Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Poem Has Been Set to Music and Turned Into Short Film

Toby Keith, "Red Solo Cup."


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Toby Keith is the voice of the everyman, if every man was a frat boy douchebag.

elysian fields

This ... can't be real. Is this real? Where am I? What is happening?


anyone else instantly reminded of that episode of the Take Away Show where Grizzly Bear is hanging out in a bathroom (looking kinda wasted) and singing?

shout-out to the Wilhelm Scream @ 1:35


Let's not all pretend we're better than red Solo cups (and this song). Each and every one of use has been there.


I want to play beer pong so bad now, but I'm stumped what else to add to my beer pong playlist?


Do you think Solo endorsed this, like that Nelly song about the Nikes?
Also, I think he and Taylor Swift should totally be an item. And I'm not even kidding.


is it normal to be upset by seeing carrot top?

Ham Snadwich

@RachelTheC He's pretty terrifying.

Elizabeth Robichaud@twitter

It's been stuck in my head all week. I. Just. Can't. Turn. Away.



The music they have is really great. They wanted to get the right stuff out of that one. - BannersBroker

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