Monday, October 31, 2011


New York Magazine's Tribute to Ms.

What's more fun than a 10-page article on modern feminism? A four page article on feminist bloggers! No smiling! (Jokes aside, both pieces are very good.)

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Those both link to the same article..

Edith Zimmerman

@nisha Argh -- fixed. Sorry!


In 1972 feminists smiled! Dare I say, they even laughed?


NO SMILING. In fact, we're going to take these and make them look like mug shots.

Daisy Razor

I liked that they weren't smiling! It's interesting to see the range of emotions expressed on nine non-smiling faces. Jessica Coen, for example, looks terrified.


@Daisy Razor And Anna Holmes looks like a badass.

Daisy Razor

@thebestjasmine That's because Anna Holmes is such a badass that she couldn't NOT look like one even if she tried.


@Daisy Razor True. And the contrast sure shows you why Jezebel has gone to shit since she left.


@thebestjasmine that is a true fact.


@thebestjasmine I'm finding Gawker and Jezebel almost interchangeable these days.

Trudy Kockenlocker

My heart fluttered a bit to see Latoya Peterson. She's become the blogger-most-forwarded in my household because of her excellent applications of practical feminism in nerd cultures.


@Trudy Kockenlocker I almost got to see her in person at a con! But then there were scheduling issues, which was sad.


@Trudy Kockenlocker I am a fan of her writing and of Racialicious on the whole--she is awesome! Glad to see some women of color in feminism get airtime.


Oh gosh this is like seeing photos of your favorite NPR voices for the first time: thrilling, yet slightly unnerving.


I'm a little bummed the piece didn't focus on the really high quality of the writing itself at a lot of these blogs. I'm a dude who would identify as a feminist if asked, but I don't consider any one of the many -isms to really define my main character traits (unless you count alcoholism! JK MOM) or dictate what I read. I got into a few prominent "Lady"-blogs/writers because I like to read a lot of stuff, and I'm fascinated with "voice" (especially the way bloggers can cultivate a distinct 'voice' even in short little link-stubs! It's such a delicate thing, and so useful for someone like me who deals primarily w/ dialogue/character when writing to meditate on!) and found that these places (websites are places not things in my mind-picture, which is weird but probably merits a several thousand word piece) where there are voices I'm not used to, but still in line with the kind of qualia I like to get from shit I read.

One could probably make an argument that it's because of the bias towards dude-editors and the cycle of "publish stuff like me" subconscious biases dudes in the spots of other power / me myself have. But I just wanted to say, shit like this is not just "social-networky" or using good buzzwords, but the fact that the women discussed (and many more!) are really good writers is just as important to their success as is any new sort of mentality or forum.


@leon.saintjean Honestly though, I can't think of a way that the writer could have said this and not sounded condescending. I'm not saying that that's how you sound, but if it was a "look at these feminists, and they're actually smart and write really well, just like dudes!" thing I would have been pretty grumpy. I feel like the piece takes as given that all of these women are great writers and that's why they have audiences.


@thebestjasmine - I tried to write like, ten different replies to this, but I can't. I just want to say thank you to hairpin commenters for taking discourse to awesome places.


@leon.saintjean Classic misdirection!

H.E. Ladypants

Slightly off-topic, but did anyone else feel weird sense of dissonance about reading about feminist writing and blogs on a site surrounded by airbrushed, pouting models? (Maybe other people got different ads.)

The Lady of Shalott

@H.E. Ladypants I read this article immediately after reading someone's fb update that said "[Boyfriend] is coming, I'm the happiest little girl in the world!" which gave me a weird sense of squick. The dissonance between fb and the 'Pin--I enjoy it.


Did anyone else read the NYmag article and wiki this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women's_International_Terrorist_Conspiracy_from_Hell ??
'CAUSE YOU SHOULD! Happy halloween!


at times like this when my facebook is blowing up with kardashian divorce plans/outrage, i'm glad i can rely on the hairpin.


Oh my stars! THIS IS A FEMINIST WEBSITE?! I guess I won't be reading this anymore until I run it by a man for approval.

you're a kitty!

The long Ms. article was fascinating, it's really something I knew nothing about. Thanks!

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