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A Semi-Microeconomic Analysis of Halloween Treats

Of all the many things I love in this world, two that rank near the top of the list are discovering delicious taste combinations, and finding ways to make sense of my life through the use of charts and graphs. It’s almost Halloween, and I spent 20 minutes (and an undisclosed number of dollars) in the corresponding candy section of Target this weekend. To excuse that behavior to myself, I made the whole thing into a graphical microeconomics project. Sort of.

First, let me get this out of the way right now: What you need to know is that there has never been nor will there ever be a Halloween candy treat that outranks the combination of two M&Ms and one piece of candy corn placed in one’s mouth simultaneously. I discovered this recipe (“recipe”) accidentally, while inhaling one of the trail mix bags my tennis captain’s mom would bring to my college team’s matches. I mostly sat on the bench. I had a lot of time for candy-testing.

Two M&Ms and one candy corn (henceforth referred to as 2M1C) is perfect because the colors are nice together and the textures complement one another and it’s chocolate-y but not TOO chocolate-y and it makes you feel like you’re not eating much even when you have one dozen servings.

Microeconomically-speaking, 2M1C are perfect complements, which are goods that HAVE to be consumed together, in a set ratio. Graphed, their relationship would look like this:

The lines’ corners are the acceptable options for consumers. There isn’t even an option to eat them in other ratios, because that would be ridiculous. 2M1C is a perfect formula. That’s why it’s called 2M1C.

But there is a whole world of candy out there, and I wanted to find other advantageous combinations. So my friends and I ate some strange stuff on a study break and I made them describe their taste sensations to me. The field notes are as follows.

The Good:

1 Sour Patch Kid + 1 “finger full” of Grape Pop Rocks

This combination received unanimous support (3-0) because it was sour and amazing. My friend Rylee rightly noted that you couldn’t really taste the Pop Rocks but that they “added fun,” which must be true because all of us started giggling upon eating it. It was embarrassing. I must caution, too, that the combination may cause an excess supply of saliva. Otherwise, A+.

1 Milk Dud + 1 Mike & Ike (any flavor)

The rationale here was that mixing a chocolate candy with a non-chocolate candy would work out as well as it did in the case of 2M1C, and mostly I was right: this is good. Maybe not 2M1C good, but pretty good. It pretty much tastes like that last perfect bite of a Tootsie Pop.

1 Gummy worm + Nerds

This is the poor lady’s Nerds Rope. I discovered that if you put a whole gummy worm in your mouth and pull it back out again (I know, so inappropriate), you can stick the worm in a pile of Nerds and they sort of stick. I know it sounds gross but it’s going back in your mouth anyway, right? So just eat it with the Nerds on it and be like, “yum,” because it is delicious and gummy and crunchy.

2 Cheddar Goldfish + 1 Mini Oreo

I realize that neither of these items are candy, but they ARE orange and black, which makes them seasonally appropriate. And, as it turns out, weirdly tasty together. You know how when you eat something salty, you want something sweet right after? And vice versa? This combination cuts out the middle man. You should put a bowl of them in your foyer right now.

2 Mini Oreos + 1 Halloween Chocolate-Covered Pretzel

You guys, my grocery store’s been selling these orange-befrostinged chocolate covered pretzels for like three weeks and honestly, I’m dying. Did you know that ONE chocolate pretzel is 50 calories?! How does that even make sense? But anyway, definitely eat two mini Oreos and one chocolate pretzel together, over and over. It’s sort of a lot to fit in your mouth at once (...) but in a good way, you know?

The Bad:

2 Hot Tamales + 2 Sour Patch Kids

This was kind of a surprise because it sounds good in theory, but it was just too much gummy-ness all at once, I guess. It was hard to chew, spicy AND sour, and generally unpleasant.

2 Junior Mints + 1 Candy Corn

This was horrible. It was bad minty slop. Never do this.

2 Goldfish + 1 Twix

This was, I think, a shock-value move made by my friend Marie, who declared that the combination tasted “like meat...like beef or something.” This combination was subsequently declared a public bad, which is an economic good that negatively affects the well-being of its consumers. Air pollution is one real example. Public bads are so bad that you typically have to pay to get rid of them. That’s sort of how we feel about Twix and Goldfish together.


One important thing I learned is that eating candy has diminishing marginal utility, which means that the amount of utility (satisfaction) gained by eating it decreases over time, until eventually you actually start to become worse off than you were before.

