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Save the Date, NYC: October 31

If you do the crazy-Halloween party on Saturday the 29th but still have energy to put on a costume or pin a spider fascinator to your head (or just say hi to others), come by The Magician on Monday, October 31, where we'll be having spooky, low-key drinks from 7 – 10 p.m.

Also: Hairpin meetups are taking on a life of their own (yay!), which means, moving forward, that the best place to arrange them is probably via Google Groups, which can essentially act like message boards. Here's the Hairpin Pinup group – join in! It will be unsupervised.

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Jolie Kerr

I will be there in my Sexy Clean Person costume! Bonus to anyone who comes in a Sexy Hairpin-themed outfit. Some ideas:

Sexy Spider
Sexy Tiny House
Sexy Doll News
Sexy Stripper Outrage
Sexy A Dude
Sexy Ghost
Sexy Qream
Sexy Lean Cuisine
Sexy Rich Santos


@Jolie Kerr Sexy woman laughing alone with salad? Or has that already been done?


@Jolie Kerr "Sexy Rich Santos" is the rare case of being both an oxymoron and just a regular moron. Also: I call Sexy Relationshapes!

Tina W

@Jolie Kerr Sexy Jizzcliner


@Jolie Kerr

OMG! I feel like I should start working now on my "Sexy Box of Baking Soda" outfit!

science is sexy@twitter

@Tina W Only thing grosser: sexy centipede in a Jacuzzi

Jolie Kerr

@science is sexy@twitter Sexy Barf in a Handbag? Sexy Used Bike Shorts?


@Jolie Kerr sexy rick santos?! omg bleachie<3


So anyone coming without a costume can be assumed to be dressed as Sexy A Dude or Sexy A Lady?


@Cawendaw Only if you're already wearing mirrored sunglasses and smoking Misty Lights 100s.


@Jolie Kerr Sexy Juicebox?


@dinos Also you'd have to rotate.


@Jolie Kerr sexy bottle of qream? redundant.


@Jolie Kerr Sexy emoticon we need in these troubled times (I might actually do this)?


@Jolie Kerr
Can I just call 'sexy American Girl Molly' now?

Chiara Atik@twitter

@HoliandIvy Not even kidding I was JUST talking to a friend today about being "sexy American Girl Kirsten". I might seriously do it.


@Jolie Kerr I will bring my Sexy and Recently Barf-free Favorite Bag as evidence (as if any were needed)that Ms. Kerr's advice is what's UP. I will probably not bring the Guilty Boyfriend, for fear of a. more party casualties and b. his getting beaten about the head by a Sexy Handbag Full of Bricks.

Jolie Kerr

@Joolia yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!! Also I will bring CANDY. (Do they make vinegar candy?)

Lisa Frank

Yea! My prayers have been answered!


@Lisa Frank I didn't think it would really happen, High Five!


excellent! I was bummed I missed the last one.


Someone make Scout's ham costume but paint it like a Qream bottle.


Nerd Alert: are we allowed to come alone or does everyone look at you weird when you do that?


@bananab0at I would also like to know the answer to this. Asking for a friend.

Jane Marie

@bananab0at you will only be alone for like 30 seconds, you'll hardly feel it.


@Joolia I always come to hairpin meetups alone! The first one was kind of scary, but now I feel like I can do other scary things more easily?


@bananab0at I just came here to ask the exact same question. I really want to come to one of these, but I'm ridiculously shy and awkward, and I have a friend I can attempt to bring along, but my spidey sense tells me that she will BAIL BAIL BAIL at the last minute. Someone tell me that people are really friendly and inclusive at these things and that I won't have to lurk in a corner like a serial killer!!


@werewolfbarmitzvah: This is precisely what alcohol is for.


@werewolfbarmitzvah Everyone is really nice, don't even worry about it. Plus, this time you will be in disguise, so just pretend you are someone who is not shy. That's what Halloween is for! And, as laurel said, that's what alcohol is for.


@bananab0at I've done it. Which might not be an endorsement, but hey, it's a fact?


@laurel Aha, point taken.


@bananab0at Yes, and also: alone AND old? Allowed?


@werewolfbarmitzvah Thank you for asking this! I am this exact same way, except I live in California, where I will have to brave my own 'Pin Up some other time, if one happens in my area. It never would have occured to me to pre-mention my shyness here and I'm grateful you did. You will be fine!


@WaityKatie Alone AND old, totally fine! The age range of hairpinners is pretty wide, actually.

I really think most people come to these things alone? Seems like the peeps I've met all showed up solo, just like me.


@punkahontas Thanks for the encouragement! Love your blog. <3


I want to hand out cake like I did last time.

But I will be at a Conan taping at the Beacon Theater. Will try to come by after!


I have a prayer service in honor of the Great Pumpkin that I will be attending in Philadelphia that night. Hope you all have a lovely/spooky time without me!


@cherrispryte BOOOO!

Jolie Kerr

@cherrispryte Sniffle. <3 u Cherri.


@punkahontas No I know! I will miss you (well, I will miss everyone, but you and several others especially!) But I've already got a concert ticket and a hotel room and, well, I've been looking forward to Hallowmas for months and months now.


