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Sisters + Not Sisters

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Amy Touchette is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn. She was trained at the International Center of Photography, and her photographs were most recently published in Esquire, Russia (May, 2011), and will be included in Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art's book Identities Now: Contemporary Portrait Photography, due out this fall. Her work has exhibited or been published in China, the Netherlands, Australia, New York City, Hollywood, Boston, and Philadelphia. She is represented by June Bateman Fine Art.

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Number 5 places us squarely in that dangerous category of guessing whether they are alterna-teen siblings or girlfriends who have succumbed to the lesbian urge to merge?


no, yes, yes, no, yes, yes, yes, yes, no, no.

(am I doing this right?)


@iceberg no, yes, yes, no, no, yes, yes, yes, no, no.

(and, yes)


I wish there were a sister adoption service for grown up ladies. I grew up with all boys and am so jealous of my friends who have sisters!

Related: my favorite song ever:
Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister, and lord help the sister who comes between me and my man!


@bonnbee I have a sister but no brothers, and I always wanted one! Trade?

Oh, and my sister and I love that song! She will sing it with you!


@bonnbee I wish I had any sibling at all. When I was 3, my mom asked me if I wanted a sibling. She said it was up to me. I said no.

Well, of course I said no, mom! I was 3 and the center of the goddamn universe! Don't let your reproductive future lie in the hands of a 3 year old. Humph.

Don't hold my only-childness against me, please. I'm not proud of it.

fondue with cheddar

@bonnbee I always wished I had a sister too! Then my brother married a wonderful lady. It's not the same as growing up together but it's still cool. :)


@yrouttasight your mom is totally tricking you. She didn't want to have another-and she can blame it on a 3 year old you who doesn't remember. My mom is also pulling this one-she has two rings and said I picked the smaller one and so now my sister gets this amazing one. Not that I am dissing a diamond ring, but c'mon mom. My three year old taste in jewelry is slightly subpar.


#6! Twins?


@libs They are twins! They were well known local models in the Twin Cities (ha!), but have since become designers of those sunglasses they're wearing in the photo.


@TinyNinjas I love them! I want to eat pizza (is that pizza?) with them on a street corner!

Sorry For Partying

@TinyNinjas They remind me of these twins.


@Sorry For Partying Perfect.


These are very nice.



Twice as nice.


@atipofthehat double your pleasure, double your fun.


Is that Wilson Phillips in front of the BP station on Lafayette and Houston?

Sorry For Partying

@punkahontas That's exactly what I thought of! This is why I love The Hairpin.


@Sorry For Partying
Unfortunately, now that song is in my head. (You know the one.)


@punkahontas Oh man I was just going to say that it looks just like me and two of my friends (except I would never ever wear leggings), but now I think we look like Wilson Phillips. Maaaan.


@Pixley I'm sorry! It's the three different color hairdos that really does it.


@Pixley Clearly, you and your friends are awesome, and should form a singing group immediately.


@Pixley PIXLEY! My favorite name ever. My hard drive is named Pixley. As is a character in my book.

Brodo Hamcheese

As an only child I am totally mystified by the world of sisters (and brothers obviously). WHAT IS IT LIKE? I have no idea.


@Brodo Hamcheese Well, when there are 2 sisters, it goes a little like this:
I love you
I hate you
Is that my sweater???
I love you
Don't tell Mom
I hate you
I love you
I love you
Can I borrow that?
I hate you
(Several phone calls crying to each other about boys)
I love you
Don't tell Dad
(more phone calls)
I love you
Oh, just keep the damn sweater already

Jolie Kerr

@Brodo Hamcheese SINGLETONS UNITE. (And then go to separate rooms because aaaahhh what is the deal with these PEOPLE who are AROUND and never GO AWAY. MY TOYS, MY TOYS, GIT YER HANDS OFF MY TOYS.)

Brodo Hamcheese

@Jolie Kerr AWW HELL YES SINGLETONS. My boyfriend (the youngest of three [... siblings. not the youngest of my three boyfriends! although CAN YOU IMAGINE--probably you can. you can count to three right?]) & I live in a 360 sq foot apt in Brooklyn and it's bad enough having neighbors who I can hear all the time (MOOOOOOM. Upstairs Neighbor is playing their music too loud again! MOOOOOOOM. Nextdoor Neighbor doesn't know how to play his guitar but insists on doing it anyway! MAKE IT STOP) but I just don't understand how he thinks it is normal to be around *ALL THE TIME*. This is MY AIR. Go breathe your own for two hours!! There is a movie theater LITERALLY AT THE END OF THE BLOCK go there.

