Monday, October 31, 2011


"Mound," by Allison Schulnik

Happy everlasting Halloween! Here's a slow and nauseatingly spooky video to start your holiday morning.

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this is sort of what my halloween felt like


It's deliciously what I imagine would happen if Tim Burton kidnapped Wallace and Gromit and took them to Mexico for Dia de los Muertos.


I can't watch the whole thing, too much scary mixed in with disturbingly adorable.


It was making me uneasy just looking at the screen cap
and then I pressed play and Scott Walker started singing and I felt sad and confused.

well played, Mound, well played.


There's definitely a penis in it.


Does this remind anybody else of the Mysterious Stranger segment from that claymation Adventures of Mark Twain movie? That scene always creeped me out and made me so sad when I was a kid.

hairdresser on fire

If you love this, she directed a spooky Grizzly Bear music video. I watched it on a big backyard screen at night a few months ago and it was so creepy and great!

Mishell Velez@facebook

Hey check out (and like) an interesting take on Allison Schulnik's art piece "Mound" by one of the editors of Culture Catch, Mr. Rubenstein at:http://culturecatch.com/art/allison-schulnik-mound

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