Sure, putting a fistful of candy in your mouth is great the first time you do it, and it’s pretty great the second and third times too. But on the seventh? We all sort of wanted to die. My stomach felt ... minty? I don’t know, it was weird.

Anyway, do you guys want some candy? I will send you all of it, except for the M&Ms and the candy corn, which I still really need.

Katie Heaney remembers learning about probability using M&Ms in the 5th grade. Those were the days.

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The Lady of Shalott

I will take any Reese's (or indeed any peanut-butter-and-chocolate candy) of any variety that anyone needs to rid themselves of. Please send them to me and I will dispose of them appropriately.

(i.e., in my mouth, as quickly as possible)


Love the poor lady's Nerd Rope mostly because the Nerd Rope is already obviously for special occasions only, i.e. when you see one when you're with your best friend and are like, haha omg we are buying Nerd Ropes right now.


I have realized that I love Nestle candy and hate Hershey's, which is great because have you heard that Hershey's is actually evil?

(Also, in Canada, Nestle makes Kit-Kat, and it tastes WAY BETTER than the Hershey's version.)

The Lady of Shalott

@rambutan OH GOD, is THAT why our Kit-Kat is way better than the American version?!?!?!?!?!? I never knew.


@rambutan Good god, y'all. Maybe I'll hand out teabags after all.


@rambutan SAD TROMBONE. I had no idea Hersheys owns Dagoba.

Katie Scarlett

@rambutan Oh no! But Nestle is a really awful company too! WHO WILL FEED ME CANDY NOW?!?!

modesty makeover

@Katie Scarlett Ina Garten. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNF1mn7oRsI&feature=relmfu


@rambutan Ugh, yes. Hershey's tastes like the way (and I apologize for this in advance) baby vomit smells.


@rambutan yes, but she's so...smug


@Katie Scarlett Oh no no nooooo I forgot about their infant formula! :(


@oatmealshrapnel You've just done what we feminists like to call "tone trolling." Do not do this. Perceived "smugness" obviously doesn't delegitimize anybody's point, as you note yourself, and seriously? You look like a douche when you pull that shit. So stop it.

Also, yeah, Hershey's and Nestle are basically gripped in a valiant duel over who's the absolute worst.

Hot Doom

@rambutan I'm sure I will feel guiltier every time I shove more Reese's in my mouth, at this designated time of year. Honestly though, that is horrible what Hershey's is doing...but I will still probably eat it if given to me...? Sort like how I'm a vegetarian but love me some leather? I vote for See's consumption in California and lucky airports around the country. I have no idea where they get their chocolate from, but I like to imagine that Lucy and Ethel are doing all the mixing and packing.

raised amongst catalogs

@oatmealshrapnel I could learn to love her if she ends up as the source of all of my candy.

raised amongst catalogs

@Cindermoth The main two definitions of "smug" are actually compliments -- "spruce, tidy, scrupulously clean, neat or correct. Probably modification of Low German smuck neat, from Middle Low German, from smucken to dress; akin to Old English smoc smock
First Known Use: 1551"


@vanillawaif Like the archaic use of "nice!" Nice and Accurate Prophecies indeed, it should have been Smug and Accurate Prophecies.

raised amongst catalogs

@figwiggin Good day to you, fellow word nerd!


@rambutan Nestle is evil, too!! They have a very successful campaign in Africa telling mothers that their breastmilk is less nutritious for their babies than Nestle formula is and it's NOT TRUE AT ALL, the formula is usually just flour and water and some women are turning to prostitution in order to afford it when they could (and should!) be feeding their babies their own breastmilk (which is free!).


@Cindermoth Yes, good point. I just don't like her but I should have couched that more as my personal bias! I mean, I don't have any other reason to not like her than she just somehow rubs me the wrong way with her laugh on her show. I was kind of kind of attempting a joke but that came off badly- I wasn't trying to delegitimize her point. I apologize!


@clipse Yes, I just remembered that, thanks to Katie Scarlett's comment! It's horrible. Not only do impoverished moms bankrupt themselves buying formula, they also often mix it with contaminated water, ugh! (There's some evidence that formula is better than breastmilk for babies born to mothers with HIV. There's less risk of the virus passing to the baby that way. But Nestle's marketing is/was that formula is always better, so... Ick.)

fondue with cheddar

@Hellcat I have always thought that Hershey's tastes like vomit. Well, the milk chocolate does. The dark chocolate just tastes like wax.


