Friday, October 28, 2011


A Couple Spooky Music Videos: "Devils," by The Suzan, and "Down," by Summer Camp

While you put the final touches to your sexy inflammatory email costume, you should check out a couple of holiday-appropriate videos by two bands to put on your radar. First up: The ladies of The Suzan started rocking out together a few years ago in Japan, and now that they’ve signed to Fools Gold they're taking their dance punk worldwide. In “Devils,” they, in menacing red, plow through the song’s spooky synths and terrorize their sole audience member, first luring her with a flaming cocktail, then chasing her down a fiery passage with pitchforks. So scary! There’s also something that looks like a skull glockenspiel, which should be a part of the official witch house tool kit if it isn’t already.

Summer Camp was also inspired by the season in their video for “Down.” Made up of 50 looping GIFs, the video takes place at a Halloween party/maybe birthday party (unless it’s normal to have birthday cakes and piñatas at Halloween parties). Other things that happen in the video are Jell-O-flicking, four-person spin the bottle, and a home pregnancy test.

Summer Camp is a London duo making what has been referred to as “bedroom pop,” which I think is supposed to mean DIY/lo-fi/recorded in the bedroom or a similar home setting, but I wish it meant pop that you dance to in silk pajamas and bunny slippers before going to bed. You can still totally do that with this song, though.

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Love Jrock, and all lady bands, so clearly The Suzans are doing it for me!


man, I love Summer Camp so much. Totally youth-nostalgia-etc.-invoking.


Yesterday during an incident involving shuffle I found myself enjoying the Horror Pops... which is just too embarrassing for me to deal with.

So thank you for The Suzans. They are better/ not embarrassing at all. And I find this song sort of unsettling. Double win.

crane your neck

In April, The Suzan opened for Titus Andronicus at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. I think the whole crowd was surprised by what a good show they put on. Amy Klein is a big fan--she was dancing like crazy in the audience while they were on stage. "Golden Week for the Poco Poco Beat" is so lively; it's one of the albums I'm counting on to wake me up on cold winter mornings.


My friends have played with The Suzan a couple of times, and they are the sweetest girls ever. So cool to see them here!


Yessss Summer Camp!!! I'm such a huge fan of Jeremy Warmsley and everything he does. His first album was so lovely. *sighs wistfully*


The summer camp is going great. What they have is really interesting right there. - Bernadine Fried

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