Monday, October 24, 2011


Happy National Bologna Day!

This is shaping up to be a pretty awesome holiday day. I love bologna. We grew up eating this pickled variety out of a jar. Is that gross to you? What, did you only eat name-brand bologna in tea sandwiches with the crusts cut off? Fancy. If mincemeat is more your thing, you get to celebrate on Wednesday.

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Uh, yeah it's disgusting!


Wake me up for Spam day.

Anna Marquardt

I used to eat peanut butter and bologna sandwiches as a child. I haven't had it in years but TRUST ME IT IS DELICIOUS


what on earth are spice extractives?


There is definitely a Kegels/Bologna joke to be made here but I'm having trouble structuring it. Probably because I'm too busy trying to figure out what pickled bologna looks like outside of a container.

ETA: Well, that answered that. http://www.sandersmeats.com/Pickled-Bologna_p_40.html On to thinking about jokes in poor taste.


@shelleycerata why is dry milk added to it? WHY??


@becky@twitter As the THIRD ingredient, no less. My plans for visiting family in Michigan over Thanksgiving (I didn't grow up there) are now clearly going to have to involve going over to the market for some field research.

Ham Snadwich

@shelleycerata - Binder, moisture retention.


You can get a balogna, cheese (the single slice plastic wrapped American kind), miracle whip and wonder bread sandwich at the Levee and OH GOD OH GOD it is like Midwestern crack cocaine. I only do it once or twice a year and all my New York friends look on in disgust. Don't judge, it is divine.


@parallel-lines I did the bologna, cheese and white bread thing recently out of nostalgia and omfg when did processed foods get so expensive? Wonder bread was like $6! And the "American" cheese was the same price as...real cheese. It was upsetting.


@parallel-lines: Needs a crunchy curl of iceberg lettuce and some yellow mustard, but yes: childhood sliced diagonally.


Apparently it is also "National Food Day," or as it is known in my circles, "Every day".


wow ... I'm working through day 2 of a hangover here, and visualizing pickled bologna in a jar is nooooooot helping.

I mean. Yum. To each their own. Something. Etc.


hmmmm, pickled meat just does not excite me. Although it's probably a good idea to store up on it for the apocalypse. I think you'd be better off curing it for sheer nutrition purposes as my understanding is that pickled things can actually dehydrate you. When I think of curing meat though I think of stringing up whole deers in my basement and working that sucker till it's dry. That does not excited me either.

Beans and canned veggies it is!


Speaking as a child who happily ate pickled herring in cream sauce, I hereby salute your pickled meat-eating ways.


Once, when I was little, I ate too many pieces of rolled up bologna at my great Aunt's house while my grandmother was babysitting me. I threw up, and never ate bologna again.

A similar thing happened with banana chips, a different time, when my other grandmother was watching me.

And then, in high school, when no one was watching: Peach Schnapps.

Jane Marie

@punkahontas those sound like opposite grandmas!


@punkahontas I also had a horrific Peach Schnapps incident. I have not touched the schnapps, any peach related foods, drinks or desserts since. Not even real peaches! (shudder)


I had my first pickled pig's foot last year! All hail pickled foodstuffs!


So THAT'S why I've been craving bologna sandwiches on Wonderbread all day. Get in my mouth, delicious animal slices.


@area@twitter It's the patriotic thing to do.


How does one get the power to declare these sorts of days? Think of all the possibilities!


@momentisaflower Ask and the internet will provide: http://holidayinsights.com/moreholidays/createaday.htm

The Lady of Shalott

I love me some pickled foodstuffs, but I fixed a bologna sandwich for my grandma every day for six straight years. I can never look at a piece of bologna ever again.

My dad is really keen on pickle loaf, which as far as I'm concerned is just bologna with more crap shoved in it. Also in the Midwest you can get mac-and-cheese loaf, which is bologna with mac and cheese...inside of it somehow. I don't know. It's weird.


OMG and I just made homemade soft pretzels from scratch yesterday! One day off :(

On the other than - I'm very sad. I posted a (I thought) phenomenal music nerd joke on FB yesterday. I had set one of my homemade pretzels down on the coffee table next to the copy of "Logic, Logic, Logic" I had been reading (okay, i'm not just a music nerd, but an all-around nerd - cuz this apparently touches on food-nerd and logic-nerd stuff too. and super tangent, is there even such a thing as like, a sex-nerd? I mean, if there's food-nerds, there should be sex-nerds, who compile databases of angles and...i digress)....

So my fresh boiled/baked pretzel was sitting next to my logic book, and I posted a picture of it with two lines from a specific Steely Dan song and NOBODY GOT IT. And then i felt like a loser.


@leon.saintjean: I got the joke even before I finished the second paragraph even though I have an nonrational loathing for Steely Dan. Visual jokes rule.


@leon.saintjean Yes. My partner is a sex nerd. I am not even kidding/humblebragging, it's basically his hobby. Biology/physics for the win! MORE DATA POINTS.

I am an excellent test subject. Just doin' my bit for science...


@leon.saintjean I don't even know any Steely Dan songs and I got it.


@leon.saintjean I'm sorry. I couldn't read your post past "OMG and I just made homemade soft pretzels from scratch yesterday!" This is what I'll be thinking about the ENTIRE rest of the day. I need homemade soft pretzels in my life.


oooh, everybody gear up for 'National Mincemeat Day' on the 26th! Glad to see the gross meat lobbyists are doing such a good job.


Did anyone else grow up with bologna salad sandwiches, or was that just a (central) Wisconsin (grandparents) thing? You sort of ground up bologna sausage and pickles and then mixed in some mayonaise? It sounds terrible to me now, but I very clearly remember it being delicious.


@JanetSnakehole At a restaurant I worked in during highschool, in central IL, they made a bologna salad like that (ground bologna, ground onions, mayo, sweet relish). I never tried it (it just seemed too.. smooth), but the locals did occasionally order it.


We grew up eating braunschweiger and mustard sandwiches. Nobody would sit next to me at lunch but OH MAN are they good!

Snood Mood

@fishiefishfish I am drooling just thinking of it. For realsies.


My grandpa made us Fried Bologna sandwiches on white bread with a few dabs of ketchup when I was little. He showed us how you scored the edges of the slice so when you fried the bologna in a pan, it didn't puff up too much in the middle.

He loved Bologna so much that one year at Thanksgiving we got a 3 inch tall hunk of ring bologna that was unsliced and cut out an outline of a turkey with a pimento wattle and a piece of olive for an eye hahahahaha

Ham Snadwich

A friend of mine was in Mexico and claimed that he saw a food stand that was selling fried bologna as American "ethnic" food.

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