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What Women Want, According to the October Covers of Lucky, InStyle, InStyle Makeover, Glamour, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Elle, and Marie Claire

Fall’s hot shoes
Fall’s hot boots
Fall’s hot bags
A bag guide
Gorgeous bags
New looks
To look younger
To look thinner
To look cute this weekend
To love their look
To wake up gorgeous
An over-the-counter facelift
Straighter hair
Great hair
Healthy, shiny hair
Rock and Roll Hair
To find their perfect haircut
Perfect skin
To get great skin
To keep great skin
Their best skin ever
New skin treatments
To shrink their inner thighs in six minutes a day
To do the toughest workout in America
To do a sexypants workout
To burn 800 calories in an hour
Free stuff!
Cheap thrills
Lady Gaga
Debbie Harry
Rachel Weisz
Lea Michelle
Jennifer Aniston
Rachel Bilson
Sarah Jessica Parker
Angelina Jolie
Olivia Wilde
Jennifer Aniston again
Demi Moore
Alicia Keys
Reese Witherspoon
Naughty sex tips
Sexy shoes
Sexy, classic styles
Personal style
Style secrets
To dress the way they’ve always wanted
The best fashion tips
Amazing fashion finds
Amazing fall outfit ideas
Days of amazing outfits
Amazing breakthroughs
Winning products
Cool accessories
Insider tricks
Key pieces
New trends
To learn about Nina’s big challenge
To learn how to cook for a flat belly
To learn 4 words that seduce a man anytime
To learn 50 things you should never stop doing in a relationship
Chic coats

Sarah LaBrie lives in Brooklyn and writes. She tumbls here and also, sometimes, here.


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