Thursday, September 8, 2011


Ask a Clean Person: It’s Time to Talk About Your Floors

I give up; I can’t keep fighting you. You’ve utterly defeated me. So fine, let’s talk about how to clean the floors.

You guys? No but really you guys? I need you to really hear me when I say this: I absolutely hate cleaning the floors. I hate even thinking about it.

It has to be done, though, and I do it all the time, so today we’re going to go through the basics of (1) what cleaning products to use, (2) what type of surfaces to use them on, and (3) how to use them. Real talk: This is going to be an overview. Questions about micro problems, unusual flooring types, the time you played beauty parlor and got leg wax all over your floors? Send all those to cleaning@thehairpin.com. Well. Don’t send the one about the leg wax because I’ve already got one of those and we’ll get to that next week and also God bless, I love you crazy bitches.

With that said, let’s break this baby down.

What kind of cleaning solution to use on...

Wood Flooring & Parquet: dishsoap & water solution; ammonia & water solution; Murphy’s Oil Soap; Pine Sol; Fabuloso.

Tile & Grout: OxyClean & water (greenies! This is your product of choice, OK? OK!); bleach & water; bleach-based cleaning products (think Tilex, Clorox Clean-up and the like).

Linoleum: dishsoap & water; ammonia & water; Pine Sol; Fabuloso.

Laminate: vinegar & water; glass cleaner & water.

Lacquer or Shellac: microfiber mop with a spray-on cleaner like Bona. (As an aside, I grew up in Boston and cannot read the word ‘Bona’ without giggling like a 12-year-old boy.)

Marble, Terrazo: dishsoap & water.

The big thing to get here is to try different things out. Find the product that you and your floors love the best! You do you! We’re all special snowflakes and so are our floors! But it’s important to be an informed experimenter... which leads me to what I think will be the most useful thing I’ll ever tell you and why haven’t other Clean People thought of this before?!? (Because I understand you and your needs better than other Clean People do, that’s why.)

What never to use on...

Wood Flooring & Parquet: wood furniture spray (like Pledge or Endust); very hot water; excessive amounts of water.

Tile & Grout: vacuum with a beater bar; abrasives.

Linoleum: wax-based products.

Laminate: ammonia; soap; abrasives.

Lacquer or Shellac: water.

Marble, Terrazo: ammonia; vinegar; lemon; abrasives; oils & fats.

What technique to use on...

Wood Flooring & Parquet: Sweep or dry mop first, then either damp mop or handsies & kneesies wash, then polish with a dry cloth.

Tile & Grout: Sweep or dry mop first, then handsies & kneesies scrub, then polish with a dry cloth.

Linoleum: Sweep or dry mop first, then either damp mop or handsies & kneesies scrub.

Laminate: Sweep or dry mop first, then damp mop, then polish with a dry cloth.

Lacquer or Shellac: Sweep or dry mop, then every-so-slightly damp mop, then polish with a dry cloth.

Stone: Sweep or dry mop first, then mop or handsies & kneesies wash.

But, like, how...?

Sweeping: Grab a broom. Sweep the floor. Move all the grunge into a little pile. Sweep the little pile into a dustpan or vacuum it up.

Dry Mopping: Dry mops are the pre-cursor to the Swiffer and honestly? They’re kind of gross, even though they’re good at what they do! Mostly because the mop-y part picks up a boatload of hair and dust bunnies and then? That needs to be dealt with? If you’re a super lucky person who has her own washer/dryer then this is fine! Because you can just detach the mop-y part and launder it, along with your dirty rags and enjoy your life of privilege while the rest of us envy you and wonder what to do with this dust animal living in our home. I say stick with sweeping.

Damp Mopping: Ladies listen up! You know how you’re always all Jolieeeeeee!! How do I mop??? The biggest thing I want you to know about mopping is that this is a DAMP process. Not a wet one. Wet is great in many, many circumstances ifyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudo but not when it comes to cleaning your floors. Damp. We’re going for damp here.

With that said, here’s how you mop:

Get a mop! You can either go for a sponge mop or a string mop. Regardless of which one you choose, the idea is the same — you’ll need to put your cleaning solution in a receptacle big enough to fit the mop, so... a bucket, the sink, your tub, a trash barrel, a punch bowl? I dunno! WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU! OK then you’re gonna stick your mop in it. GO AHEAD AND DIRTY TALK THE MOP! “Awwww yeah mop. Stick it in there.” Wait. Why are you looking at me like that? You mean to tell me that you’ve never smut talked your cleaning products? Cripes, ladies... live a little!

