Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Have a Sexy Little Halloween

Jillian Tamaki is a Canadian illustrator and cartoonist living in Brooklyn. Visit her at jilliantamaki.com or read her webcomic at mutantmagic.com.

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hungry man dinner? LEAN CUISINE!

love these.


@becky@twitter Ah you beat me to that joke!

Jolie Kerr

@becky@twitter And me too! Ahhhhh these are so great!!


I tried to craft a sexy Franzia costume one year but got lazy. Sexy winebox!

Hot Doom

@parallel-lines 1000x better than a sexy juicebox!


@LolaLaBalc I'm going to dress as a sexy juicebox and I'm going to hope that wherever I go on Halloween night there are Hairpin commenters present.


@parallel-lines I just went to a Halloween party where another guest was a WORKING box of Franzia. You gotta go big!


@parallel-lines all wineboxes are sexy.


@Jon NYC Meetup!!


i want to dress like sexy virginia woolf every day!


@blahstudent Semi-seriously considering that for next year!


@blahstudent I want to dress like sexy Dorothy!


@cherrispryte Postal Worker! You can deliver sexy mail to other sexy costumed sexies.


@blahstudent I'm afraid I DO dress like Sexy Virginia Woolf every day. I guess I have a new term for my personal style?

Pound of Salt

@blahstudent Ooh you have a cane?

fondue with cheddar

Sexy smelly old gym sock looks super comfy.


I genuinely love sexy inflamatory email.

Lauren Hayden

@Craftastrophies I know, it's actually really cute!


@Craftastrophies Sexy inflammatory email is perfect.


Perfect soft-boiled eggs are sexy enough on their own without any help (save a lil salt 'n peppah). Thank you very much.


@absofreakinglutely agreed. They ate my favorite form of egg!

String args[]

I'd love to go to a party as a Sexy Inexplicable Melancholy.


@String args[]: I go to every party as Sexy Inexplicable Melancholy.

elysian fields

@laurel as do I! Although I'm afraid I come off as more "inexplicably surly" than melancholy.

Nave Espacial

A girlfriend of mine had the idea of being a sexy sheet (as a spin on the easy costume of cutting holes out of a sheet to be a ghost). You just wear a sheet with an odd off-white stain on it, and when folks ask about it, you tell them it's a love stain. :-D


@Nave Espacial Oooh, I like this idea. Except I might draw cleavage on the sheet instead?


I was assigned Sexy Safari this year because I'll be in Vegas for a bachelorette party and I was really hoping that Sexy Safari Guide would be on here. It's the first time I've ever been excited to be a Sexy Something for Halloween. I even have whip,to make sure that no unsavory characters try to pet or feed my Sexy Menagerie.


@sox At first I thought you meant the internet browser, Safari


@sox <3 u Sexy Menagerie.
What a good phrase!

Lauren Hayden

Oh man, can we turn this into another awesome sexy/unsexy costume thread?

I've been trying to muster the courage to go as Sexy Plague Doctor for several years.

Lauren Hayden

@Lauren Hayden Also, there's an ad for flat-rate Priority shipping next to this post. Secret USPS government product placement, thehairpin? For shame!


@Lauren Hayden I went as a sexy plague doctor a couple of years ago, it was fun! Until a werewolf/furry bit my beak/nose-thing off.

My other good "sexy" costume was sexy Schrodinger's cat.


@MollyculeTheory My friend did a schroedinger + his cat couples costume with his girlfriend in college. It was adorbs.


@Lauren Hayden I get the feeling that if I tried going as a Sexy Plague Doctor I would just be mistaken for a random "Eyes Wide Shut" character. But maybe that would be cool too.


Jillian Tamaki on The Hairpin! This made my day.

Hero of the Beach

@melissafaustine I agree!

Sella Turcica

Sexy Lebowski- Shorty bathrobe and boxer shorts. Coffee mug and shades. Only difference from regular Lebowski is the length of the bathrobe. But you know what, the Dude is pretty sexy as it is.


@Delighted by User next year i'm seriously thinking of going as sexy shaun of the dead shaun. i have a tie i bought thinking to convince my so to do it, he was not having it. BOO HISS


@Delighted by User Oh I like that one!

I saw a costume for sale the other day that I got pretty excited about: Sexy Ghostbusters! I just wish that I wasn't hugely pregnant, because I don't think that Sexy Pregnant Ghostbusters is quite as funny.


@Delighted by User You are right that it wouldn't be quite as funny. It would be eight million times funnier.

Hero of the Beach

@J Keems@twitter Sexy Pregnant Ghostbusters would be incredibly hilarious, although about a dozen obscene ghost trap jokes spring to mind. (Fact: babies are basically little Slimers anyway.)


