Monday, September 19, 2011


The Big Hair Tutorial

Here's how to get award-winning, Anthropologie inspired, hair. [Thanks, Leah!]

Jane used this comb and this hair powder for the look.

Previously: The 1950s Glamour Tutorial.

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Hot mayonnaise

Reminds me a bit of Elaine Benes.

Hot mayonnaise

@Hot mayonnaise: In a good way.


I totally want to do this, but my hair is kinda at Crystal-Gayle-level right now. De-ratting fears!


Where is that aluminum comb from? I'm a tease enthusiast (perfecting my own version of the Tre Tease, what's up Jerseylicious!) and I've never seen a comb like that. Must try now.


all the intermediate stages of this are SPECTACULAR. and the end result, of course.

and what is in volume powder and why is it so weird, right??


@plonk I have volume powder (osis+ dust it) and it works really well, but it makes your scalp and roots feel disgusting. Like wet powder? I don't know, you have to experience it for yourself.


@ratchet i've experienced it and i don't get it! jane's description of "like eraser in your hair" is totally accurate, but...what??


@plonk I looked at the ingredients on mine and the first one listed was water. Which is good? Maybe?


@ratchet powdered water?? IT JUST KEEPS GETTING MORE MYSTERIOUS.


@plonk It must magic, there's no other explanation possible!

New Hoarder

@plonk That sounds similar to a creepy Aveda volumizing powder I have. It feels when when you *POOF* it on, too. And I was told the container should not be shaken or taken on travel (but I want big hair everywhere!!!). It kind of works but mostly makes me feel dirty inside.

New Hoarder

@New Hoarder Oh, sorry, it's a POTION. http://www.aveda.com/product/CATEGORY11541/PROD10351/Styling/Volume/index.tmpl I think I want to try the cheaper version Jane uses...


@New Hoarder HAHAH, a POTION! It truly is magic.


@ratchet eeeeee i love osis dust it! i use it almost every day and my little salt-shaker thing has lasted me a year+

but the WORST THING EVER is when you put way too much in and your hair gets matted and icky


"This is really hard to do when you're drunk"


@JoanHaulAway I'm in a coffeeshop and almost said "Jane! Yes!" out loud.


I LOVE THIS! Definitely doing this next time I go out.

Also, I think it would look great with bangs.


I've been spraying that Tresemme dry shampoo garbage in my clean hair and it looks like it does the same thing the volumizing powder does. It has replaced every hair product I've ever used.


@heb I hate that crap. It smells good, but that's about all it's got going for it. But I might try it to see if it can do the volumizing thing with my hair to save it from the garbage.


@meganmaria I hate it too, but that's because I want my dry shampoo to make my hair feel clean, not gross.

But now I'm obsessed with acquiring volumizing powder. Why was I not using it beforeeeee?


No BIG HAIR! (ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh)


I love these SO MUCH, even though they're never really looks I can rock while going to class. I'm afraid of going Full Retard with the vintage.


I tried to do this when I went to the Rocky Horror musical. However because I was 14 I decided to use an unholy amount of hairspray and I had to wash my hair three times after in order to be able to lie down.


New Hoarder

My goal in life is always big hair (I refer to it as "Texas hair" or, if a bit wavy, "Mermaid hair). I need all the tutorials I can get!


That... looked like a surprising amount of work for big hair. Wow.


YOU GUYS. Big hair! http://www.flickr.com/photos/becktress/2159647225/in/set-72157602200356995/


I have an aunt whose hair looks like this every single day of the year except New Year's Day, when she's too tired to go through the usual procedure and walks around in a fleece robe making cocktails and eating dried fruit. Basically, she's gone through the same hair routine 364 days a year since 1968. I've attempted to do this, usually with very disappointing results, but now I see volumizing powder might be the missing element.


Oh, Jane, I have always wanted to give myself Gibson Girl hair but I didn't think it was possible until now (my hair is thick and slippery). You're enabling a childhood dream!


Even though Jane showed us how to comb it out, it still hurts me just thinking about it. I still want to do it though. SO CONFLICTED.


@anknee I never comb out my ratted hair dry, especially since I have to spray my styles a bit to get them to work. Do it in the shower with conditioner before washing! It's easy and prevents your from ripping your hair! You can even get impatient with it and it's okay. Plus it's like a deep conditioning treatment cause you have to put in a ton and leave it in so long to get all the knots out.


@missustufnel Yes! I basically do not brush my (long, fine, tangles-in-a-breeze) hair AT ALL without conditioner in it, much less after ratting, unless of course I am purposefully going for the Grace Coddington look.


@MollyculeTheory O! Grace! *bows down*


Jane, off topic, but could we get a close up of that nail art?


@Maria: Seconded.

Edith Zimmerman

Jane! Question. If I have really long hair, where do I start ratting it?

Jane Marie

@Edith Zimmerman same place, edith. start at the root and don't bother ratting it all the way to the ends - just get the roots to be all ratty and gather all the ends together and pin them up. and post a picture :)

Edith Zimmerman

@Jane Marie THANK YOU! Ahh I want to try this tonight.