Now comes the most important part: You must wring the mop out. You absolutely do not want to be soaking your floors. Wring wring wring wring wring. OK now you’re ready to hit the floor, so! Working along the grain of the floor you’re going to push the mop forward while bearing down firmly but not too hard. When your mop starts to feel too dry or you notice that you're just pushing wet muck all over your floor, stick it back in your cleaning solution, wring it a few times in the solution to release the dirt it just picked up, then remove it from the solution and wring wring wring wring wring. Then back to your mopping. Depending on how vast and/or filthy your floors are, you may need to change out your cleaning solution partway through the process. When you’ve mopped the entire surface, you’ll want to go over it with a dry cloth to get up any excess cleaning solution, dirt and to avoid streaking.

OK so that’s how you mop! Try it out, see if it works for you... but for whatever it’s worth, I don't care for mopping. For one, it’s just miserable and awkward. For two, I feel like mops are super gross and so is the mopping water and uch. I just can't abide it.

Handsies & Kneesies Scrub: This is your technique of choice for tile and grout, and I sort of see that your little faces just collapsed when I said that but hang tight! It’s not actually as bad as you think because I’ve got a secret to share with you! The real trick to dealing with tile and grout is to let the cleaning products do most of the work for you. If you’re using OxyClean, you’ll want to dissolve a cup of Oxy in two gallons of water and pour the solution all over the floor; if you’re using a bleach-based product, spray the floor liberally with it, making sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your delicate paws. Unlike wood floors, tile is an area where you should feel free to soak the surface with impunity. (By which I mean impunity-within-reason. Don’t flood your bathroom or anything!)

Once the cleaning solution is down walk away. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes, then go back in with a scrub brush and chh-chh-chh scrub away at it. It’s not a bad idea to have a toothbrush on hand to get into corners and up against the seam of the wall. Work in sections, going over the ares that you’ve scoured with a sponge or wet rag to wipe up the suds, then again over the area with a dry rag. Then walk away again. It might not immediately look as clean as you want it to be, but as the grout dries you’ll start to notice a major, major difference.

Handsies & Kneesies Wash: For my money, this is the best way to clean a floor. The first time you do it, you’re going to want to kill yourself. The second time, you’ll maybe want to cut yourself a little bit. But then? It just won’t seem that bad.

You’ll need a bucket filled with cleaning solution, a sponge or rag to dip in the solution, and a dry rag to polish the area you’re washing. Dip your sponge or rag in the solution, wring it out, and then go over the floor in sections, sort of working a wax-on, wax-off maneuver with the wet and dry rags. Just like with mopping, you’ll need to change the washing solution out when it gets really grody.

And finally ... why I hate those blasted Swiffer products

My general objection to those blasted Swiffer products was summed up nicely by commentess karion, who noted, “I am going to guess that Jolie hates Swiffers because they give a false sense of clean — that is, they don't really clean anything, they just pick up some stray dirt and mostly just push the piles of dirt around.”

That’s it, mostly, but to take it further, the problem is that I worry that the “shortcut” nature of them breeds laziness. They’re also expensive and not particularly earth-friendly. With that said, they can be fantastic products if you use them correctly. The first thing you need to accept is that one pad is not going to be enough. When you bring the Swiffer out, no matter if it's a wet or dry version of the product, you also should plan to use at least two or three of the disposable cleaning pads. They pick up gunk and need to be replaced if you want to avoid spreading that gunk all over the place. But of course, in the time it takes you to Swiffer properly and change the pads out, you might as well have just gotten a rag and some cleaning solution and gotten down on your handsies & kneesies. I dunno. They’re mostly just useless and silly and a waste of time and energy unless you’re using them as daily maintenance in which case alkshlfshkgdhkhdlakslk YOU’RE DOING DAILY MAINTENANCE??? I’m so happy right now!

Also I just really like referring to them as “those blasted Swiffer products” and secretly I think you like it too.

OK so now it’s your turn! What do you love love love to use on your floors? What absolute disasters have you had?? How mad at me are you for telling you to wash your floors on your handsies & kneesies???

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Also: Floors in Art.

Jolie Kerr is not paid to endorse any of the products mentioned in this column, but she sure would be very happy to accept any free samples the manufacturers care to send her way! Are you looking for a green alternative to the suggestions found here? Because we’ve got some! More importantly: Is anything you own dirty?

