Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Everyone Remain Calm

To be an "unruly" passenger these days likely means one of three things: exhibiting violent or dangerous behavior that could pose a security risk; engaging in confrontational behavior with the flight crew that might escalate throughout the trip; or, unwittingly signaling to the flight crew that a problem could develop en route.

Hours too late for some passengers, MSNBC has attempted to make clear two of the three ways you could be considered "unruly" the next time you fly, but what is that third way they're talking about? I unwittingly signal to everyone that a problem could develop anywhere all day long. I guess double the Valium next time? Or wait, does that qualify as the firsts type of "unruly?" Oh, forget it. Just get a boat.

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I prefer to become a problem by surprise. Everyone loves surprises, right?


@DoctorDisaster Everybody loves surprises. Sure. Especially if the surprise is named Doctor Disaster.


But what if there really is a colonial woman on the wing?


@Yahtzii ack, you beat me to it.


@becky@twitter Valiant effort, but ultimately futile. I live here.


@Yahtzii Only because I allow you to sublet. Never forget that.


there's a colonial woman on the wing of the plane!


#3: Never, ever tell the flight crew that you're one day away from retirement.


I am invoking Sky Law! You are now silenced, shrieking harpy.


I was almost not allowed to board a united flight for being too drunk. Trouble was, I wasn't even drunk, just a little hard of hearing, and missed the gate agent telling me something. I wrote an Angry Impassioned Letter, but really, fuck the airlines and let's walk.


@cinnamonskin How good do your shoes have to be to walk the 2,100 miles from Central California to Chicago?


@figwiggin I believe you are intoxicated! That is now my answer for everything.


@cinnamonskin If being intoxicated is what it takes to walk most of the way across the continent to visit my friend for Thanksgiving, then we'd better start now!


@cinnamonskin I almost missed flights twice from being in the bar and not hearing the annoucements. But they allowed me on the flights no problem.

simone eastbro

i was almost kicked off a plane once for saying, after being harangued during taxi that my bag wasn't under my seat, "WELL I GUESS WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!1" it was the day before christmas eve. my wife was SO PISSED.


@simone eastbro: They forgot to say above that "confrontational" can include "being a smartass."


@simone eastbro Hahahah, I only can imagine the look on your wife's face.


"There is something wrong with the plane's left phalange!"

Vera Knoop

"Unwittingly signaling" == Flying While Brown


@Vera Knoop

Too true.

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