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Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

Duraflame Space Heater with Flame Effect, $99 (was $199.99)
You can have a fireplace in your apartment now. Don’t get pregnant!

Deena & Ozzy Classic Felt Hat, $9.99 (was $34)
This has been the correct hat for fall these past few years so I’d say you’re safe making the investment at this point.

Sur La Table 16×12 Roasting Pan, $99.96 (was $195)
Do you have a proper, gorgeous, heavy duty, turkey roasting pan that you’ll use for the next 50 years and then pass down to your grandchildren? No!? Where do you think grandma got hers?

Cable Knit Thigh High Socks, $7.99 (was $16)
These are the key to padding around the house in booty shorts through the chillier months. I suggest grabbing all four colors while they’re cheap.

Black Rimming Sugar, $3.50 (was $6.95)
I renamed this because I believe it is beautiful and delicious any time of year.

Striped Smokeshadow Sweatshirt, $39.99 (was $72)
May my obit please mention “She wore cheap leather shoes, striped tops, and had too many dessert plates.” Oh, and also high-waisted (High! Wasted!), wide-leg jeans:

High Waist Widelegger Jeans, $49.99 (were $125)

Did you know about this secret sale that is always happening online at Barnes & Noble? The “best” books each month are 45% off online? That is almost half!

Jonathan Adler Vase, $44.90 (was $68)
You know how you’re always thinking “Oh, a nice vase will just arrive. I’ll just get one when I get married [nope] or by accident the florist will mix it up with a plastic one [nope] and that’s how you get nice vases! Nice vases are like babies: They appear out of nowhere to anyone who believes.” Well, that isn’t true. You have to buy them. Start with this one.

Tommy Hilfiger Runway Loafer, $129.99 (was $298)
A few years ago I purchased a handbag from Hilfiger that was supposed to be $600 but I got it for $40 and realized much later that it was marked down because the handles were put on backwards. It’s still a super classy handbag, though. Which brings me to:

Ralph Lauren Limited Edition Vice Box, $3,496.50 (was $4,995 hahahahaha)
I’ve never heard of one of these, but if you have then you’ll surely appreciate saving $1,500 on it! To you, that’s almost three whole purses with the handles put on correctly.


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