@rambutan SO many bad things. I'm going to spend the rest of the day pouting and wishing I didn't like candy so much.

bad bad bad :(


@clipse Cognitive dissonance forever? :/


@jen325 THANK GOD someone else has this vomit association. I mean, yuck and all, but other people generally think it's a crazy thing to say about any kind of chocolate.

fondue with cheddar

@Hellcat It IS a crazy thing to say about chocolate, but it's true! It's a curse tasting things that other people don't!

My former coworker thought Hershey's tasted like vomit, too. Oh, and he brought over some candies from England that were the same as their well-known companion candies here in the US, but they tasted WAY better. I've never been a big fan of milk chocolate, but this stuff was heavenly. It was several years ago, so unfortunately I forget what the brands were.


@jen325 HOLY CRAP! It's like an actual thing! I often taste what I call "subliminal mint" in various things (usually stuff with a vanilla flavor) and I hate it. And put cilantro anywhere near me and I will run away.

My friend's mom is from England and she always gives me some kind of flaky, almost coily-swirly chocolate thing for Christmas -- I forget what it's called but I love it.


@jen325 @hellcat Candy and chocolate from England/Europe is always better because they use real cane sugar instead of corn syrup, true story. Ditto for their soft drinks!

fondue with cheddar

@rambutan I've heard that. But also, there's a difference in the milk they use, at least in England. If I remember correctly, he said they use real milk while the US uses powdered milk because product has to stay fresh longer for shipping. I don't know if this is true because I never fact-checked, but it sounds plausible.

fondue with cheddar

@Hellcat It IS an actual thing! Remember grade school science when you tasted the litmus paper, and some people tasted nothing while others tasted bitterness? To supertasters, it doesn't just taste bitter it tastes like OMG GET THIS NASTINESS OFF MY TONGUE GIVE ME SOMETHING TO EAT NOW EWEWEWWWWW! You can order a set of two for $5 here if you're curious. At the very least it's a way to prove to people that you really taste things differently and you're not crazy.

I've never had cilantro. I'm reasonably sure I'd hate it based upon what people say, so I avoid it. I have the same feelings about dill that you have about cilantro.

Is the candy bar Flake? I don't care for the texture myself, but it does taste good. My English friend LOVES it.

I have trouble eating most vegetables because they all taste bitter and...I dunno...plant-like? It's hard to describe. Especially the leafy ones. Root veggies are okay, though.


@rambutan Apology accepted! :)

@(Everyone else) I... have never tasted vomit in Hershey's. It's definitely not good chocolate, but I've voluntarily eaten the stuff.

And I want litmus paper! Maybe it'll explain my lifelong revulsion of bananas?

fondue with cheddar

@Cindermoth I doubt it; I think bananas taste awesome. But it's still fun to try!

The texture of bananas is weird, though. I can totally see not liking them for that reason.


@Cindermoth Well... it doesn't exactly taste like vomit; it's more like it (to me anyway, and I swear I am not insane) tastes like the way baby vomit smells. Sometimes my friends suspect I have a touch of synesthesia because of things like this, but I think they're wrong. Either way, it's an interesting thing to read about, so there's that...

Awww, it's sad that you can't stand bananas! Kind of off-topic, but do you ever get questioned by people for the foods you dislike? This happens to me (usually regarding onions) and it makes me seriously nuts. I mean, do people really not understand that different people dislike different foods?

fondue with cheddar

@Hellcat Some people really don't. I've knows lots of people who like just about everything, so I guess it's hard for them to relate. But people universally think I'm crazy for not liking potato chips. You wouldn't believe how much it upsets people.

Taste and smell are so closely related that I don't think you could call it synesthesia. When I was a kid, my mom used to buy that Cloroseptic sore throat spray, and I thought it tasted like Band-Aids. Anytime I said that, some smartass would reply, "How do you know what Band-Aids taste like? Have you eaten one?"


@rambutan I know, y'all, this is very sd. I am both a total chocolate addict and an anthropologist who works in West Africa. And, for reals, we gotta stop eating this stuff--the reality of how it is harvested is like an awful twisted nightmare that makes me cry. other options, peep it >> http://www.good.is/post/child-slaves-made-your-halloween-candy-stop-buying-it/


Sour Patch Kids + Pop Rocks sounds like the best thing I've ever heard. Is it still valid if you don't use grape flavor pop rocks though? Artifical grape makes me gag (thanks Dimetapp).