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Ammonia bleaches wood floors. Equal parts water and vinegar or a cleaner like Bona (which is expensive but EXCELLENT) are good.

Aunt Pete

@notjenny I'm obsessed with my Bona. First I sweep really well with a broom. Then I use the Bona dust mop pad. Then I use the terrycloth pad and the cleaner spray bottle. It takes awile, put its so worth it. They shine!!! lovelovelovelovelove.


Jolie, do you have a preference for fragrant v. odorless floor cleaners? Ammonia and vinegar don't smell like much, but I kinda like that heavy PineSol/Fabuloso scent to let me know everything's cleeeeeeean.


@Layla I fucking love how cleaning products smell. They are powerfully erotic to me. I sniff different flavors of Fabulouso and Mr. Clean w. the ardor of a juicehead at a cologne counter. Right now, Lavander Fabulouso is my jam.


@Layla BLEACH SMELL! I fucking love the smell of bleach. It's the only part of cleaning the bathroom I enjoy. I am probably going to get brain damage from not ventilating my bathroom properly while I bleach it, but it just smells so damn clean.

My sister also loves the smell of bleach, which is funny, because our mother never actually used it when we were growing up.


@Manatee Yes lavender Fabuloso! So purple! I like to plan my floor-cleaning so that I have nothing to do after, and I can just sit, knit, and watch Lifetime movies (nope, not even embarrassed)while smelling clean smells. It's like meditating.
@xx-xx-xx I swam all through elementary and high school, so the smell of bleach makes me kind of nostalgic. Love it.


@Layla On the really hot days this summer I would intentionally walk by the public pool near my house so I could smell the chlorine and think of swimming. It's strangely refreshing.


Since my mopping is generally confined to the kitchen area, I use my bucket for my cleaning solution and the sink for rinsing out my mop when it gets dirty. That way my cleaning solution stays relatively clean and I don't feel like I'm spreading around dirty water.


Mrs. Meyer's - while not so cheap - will smell so good that you'll mop like always.


@hungrybee the lavender one. yes.


@becky@twitter And the basil one! It is LOVELY.


@Ophelia And the rosemary, for the kitchen. GAH. It makes me want to roast vegetables immediately.

sarah girl

@becky@twitter I use her lavender laundry detergent and it is my FAVORITE. Especially if you air-dry your clothes after - the most glorious smell!


@Ophelia someone moved out of my apt bldg and left an entire container of the basil laundry detergent in our basement. i can't handle the scent because it reminds me of the month i didn't balance my checkbook and had to use that orphaned detergent.

@Sarah H. me too, sarah! i also have the lavender glass cleaner. it leaves streaks but i am obsessed with the smell. it's a sickness, really.


@hungrybee I bought some Lemon Verbena powdered whatever because it was on sale at Target, and while that scent is powerfully strong--enough to give me a headache while using it to clean the bathroom--it fades to a pleasant hint of lemoniness that makes me want to use it again. And again. Or maybe that's just the cocaine in it?


@becky@twitter Bummer. Can I have it?


@Ophelia visit boston and you betcha!


@becky@twitter I'll be heading home for Thanksgiving, so if you see a random redhead with a mop standing on your doorstep, don't worry, it's me.




Jolie! Can I clean my wood floor with "all-purpose cleaner" + water instead of dish soap? I bought a big jug of the Mrs. Meyer's stuff, but I'm always terrified to use it. It seems really powerful!


I love your tips and I understand your dedication to clean, but I have a 1200 square foot house and two dogs who have turned my backyard into a sand pit. I would rather punch myself in the face than hands & kneesies the hardwood floors. The mop might not be the best, but it keeps me from spending my entire weekend cleaning the floors.

As stalkingcat pointed out, if you have two buckets, one for rinsing the mop and then the second for the cleaning solution, you shouldn't have to replace the cleaning solution midway through the process.


@RosemaryF I'm with you sister. The thought of hand-cleaning our wood floors - oh, my knees!


@RosemaryF I hands and kneesies the hardwood floor BECAUSE of the dog.


@Lucia Martinez It's more the size of my house than the dogs. Not a single inch of it is carpeted so according to Jolie it should be cleaned by hand. I do appreciate why she is saying that. I truly do. But I'm completely comfortable not being able to walk barefoot through the house for more than an hour after cleaning without getting gross k-mart feet.