@cherrispryte I understand. Hopefully we'll get to see you next time!

Have fun in Philly, and eat a soft pretzel for me. The NY soft pretzels are not even SOFT! And don't get me started on what passes for a cheesesteak. Also, since I'm on the subject: GO BIRDS!

dj pomegranate

I am coming as The Best Time I Wore My Halloween Costume to Work.


I was really wishing for this, but I didn't believe it would really happen. Let the costume brainstorming begin!

Wait, should we all come dressed as our avatars and/or screen names?


@punkahontas Uh oh <----


@punkahontas Double uh oh!


@DorothyMantooth and @parallel-lines I just had my biggest LOL of the day imagining you guys dressed as your avatars. AHHHH! hahhaha. Are you going to the party? I haven't gotten to meet EITHER of you yet!


@punkahontas I'm planning on it! And I BETTER get to actually meet you this time!


@DorothyMantooth Good! Me too! And SERIOUSLY, we need to find each other this time. Write your name tag REALLY big.


@punkahontas doin it.


@punkahontas I'm gonna try...I'm a little shy and eeked out by crowds of strangers but I'm trying to get over it.


@parallel-lines Me too! I don't even really like PEOPLE in general! But I'm so glad I went to that first one, and now this will be #3 for me. I think going to pinups has made me a little more brave.


boston? anyone? bueller? bueller?

Lily Rowan

@becky@twitter For Halloween? Or just in general. I finally made boston.hairpin at gmail, but now we should just use the google groups there!


@Lily Rowan either! i don't have google plus. do i need google plus to use the groups?

Lily Rowan

@becky@twitter You don't need anything!



That is the night Joseph Gordon-Levitt is putting on a show at Le Poisson Rouge. Nothing could make me miss Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (Especially since I already bought tickets. And I am too poor to waste $30.)

I was looking forward so hard to the next Hairpin meetup, too!


@alphabiddycity I feel like I could do Hairpin first for like, an hour, and then drop by and see JGL. That way, I'm like Cinderella arriving fashionably late to a ball. But, like, a drunk Cinderella in an All American Girls' Baseball League Uniform.


But but but I am going to THIS: http://www.nyc-arts.org/events/16047/hit-record-on-halloween-w-joseph-gordon-levitt

Can I do both? Will YOU do both with me?!


@LaFabuliste I feel your pain. I feel your pain so hard. I think we should find JGL and convince him to make the Halloween show a joint Hairpin meetup. Can't be hard.


@alphabiddycity Not hard at all! And while we're doing that, I can get him to make out with me, right? RIGHT?!


@LaFabuliste Of course. I see no problems with this plan! Onwards and upwards!!!


The problem with this plan, ladies and/or gents, is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I are already a thing.

Tuna Surprise

But I live on the other side of 6th Ave from the Meetup! It's going to be like Halloween two years ago when I was trapped behind barriers for 45 minutes with a tragically unopened bottle of wine begging the cops to let me cross at W 8th street because I was late for a dinner party.


@Tuna Surprise That happened to me one time when I was going to a NYE party near Times Square. As the crowd grew, they kept blocking off more and more streets so we ended up walking like six blocks up, over, and then six blocks back down to get to the damn party.

You "could" take the L train across though? It's not like anyone will be able to get a cab anywhere that day.


@Tuna Surprise

Sexy Tragically Unopened Bottle of Wine would be a killer costume.

Tuna Surprise

My first New Year's Eve as a lawyer, I was stuck at a deal closing at a law firm in Time Square until 9 pm. I stumbled into Times Square in a skirt and high heels with a bankers box full of docs. I thought my worst nightmare had just been realized, but thankfully a nice cop saw me and opened up the barricade to let me walk down the middle of the street to the nearest subway. I was a one-woman pity parade.

@ atipofthehat - but then I have to spend the night stopping people who are trying to drink me up!


@Tuna Surprise OR you could NOT stop them. (Depending on who it was and if they were hot)


@Tuna Surprise The solution to this:install zipline to the east side.


I will be upstate, dragging a small person around to various houses, begging for free food.

I just posted in the group about doing a slightly more northernly location. Lower Hudson Valley 'pinup, anyone?


I will be here, again, and this time I will drag my girlfriend along.


@Lucia Martinez



Is it acceptable of me to suggest a Silicon Valley meetup when there's already a San Francisco one (the weekend I'm out of town :( )? I guess I'm asking here because it feels less invasive than sending an email.


@arrr starr Hmm. I don't know. I was thinking the same thing about a Sacramento one. Which is even slightly further away. I feel like...I'm too close to justify a second meetup, but too far to go to San Francisco without seeming weirdly devoted to the Hairpin? When maybe I am?


@eustaceia I think Sacramento is definitely justified! That's way more of a haul than where I am which is like 45 minutes + parking if there's no traffic. Sacramento and SF are about as far away as NY and Philly and those are two different meetups. I'm just lazy + out of town this weekend.


Ahhh thank you for setting up the groups, I was trying to figure out how to find out if there were any wonderful hairpinners in my area.