Is it wrong I like this post more for the Econ than the candy? Yes?

Oh :(


@margaret_r Yes. Sorry.

Heidi Holland

@margaret_r No!! If liking this for the economics is wrong, I don't want to be right. Candy indifference curves FTW.


@margaret_r liking economics is never wrong. I am starting to think that getting a PhD in economics is like eating twix together with goldfish.


It makes me indescribably sad that Twix + Goldfish isn't good. It sounds like it should be perfect! Maybe Twix + Potato chips is better?

Also, I'll take the Hot Tamales. My favorite part of post-Halloween candy redistribution was getting rid of my peanut candy and replacing it with Hot Tamales . . . and then burning my taste buds because I have no self-control.


I love this, but it's missing an old people combo like raisins and nuts. Or chocolate and raisins. I can't wait to have kids so I can start keeping raisins in the freezer as a nice treat when their friends come over.

elysian fields

@melmuu raw walnuts, raisins, and chocolate chips: snack of CHAMPIONS. I eat that stuff by the handful.

Chesty LaRue

@melmuu My mom always used to give us chocolate chips and raisins when we were kids.

Excuse me, must go ransack my baking cupboard.

no way

I just had to read this post at 3:30. Off to the vending machine.


This post is the best thing that's happened at work all day. DIY Nerds Rope... you went there.

My favorite combination was always salty + sweet, I would mix my candy corn and/or M&Ms with popcorn! (Does popcorn count as Halloween food? When I was a kid we used to make popcorn balls.)


@emilylouise Yes! M&M's and popcorn are the jam.


@emilylouise Do you know that Lindt (I think) makes a dark chocolate bar flavored with sea salt? And that you don't even have to go to a special place to find it? I get them at Walgreens! It's so fabulous, and I am not even a big candy enthusiast! (There's also a chili powder one that is good, but blander than you might expect.)


@klaus @emilylouise CO-SIGNED! I once tried popcorn dipped in white & milk chocolate and it was heeeeeavenly.


@Hellcat @Hellcat Just had the sea salt lindt bar on Saturday for the first time and it was amazing! I loved that there was actual salt crystals in the bar. I was a little high at the time, but I'm pretty sure the tastiness of it holds up even when sober. I have the chili chocolate at home, but haven't tried it yet. Maybe I'll wait until I'm high again if it isn't that exciting...


@emilylouise when i was in 8th grade, my friends and i ate M&Ms with Nacho Cheese Tostitos. do they still make these? it was savory/salty/sweet perfection!


@batgirl Oh, it will hold up sober! And, yes to the crystals -- so satisfying (a high compliment from a girl who will actually add salt to food from Wendy's). And thinking about the chili one is making me want this "Mexican hot chocolate" from a diner nearby; it's made with chili powder and has a homemade square marshmallow in it!


@Hellcat I want mexican hot chocolate! That sounds amazing!


@roaringkitten I don't know if they make Nacho Cheese Tostitos (although obviously that sounds amazing) but they clearly still make Nacho Cheesier! Doritos and I have been known to scarf down copious handfuls of Doritos + M&Ms. Heaven in my mouth.

screwball cate

@Hellcat Salty chocolate balls eh? I feel a ...http://youtu.be/tM9rnqdAx00 song coming on

screwball cate

@screwball cate Bah! Link text fail. whatever, the link still works even though i am exposed as the noob of the interwebs.

fondue with cheddar

@Hellcat Have you ever had dark chocolate with BACON? It's fantastic.

fondue with cheddar

@Hellcat When I was a kid, I never liked McDonald's (unlike pretty much every kid, ever). So instead of ordering a burger or nasty McNuggets, I would always get a hot fudge sundae and fries, and I would dip the fries in the sundae. SWEET, SALTY, DIPPY GOODNESS.


@jen325 I WANT THAT... followed by the Mexican hot chocolate. And, to this day, McDonald's does not (and has never) met my fast-food needs.

@screwball kate Functioning link or not, I was wondering when that would show up!


@emilylouise Yes! A handful of popcorn and 3 milkduds is pure movie watching bliss.

Laura Walker@facebook

Dude, why did you not write this shit BEFORE I sat ECN 201 and tried in vain to teach myself about utility, because I did NOT understand this in the lecturer!

