Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Addendum to the Modern Meanings of Flowers, Muammar Gadaffi Edition

"What was going through my head was ‘How long do I have to sit here and how quickly can I get out of here?’ ... And then he said, ‘I have Libya’s best composer, most famous composer write this song for you,’ and it was called ‘Black Flower in the White House.’"
Muammar Gadaffi commissioned a song and its performance for Condoleezza Rice, a woman of whom he was notoriously fond, which she describes in her new memoir, No Higher Honor. Unfortunately (?), the song is nowhere to be found on YouTube. Soundcloud either.

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Wait a minute, wasn't this an episode of Saved by the Bell? And why am I now trying to come up with a new cast of Saved by the Bell using politcal figures? I need a hobby. Or...a slightly different hobby.


This is hilariously awkward. The ultimate worst first date ever. Even with out the whole mass-murdering crazytown angle.


Oh shit. I just penned a lovely ballad about Edith. I thought chicks liked this stuff, but maybe not.


@notandersoncooper We do, but it has to be a ballad OR a stalky scrapbook, presenting both is just creepy.

Edith Zimmerman

@notandersoncooper I'm down, what's it called?


@Edith Zimmerman "I Ain't Gonna Work on Edith's Subterranean Farm No More Until Tomorrow"


For some reason, I haven't been able to read any coverage of Gadaffi's death. I don't know why it sickens me more than reading about any other killing, and I certainly didn't admire the man or his regime--far from it. I just can't get over the feeling that reading about his death would be rolling around in something nasty.

That being said, I will never get enough of the bizarre Gadaffi-Rice unrequited obsession, because it is too insane and funny.


@wallsdonotfall Same here--I have assiduously avoided the death coverage, but I love the Condi crush story so much! Who would've thought that a tyrant who ruled Libya for decades was busy making scrapbooks of her pictures and commissioning songs to be written for her??

Vera Knoop

@wallsdonotfall Same here on both counts. I think it's the photos being everywhere that doesn't sit right with me.


Edith, please forgive my threadjack, as the undying love Qadaffi had for Condi is justly deserving of all the attnetion we can give it, but I must ask: Is that Target ad for Josie Natori at Target the same Natori bras that everyone here raves about? I'm well overdue to move on from these stupid Vicky's Secret t-shirt bras I always wear--should I be lining up to storm the store when it open Sunday??

Edith Zimmerman

@SuperGogo I don't know! People?


@SuperGogo I would like to preview the collection as the ad suggests, but am I the only one who can't click through to anything? The ad just takes me to a Josie Natori page with nothing to preview.


@wallsdonotfall The same thing was happening to me yesterday with the pretty Target jewelry.

Nic Knack

I think this is the world leaders version of that random creepy guy in high school that you've never really talked to who made a mix tape just for you and REALLY wants to know if you like it. what! just me?


@Freckled Flower Not just you. And then he sends you an email and you accidentally delete it and he tells someone that he KNOWS you read it and that you're just not responding and he is SO MAD at you and you have no idea what you did. But then you leave for college and all is well.

Nic Knack

@ennaenirehtac thats just so fantastically awkward that I'm going to pretend thats exactly how it went down with condoleezza and muammar


She "labeled the exchange one of the strangest of her tenure."
Hmmm, more anecdotes, please.


great title change. crucially funny

Tuna Surprise

I'm going out on a limb here and guessing that the song contains the line "The King of Kings meets his African Queen"...


@Tuna Surprise

(Am I doing this right? My guess would be "no.")

dracula's ghost

I also love that Condi--this insanely high-powered fancypants who surely has Seen It All and is so highly trained and poised and blah blah blah--still just has the same reaction any of us would have, namely, "UGHHHHHH THIS IS SO AWKWARD WHAT DO I DO"

I love thinking of her calling GWB afterwards on his private cell and giggling about it. Actually I don't love this, but still.


"I was so relieved when the performance was over. Little did I expect to receive upwards of 50 texts from Muammar in the early hours of the morning, all reading only: 'SMDH'."


"Black Flower in the White House" -- I will never stop laughing.


All I can think of is how when I was a kid, we had a four- or five-foot-long inflatable shark that my brother and I used to play with in the pool. What did my dad name that shark? Muammar. I didn't get it until much, much later.


@figwiggin My dad looks vaguely foreign, i.e. dark-haired, and so back in the 80's my mom used to call him "Muammar" as a joke. They'd be in a store or something and she'd loudly refer to him as "MUAMMAR," much to his chagrin. She, of course, thought this was hilarious. And since I am my mother's daughter, so do I.


Presumably, the title of her book refers to this experience.

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