"Did I miss something? Is big hair back?"


Jane x3, I want to know how thick your hair is! It looks thick.


If you have sprayed the hair and can't comb it out, get in the shower and wet it and put ungodly amounts of conditioner all over your head and THEN comb gently from the tips. I was rockabilly for awhile and ratted the shit out of my fine, super curly hair and this method kept me from tearing my hair apart. Like, no split ends or anything. YAY BIG HAIR!


@missustufnel Yes! The first time I attempted big hair after a ridiculous amount of hairspray, I was about to start trying to detangle that mess with a brush when my mother shrieked "NOOOOO!" and made me go into the shower with instructions to use conditioner, shampoo, then conditioner again, then told me to never attempt to brush my hair after backcombing and hairspraying it, or I'd go bald. Then she made me sleep with my hair slathered in almond oil. I'm pretty sure my lazy-but-fearful approach about all things hair-related goes back to that moment.


I have the flattest, straightest hair ever and regular teasing gives me the slightest of volume. I am going to make this tutorial my bitch. I am going to have the biggest hair this side of the Mississippi. (Full disclosure: I'm not sure if I live on either side of the Mississippi because duh, the Mississippi is not even a straight line and really kind of like a Y but I digress.)

cat of the canals

Ooh, I really want to do this but instead of putting it up I want to do one of those ponytails where you sort of make a hole in the ponytail at the base of the neck and then put the rest of the hair throught it. What are those called?

Also, for the Doctor Who nerds - this would be the perfect hair to do if you wanted to dress up as the Tardis in "The Doctor's Wife".

Nicole Cliffe

@cat of the canals GIRL, you read my mind. "I stole you!"

New Hoarder

@cat of the canals Topsy tails? I did my hair like that when I was in elementary school. It never looked that good though because I do not have BIG hair.

cat of the canals

@Nicole Cliffe I can't even think about it because I'll start sobbing. "Hello Doctor. It's so very very nice to meet you." ;_;

cat of the canals

@New Hoarder Yes! They didn't call it that in the Vogue tutorial that I read, but that's the one!

Lauren Hayden

@cat of the canals Oh my goddddd, how badly do we all need to try this immediately: http://www.hairromance.com/2011/05/topsy-tail-glamour-rachel-gilbert.html

New Hoarder

@Lauren Hayden Glamour indeed! The 3rd(?)- grader in me weeps with joy!


oooh, it seems like lotsa-wine might be the key ingredient here, right? which always makes hair better :)


@meganmaria I hate it too, but that's because I want my dry shampoo to make my hair feel clean, not gross.

But now I'm obsessed with acquiring volumizing powder. Why was I not using it beforeeeee?


@meganmaria I hate it too, but that's because I want my dry shampoo to make my hair feel clean, not gross.

But now I'm obsessed with acquiring volumizing powder. Why was I not using it beforeeeee?


This is all well and good, but as a person with completely flat and straight hair, I demand you acknowledge the handicap your hair's existing body gives you! JELZ.


I cannot wrap my head around that powder stuff. It seems insane that it works like that. I asked my sciencey husband and his guess was that it "has a lot of one charge and so the hair repels away from itself like static." I'll take that because the alternative is witchcraft (also acceptable). The ingredients didn't help me, but I suspect it's the enigmatic "SILICA SILYLATE." However it works, it's fascinating.


oh how cute. People try to make their hair do what I fight to keep my hair from doing on a regular basis.


now: chloe moretz's hair in Our Deal music video? :D?


@jstar YES PLEASE. i have been trying to figure that out for some time now. aka: i'll think about how pretty it is and how much i want to do my hair like that and then toss my hair in a bun and forget about it.


@jstar It's like a super-victory roll, right? With more... swirl? This is good for the regular kind: http://www.diaryofavintagegirl.com/2011/02/victory-rolls-in-jiffy.html


@Peanut Oh my, she has THE BEST EYEBROWS!


Ahhhh amazing. We missed you Jane!


I think I wanna try this out for a friend's wedding coming up! Thanks, Jane Marie!


*while you're watching Toddlers and Tiaras*.....Are you hiding in my house? you.....you KNOW me.


*gasp* Big hair - my secret weakness.

(well, secret fondness. Now not so secret.)


Okay, this may be TMI, but the middle step after the teasing but before the style is basically what my hair does when it does bedhead. Sex hair. And I CANT PREVENT IT, except maybe by having very boring non-sweaty sex. I would just rock it, except I'm pretty sure I look like a mess (and I don't mean all day, I mean running out to my car from my boyfriends apartment - I passed his landlady watering petunias out front on my way out and felt judged).

BUT more importantly, it takes FOREVER to correct. Forever. Because apparently you can't just comb it out like Jane did with the teasing. Is there hairpin advice regarding this? I cannot be the only lady this happens to (my hair is long and bountiful but thin in texture), but my friends do not relate to the un-comb-able sex hair phenomenon.


