Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Nicki Minaj, Dressed as a Small British Child Dressed as a Princess

Nicki goes deep undercover as "Sophia Grace Brownlee" but is unable to maintain her disguise for long.


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John Shankman@facebook

that boomboomdaway move is sick. wow. cop that super bass.


I just had to google "Nicki Minaj" and then I felt really, really old.

Emily Warman@twitter

Three cheers for her backup dancer.


@Emily Warman@twitter Her shoes are sick!


@elsbels I know! She would have stolen the show if Sophia Grace wasn't so amazing.


I was singing Baby Beluga, I Want to Hold Your Hand, and lots of Rogers and Hammerstein at Sophia's age. Some girls are wired to be cool. Some of us are not.


For some reason I can't really explain, I am really creeped out by this?


@SBGBlogs totally! too adult?

Nate Jones@twitter

@SBGBlogs Yeah, the part about smacking hos I was like "??!!?" But least she kind of mumbled the n-word part?


@Nate Jones@twitter I'm assuming she's unclear on all the lyrics, as I was my entire childhood. And much of adulthood.


Holy shit, she's awesome. I didn't have anything like her rhythm or recall for lyrics at that age.

ok I still don't.


Whoa these girls are so cool! I want them to be my friends & we can ride around blasting nikki manaj and singing at the top our lungs with the top down in my (imaginary) convertible!


@heyad You can get this one for $400. It's kind of perfect.


Holy Crap! As long as Sophia Grace and back up dancer weigh 0 lbs we can totally fit in that!


Sophia Grace could totally win ANY Toddlers & Tiara's pageant with one hand tied behind her back. But she's WAY TOO COOL for that.


I've said it before & I'll say it again: thank GOD I came of age in the pre-youtube era.


OHEMGEE. I'm laughing to tears. I might be creeped out if I didn't have similarly precocious sisters of a very close age...but I do. Why can't I rap that fast?


Girlfriend's moves and verbal recall are impressive, but it's still a bit ooky given the content of the song.

It is, of course, perfectly acceptable for my 8-year-old to belt out Sondheim songs, though. 'Cause I'm a snob like that.


I am totally a fan of her backup dancer. Girlfriend has the best facial expressions.


@TheSkyGirl FOR REAL!


the trashy stage mom in the mirror who is clearly orchestrating the whole thing is what makes it so creepy.


@katattack Yeah I thought it was super cute until I saw the mom gesturing and reprimanding the backup dancer and realized that she must have totally choreographed the whole thing.

Sophia Grace has got a damn fine set of pipes on her though. Shoot!


I have a feeling this is one of those things I will be watching on a 20/20 "Before They Were Stars" special when I am in a retirement home.


Um...is it legal/smart to put your child's entire name on the internet? I hope that's a fake name.


Registered just to say: I really need to hear Sophia's take on "Monster" now. Get on it, Creepy Stage Mom!

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