Yay, good idea to do set up the groups.
See you Thursday Toronto 'pinners!

String args[]

Man, are there any other Hairpinners in the Ottawa area? I would totally love to meet some new people.


@String args[] Post on the Google group page; I saw one for Montreal already.


I just found a sexy robocop costume at goodwill that seems ripe for such an occasion.

but i'm a bird

B-b-bbbut we just made a Dolly Parton Nashville Wimmin pinup poster! The posters are my favorite part. I'm looking at you Austin.

Lily Rowan

@but i'm a bird Yeah, there will still be posters and announcements, right, Edith??

Edith Zimmerman

@Lily Rowan Alas, no -- it was getting to be a little too much to handle, I'm sorry! I love the posters, too, so much!

but i'm a bird

@Lily Rowan I guess we could keep them alive somehow...sexy hairpin meetup poster costume?


@but i'm a bird @Lily Rowan How about we make a little picture collage from our pin-up and we'll place the poster in the center? Then we'll make copies ... and then a book about our experience ... and then we'll sell it and be rich and famous. And we'll use the poster for the book cover after we get Dolly's permission.

Lily Rowan

@Edith Zimmerman AW! OK, I guess.....
Can the google group be permanently linked on here so we don't forget where it lives?

Also what meattubs said?


@Edith Zimmerman Totally understandable why this has to happen! BUT I think it would be a good idea to post a list of all upcoming Pin-up dates on the site as well - maybe just a post once every two weeks or so - for lazy people (like meee!) who will never remember to use/check Google Groups without some prodding.

Edith Zimmerman

@emilylouise True! Smart! Yes, good idea. OK, I will figure this out!


@Edith Zimmerman Yay!

Or maybe you could even have a calendar that people can post to themselves so you wouldn't have to do anything, except trust that we won't get out of control ... hmmm, or maybe just a monthly post.


yay! already having panic attacks on what i should dress as.


Yessssss! I will be in NY then! My dreams have been realised, even though I know no one and only ever lurk and then post stupid comments that hopefully no one ever reads and anyway they are hours late because I am in Australia but now I will be in the right place at the right time (maybe? Sort of?) I don't even know! But I'm excited! Also I will be wearing a hat. Probably not a sexy one.


@lesvacances It should be a tricorne. Tricornes are sexy.


@leon.saintjean I am not sure I share you passion for tricornes although I acknowledge that they definitely have a certain allure to them. Actually I will be wearing a hat because at midnight I am determined to be watching this: http://www.melbournecup.com/
Maybe I should try to incorporate halloween into it somehow. A haunted hat?


OMG Can I tell an AMAZING story about a true thing that happened at the very drinking establishment this will occur at?

My friend was working the door at said place, and a group of dudes in there early 30s were there for a birthday party. They were kind of dorky, celebrating the one guy's 35th. He was dressed like a king. With a crown. And cape. His friends were Spartans, and knights, and wizards.

Then a group of the new-school LES uber-bros (WHEN DID MY BELOVED GRIMY-IN-A-FUN-WAY LES BECOME BROVILLE, Population BRO? says the every newyorker ever) with their popped pastel collar smedium polo shirts comes in. They are belligerent and haranguing the bartender on how she should look prettier etc and etc.

Homeboy doorman is outside smoking, as is teal-bro and a Spartan. Teal-Bro asks to see the Spartan's sword, then throws it under a passing car, where it gets runover and smashed....AND THEN....

Teal-bro's frat-pack and the King and his men all rush outside. Doorfellow goes OH SHIT, steps in side and says "PANIC BUTTON" to the bartender-woman, which auto-locks the door - and a ruckus ensues! Bro vs Wizard! Popped collar vs Tunic! Everyone still in the bar is agape as a bunch of juiceboxes end up getting their asses kicked by nerds in medieval and roman outfits.

We like to call this story "Some Connecticut D-Bag's in King Arthur from Accounting's Court".


Film at eleven.


@leon.saintjean I wish that had happened at the last pinup. We would have had an excellent view from the balcony, like the Queens and Princesses we are.


@leon.saintjean This made me cackle out loud, I'm not even kidding. I love it.

Vera Knoop

Holy balls! I am finally going to make it to a pin-up! So excited!


I'm coming either as a sexy hairpin or a sexy version of myself. Decisions decisions...


Yay, I was lamenting that I missed the last one. I'll be coming as Janet Snakehole - an idea admittedly stolen from the post about Halloween costumes. Thank you whoever suggested that!


yeeee thanks Edith (for google groups)!

Vera Knoop

I'll be dressed as someone from the broadside ballads, but haven't decided which one yet. Anyone know where I can get some rabbit parts and a speculum?


oh my GOD, New York, I am trying SO HARD to coordinate my weekend visit to New York with a Hairpin Meetup and you (as a city) are just being UNBELIEVABLY difficult. And now I'm thinking, "I could take two days off of work...!" which is ABSURD and UNNECESSARY and I WANT TO. I am coming the weekend AFTER this! because: I gave up on you. and then you do this!!!


Any of you lovely creatures coming from Long Island?

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