@RosemaryF: K-Mart feet! Samesies here, with size/floors/dogs/grit. I vacuum my hw floors (I have super furry animals and the doghair tumbleweeds just laugh as they flee the advancing broom), hands-and-kneesies the parts of the kitchen floor right around the work surfaces that get the most spillage--for this it really is the most efficient and effective way--and mop the rest.

The best thing I did for the state of my floors was lay down paving stones and plant low-growing thyme between them in the area right outside the kitchen door. Grit invasion cut by 75%.

Miss Minx

@jkjv, RosemaryF - I've found that the same kneepads you can wear for gardening also work well when hands/knees-ing the floors. Or even one of those portable gardening pads.

I have both a dog and a toddler (notorious smearer-of-food on everything), so I compromise by doing the floors by hand about once a month - the rest of the time I use a steam mop to keep dog fur, grit and toddler-crud to a minimum. (Okay, maybe a medium.)


For me and my wood floors, it's a dry Swiffer (Sorry Jolie, but I have shedding dog and actually do use it on an almost daily basis), a sponge mop, and Murphy's Oil in warm water. My floors are lovely, and it doesn't take that long.


@Kateness Yes! All other swiffer issues aside, the dry ones are GREAT for picking up pet hair. I actually use them after I vacuum, too - they seem to get up the little bits that even the vacuum leaves behind.

every tomorrow@twitter

@Kateness Swiffer is the best thing for hair. I shed a LOT and my hair has killed my first two vacuums which tbh did not do that good a job of picking up my hairs, but that damned swiffer dry thing does an amazing job at picking up all my gross shed hairs that inevitably accumulate in the corners of the wood-floor parts of my apartment.

Also I actually just gave up using the wet swiffer pads and switched to just stuffing the corners of a microfiber cloth in the little holes, spraying the floor with whatever cleaner I am using, and using the swiffer mop to scrub. Works pretty good when you don't need a super deep clean!


That wood floor looks exactly like the flooring in my bedroom! I only wash it something like twice a year, but I do sweep it at least oh, once every two weeks.


Wait wait what but why can't you use Pledge on a wood floor? What does it do that is bad? (One time I emergency-quick-cleaned my floors by spraying Pledge on Mrs. Meyer's geranium fabric dryer sheets and putting my feet on them and frantically skating around? Oh god Jolie will never speak to me again.)


@MollyculeTheory That is brilliant.


@MollyculeTheory In my experience, using a tiny bit of Pledge to clean a tiny spill by the kitchen island will turn that part of the floor into an ice-skating rink for weeks, even through several washes with soap and water. I think the Pledge prohibition is more for your safety than the floors'!

Jolie Kerr

@MollyculeTheory As tempting as it is to do this, it's a safety concern. Pledge-esque products will make wood floors dangerously slippery and I can't have any of you precious ladies wind up with a broken neck!!


@Jolie Kerr one time I pledged a patch of floor out of frustration and then the dog kept slipping and it was hilarious.

every tomorrow@twitter

@Jolie Kerr I use that Method wood cleaner stuff on my wood floors because it makes them look and smell pretty (almonds!) but I think I need to quit because every time I clean the floors I nearly fall and kill myself. My cheap textured wood apartment flooring turns into a skating rink.

Katie Boyer@twitter

@Lucia Martinez Yes! I did this too, and then spent a week cracking up as all three of our cats kept coming around the corner and literally falling on their faces. Cats get so huffy when they do something undignified. It was like the angriest Three Stooges episode ever.


Hearing that yes, it's okay to use Pine Sol on my new wood floors brightens this gloomy day. Pine Sol everywhere!

Tragically Ludicrous

Whaaat! The perfect column for me, as I've been assigned "wash kitchen floor" in my shared accommodations for the next month. Timely!


Ah HA! Now that I know the reason for the Swiffer hatred, I understand A Clean Person. I use them for the dust bunnies, so, like, for maintenance, although I wouldn't call it DAILY. And I use several, cause once you get enough dust animals on it, it won't pick up anymore!


Samesies. I love the dry ones for dusting surfaces (TV, bookshelf, top of fridge, etc.), but I find that both dry and wet just don't work well on floors.

Megan Harper@facebook

@Rosebudddd I'm the same way. I have dogs that shed ALL THE TIME, so I use Swiffer dry pads every day or two to get hair balls under furniture that the broom won't get. Then once, a week, I take my vacuum with a hard-floor setting to the whole floor, moving furniture and junk.

