Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Lady Refuses to Put Her Pants on One Leg at a Time Like the Rest of Us

But somehow still manages to look adorable.


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@libs I thought she WAS my grandma for a second! But then, my Grams isn't an Elvis fan.


@gangey Me too! Just with different hair! (mine's is red) She would LOVE this, but I'm slightly afraid to send her the link.


There is a little girl in my neighborhood who wears tights on her head, tied up in a rubberband like a ponytail. (I love her.) Turns out it is equally cute when a grandma does it.


OH MY GOD--I know this woman!!!!!!! At least I'm pretty sure I do--you'll never believe it, because she is SO fabulous, but she works for the federal government, where style is not usually a priority (at least in my experience). She wears sunglasses indoors, even when inside a dark conference room, and is just as awesome at her job as she is at putting together cool outfits. Go feds!

young preeezy

@lagreen Wait, does that mean she's based in DC? Please say yes, because that would make me so happy. Ever since Desiree Rogers stepped down, I've begun to again lose faith in dc's out-there fashion.


@prizzzle Of COURSE she's not in DC--can't you just imagine how much she would stick out there? :) She's in a NYC regional office. Oooh--I don't know Desiree--I'm googling her right now. Although for DC fashion in general, I do think the city is doing better under this administration than the last one...


@lagreen Ahhh, the White House Social Sec. Of course--I knew her but not her name. Thanks, prizzle!

young preeezy

@lagreen Ah, of course she's from NYC! I knew it.

I never really knew about Desiree until my friend pointed her out to me when she was still Social Sec. I love that she wore things like commes de garcons! If it weren't for the stupid Salahis, she'd still be here... but I totally agree with you, definitely a brand new energy/fashion vibe in DC since the new administration, and I'm very happy about it!


never mind her being my grandma... i want to BE HER. not even when i'm older, RIGHT NOW.

young preeezy

This is actually an amazing tip... I also love her strut!


I have finally found who I'm going to be when I grow up.

tin can phone

I would give anything to be able to look sassy and chic with Elvis tights on my head. Homegirl is workin it!


Everyone do this and then send their pictures to Jane as a thank you for being our new editor!


Can I be real you guys? THIS WOMAN LIVES NEXT DOOR TO ME. And I am so in awe of her coolness I basically can't see straight. She's seriously always done up perfectly, I have the biggest girl crush on her of all time.

Jane Marie

@NormaDesmond NORMA!


@Jane Marie JANE!


This woman needs to be a hairpin editor. She is brilliant and I want to be her when I am an older lady.


@gfrancie Do you think she could do a guest post? Clearly NormaDesmond and lagreen could help us find her/convince her/drag her over to Edith and Jane?


@Ophelia She and her friend are total Auntie Mames.


Ah! I love her. And she has great skin! Teach me your great skin and crazy pants-turban tricks!


I realize this probably isn't the BEST place to ask but it's all fashiony! and I'm feeling like I need fashion! and... fashion!
Can any of y'all point me to some fashion inspiration blogs?


young preeezy

@JoanTition Refinery29.com is a good place to start because they're good about linking to many, many other fashion blogs... IntotheGloss.com is usually good, but that's more beauty product-focused (but it's great because it's all from the insiders' perspective!).

This is also really fun to read: ilovewildfox.com -- I actually discovered them from a Hairpin post when they posted pics of a 'Sweet Valley High' -inspired photo shoot they did. I don't love Wildfox's clothes, but this blog has lots of great, giant pictures of fashion-y things!

Wish I had more, hope this helps!


@prizzzle You are so full of help! Thanks!


well, this is delightful


She is fabulous. Her glasses, the pattern of her leggings, the fact that she ends the video saying "et voila!". Love her.

Alix McAlpine@twitter

who is she? I must know!

Alix McAlpine@twitter

got so excited i forgot all about google. the blog is just as great can't wait to see more out of these ladies! http://idiosyncraticfashionistas.blogspot.com/

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