@Delighted by User I inadvertently went as as sexy Slimer once. At some point during the night I found my costume too restricting and ripped it off. I ran around in heels, booty shorts, and green body paint.


@J Keems@twitter You clearly need to be the Sexy Prom Queen this Halloween.


I probably won't be going to any Halloween parties......but Sexy Weird Al definitely will.....


@What'sUpMakeup Not only is that brilliant, it will go really nicely with Sexy Matisyahu.


@Ophelia Good idea. I could just be a sexy version of Weird Al in the video for "Amish Paradise" and then it could go either way.


Sexy Inexplicable Melancholy made me cackle outright.


I am planning to be a sexy dinosaur this year.


@E Haha, I kept telling all my friends that I would dress as a "sexy t-rex" ("t-sex"?) this year. But so far I've been lazy and haven't started that endeavor, so prospects look dim.


Sexy Inexplicable Melancholy looks mysteriously like The Great Will of the Macrocosm from Excel Saga. No?


@figwiggin Excel Saga! I like you.


@bitzyboozer Thank you! I like you too.

Marge Bjork@twitter

I always thought there should be a sexy obstetrician with sexy placenta as a prop.


I'm going as Adam Ant or since I anticipate a lot of "who?" comments, a sexy pirate. redundant? yes.

also I always like to break out the sexy costumes this time of year via this video: http://youtu.be/V4rUiV_Hh74


@cloudburst Seriously, when I saw this post I read all of the costumes in that guy's voice. It's my favorite Halloween video, and I can't see a "sexy" halloween costume without his voice getting in my head and announcing what it is!


"Sexy Inexplicable Melancholy" is what I go for every day.


@Cherryblossomgirl it's a pretty sexy look!

Patrick M
Jolly Farton

@Patrick M I cannottt stop laughing


@Patrick M This is AMAZING.


@Patrick M Please tell me it's real (and also why the costume-in-a-bags always seem to use the "Hobo" font).


I and my platonic life partner BFF are doing sexy Alien and Predator this year. Because what can be sexier than double mouth/silver teeth, acidic blood and liver spots?

Jessica Mathis@facebook

@Incendia Sexual Predator?


@Jessica Mathis@facebook Predator from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

Jessica Mathis@facebook

@Incendia Yeah, I was trying to make a funny.


it's good to be full
-seth hungryman


@laurel Do you smoke all night and leave the party alone? Like a goddess from the cult of beautiful pain?


Today, I am dressed as sexy inexplicable melancholy. Two years ago. I dressed as "sexy halloween" itself. It was great.


I have a costume but not a place to wear it to yet: sexy Darth Vader.


Past sexy costumes of mine (no joke): Sexy gazpacho (how can cold soup be so hot?) and a dominant paradigm. If I get my act together enough this year, I'm going to be sexy second amendment.


sexy virginia woolf/inexplicable melancholy! OMG that is totes going to be me this year!

Ben Grad@facebook

I would be Sexy "Perfect-Boiled" Egg any day of the week. Is there anything sexier than precision?


I love the Sexy NY Sewer Rat costume!


still waiting on sexy Susan B. Anthony. Or if you are really into mutton chops (and who isn't)Sexy Chester A. Arthur. (everyone's favorite sexy obscure president)


Last year my boyfriend wore a white choir robe, a blue Afro wig, a pink boa, and fake blood everywhere and just wrote "SLUTTY NURSE" on the front of the robe with a marker.

We had a zombie nativity Christmas party last year too and he wore the robe again but crossed out "SLUTTY NURSE" and wrote "ZOMBIE JOSEPH". But really it ended up reading "SLUTTY ZOMBIE NURSE JOSEPH" which was better then either thing on its own.


Sexy Mary Wollstonecraft is where it's at.

Jolly Farton

Has no one mentioned Sexy Hairpin!?


OMG! My Groupon today was for sexy Halloween costumes. I could choose from French maid, sexy pirate and several other options. Ruffle panties were on sale. I wonder if they come in maternity sizes? I would love to go as a preggo French maid. SEE WHAT HAPPENS, GUYS??


I'm going as Sexy Extra Virgin Olive Oyl...Olive Oyl + Blue virgin mary shawl. I have been racking my brain for a Popeye pun for the bf, but no dice.


@KilgoreTrout Something involving Popeyes Chicken?

Mary Tracy@twitter

Don't miss Gemma Correll's versions of sexy halloween costumes... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150882758065191&set=pu.24698995190&type=1&theater


I totally rocked Naughty Virginia Woolf in 2006.


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