Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Fifty People Answer: "What's Your Favorite Memory?"

How does everyone have an answer to this? Or, how are there so many good actors in Chicago? (And if you want to go on a weeping spree, this is also making the rounds today.)


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The Lady Gaga fan and his mum. Oh my gosh. So cuteeeeee.

Clara Morena

@Acertainromance Agreed that was really sweet


Oh god I am such a sucker for this stuff. I love seeing how people choose among something very specific, like an exact moment in time, or something broader, like a trip, or something repeated, like a favorite store or being on the lake in summer (or hugs from mom!!!). Memories! How do they work?

And +1 to all the Lake Michigan memories.


This reminds me of a fantastic Japanese movie, After Life, in which recently-deceased people selected their favorite memory, which would then be filmed so that they could relive that memory over and over.

Kay Wilds@twitter

@thornbek I thought myself and the 12 people in my graduate seminar were the only people who ever saw After Life. I stand corrected.


It's becoming more and more clear to me that Edith wants me to get weepy at least once a day.



@JoanTition *shakes fist at Edith*


Why is it so easy to make me cry?


@thebigcheese life is beautiful..... *sob*


All the mom hugs! Awwwwww.

Tropical Iceland

I know we're all thinking about it now, so I'll just go first:

Mine is the time I impulsively decided to drive with my friends to St. Paul from NC at midnight during my first week of college. Sure, the trip resulted in me spending a couple days in jail, but it was also the greatest time I'd ever had and the first time I felt grown up. Also the time I met Bill Murray and he gave me his leftover food.

What are yoursss?


@Tropical Iceland no one will ever believe you.


@Tropical Iceland: Oh myyyy gaaaawd. Bill Murray putting-fans-in-a-headlock-and-whispering-"no-one-will-ever-believe-you," is that you?

(Yes, I made a commenter account just to say that.)

fondue with cheddar

I want to watch this but I'm at work!

A favorite memory of mine: During a company picnic (or maybe a family picnic?), I took a paddleboat out by myself. I went out to the middle of the lake, far away from the noise. Suddenly it started to rain, but the sun was still shining brightly. I looked up and watched the rain falling down, sparkling in the sun. The rain made lovely plip, plip sounds all around me on the surface of the lake, and each drop that jumped up glinted with sunlight. Then, just as suddenly as it started, it was over. Soaked and happy, I paddled back to shore. :)


When I was three and Jurassic Park came out, my brother and I would watch it over and over in our living room. We'd put the couch cushions down on the floor and pretend we were in that scene with the mounds of triceratops poop.

My favorite memory would revolve around poop.


@franzia Also, this just reminded me of this video: "Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody?" It's directed by Miranda July.


Ever since I watched that I've always known that my brother is my favorite person, though I've never told him.


@franzia Tell him.


My favorite memory: Sitting on a blanket with my husband and my friends in a vineyard overlooking a city in Switzerland, watching fireworks get shot out of a fucking CASTLE.

Hot Doom

Ughhhh, the weeping spree has landed. Between Operation Smile and ASPCA commercials, I should just make a hat out of Kleenex, for life's little tear duct emergencies.


The night I met my first real boyfriend freshman year of college. ooooh oh oh it's MAGIC! I wondered around with his friends talking, and I never thought talking could be so so so much fun.


this sucked me into a 50 questions youtube vortex and I wept so many weeps. So many people love their dads. And the one guy whose day would be made by having his son back?! snotty mess everywhere.


@lumbermouth Wait! I'm out of the loop! What is the 50 Qustions youtube vortex people are talking about?!


@Kitty i just kept hitting next on youtube. they've asked different questions in a lot of different cities! http://www.youtube.com/user/50people1question#p/u


One of my faves: watching a meteor shower in Albany near a playground with my college roommate at the time and a bunch of her friends I just met that day. Magical! Cliche.


Aaahhh Operation Smile! Could that be an ongoing feature at the Hairpin? Like once a week show a YouTube video of good people doing good things all over the world? Or could that be a separate post following Friday's How To Spend Your Allowance?


@Diana I second this idea!!

hairdresser on fire

So, so weepy (especially since I'm moving away from Chicago in two days). My answer: the first time I was ever half awake in a taxi downtown at night, careening down Lake Shore Drive and watching the dark coast on one side and the buildings glitter on the other. Aaaahhh. :(:(:(:(:(


I got like 4 hours of restless sleep last night (oh hi, insomnia!) and I feel like a wrung out dishrag. This made me cry and laugh at the same time. Love it love it love it.

One of my favorite memories is when my son was 3 and I would pick him up at daycare after work and he'd run up to me shouting, "MOMMY!!" with a huge grin on his face and his arms thrown wide.

Holy crap. Crying again. Haha, yay.


Is anyone else having a Sophie's Choice moment with their favorite memories?

Just me then? Okay. (I CAN'T CHOOOOOOOOOSE)


@ohgodtheglitter Yeah, so many that are good for so many reasons. How do you weigh a super passionate kiss in my 20s versus being 5 and fetching tools for my grandfather while he's working on a truck? Seeing my nephew born? Watching my dad play softball at the park growing up? Getting really messed up at Phish shows with my best friend?...... To many!


My eyes fell on the title of this post and the still video, and I thought this said 'filthy people answer what's your favorite memory'.

d'Auria Marie@facebook

This is my buddy Benjamin Reece's project! LOVE seeing it on The Hairpin!

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