Whoops this turned into a comment about something else entirely.

Brodo Hamcheese

@Bebe I guess it's like that for only children, but we play all the parts ourselves. Or we develop weird relationships with stuffed animals. Or sister-like relationships with our mothers?? Yikes!

Jolie Kerr


Brodo Hamcheese



@Brodo Hamcheese When there are 4 sisters and a brother, it's either a constant brawl, teaming up to mastermind some sort of mischievious plan on each other/our parents, or getting yelled at.


@Bebe My sister got mad at me once for running around the house with her underwear on my head while we had company.
Also that redheaded girl with the sunglasses? I COVET HER HAIR COLOUR SO BAD.


@Jolie Kerr Actually, you sound more like an older sister than you'd think....


@Brunhilde I am one of six; my boyfriend is one of nine. I seriously cannot imagine NOT sharing my air, and neither can he. It definitely made the moving in process much much easier.


@Brodo Hamcheese Yes. Not an only - I grew up with a brother, and plenty of small cousins around often - but I'm an introvert and my brother and I didn't like each other much. Go play over there by yourself for a while, I need alone time now to play with all my imaginary friends. Kthx.


@Brodo Hamcheese It is...pretty rad, I have found. I am the oldest of four sisters. We are also each two years apart.

Growing up was pretty much exactly like @Bebe's first reply, except to the 4th power (not multiplied by four, mind you, but rather, EXPONENTIALLY INCREASED by four). It was chaotic, LOUD, kinda violent, full of fights and messes and ever-changing alliances. It was also full of imaginative games, lots of super-sweet shared secrets and incredible loyalty. Also, when my parents divorced, it was hella comforting to have three other people around who had experienced the exact same family-trauma that I had. I feel immensely sad for only-children whose parents divorce...God, that must be awful.

Now that we are all Grown-Ass Women, it's pretty much the raddest thing ever to have four of us in the world. We are like a tiny, fiercely loyal clan that celebrates each success and supports through every pitfall. We survived through our childhood without killing each other, and now we each know that there are always three other humans who have got our backs, no matter what.

In conclusion, sisters are where it's at.


@wee_ramekin That sounds so nice! I think my two sisters and I are aaaalllmost at that point. I'm really looking forward to it.


@wee_ramekin It took my sister and I a loooong time to get here, but she is pretty much my best friend now. We can still push each others' buttons far better and with far greater force than anyone else - and get away with it because we will always forgive each other.

When we were in elementary school (I was in 3rd and she was in 5th), the neighborhood bully was picking on me on the bus one afternoon. My sister, who was not speaking to me that day because I'd read her diary (yes, I was that little sister), stood up and knocked the bully to the floor and said, "NO ONE picks on my sister but me!" And that's our entire relationship in 8 words.


This confirms my suspicion that people make these judgments based solely on hair. I have friend who has the same haircut as I do (but who otherwise doesn't look much like me) and every time we go out we get creepy dudes asking if we're twins. Before the haircut? No creeps!


I only have a brother, but he is a quiet studious person who mostly doesn't contact me except to tell me to read a book that he thinks I will like (50% of the time, I do!). I always wanted a sister because I imagined the hand-me-downs would be way better. I mean, seriously, my mom thought it was okay to let me wear my brother's old pants when I was 11 because they were "the same" as girl pants?? EVERYONE IN 6TH GRADE KNEW, MOM

I also imagined that if I had a sister, my brother would have gotten the hint about showering more often. I have tried subtlety and directness and his hair is still all greasy/clumpy, but he is my bro and rad and I love him, so I let it go.

Alice Winn@twitter

The third one from the bottom is my old roommate Ciel (who apparently got a major haircut). Not to give anything away, but that ain't her sister.


I always wanted a sister (got one brother who I love but we have little in common) but I'm contenting myself with a lovely sister in law, some great cousins and lovely friends. All evidence suggests that if I had a sister our shared DNA would ensure we would have each tried to kill the other long ago. (My mum has 3 sisters and none of them like each other.)


My best friend and I both have unnatural hair colors, I'm purple and she's bright red. We get asked ALL THE TIME if we're sisters and I just don't get it. Aside from the hair and having similar body types and skin tones, we really look nothing alike.
My real sister and I have nothing in common and don't hang out ever, even before she moved to the other side of the country.

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