Friday, September 16, 2011


Let's All Make...

...LED nightgowns! Just kidding, they look too hard. As does this DIY MP3 player belt buckle. Heck, none of the projects on this website make any sense! If you live in New York, maybe you could go to this convention this weekend and ask them to dumb down some crafts for us normals? Or you could just check out John Hodgman, who promises to give away the secrets of famous magic tricks. Either choice is fine.

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I was totally down with the nightgown, until the part where we have to write code!?

Tammy Pajamas

Jane, I'm impressed by how early you're up and working!

Stacy Worst

Soldering is easy, even for eight-year olds and girls. Trust me!

And if you're in New York I lovingly recommend going to Maker Faire. It is super fun and inspiring. I'm sad I won't be there this year.

Caitlin Podiak

@Sister Administrator When I was an eight-year-old girl, I tried to help my dad solder something and he accidentally let a drip of solder fall on my leg and now I have a scar that looks like a crescent moon.

Quick Brown Fox

@Sister Administrator Maybe, but correctly pronouncing "soldering" in your head when you read it is HARD.


this is very 'stop making sense.'

Anna Marquardt

Ya mo be at Maker Faire on Sunday! There is something called 3D Printer Village.

Leslie Popplewell

@Anna Marquardt We went to Maker Faire in San Jose this past spring--- took the kids out of school to go up there and everything. So much fun!! You'll love it! I do remember wishing there was more fiber crafty stuff there, but we did try to learn needle felting. There was a huge display of old pinball machines that were so cool I could have spent the whole day just there.


It's the blaze across my nightgown..


Quick Brown Fox

I like how she's just standing there casually reading like, "What? Yeah, my nighty glows in the dark."

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