Wednesday, September 28, 2011


How to React to a Blemish in the 17th Century

Brought to you anonymously by the Academy of Pleasure in 1656.

Image courtesy of the English Broadside Ballad Archive.

Previously: Joan Who Crawled Across London.

Lili Loofbourow writes about 17th-century ideas of reading and digestion, cognitive science, Chile, and femscularity. She blogs for Ms. Magazine and as Millicent over at Millicent and Carla Fran.

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Depends on which lips it appears on...

Slavon Smartmil@twitter

@parallel-lines Iam glad to see you!
Not so bad...


Herpes is pretty hot, man!


Let's be even more explicitly gross: let your pimple by your lip swell until just the pressure of a kiss is enough to pop it. This is what men like to taste (nectar).


@julia You know, suddenly I'm not feeling so well.

Vera Knoop

@julia I assumed this was about cold sores.


@julia ewewewewew!


Reset in the late 20th century, or forged. (Typeface!)

Lili L.

@atipofthehat Damn and blast! Foiled! But the title was pretty convincing, right? Leander has won me over. I am starting a cult of Leander.


I had no idea that my teenage acne was signaling that I was wet and ripe for the taking but also that I am chaste and not immodest.


I guess all that pressure from trying to shrink my labia migrated upwards to my mouth?

Katie Boyer@twitter

Woah. Woah. Men...want to...drink...our cold sore juice. NOT OK, MEN. Not ok.


I really wish you could've been at Will Fisher's Rackin Lecture at Penn last year. it was all about C16/17 dildo culture, complete with engravings of ladies shopping for them.


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