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How to Hard Boil Eggs in a Microwave

My stove has been broken for the past few weeks so I've had to rely on the microwave for a lot of things. It turns out you can make pretty decent hard-boiled eggs in there. Here's how:

1. Get a big microwave-safe bowl and fill it halfway with water.

2. Nuke the water for like three minutes or so until it's really hot.

3. Add six eggs and cover. I use a plate to cover my bowl but feel free to get creative.

4. Microwave for eight minutes on 50% power.

5. Ask Edith for her Deviled Eggs recipe.

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Jane! Jane, you just reminded me I still have a (traditionally) hard-boiled egg in the fridge! I'm going to eat that as soon as I get home. Good lord, I love a nice hard-boiled egg.


yes! and you can poach them by breaking your egg into a mug or ramekin half-full of water (+ a drop or two of white vinegar) and microwaving for 45-60 seconds. yum.


@Lucia Martinez yes! and yes to the vinegar- this is the key to poaching eggs easily on the stovetop or in the microwave.


@Lucia Martinez

Please don't put her in the micro. I like reading her comments.

simone eastbro


(it seemed funnier in my mind)


@atipofthehat perhaps we only have a wee one for a reason :o


This brings back microwave-cake memories. :(


i guess this explains the lean cuisine series.


@oxla? yeah, jane why didn't you TELL us! we were so worried!



Jane Marie

@oxla? for the record: i don't get paid in any way, shape or form by any companies whose products i write about, period. and i rent so someone else is in the hook for the stove. haha.


@Jane Marie tongue firmly in cheek. good luck on your new magic chef!


What are the chances of Edith's recipe for deviled eggs being posted to this comment thread? (And are those chances improved if I admit to owning a platter in the shape of an egg used for serving deviled eggs?)


@finn i own a mini-pineapple-upside-down cake tray (cakes in the shape of pineapples, ya'll!) that i would repurpose for deviled eggs if this came to pass.

Edith Zimmerman

@finn Mmm. I buy hard-boiled eggs in a bag from Trader Joe's (which goes against this whole thing, but JANE KNEW THAT), and then I cut half of them in half, and I mix the yolks with TJ's "Yogurt Dip" plus whatever else -- onions, mustard, chives, mayo, whatever -- and then I eat them all. I think sometimes I save them for "tomorrow" but then I just eat them 2 hours later. Deviled egggssss!

Edith Zimmerman

@finn But this is the best.


@Edith Zimmerman Hold the phone--TJ's sells hard boiled eggs?!? Are they in the egg section? Or in the frozen food part?


A friend of mine just linked me to this amazing looking Ron Swanson inspired deviled egg recipe. I can't wait to make them.

Jane Marie

@thebestjasmine BACON!

fondue with cheddar

@thebestjasmine I like to put Bacon Salt in or on my deviled eggs. Mmmm.

Valley Girl

You can also put a beaten egg in for a minute or two in a bowl and get some okay scrambled eggs. Good for when your stove is broken AND you're out of dog food.

Like, for your dogs. Not that YOU'D be eating dog food.


On stovetop, I have converted to this recipe for hard-boiled eggs:

1. Place raw eggs in pan in cold water (one layer only)
2. Bring to boil
3. Turn off heat, cover pan
4. Wait about 8-10 minutes

That's it!

sarah girl

@atipofthehat Me, too! They end up so perfect, with none of the weird greenish-yolk issues you get from overboiling.

Jane Marie

@atipofthehat ina garten taught me this one and you're right, it's THE BEST WAY.


@Jane Marie

And so simple! And no more rubbery whites, crazy cracks, or bulging bubbles.

Now if only I knew the recipe for the deviled eggs they used to serve at Exterminator Chili, with a bite of marinated slab bacon on top....


@atipofthehat This is what I do, except usually 12 minutes--the last two times I lost a couple eggs to cracking, though, so maybe I need to dial it back a few minutes.


@atipofthehat That's so funny, I have the same recipe, except with an extra step:

5. Throw out the pan and go make yourself some food that doesn't smell and taste like congealed hell.



I believe that's the recipe for she-deviled eggs.


deviled qreggs?

one cow.

@becky@twitter Yes, we definitely need a recipe for Qadbury Qream Eggs! Or do we have to wait until Spring has sprung?


@one cow. We're getting more into hot choqlate season, don't you think?


Let's all make deviled eggs and throw them at Jess's car!


@amirite I STILL want to know what that guy was protesting!

fondue with cheddar

What I want to know is: why are my hard-boiled eggs so hard to peel? What am I doing wrong?


@jen325 Ooh, I know this one! You are using super-fresh eggs, which are always more difficult to peel (because they fill the shell more). Counterintuitively, eggs that are a couple of weeks old are better for hard-cooking because they've taken on a little air between the shell and the translucent sac that holds the actual egg.

If I know I'm making deviled eggs for a crowd, I buy a dozen mediums a couple of weeks ahead and let time do its thing. Eggs last almost forever, so there's very little chance that they'll go bad while they sit.

fondue with cheddar

@HereKitty AHA! I almost always wait until the last minute to buy ingredients for deviled eggs (or anything else, for that matter). The last time I made deviled eggs, the whites came out so pitted and broken from the peeling that I scrapped them and ended up with a dozen eggs' worth of egg salad. After a few days, I couldn't even SMELL eggs without feeling the urge to barf.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this information. I love deviled eggs but have been afraid to make them again. Now I don't have to be! It's too bad barbecue season's over, though.


@jen325 You are most welcome.

Why wait for a barbecue? Serve them as an appetizer during the winter (with some diced pork product if that's your thing) and people will follow you around your home begging for more!

fondue with cheddar

@jen325 It's true that deviled eggs can (and should) be eaten year-round. But I don't really cook or have company for dinner (small apartment), so barbecues are the only time I would really make something like that. It just makes them more special when I do have them!


I needed this. Once I attempted to hard boil an egg in the microwave. During this I decided to shower, you know to be clean and such for my tasty meal. While in the shower, I hear a loud explosion. I get out (shower still running not finished), to discover that the microwave door has blown off. What a mess. And because I have great luck I happened to slip and fall in the shower once I returned. It was hell cleaning that up with my wrenched back.

fondue with cheddar


Lisa Brown@facebook

This was horrible!!!!!! My 3 eggs exploded everywhere.
Now I have to clean the microwave, kitchen counter,
the floor, the blinds, the cabinets and the sink!!!!!! So


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DONT BOIL EGGS IN THE MICROWAVE. My sister ended up in the emergency room after the egg she tried to boil exploded and the boiling water sprayed all over her.


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Linda Brunmier Powers@facebook

WHAT A DISASTER!!!! THIS DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!! Tried two batches...cooking 2nd batch longer....still had running yucky mess!! Dont rely on it to work!

Jaden Tho@facebook

Hell no dont use it it exploded in my face literally

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