Thursday, September 1, 2011


Save the Date, London: October 1

Hairpinners across the pond:

Group trip.

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oh! that is exciting


Oh they are getting closer and closer to me!


@Susanna@twitter And further and further from me! COME TO OKLAHOMA HAIRPIN, I WILL BAKE YOU SCONES?


@Susanna@twitter Where are youuu?



Yup for me too! And yet, London remains so very far away...


@Susanna@twitter y'all - if you want meetups in your town, you gotta step up and plan them! iz not hard.


@cherrispryte in anglophone countries, in major cities, where people read the 'pin perhaps, but in some places it iz hard. I'm just jealous, that's all :)


@BlodwynPig Ah very good point. Where are you, if you don't mind me asking?


@BlodwynPig Oh are you a fellow welshy? (Judging by your name is all, I am not a stalker)
But yeah I am in Wales, I doubt there are enough people to make it work



Half Welsh, half English but living in France in the boondocks near Lyon. I have some hairpin-reading friends in London, and I hope they'll make the effort to go... I'm counting on them (they know who they are)! But in the meanwhile... can I just say that I miss Wales and might conceivably be tempted by a Cardiff event - work permitting! (if it could coincide with the rugby, for example...)


@BlodwynPig Ah that is pretty far from London! Yeah a Cardiff event that happens to involve rugby would be great, although I don't know how many people on the Hairpin are from/near South Wales...



I am in Cardiff! Cardiff Pin-Up! Maybe we need a critical mass before it's worth BlodwynPig flying over, though.


@Melusina Haha yay! Three of us so far! In fairness that's more than I thought there'd be


@Susanna@twitter I felt compelled to register just to say I'm in Cardiff too! Hourrah! We are the silent majority.


You just made my millennium.


Huz. zah. Am there!


YAY! A woo hoo. My artwork is on the hairpin and that is as exciting as a London pin-up.


* "artwork"


@rayray Your "artwork" is fabulous!


@rayray It is indeed beautiful!


I want to go! I even have a monocle to wear :(

Jess McCabe



@jester F- word and Hairpin collide! How fab :):):)


My jealousy, like the former British empire, knows no bounds.


Why is this the one that makes me feel small and wizened with envy? Is it because I've been watching Misfits? I want adorably filthy banter in incomprehensible accents!


@spiralbetty Plus it's so close to a Cosmo Jarvis concert date in London. My two favorite things in my second favorite English city. BAH.


@melis: Those shows must be the best.


@spiralbetty Oh I can't even. COSMO. You know? Cosmo.


@spiralbetty, incomprehensible?


@theinvisiblecunt Somethings are just so right they transcend language. If Kelly was my friend I'd take her shopping and buy her things. Whatever she wants.

God help us if gifs ever get sound.


NO WAYY..never thought this would actually happen!! need to battle my awkwardness to turn up though, as i'm an avid reader but not so avid commenter..ha


@Atticus ZOMG same. Let's get over ourselves, and both go!


@Acertainromance SERIOUSLY lets do it...


Same here! This sounds so fun though I feel weirdly overcome with shyness.

@ Acertainromance
Is your name a reference to the Arctic Monkeys?


@teaandcakeordeath @Atticus @Acertainromance You all need to come! It'll be so fun!


This makes me incredibly happy. I'll be there!


Whyyyy London :( So expensive /cheapnortherner.

I'll be there if I'm not recovering from surgery (dates are up in the air atm)... and I can figure out somewhere to stay that won't cost me the earth.

Aunty Christ



When my lame friends can't put me up I usually rent an entire apartment for the price of a hotel room.


@Aunty Christ Wow, how useful! Bookmarked :D I went down in July with the boyshape and it cost us about £175 for two nights in a cheap (but surprisingly nice) hotel in a not-central location, looks like I could do it for £50 for one night and be right in the centre! :) thankyouuuu.

Tragically Ludicrous

@Aunty Christ why HELLO. That is an excellent resource, thanks!


Sheffield Pin-Oop North soon, anyone?


@shannonmkennedy@twitter Northern 'Pinner here! I am travelling down from Leeds for this one! Once I'm settled in up there maybe I'll organize a Northern Pin-Up?


@rayray and @shannonmkennedy@twitter count me in for a northern pin oop. Manchester based here :)


@freddiebaby yeahh Manchester! :)


@rayray I'm based in London but will happily head up to Manchester as well!


@rayray Also, rayray aren't you in France? Hence Belle and the books and your previous comments, etc. or have you returned to the motherland?


@sarahf I just moved home this Monday!! The Pin-up is my consolation prize to myself, alongside a decent phone and a new haircut! Currently in Bristol chez les parents, moving oop north in a couple of weeks.