My favorite stuff in the world is Method Squirt & Mop for wood floors in almond scent. AMAZING.


@S. Elizabeth That stuff is the best.


@S. Elizabeth I love it! So much easier than mixing every thing together.

The Widow Muspratt

Yes but how do I get bright red Chloraseptic stains out of brand new Marmoleum?
(I can't have nice things.)


How did you know I've been trying to figure out how to effectively clean the tile floor in my bathroom? And that I was going to tackle it tonight?

One thing I can't do is go handsies-kneesies on my entire apartment's wood floors. This place is GIANT.

Also - I've been avoiding oil soap and the like because it left a weird buildup on my floor. Now I damp mop with cold water, no cleaner or anything. Am I just shoving the dirt around?


@jkjv Apartment size humblebrag!


@madamvonsassypants Oh no, that wasn't my intent. Wait, does my saying that make my unintentional humblebrag worse?!


What about wall-to-wall carpet? Do those rent-a-steamer things from the grocery store work, or is there some special Clean Person method?


My apartment has old and porous linoleum floors in the kitchen and bathroom. They stay clean for about a day. Any advice on how to maintain them without having to scrub every week? (Wet swiffers just make the floors sticky and dirty.)


Steam mop. Steam mop. Steam mop! Get one. Get this one.

one cow.

@Potato Ugh! That looks awesome. I'm totally asking for one for Christmas!

one cow.

@one cow. PS--I used to be so messy. Jolie, what have you done to me???


@Potato I love my steam mop so much that if it were legal, I might marry it. (jk, inanimate objects can't consent to legally-binding contracts!) I absolutely hate mopping with every fast-twitch and almost every slow-twitch fiber of my being, but my steam mop makes everything so much better. Every person I've shown my steam mop who also hates regular-mopping has loved it. I went with the Eureka envirosteamer.


@wharrgarbl Love love love LOVE my shark steamer. Super cheap and soooo much easier than regular mopping or handsies and kneesies-ing (how do you write that?). Saw one at my boyfriend's (his mom is prob the ultimate clean person- saw her use toothpicks to clean a tiny space in a stove *intimidated*), bought one for my mom, then for myself. My world is cleaner and better and STEAMY!

Jolie, are we wrong???


@Potato 2nd, 3rd, 4th the steam mop! I e-mailed Jolie a few months ago for floor-cleaning advice, specifically her thoughts on a steam mop, and she told me hands-and-knees was the way to go. I thought about it, then went and bought a steam mop anyways! Sorry, Jolie... I do still hands-and-knees scrub my (small) bathroom floor, though! That's after the boyfriend has cleaned the bathroom and used the Swiffer Wet-Jet on the floor - those blasted Swiffer products ARE useful if your SO is a non-Clean-Person who you force into helping out with the household chores!


@Lizzy00 The only thing wrong with steam mops is that you open a brave new world of straight murdering your floors if you have anything that melts or warps and are not a super-careful person. I have nothing but tile in my house, so my floors are pretty safe from everything except my absolute hatred of regular-mopping.


@everybody seriously, i do not even care what jolie says. the thing is life-changing. my floors are BACTERIA-FREE. okay, for like five minutes BUT STILL.


@Potato If we steam mop frequently enough--maybe enough to officially go from Clean Person to OCD Person--I bet we could evolve a new strain of those bacteria that are inured to super-high temperatures like they find in sulfur springs and underwater vents, and then we could all have little meltdowns because of the germs but also we could all have little Nobel Prizes for biology.


@wharrgarbl http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object_sexuality


@wharrgarbl My life's new goal is to have little Nobel Prize. Now if you'll excuse me, my doves, I must go steam the floor.


@wharrgarbl But you might also inadvertently come home and discover a gaggle of tubeworms growing out of your newly steam-mopped floors.

one cow.

@wharrgarbl Dunno if you'll see this, but my Enviro Steamer just arrived yesterday! I'm so excited! My bf got it for me as a gift--I didn't even have to wait for Christmas!!!


Murphy's Oil Soap is like, the smell of my childhood and the best thing ever. When I moved in to my First Grown Up Apartment that had wood floors, and after our first party, my flatmate tried to mop the floors with water, and then got confused as to why they were still filthy. I introduced her to the joys of Murphy's Oil Soap and our floors were always sparkly. I <3 MOS. I also <3 disinfectant wipes for kitchen counters, but that's another story.


