaaaaan, I'm like a mildly interactive tree.


Great - now I'm having a seizure.

Hot Doom

This is from the Scientologists, isn't it?


I'm going to art college right now and half of what they teach you is craft; the other half is how to manipulate people. I mean, obviously that's what good art does, but it's always weird learning there's a whole technical side to which brainstrings to pull.


Interesting, but why do I feel like I just watched a commercial?

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