Wednesday, September 7, 2011


"I Think I Made a Nice Little Home Out of a Garbage Can"

Greg "Oscar the Grouch" Kloehn made a dumpster into a house. Greg.

In other Tiny House news, they were tiny-housing on this week's episode of Design Star (here's a photo gallery), here is a man who can't fit into his own bed, and here is a micro-mini that looks like it's made out of cardboard. Have tiny houses gone too far?

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I am planning to build one of these someday. (But NOT in a dumpster.)


I think if you can't stand upright in your "house" it is too small.


It is amazing how much mileage you've already gotten out of the Tiny House tag! It just keeps on giving! (I still wish it were a real show.)


I might have spaced out... what's the bathroom situation? Because that's a pretty crucial component of a home to me.


@Gnatalby Yea it looks like the crapper is right next to the bed. That gives roommates a new meaning...

David Buchta

I like that guy's cadence and his hair cut.

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