Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Is It "Nordstrom" or "Nordstrom's"?

"She’s not setting trends, she’s following trends... If you take Kate out of the Royal Family, put her on a street in New York, you wouldn’t look at her twice."
The fashion director at Nordstrom, a department store that doesn't even EXIST in New York (OK, they have a Nordstrom Rack but we all know that doesn't count), sounds jeaaalouuus!

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What Would Joan Collins Say?


@oxla? What Would Joan Rivers Say, I ask you.


@Ophelia What about Joan Cusack? I bet she's got an opinon on this matter.


@parallel-lines Something something Joan of Arc.


@parallel-lines Joans-ing for an opinion (.biz)


@oxla? Joan Osbourn is not amused by this person.


@parallel-lines Joan Jett thinks she should cram it.


@punkahontas Joan Baez thinks that she's folking crazy.


@parallel-lines Joan Holloway would just say something appropriately catty and then sashay away.


@gfrancie Joanie Cunningham thinks she's jumped the shark.


When I was little, I told my mother I didn't want to go to heaven unless there was a Nordstrom there.

(And yes, though everyone calls it "Nordstroms" for some unknown reason, it is incorrect!)


@Jazzy The shift to the possessive-- is it a midwestern thing? I did it without realizing all my life until I moved to the east coast and people started looking at me like I was crazy.

Jane Marie

@Jazzy my mom says "If you can't find shoes at Nordstrom's, you must not want shoes."


@MerelyGoodExpectations I grew up in the south and it's applied to everything: Let's go to Wal-Mart's and get us some stuff.

I always assumed it was from before chain stores when it was just somebody's store, like Smith's General Store?

@Jane Marie I get shoe overload and rarely walk out with shoes because my eyes glaze over and I get analysis paralysis. Then I get home and feel weird and empty and new shoeless

Hot Doom

@Jane Marie So true! Also, their return policy is God's gift to indecisive shoe-hoarders like me.


@sox "Analysis paralysis" is a) the name of my band; b) the feeling I get from looking at grad programs. Thank you for introducing me to the term, I can already tell life will be easier now.



And they are opening a Manhattan store...it just happens to have the stupidest name ever!


@thisisunclear There's a Rack here where the Union Square Virgin Megastore used to be.


Nordstrom Rack may not count in the question of whether NY has a Nordies, but I just want to go on record as saying I LOVE the rack 300 times more than any other store.


wait, NYC doesn't have a Nordstrom? MIND. BLOWN. I thought NYC had everything!


@heyits yeah, also, despite our glut of high-end retailers, lack a neiman marcus.


@liznieve Seriously? But you have a Lord & Taylor right? When my brother was about 17 it came to light that his entire literate life he'd read their signage as Loads of Toys and justified it to himself by reasoning that it was like a toy store for wealthy adults.

Jane Marie



@sox We do have a Lord & Taylor. It is decidedly unimpressive.



Dude, San Francisco still doesn't have a Target. "IT'S COMING!" everybody has been saying for years. But every time I go back home to visit my parents, on the way back from the BART station I say to my dad, "Hey Dad? Do you mind if we -" Dad: "I'm already taking that exit, don't worry."


@Diana seriously? How can Alaska have multiple Targets and San Fran doesn't have any? that's insanity. But, you have Trader Joe's and Amoeba Records, so I think you still have it better.

Caitlin Podiak

@liznieve Ohhh, wow. The Short Hills Mall makes a lot more sense to me all of a sudden.


@Caitlin Podiak Holla!


I miss Nordstrom so hard! Every time I visit my family, I make my mom or sister go with me, even though it's about 5 minutes from where they live and they are over it. I just love to go the shoe section and look at all the shoes, stretched out as far as the eye can see.... Luckily, they ship!


It's Nordstrom. Growing up in Seattle, we had Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and Place Two. The good old days.


@buzzgirl Amen.


@buzzgirl Still, everyone I know here in the gorgeous PNW calls it Nordstrom's. Well, everyone except my fancy-as-shit grandma.


Nordstrom. We have one just down the road from me in the Boston 'burbs. Great shoes, and really the only place I've found to get good-quality, non-slutty dresses for an 8-year-old.


@Bittersweet: Also, amusing criticism of Kate Middleton. I mean, let's face it - Nordstrom clothes are nice and all, but they're not exactly pushing the fashion envelope.


@Bittersweet Just like Kate!


As a straight dude in new york who often feels embarassed / guilty at my head-swiveling when standing on the street, this isn't really a correct statement whatsoever.


@leon.saintjean I've noticed some guys have a little trick. Here's what to do: You are checking out a girl walking down the street toward you. As she approaches, you turn and look away, in the direction she is walking. It's like a pre-swivel that makes it look like you're not looking at her, but really you are just preparing in advance to check out her butt. It's much more slick than openly gawking.



You can even do this in a neck brace!



@punkahontas - Our dads teach us this when we're about 9 years old. The night I referenced in my earlier comment today, about the couple I've known forever and me going out to dinner, we were discussing with her how we gawk - she called us out on it. We explained this technique and were met with a "Yeah, you're not actually fooling us when you do that. We know you're looking at our ass."

I'm not a leer/stare kind of guy, the embarrassment is more of an internal shame at being the kind of guy who spends his cigarette breaks at work commenting on The Hairpin, and then being distracted from the lady-blog to be stunned by the gorgeous women passing me by on the street.


@leon.saintjean I agree, I don't think that technique is fooling anyone, but I guess it's less creepy? Though, sometimes an obvious swivel can be endearing. I've made guys trip a few times, and that ALWAYS makes my day.

As for your cigarette breaks, you should never feel embarrassed about appreciating smart/funny/beautiful women.


@leon.saintjean Oh Leon, here is where you certainly get the short end of the stick. Women constantly look at other women, for a myriad of reasons. Maybe think (as a lie or whatever) you're looking at her clothes, it'll make you feel better? I check women out constantly and I see other women do it to each other with the same frequency, don't feel bad about it. We just get off easy because everyone assumes it's not the reasons you are doing it. Which is totally unfair.


I'd look at her! The hair. It's all about the hair.


@Slutface Agree. She is uncommonly follicularly blessed.


Is Nordstrom Fashion Director Gregg Andrews going to be played by Hugh Laurie in the movie Kate's Dis?


@atipofthehat: We can only hope.


So I am in the same category as Kate- women you wouldn't look twice at. Who knew?


@Trilby, if they took you out of the royal family and put you on a street in new york, people wouldn't look twice? Is that you, Liz??


i worked at nordstrom aka THE SEVENTH CIRCLE OF HELL for years. one of the first things they tell us in orientation is that it is NORDSTROM, not plural or possessive.


How did I miss this? I used to work at Nordstrom, bisou, I actually really enjoyed my time there. The clothes are terrible for women, but the women's shoes department is not at all. And I sold men's suits, made nice commission. Funny I missed this yesterday as JUST this morning as I walked to the subway I was thinking I should have stayed instead of going to law school...again I missed the boat.


I worked at Nordstrom (yep, singular/non-possessive), and it was excruciating. The return policy is great for the customers, but it screws over the employees tremendously.

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