Thursday, September 15, 2011


The Tiny Airport Hotel

In Moscow you can rent coffins with windows Sleepboxes for half-hour stretches while you wait for your plane. They are very small.

[Thanks, Rob!]

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It is small, but awesome looking - better than sleeping in a chair! But as it is, I'm a tightwad and would probably sleep in a chair for free rather than rent a box.

Ham Snadwich

I would totally do that. I always thought most of a hotel room is a waste. As long as there's a shower and a reasonably comfortable bed, I'm set.


I registered just to say the following: bedbugs!!?!? germs?!!? My OCD is flipping out at this moment. Do they change the "sheets" or what? OMG. No.


@theorchidthief I imagine the sheets are on a giant roller like that paper at the doctor's office.


Also, I'm petrified that people (men) would masturbate in there.


@theorchidthief FACT: Every surface will be covered in semen with a week (tops).


@parallel-lines ACK! See? Forget it. I'm done. Going back in my cave and never coming out again.


@parallel-lines More like within 2 hours of opening.

Tuna Surprise

@theorchidthief - the video failed to portray the gaggle of prostitutes that would attracted to these things like flies.


If you click through to the blog post, you'll notice they offer a Wi Fi hub and mood lighting option. Blech.


@Megan Patterson@facebook There is actually a semen mister in the corner of the room that leaves a fine layer of semen all over your skin, as well as inhaled into your lungs.


@Tuna Surprise well, if it's in airport they'd have to buy a plane ticket. Or have a fake job working at Cinnabun which totally seems plausible and oh dear.


@Tuna Surprise If this cube is a rockin'...


@theorchidthief YES exactly. Seriously, creepy dirty homeless men will infest these germ boxes. Other than that, totally a great idea.


@parallel-lines And it's like, just a dude who gets off on watching people sleep.


@parallel-lines That's what they get for showing a laptop desk right next to the bed


I would totally use this! Especially when I'm travelling alone, as my natural tendency to sleep in all the places wars against my ingrained paranoia.


I can't decide if this is more claustrophobia-inducing than those sleep pods they have in the airport in Japan. I am hyperventilating thinking about this (reaches for paper bag).


We slept in one of these in Munich. It's right in the middle of the terminal where there's heavy traffic. After an hour, we pretended we were emerging from a TARDIS, but apparently people in Munich don't take kindly to airport fuckery.


I wish they'd have this in my work building. I'd love to slip away and take a nap during my work day. I'd be so much more productive. (She says while commenting on a blog at work.)

Also I'd like to believe it would self wash after each occupant like that stand alone bathroom I used in Berlin.


This kind of reminds me of the rooms at the Jane hotel in NYC. Tiny but efficient.


I stayed in a Yotel in Heathrow during an overnight layover, which was much like this! Tiny, great selection of TV channels and a bathroom with some really mod-lookin' fixtures. It was a lot of fun.

Jessica Andrews@facebook

I don't see how this would be any worse/dirtier than a sleeper car on the train. And it beats sleeping on the floor of an airport or train station. Or in a park. Or slumped over a table at a McDonald's... All places I have slept while traveling through Europe and Asia.

every tomorrow@twitter

I would absolutely sleep in one of those, and now I am sad that they didn't have them when we were delayed for 4+ hours in Heathrow and my poor boyfriend could not keep his eyes open for more than 8 seconds.

Also I am like the anti-claustrophobe. I'm like a cat, I like to cram myself into the smallest possible space. As a child I begged my parents to let me just live in my 6x6' walk-in closet, and used to hide in there on a pile of laundry to read books after my bedtime. When I got older, I used to hide in there on a pile of laundry to have private phone conversations.

So basically this is my ideal hotel?


@every tomorrow@twitter I used to love hiding in my parents closet and reading!

fondue with cheddar

@amirite I used to hide in the toy oven at daycare and stay there until someone found me. Sometimes it took a long time, but it was okay because I liked it in that little wooden womb. In hindsight, I probably freaked out the teachers.

Emily L. Hauser@twitter


At the drop of a hat, I would rent one of these (why I'm like Yoda talking, I don't know).

So, so, SO many hours spent in sleepless misery on overseas layovers...!

Acrylic Disaster

Why's everybody frozen in place? It's like that episode of that show.

Jon Custer

Hah, I saw this earlier and was like "this is definitely on the Hairpin" and here it is. Also, everything everyone else said before, probably.

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