Laura Walker@facebook

Dude, why did you not write this shit BEFORE I sat ECN 201 and tried in vain to teach myself about utility, because I did NOT understand this in the lecturer!

Laura Walker@facebook

Dude, why did you not write this shit BEFORE I sat ECN 201 and tried in vain to teach myself about utility, because I did NOT understand this in the lecturer!


Love this! I've become crazy about candy ratios because I work at the front desk of my building, and as such am responsible for stocking my candy dish. Honestly, mostly I just want to start tallying how many people make some sort of apologetic comment about "how bad" they're being, and how often. Just stop it! Take all the Hershey's nuggets and leave, you're going to anyway.


@figwiggin OH OH also! This seems like an okay place to talk about this. A tea website I ordered from once and consequently get emails from now sent one out that suggested it would be a good, healthy idea to hand out teabags on Halloween. HOW EGGED WOULD I GET? "Happy Halloween, kids, here's your Earl Grey."


@figwiggin Feel you with the desk candy, girl. I wish I could pull of an icy, "We're grown human beings. Don't even." But let's be real.

The Lady of Shalott

@figwiggin That would be even worse than the dentist in the neighbourhood who gave out toothbrushes.

Tea? Really?


@figwiggin Maybe you can put up this note:



@figwiggin Ahhhhhhhaha. I work the front desk at my agency often and I LOVE IT (I hate it).

We have a Halloween candy bowl up here right now. If I had a dollar for every time someone comes up and says "Ohhh no I'm being so bad!" or "Tee hee, I guess it's Halloween!" or the most annoying "Oh you are so EVIL for putting these up here!" (I didn't up them up here, someone else did, if I stocked the candy bowl it would be way better swag than generic milk chocolate pumpkins.)

Seriously the candy bowl is the highlight of everyone's day. Don't act all giggly and faux-guilty about it. Just leave me alone so I can get back to blogging/commenting. God. Why does it annoy me so much? I feel like I'm April. And these are the assholes in my office when the holiday candy comes out.


@Tam Yes! I saw that and wanted to, so bad, except our VP is wicked serious about fostering "good feelings" between everyone. Oh well.

This seems like as good a time as any to change my avatar to Franz Sacher.


@figwiggin So, I actually didn't eat candy for the first time until I was a sophomore in college (I know, long story). Which meant that on Halloween, my favorite houses were the ones that gave away sort of unorthodox snacks instead of regular candy or chocolate. I never came across a house that gave out tea though... Don't know how that would have gone over.


@figwiggin The other day I actually said to our judgy office manager 'it's a biscuit (cookie), not racism'. Ie, it is not 'bad'. She also sometimes bring licorice and shares it, and when I say no, she says 'oooh, you're being GOOD!' No, licorice just makes me want to barf. Thanks anyway!


@nokittythisismypotpie You have to tell now. I don't believe it's possible to not have candy until you're my age!! I have time for story time. *sits crosslegged on the floor*


@emilylouise Some people make up for it, at least. One guy not in my department got so excited when I put Milk Duds in there. "All right, I haven't had these since I was like twelve!"


@posturegirl Yes!! Story time!
Is your name from that creepy cat/kitten cartoon/song when they find a piece of meat? I think it was dubbed from Russian or something.

fondue with cheddar

@figwiggin Yeah, and that night after you go to bed, the kids will dip their tea bags in water and throw them at your house so they'll stick. And your house will have tea stains all over it.


@jen325 But maybe the tea will give it a lovely antique finish that fancy people pay a fortune to have done.

And, yes, the candy I was talking about IS Flake! For some reason, I am having technical difficulties finding your reply to my reply... and so on...

fondue with cheddar

@Hellcat Yay! Now you know what to look for. :)

When I have that problem, I do a browser search for a word in the comment and scroll through until I find it. Btw, that thread is in the third comment box (the really long, gray one)


I really thought this was going to be an article about the tragic shrinkage of candy and chocolate in the past year. I mean, I know it's happening with all groceries all over, but the size of those little halloween sized chocolate bars is really criminal! Do we want our kids to become obese or don't we?!

bad joke. :( I just miss the days where you might get maybe one full sized chocolate bar in your trick or treat stash, and then you would hoard it until the perfect right moment ... but at least all those other small bars were more than a biteful!

candy candy candy candy


I read this after eating candy all day at work (since we had to do paperwork all day, they brought candy to keep us awake! yay!) and now my sugar high is back!


