Tuesday, October 4, 2011


De La Soulviet

For those of you holding your breath for a De La Soul / Soviet jazz mashup, breathe! It's De La Soulviet, "a mashup album by Miami-based producer/sound-engineer" TenDJiz that pairs De La Soul vocals with "instrumentals created from the Soviet Union soul and jazz samples."

If you like it (it's great), there are a number of places to pick it up, including track by track directly from the player below (downward arrows throughout), and as a full-album zip drive (click to start an automatic download). The world is small.

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That's quite lovely, if disappointingly un(-stereotypically) Soviet.

BUUUUUUT: TenDJiz? JIZ??? Jizzcliner.


@iceberg i read it as TendJiz, aka tender jizz. ain't nuthin sweeter.

Jon Custer

@iceberg Russians are actually genuinely good at jazz (they're soulful, dontcha know?). I saw this 60-something Russian fellow at a jazz festival in Kaliningrad who did a PERFECT Louis Armstrong voice -- and I'm not even sure he spoke English!


Now someone just needs to make "Georgia on My Mind", a stalinist army march tribute to ray charles.


Why yes, I DID spend a considerable amount of time watching De La Soul videos on youtube after mumblemumble glasses of wine last night. Posdnuos is hot.

Jon Custer

Downloading weird mashup albums off the Hairpin makes me feel almost as cool as the time I found the Judgment Night soundtrack at the thrift store.


this long time de la fan and student of soviet literature says **thank you**!

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