Half of my house is tiled; under no circumstances is scrubbing on my hands and knees EVER going to happen. The suggestion is just beyond preposterous to me, like cleaning all the baseboards with a toothbrush or something. Surely there is a more time efficient method that will get the floor just as clean.


@Squarah there's not, unless you're willing to rent major appliances and have a truck to bring them home. this is why being a housekeeper is a full-time job, and why cleaning ladies should be paid way more than they are.


@Squarah I heard magic works.

Jolie Kerr

@Squarah I think your situation would fall into the "unusual flooring" category. If you would like to submit a question and I'll help you out, though I do tend to use questions that are framed in a positive way.

As a reminder to EVERYONE: This was designed as an overview column with a lot of information. You should mix and match products and techniques to fit the needs of your home and your personal preferences. Special snowflakes, etc.


@Squarah I have only tile floors too. I'll ditto Potato's post above: steam mop steam mop steam mop! I hate mopping beyond belief, and to paraphrase my mother would rather "live in filth" than "hands and knees" it. Then I got an inexpensive Eureka Envirosteamer, which looks like a kids toy, and now mopping feels like play! The grout/caulk is still an issue though...


@wamelohe Yeah I think I'll have to check out this steam mop business. Right now I just sweep/vacuum the tile floors and that's about it unless I spill something.


I've only used a Swiffer when I lived with cats or dogs. When you sweep the kitchen floor, cat hair flies straight up into the air, lofting gently onto your food preparation surfaces. Ew. ew.


This is great, because I just moved into this house on Sunday and the boyfriend's parents are coming for a visit TOMORROW (!!!) and I know they are going to be judgmental about the floors. And the paint, and the lighting fixtures, and the yard, but AT LEAST I CAN CLEAN THE FLOORS.


JOLIE! I have a stupid question! When you say "ammonia" - like, what is that? How do I find it? Do some cleaning products contain "ammonia" and I just need to look closer at them? I know "ammonia" isn't a brand name (like "q-tip" or "kleenex")....or IS IT? What is the NAME of a PRODUCT that is "ammonia"? Could this comment be heavier on the "scare quotes"????? Help!


@Olivia2.0 Ammonia, it's a thing like bleach is a thing, and cleaning products sometimes contain it like they sometimes contain bleach. You should be able to find a giant bottle of the stuff in the cleaning supply aisle.


@NeenerNeener This is most helpful! Thank you! Also - I am an idiot!


@NeenerNeener but ammonia can be dangerous, so be careful! Also, it's in cat pee...sooo. VINEGAR! Vinegar is wonderful, and comes from old wine and apples, and cannot kill you. Vinegar.


@BethH So, I should use vinegar instead of the cat pee / bleach mixture I was planning on cleaning with later?


@Olivia2.0 It's not your fault, old school cleaning is making a comeback. Our generation didn't learn to clean with the basics so much.


@NeenerNeener Mommy asked me to mop the kitchen floor one time, and said I should pour some ammonia in a bucket and fill it with hot water. So as the faucet is flowing, I put my face in the bucket to see how full it is, and got a head full of ammonia fumes, which caused me to fall over and nearly faint. Luckily, I was able to recover before the bucket overflowed, but hoo boy, was I messed up for a while.


@boyofdestiny Was this also how you found out you needed glasses because you shouldn't need to stick your head in the bucket to see if it's full?


@Olivia2.0 Yes, because catpeemonia + bleach= toxic fumery.

I do feel odd using vinegar for potato salad and floor cleaning from the same ginormous bottle, though.


@Olivia2.0 just don't use bleach and ammonia together

fondue with cheddar

@Olivia2.0 And don't use ammonia if you have cats.


@BethH Ammonia is in ALL pee. Not fresh pee, stale pee. If you leave pee in a bucket it oxodises or something and turns into ammonia, which is why fresh pee doesn't actually smell much, but stale pee does - if fresh pee smells like ammonia that's bad and it might mean you have a UTI. In the olden days, people used to make money by having their family pee in buckets which they stored in the basement until it was urea, which is used for fertilisers and in industrial processes. After urea breaks down it's ammonia. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urine#Other_uses

krugmanic depressive

No pinesol or heavy pine scents around pets: they will go crazy/get horrible burning sensations in their mouths/ears. Use the Murphy's.


@krugmanic depressive pine sol reminds me of camp latrines. blech.


