Monday, September 19, 2011


I Only Took the Test to See What the Questions Were

... and I still got 26% correct! Not bad for not even trying. Or is it? Anyway, ProPublica has made a neat little quiz for if you're feeling all smart and up on the news and politics and you want to come back down to Earth. So, how much do YOU know about the GOP Presidential Candidates?

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46%. I feel sort of in the know! Gah.


@CrescentMelissa 46% here too! The IRS elimination Q got me - should have known the one with Ron Paul was right.


86 percent, and I think of myself as majorly uninformed.

File under, "You know you live in D.C. if..."


@special_boots I got 70%, and think of myself as majorly uninformed, too. However, I file it under "You know you are unemployed and going crazy if..."

Ham Snadwich

@special_boots 86% too! Although "which candidate wants to end the war on drugs?" was a gimmee.

Carl Hess@twitter

80%. I'm not sure if this says good or bad things about me.


I got 76%, which I will accept as a gentlelady's C+, but couldn't figure out how to get the correct answers. Quiz peeve and/or I am dumb.


@charmcity Don't log in but do click the next buttons after you're done.

Noelle Murrain@twitter

73% which is amazing since I have never seen a debate or read an interview with any of these candidates. I'm scared


Really? I know that much about the crazies? I guess I am sort of paying attention after all.


60%. There was the Ron Paul/Mitt Romney half where it was like, who else could it possibly be?, and then there was the other half where it was like it could be any of them oh god how did this wind up as the talent pool?.

Daisy Razor

66% with the "When in doubt, guess Ron Paul" method.


@Daisy Razor 66% with the "Not knowing shit about Newt Gingrich" method.


@Daisy Razor 66% for me too, it was some of the double answer ones that tripped me up.

dracula's ghost

53%! I feel this appropriately expresses my level of engagement with "the news" (i.e. looks medium but is actually an F)

I love the "if it is the craziest and most extreme thing you have ever heard, choose Michele Bachmann" tactic

Gotta love that lady! Wait, no I don't

Lisa Frank


Apparently it's not so bad that the young'uns get all their news from blogs and the Daily Show.


Whoa. 86%. In all fairness, I just finished the Time magazine piece on Perry. Still. I don't even want to know that much.


86%, and I actually went back and Googled the ones I was unsure of to figure out which two I missed. NERD. The Newt/Hillary one tripped me up big time - the climate change commercial I vaguely remember was with *Pelosi*. Very sneaky, ProPublica!


80%-- which I take as proof that having NPR on in the background makes you somewhat well-informed via osmosis or something.

Helen Carpenter@facebook

60% - Although I did that thing of realizing the right answer right after leaving the page. I thought I was more informed!

Female Trouble

All I got was a frozen computer. Boo.


93%. Someone needs a healthier hobby...

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