Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Friends, "I'm His Girl"

I’ve been crushing majorly on the Brooklyn band Friends ever since their video for “Friend Crush.” They make music that sounds kind of like Lykke Li circa Youth Novels, but a little dreamier and with a bit of a disco edge. Now they’ve released the video for their funky pop number, “I’m His Girl,” and I think it’s full-fledged love. I mean, that bass line alone! But, also, this is the best song about healthy relationships that has ever been recorded. Samantha Urbani not only looks fly in this video, she delivers some serious wisdom. Wisdom like knowing that your worth doesn't depend on your relationship status and that relationships are not about possession. Even if she’s his girl, she does exactly what she wants when she’s with him and when she’s not. And she doesn’t get jealous when he goes out, because trust! It’s important! No matter how into each other they are, they both need room to breathe. I kept saying, "preach, girl, preach," as I watched this video. Urbani needs to be our next Lady, because this is basically all the great relationship advice that you’ve ever gotten in song form. And everything is better in song.

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It 'tis good - I like the cults. They are a lot the same.


hey, i really like this. thanks!


Do dancing hipsters stress anyone else out? All that awkward white chick movement brings me right back to seventh grade dances. STRESS.


At first I was like "hipster shit" and then I caught myself singing it a little while later. Now I'm listening to it again. I'll probably have it on repeat by tomorrow and hate it by Friday. Thanks!

Quick Brown Fox

Musically, I love it, and yes, the message is great. But the lyrics are so literal and banal. It almost feels like a lecture.


I lasted less than a minute. It's got that trying too hard vibe to me. But yes on the bass line.


@heyladies just came in to post "trying too hard" but you beat me too it!


The chorus is really catchy, but the verses are too preachy and sound like something out of free to be you and me.


I was wondering when y'all were going to comment on this song.
Sometimes the split between the cool-girl "let him be free" and the possessiveness of "I'm HIS girl" is an issue for me, and then suddenly I just really love it, totally and completely.

Judith Slutler

ok I really can't hate on anything with that bass line! Also I feel like the obviousness of the lyrics kind of fit with this particular genre of 80s throwback girl power thing?

I'm not sure how cool I am with the carefree-white-girl-ness of this video though...


Great tune. Such a joy to listen to that voice.

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