I lived with my now-husband and his roommates for a couple of months when I moved back to the US and was apt-hunting - they wouldn't let me pay rent (awww), so in return I cleaned their house (OMG. Ew.), including scrubbing the kitchen floor with a bleach solution. Bless their hearts, they were astonished to find out what color the tiles were when they came home.


@Ophelia That reminds me of when I cleaned by best friend's bathroom. Over the years he's never been so great with keeping a tidy bathroom and once even had a colorful mildew/mold "friend" living in a corner off of the floor, growing happy and fat.

When I got to the tub though I was all, "Dude! There are pubes everywhere here! WTF?" and after giving him too much shit about he he finally exclaimed, "It's HAIR from my HEAD! I'm losing my hair!!" Awkward, sad silence continued.


But Jolie, would you please specify whether or not we are allowed to drink beer while we are hands-and-knees-ing? I am asking for a friend.


@annierebekah You might want to get one of those hats with the straws, or a camelback, so you can keep your hands free.


@Ophelia Wow, this makes for an amazing mental image! Awesome.

I love the idea of mixing drinking and cleaning, but it also sounds very hazardous...chemicals and all.


@Squarah Yes. Keep the beer very separate from the Pine-Sol.


@annierebekah NO YOU GUYS, ohhh this just reminds me of maybe my favorite creative Edith post on here ever... the ol' WINE MOP. Clearly this will solve all your cleaning/drinking needs.


@emilylouise How did I miss this the first time around??


But Pine Sol says I can use it on all floor types. Is this a lie?? I have laminate floors and I've been using it! I also use it on my bathroom tile. Is that bad? Am I doing bad things? Essplain!


Honest question... I just moved into an apartment where I have all concrete floors. I also have a shedding dog. I was just using a broom, but I just got a little dirt devil with no brush to get the massive amount of dog hair that comes off my dog every day. Is there anything else I can do for the dog hair? Or should I get one of those blasted Swiffer products?

Also, any hints on how to get my roommate to help clean? I cleaned up our kitchen and most of the bathroom. I asked him to clean the shower because his gf had gotten body painted and there was bits of latex all over our shower (UGH). He just picked bits of latex up with no other cleaning. What's a better way to sort this out other than "When I said 'Could you please scrub the shower?', I actually meant 'scrub the shower'". Cause I don't think that will go over well. Help!


@Jennifer@twitter not sure about the concrete floors, but as for the roommate, my only solution during my roommate years was to buy one of those automatic shower cleaners.

that, or, shower first and afterwards, douse the entire shower and tub with comet and leave a brush with a post-it on it. they'll be forced to at least wash the comet off if they want to shower.


@becky@twitter That's a great idea! I might have to try that and see if he responds.


@Jennifer@twitter dude, same sitch. I've lived with a dude for over two years now (platonically). The only advice I can give? Be straightforward (say, outright, "hey, thanks for cleaning the bathtub [finally, and minimally, but whatev]. next time you might wanna use [produce soft scrub / bleachy stuff / actual bathroom cleaner of choice and gloves]. It takes some elbow grease, but really gets the job done!" your bath will never be as clean as when you do it yourself, though. That, that I can guarantee.

Sometimes I also clean with him, and he sees how long cleaning should actually take. That helps.

Ugh, boys who can't clean.


@liznieve Seriously. Mothers, fathers - teach your sons!


@Jennifer@twitter rather than constantly chasing dog hair off the floor, get it off your dog: Furminate!

between furminating the dog and cat, we have like, 70% less hair everywhere. only swiffer ever few days now.


Jolie, I heard that Murphy's Oil Soap is not actually good for wood. Confirm/deny?


I just stepped on a particle of glass this morning from when my boyfriend broke a stein playing with our cat, so I think tonight is going to be a floor-cleaning night. I love vacuuming tile floors, just gonna say, with the little hose so I get all up in the corners and the cat litter that our kitten flings all over the house goes byebye! (What is a beater bar??)

I'm sure I'll do handsies and kneesies at some point over a weekend (and maybe if I get some kneepads), but mopping ain't so bad for tile in a pinch. And my life is always a pinch.


Yeah, I don't know what a beater bar is either.


@figwiggin beater bar is the hard brush-thingy inside the main suction area of the vacuum that's used to clean rugs. It makes a louder noise than just having the vacuum on, and there's usually a button to push somewhere near the power button that turns it on.

Sidenote re: little hoses and such - my mom got us a Dyson with a gazillion attachments and tubes for Christmas, and my husband named it Optimus Prime.