I'm not opposed to these combinations per se, but I'm someone who divides his Sourpatch Kids, Starbust, etc. into separate piles by "flavor." I then eat either all of one flavor at once, moving from worst to best. Or I eat them individually from worst to best (e.g. strawberry, orange, cherry, lemon for Starburst.) in a sort of candy rotation. Of course, with Sourpatch Kids or Skittles, the piles may be of different sizes, so I have to adjust on-the-fly to ensure an even distribution of flavors.

Creature Cheeseman

@ejcsanfran I DO THIS TOO except worst to best would be orange, lemon, strawberry, cherry...

Katie Heaney

@ejcsanfran I want to eat candy next to you.


@Katie Heaney: Is that a euphemism?


@ejcsanfran i do this, but with m&m colors.

first i eat the brown ones, because they are ugly. i usually eat the rest in rainbow order until they are all gone.


@ejcsanfran I do this separating, but not to delineate flavors so much as color. I arrange rows of each flavor in rainbow order, and will often eat from each row so that the rows are each 1 smaller than the next, or all equal length, or in some other way pretty. But I'll still always leave one of the best flavor for last.


@candybeans I do this too! also, candybeans!


@ejcsanfran lemon, orange, strawberry, cherry. I feel so happy knowing other people do this!!! Worst to best is the best order. My husband separates the flavors and then eats from most to least. So wrong. What if the least one is your most hated flavor and that's the one you end on?

Chesty LaRue

@iceberg Obviously, he should be eating them from most to even, then rotating from worst to best while keeping an even number.
I wonder if this kind of thing means we have a certain common personality trait... Anal-ness, maybe?


@ejcsanfran YES. I do this too. Especially with Sourpatch kids, although I like red and green equally so I alternate between the two when I'm finished with ::shudder:: orange and yellow.


@ejcsanfran I have found my people. I do this too, with gummi bears (HARIBO ONLY). Separate them out by color and then eat them in pairs; any odd leftovers are married to other odd leftovers by closeness of color (green really fucks things up, color-wise, so I usually eat them immediately to forget they existed). Then I eat the pairs in order of least favorite flavor to most - which, looked at rationally, seems stupid because I should be sick of gummi bears by the time I get to my favorite color, but yeah that never happens.


@ejcsanfran See, I used to be a worst-to-the-best kind of candy eater, but then I realized that if you eat the best first, it will taste delicious, and then by the time you only have the worst left, any candy tastes good so it tastes like the best! That way I maximize on candy deliciousness.


I do this, too! But for the first half of the eating experience, I generally just go at random and eat the candy in the order the Universe intended and then I go for color/flavor separation.

I was actually eating wild berry skittles the other day at work out of my blazer pocket (I know, it's kinda gross, but I'm not supposed to eat at work) and I started putting the strawberry and raspberry ones in my right pocket to save them. And then I got really sad because I had WAY more strawberry ones than raspberry.

Also, Starbursts? Lemon < Cherry < Orange < Strawberry. FACT.


@Elleohelle: You know nothing of my work.


Also, for the candy corn lovers (of which I am one) be sure to only ever eat Jelly Belly/Goelitz brand. All others are foul in comparison.


I did a project in the fifth grade for my gifted & talented program (NERDVILLE) where I graphed the amount of sugar in various candy bars and then did a survey of which candy bars were people's favorite to see if there was correlation. There was not. But I did get to eat one of each kind of candy bar. It was pretty much the crowning acheivement of my academic life.

fondue with cheddar

@katekatekateyeah Awesome! You picked a good project.

I took a physical anthropology class in college. It was mostly about evolution. One of the most fun labs we did was one where the professor gave each group several bags containing various types of gummy candy. Each bag contained the "fossils" found at a different layer in the earth. We were supposed to determine what evolved from what based upon where the different specimens were located. And then we got to eat the fossils!

P.S. I was in gifted & talented too!

simone eastbro

i feel like this is the only place i could reasonably mention that a cut up snickers bar and a cut up apple mixed together in a CONTAINER OF COOL WHIP is one of the best things i have ever eaten. like i think maybe it's the (only) reason why cool whip exists?

Katie Heaney

@simone eastbro that is next level. i'm impressed.