@MissMushkila A friend once told me my mind-of-their-own curls make it look like I always just had really great sex. But my real post-sex hair is complete Bride of Frankenstein. Only a shower can fix these things.


Not going to contribute to the hair-portion of this post, because mine is blonde and I just think this looks much better on darker hair, BUT I must react to 'Toddlers and Tiaras'. Yes! If you get a chance you must tune in to 'Dance Moms'. The kids are super-talented and the moms are batsh*t, it is my new favorite.

Wookiee Hole

@shenannies Holy shit yes, those shows are the best! they make me feel like a wonderful parent even though I'm 23 and have born no crotchfruit.

Rachel McKinney@facebook

This is awesome! Can you do a video telling me how to make my hair big and effortless like Tami Taylor's on "Friday Night Lights"???


@Rachel McKinney@facebook Yes! Would love to know how she makes that happen.

Also, yay for Jane, and now I am mincing around my house with giant hair.

so what?

@Rachel McKinney@facebook YES. this. she has such wonderful hair all the time. tell me how to get that (aside from the obvious, you know, be-born-with-hair-thicker-than-what-i-actually-have).


@Rachel McKinney@facebook OMG, Tami Taylor has the best hair on television.


this is pretty much what i did for my wedding hair - i used bumble & bumble spray powder, a crap ton of hairspray, and a ratting brush. it stayed up for 24 hours.


While Jane looks gorgeous, I have a sneaking suspicion that I'd look like crack on wheels were I to try it.


@TheMostHumble Infuckingdeed. But I kind of want to for the Denver Meetup on Thursday! Sorry work, I need the afternoon off to make big hair.


Hahahaha the idea that people actually want big hair is the most hilarious thing ever to me. I would get Japanese straightening if it weren't so expensive.


Jane, this is my absolute favorite one yet.


I just lopped off 4 inches of my hair YESTERDAY, thinking, "Meh, what'm I gonna do with all this hair?" The big hair and I passed like two ships in the night.
Jane, any chance you can advise on what to do when your hairdresser has given you surprise bangs and you have no idea WTF to do with them because the last time you had bangs was in 5th grade and you jelled them and put them in a curler overnight?? Besides, you know, cry and eat tear-salted ice cream.

Jane Marie

@Fraulein I love bangs!! Love love love. You should wear them proudly :)


@Jane Marie I had to style them myself this morning and it all went better than expected, no small thanks to you. Teach a girl to wield a hot tool and you give her a lifetime of foxiness, and all that :)


"If you have some chandelier-drop earrings, those kind of help polish it and not...make anybody worry..." - Jane Marie

Um, that's adorable.


How could I have not known that volumising powder existed? After disappointing experiments with volumising sprays, serums, spritzs, gels, and mousses, I must put this stuff on my hair! (Currently use a spray which is rather too subtle.)

Concern: I have thin hair. Will volumizing powder create so much volume that you can see through to my scalp? Because that would be a deal breaker.


I have kinda long hair, so I'm not sure how this would work for me... but I'm hoping I'll work up the nerve to give it a try!


Can I just say that I am "Leah" and that my week has been made.


I want to do this but I'm slightly terrified of ratting my veeeeery curly hair.


I can't say anything else about this hair tutorial rocking that hasn't been said. So on that note, can you possibly do a tutorial on makeup essentials one should have so I know where to begin building my sexy arsenal? Like, what kind of lipstick brush to use? How do you wash/store a lipstick brush? Why can't I just schmear lipstick onto my mouth from the tube?


@AceRimmer I think you can just schmear (ha ha ha I wrote "schmeat" first. I like that), but maybe it takes practice. I am not experienced at lipstick and find I can't go very far beyond gloss, gloss pencils and lip lacquer pots without feeling like a clown, being afraid of getting it everywhere and like, how do I eat with this stuff on. I think there are some good sites that offer advice on basic tools like makeupgeek.com but Jane's advice is always nice. I like the Sonia Kashuk lipstick brush (for the one awesome tube of lipstick that I own and aspire to wear without fear). But as I said, I'm a neophyte at lipstick.


I've been using texturizing gel and then a bit of paste at my roots to get volume, would you guys say that the powder is better? More efficient-like? Because having to work it through my hair when damp, then blow dry makes things kind of high maintenance. If I can just let my hair air dry whenever and then apply this before using rollers, it seems that would be more convenient.


And Jane can you perhaps get some HD video (and do soemthing with this horrific "karmaloop" add that keeps playing over and over again?) for things like this? Once your hair was teased all I saw was a black mass and don't know what it really looked like. For your consideration.

Jane Marie

@ScazzaSofija You buy, I'll fly!


@Jane Marie Har. Don't I wish I had HD skeells. It hasn't been an issue before.

Wookiee Hole

Jane's eyebrows are FLAWLESS. Also, the hair makes me think of Marie Antoinette/Disney's Haunted House thingy, but in a wonderful, fancy way.


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