@rayray Right, so we can look again at organising one up this way in a near future, once we're all settled, etc.

It's Pin Oop North!


Oh the irony, I've lived in London for years but will be in the US on 1st October. Bugger.


Ooooh, exciting! A little piece of hairpin in my country. Maybe we should all dress as our most offensive lady-bashing Daily Mail headline.


FUCK YEAH!! I AM THERE!! Who wants cake? I will bring a cake. A Qream cake, even, if they even sell it here? Dare I walk into an off-license and ask if they have Qream?


@sarahf I cannot press the thumbs up button enough.


Damn, if I still lived in Brighton I would be there..

Amsterdam meet up anyone?

Jasmine Kershaw@facebook

Yay! You're finally crossing the pond!


Not sure if I can make it over (time / money) but if anyone wants a Berlin meetup, I will organize! Also, the invitations just keep getting more and more awesome.


YAY I am all over this like gravy on a roast!


@pufflehuff Seems I can never stick to just one of those log-ins... any news on this, Pinners???


can i be the boston pinner liaison for this meetup? edith, how much qream would i need to trade you for a ticket to london?


I am de-lurking to say that since I am moving back to and starting school (again) in London the week before, I will gladly show up and get pleasantly drunk with all of you, because the prospect of starting school and moving into/organizing new living quarters in the same week overwhelms me and makes me want to drink, heavily.

Do we, like, exchange email addresses or phone numbers beforehand to figure things out? I don't know how this is done.

Also, I'm a dude. Is that going to be a problem at all? Because I can just as easily stay at home and drink by myself (because the prospect of meeting strangers also overwhelms me and makes me want to drink).


@elreydelamerica NOT A PROBLEM. Dude, you are welcome! Email me if ya like but I honestly have no more details than are on the poster. Bring yourself, bring friends, bring Qream if you can find any on our this godforsaken isle.


@elreydelamerica Dudes who read The Hairpin are good dudes.


Great timing! I'm moving to London a couple of weeks before this whole thing happens. How very exciting!

Tragically Ludicrous

Whaaaat. Well, I am living in the Netherlands, which isn't that far from London, and I haven't been since December...

(Amsterdam meetup next y/y?)


@Tragically Ludicrous Yes! Yes! I am forever a lurker, but a meetup with Dutch Hairpinners would be....fantastisch!


Yay, this will be awesomesauce.


Places I will be: THERE

Now to find somewhere free to stay so I don't have to take a two hour bus ride while in a delicate state.


oh awesomes! I've only just started commenting but will try and get over myself/my nerves & come along to this.


@Crash oh I am full of relationship fail. Just clicked that this is my boyfriend's birthday and I really, really can't go 'See ya later, I'm gonna go hang out with women from the internet who I've never met before' Can I?

(do I need to Ask A Lady?)


Longtime lurker, had to register just to say I AM ALL THE SAD I CANNOT COME TO THIS. Just moved to Madrid...any Spanish hairpinners about? No? Sadface.


Can you come to a meet-up if you're a longtime lurker AND will be new to the country, but really would love to meet other Hairpinners??


@ladybot I'm a longtime lurker, and will be new (again... studied there a few years back, and am moving back to study again the week before) to London/the UK. We can be new(ish) to town and lurkers together? I think the key is to drink heavily. That was the advice my father always gave me to deal with somewhat weird situations.


@elreydelamerica I'm going to be studying, too--in Brighton! But I'll travel up to London for this meet-up. You guys have convinced me!


@ladybot Expats and students? We'll have much to discuss, then. And drink (or, at least I'll have much to drink). This is going to be a good time. Now to just make sure to work up the confidence to not stand in the corner and stare at my shoes and say nothing all night.

Laura Walker@facebook

AMAAAAAAAAAZING!!! I am on thetrainline now booking my ticket down from oop north!

Feminist Killjoy

YAY i am leaving for london TOMORROW to study abroad for a semester. i will be here!!!!


Hairpin meetups are going global! So! When will we have one in Beijing, amirite ladies? KTV anybody?


Waah do one Oop North. Newcastle is rated 3rd for nights out in the Lonely Planet Guide To The Entire Universe {Factual Edition}. Fact.

@Laura Walker where the Oop are you?


@Katato ALSO LOL at all the awkwardness in the comments by us Britishers re: shyness, staring at feets, needing to drink lots first.

Scott Sessions@facebook

Do boys go to Hairpin meet-ups?

Cause I'm in London.

Hot Doom

Brighton meet-up, anyone, anyone!?!
I missed the one in LA, and I can't make the London one, but if there are any pinners in Brighton who are willing to go, I will happily set it up!

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