Thursday, October 20, 2011


Occupy Riverdale

Previously: Would You Wear This? Sports Edition.

Jim Behrle is available to be your winter boyfriend.

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Clearly a deliberate provocation and an attempt to distract from the struggle.

Megan W. Moore

"This is what democracy swims like" is the best thing ever.


@Megan W. Moore As someone who has lived in Madison, Wisconsin, where people honked this pattern over and over again for months while driving anywhere near the capitol, I'm going to say yeah, the next time I hear that, I'm going to mentally substitute "This is what democracy swims like." (Not that I don't agree with the original message, this is just much more lively.)

The Mythical Codfish

Xanax in the guacamole? Prozac in the punch!


@The Mythical Codfish I can taste a lot of mango in this mango-klonopin smoothie, would you make it again?


please be my winter boyfriend, Jim Behrle

Ian Adelman@facebook

I only clicked on that because I thought it said "Occupy Riverdance."


@Ian Adelman@facebook I thought it said "Occupy Rivendale".


@Apocalypstick samsies


Cartoon boys have the best abs...


Winter boyfriends are the best! They will salt your driveway while looking adorable in a peacoat and then you can drink hot cocoa together and put on a record and pretend the world isn't an entirely horrible place.


Oh my god, I love Archie comics. You, sir, are brilliant.

Setec Astrology

@nerds - Agreed. I think this is the best use of the Behrle substitute speech balloons (TM) I've seen yet.

anaïs escobar

oh, jim behrle, i adore you.


duh, stay outta Riverdale!

Jim Behrle@twitter

I miss Relationshapes

Okay Yeah

@Jim Behrle@twitter Me too, but these are pretty cool too :)

fondue with cheddar

This is the best one yet, and not just because I was an avid reader of Archie comics as a kid.

Was the trickle down guy implying that he peed in the pool?

a horde of great crab things

the only way in which this could have been improved is if the artwork was some old- skool Dan Decarlo shit. Other than that, I approve wholebrainedly.


EGADS this was good!


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