Thursday, September 8, 2011


Belle's Inner Monologue

Here's what happens if you simultaneously press fast-forward and rewind while watching Beauty and the Beast.


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It's like Pretty In Pink if the dress looked good.

I NEED that book.


@Lucia Martinez YES. i logged on just to say this.


@Lucia Martinez YES! Pretty in Pink would be my favorite movie ever if the dress looked good and also if she had dumped Blaine's ass. I found a novelization at a garage salewith the original Duckie ending!


@Lucia Martinez
Ensuing monstrosity aside, why the hell did she think it was ok to cut up someone elses' beloved dress in the first place!

But ha - that was my favourite line.


@teaandcakeordeath littleredcookbook littleredcookbook


@teaandcakeordeath and that dress was originally CUTE (the polka dot one, not the monstrosity her single dad brought home).


It was cute! And I'm sure her friend mentioned that she wanted to wear it again. Also her dad looked so proud when he gave her that ugly dress that it's sort of sad she customised it.
Having read todays couture post, clearly Molly should have Asked A Handy Femme before she went on that butchering spree.


@teaandcakeordeath she almost wore it on her date with the pet shop owner!

Katie Heaney



@Katie Heaney: Just replayed and heard part near beginning about "this place by Provincetown." DYING.


"I'm gonna turn you into a sweater and IT'LL MATCH."

Best start to my morning ever.


I loved everything about this.


It's my favorite part because...ewe'll see!

Sheep humor - it's hilarious!


@Smallison "heeere's where she robs..."


So early in the morning and my day has already peaked.


@theinvisiblecunt The fact that your username is a Misfits reference just made this entire thread better. Just had to say.


It's like if Stefon was in charge of Disney!!


@theinvisiblecunt I love you so much right now.


@theinvisiblecunt @Ophelia Stefon is my most favorite character SNL has created in *years*.


@automaticdoor This wine bar called "Crave" opened up near my apt, and every time I walk by I think, "The hottest new club in NY is called CRAVE. From rabbis with mohawks to rainbow midgets and foam, this place has it ALL." And then I giggle insanely to myself. <3


@Ophelia At the door just do the Cosby face. God, I love Stefan.

Lindsay Gordon@twitter

@Ophelia Stefan is the only reason I'll watch SNL.


"But you've already read it twice--"


"Bonjour Bernice. I love your new wig."

I didn't realize Belle's village was so informed about all the new trends in fake hair.

Ghost Stromboli

Thanks, my kids think I'm having a seizure now.


"I can hear you bitches".


@Techmo Best part, in my opinion.

oh, disaster

BRB, going back to bed, day can't get any better.


HEY GIRL!!!! heygirlheygirlheygirl. This was the best 4:12 of my week, hands down.


Well, I give up on doing anything today except watching this over and over and over and calling people I sent it to just to say "Hey, girl!" and cackle hysterically.


My co-workers are giving me weird looks now. Trying to stifle laughter causes strange noises, apparently.


*jumps over jump rope* "That's how you do it bitch."
HAHAHAH. so close to my inner dialogue sometimes.


@tiniest Hah, same!

David Buchta

@tiniest This is my favorite part, although the whole thing is fantastic.

Alyssa Bernstein@facebook

wow, I live in a small-ish Arab city, and this movie is my life. MY LIFE. especially all the men everywhere going "hey gurl!" just replace the librarian with my tailor and/or vegetable shop guy. god, this town sucks. (except the same guy with the tray of bread every day and the flocks of sheep eating your books is kind of exciting in a boring way).


@Alyssa Bernstein@facebook if you don't mind me asking, which city do you live in? I lived in Amman and this sounds exactly like it...haha I thought the same thing when I watched the video

Kaitlyn Flynn@twitter

I've watched this three times this morning.


Blink and you'll miss "Nice try, whore."


Remember how I said my avatar is cos I lived in a modern approximation of Belle's town? Well I left that place a couple of weeks ago but after wiping the tears of mirth from my eyes I just posted it to all my friends from there. ACE. K I'm gonna watch it again now.


this seriously made my morning.

Anna Marquardt

I hate that green dress, girl.


@Anna Marquardt I TOLD YOU IT WAS A WIG!


@Anna Marquardt, @becky@twitter: I think my friend Marco and I had this exact conversation last weekend. It's times like that when I thank my lucky stars for being a jaded old queen...


Some of the people on YouTube are truly doing God's work.

young preeezy

@Diana omg your avatar is amazing

young preeezy

"I can hear you, bitches." This is EXACTLY what I needed in this crappy week. I'm still trying to suppress the giggles.

Lindsay Gordon@twitter

This is precisely how my brain works. "I TOLD YOU IT WAS A WIG!!!" One of my favorite games to play in life is "wig" or "not a wig." Lord.


@Lindsay Gordon@twitter

I am also a fan of "weave or not a weave".


@Samantha not quite the same, but "bluetooth or crazy" is also a very good game.

Lindsay Gordon@twitter

@Samantha I also have a game I play that I call fat or fetus, but that one's really mean-spirited!


@Lindsay Gordon@twitter: Also fun, real or fake rack. "Have you seen Donna's tits, don't they look real?"

Kammie Zindel@facebook

@Lindsay Gordon@twitter
Who's that smell is a great game to play on any public transportation.


@Lindsay Gordon@twitter I play 'junky or hipster?' on public transport myself. I am finding that it is getting increasingly harder, too.


Things like this make me so glad that YouTube exists.


in high school my bff and I would drive around and blast this song. and force everyone to listen to us sing it. this song, and "Like a Prayer." omg.


What does she say during Gaston's line??

one cow.

@Flora PosteHaste "I thought we cut you!" because his part of the song (the whole, "right from the moment when I met her, saw her..." part) is edited out.


...In which I officially stop reading hairpin at work. I work in a really tiny office that is mostly silent, and I can no longer appropriately stifle my snorting guffaws. This shit is too funny.


Love the final whispered, "GURL."


the whole scene in the bookshop nearly made me pee my pants. "IT'S MY FAVORITE!!!"

Guy DeBr0'd

But she never mentioned Biv or DeVoe...


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