@simone eastbro I have a recipe for a "dip" that is just softened cream cheese, brown sugar, vanilla extract, butter, and a smashed up Heath bar. Supposedly, it's a dip for apples but I usually eat it straight out of the bowl.


@QuiteAimable Why am I not eating this right now? Mmmm toffee cream cheese dip.


@simone eastbro Holy god. That sounds insane, in the most amazing way possible.

raised amongst catalogs

@simone eastbro Whoa. Mind = blown.

Hot mayonnaise

@simone eastbro: I've had something similar that looked was the consistency of potato salad. Delicious.


@simone eastbro YEAH OH MAN. SNICKERS SALAD! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snickers_salad

simone eastbro

@alicia holyfuckingshit how did i not know it was a Thing


Did anyone else have a standing playdate for the day after Halloween? All the neighborhood kids would get together and trade candy until we all had the perfectly curated stash of our own personal favorites. I remember trading all of my Mounds/Almond Joys plus some Sixlets for a full-sized Kit Kat bar. I'm surprised that we didn't all grow up and become Wall Street Kajillionaires. Okay...not really surprised, but we were all pretty aggressive when people started auctioning off the Red Rope Licorice.


Katie and other candy-loving ladies, if you're not opposed to shopping at the evil Wal-Mart (as unfortunately I am), they apparently have white chocolate candy corn M&Ms this Halloween.


Katie, as high as my level of utility was for the reading between the texts posts, it turns out that adding an economics and candy post to the bundle of goods puts me on an even higher indifference curve. Just so you know.

Katie Heaney

@nokittythisismypotpie :) :) :)


I got to have me some coconut M&Ms last night. Even as a not-too-into-candy lady, I was happy.


This made that semester in college of advanced micro and macroeconomic classes totally worth it.


I crawled out of the woodwork to tell you that you haven't lived till you chew Mike & Ike together with popcorn at the movies. Trust.


Katie you are one of my favorite Pinners. I think because of the pyntax (hairpin syntax). When is the next RBTT???

Katie Heaney

@iceberg Thank you! It will be relatively soon I swear!


@iceberg Oh god! RBTT! Love!

Two-Headed Girl

Rockets*, by the handful. Mixed with more Rockets. The only Halloween candy that matters. Reese cups too, I guess. We never really mixed our candy.

*I think they're called Smarties in the States. Regardless, they are PURE SUGARY JOY (literally nothing but sugar) and you will have to pry them from my cold dead hands before I'll give them up.


@Two-Headed Girl YES THOSE ARE SMARTIES AND I LOOOOVE THEMMMMM. And now I have an excuse to post this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fTnGH6pGqc


This whole post just frightened me because I hate the idea of putting 2 different kinds of candy in my mouth and eating it? they're not meant to go together!!!


"You should put a bowl of them in your foyer right now."

The assumption that I am deeply interested in the utility functions of candy combinatorics AND I have a foyer is cracking me up.

fondue with cheddar

@pointy Put it in EVERY ROOM! It's candy. Candy is and should be ubiquitous.


This reminds me of those old Jelly Belly "recreate this flavor... WITH JELLY BEANS!" ads: two popcorn plus one caramel = caramel corn, or whatever. Kind of like those yogurt ads Sarah Haskins satirized, except not satirical and not targeted at dieters.

fondue with cheddar

@katherine I love making up my own Jelly Belly combinations. When I was a kid, I used to do that with those scented markers they use in school. My favorite combo was lemon, orange, and cherry, which smelled EXACTLY like Froot Loops!


My teeth rotted and fell out just reading this.

Jon Custer

Wait, so is this Choire responding to past criticisms by shifting economics coverage responsibilities to the Hairpin? Because I'm OK with that.

Jon Custer

@Jon Custer Oh and to go completely off topic: I wonder what a hypothetical Awl-network economics blog would be called? The Sliderule? (Also, I like candy!)


am I going to be the downer that notes that most chocolate companies use slave labor? I just learned this YESTERDAY and I am BUMMED because well...fuck. http://www.slavefreechocolate.org/


Dear Katie -- I don't mean to freak you out, but I think you're my non-sexual life partner. My love of candy and graphs is, well, problematic on many fronts. Personally, I like spicy chocolate, so I like 1 hershey bar segment + 1 hot tamale.


I've never had cilantro. I'm reasonably sure I'd hate it based upon what people say, so I avoid it. I have the same feelings about dill that you have about cilantro. view at this .


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