@Ophelia Ohhhhh. Thanks, Ophelia! I'll probably stick to the little hose, I am so fond of the little hose.

I love naming inanimate objects. When my friend gave me a stand mixer as a graduation present, I named it Sir Mix-A-Lot. Original? No. But it gives me such joy.

fondue with cheddar

@laurel A place where physically abusive husbands go to get their drink on?


I used a bleach solution on laminate floors in an apartment a few years ago during my very FIRST handsies & kneesies scrub. It worked great! Hooray down and dirty scrubbing! Except, except except, I was wearing black yoga pants, and of course because I was ON my kneesies, I ended up getting my kneesies IN the bleach solution that was on the floor, and my poor yoga pants had orangey bleach spots on them forever after. =(


You forgot the most important part about hands & knees floor scrubbing: a huge, fluffy towel folded many times on itself to make a knee pad. It will literally save you a lifetime of knee agony.


@charlesbois Or those plastic and elastic rainbow brite kneepads you had when you were little...just me?

fondue with cheddar

@charlesbois Get yourself a kneeling pad! They're foam and super cheap. I think they were originally made for gardening, but they're also great for cleaning and certain bedroom activities.


Swiffer is your only ally when it comes to cat hair--just try sweeping that shit--you will be sweeping for days! Mops just make it into huge wet furballs that will migrate under things and reappear, making you feel like the filthiest human on earth. Swiffers actually get that shit, until I got one I felt like my floors were more hairshirt than wood laminate.


@parallel-lines I have this newfangled device called a vacuum that I highly recommend for pet hair. (Mine has a bare floor option where the brush doesn't spin.)


@NeenerNeener Oh, I am familiar with those--and they usually get MOST of it but there's those runners that the vacuum can't quite catch and a nice microfiber swiffer finishes the job.

I no longer own cats for pretty much this reason (and many more).


@parallel-lines I hate my pets on a regular basis. I am not allowed to have anything nice, they decided.


@NeenerNeener omg. I know. I love my rabbit but I fucking hate my rabbit. he leaves hay everywhere. omg stop eating hay because you never eat all of it. but I feel shitty if I give you a tiny bit.


I like to use a regular Swiffer sweeper. What I do is use a regular broom to sweep up my floor and then I use a Swiffer after that. It's amazing how much dirt still shows up! However, I am totally against the wet Swiffer products because really, they just leave a weird sticky residue on any type of flooring.

Also, is it bad that I usually just spot clean my laminate flooring and don't fully mop the floors?

helen pearson@twitter

@jolie kerr @Lucia Martinez Dear Jolie, thank you for the timely post. Some girl recently turned my living room into her own DIY workshop. Sawdust on wood floors is very difficult to detect without first stepping in it. There's also a large beagle utilizing the same floor space for his own DIY projects. Any tips on how to train the girl and the dog to clean my floors for me?

Jolie Kerr

@helen pearson@twitter AHHHHHHHHHHHHH [THUNK] <3 <3 <3


@Jolie Kerr @helen pearson@twitter OH YOU'RE JUST ALL COMEDIANS AREN'T YOU.

Lily Rowan

When I do my bathroom tile floor with hydrogen peroxide, I can't handle handsies-kneesies, so I just throw a towel down and skate around with it with my feet. Works OK!

And you know, OK is better than remaining a filthy slattern, so.


@Lily Rowan: Wait! You clean with 2HO? Does it do something awesome? Why am I so excited?


@laurel H2O2 is the main ingredient in oxyclean! Bleach your hair! Bleach your clothes! Bleach your floors!


@Ophelia: I guess I assumed she must be using the brown bottle type of 2HO because Oxyclean would leave a film on floors?


@laurel Ahh, in that case, yes - you can clean w/it (works pretty well for drain cleaning, but haven't tried it on floors). I think it loses its effectiveness if you mix it with water, tho? (it turns into water and oxygen b/c it isn't stable? am I making this up? where is @mollycule theory?)

Lily Rowan

I use the brown bottle kind, straight, and it keeps my grout white and etc. after the cat pees on them (get rid of your cats, says Jolie!). I used to use chlorine bleach, but fumes.

For the drain I still use chlorine bleach -- dissolves hair! Is less-bad for the old pipes than Liquid Plumr!


@Lily Rowan I used to do the towel-skate thing after mopping. Usually while yelling "Fuck you, mop. I hate you and you don't even work that well and if I had any alternative to using you, you wouldn't exist!".


*excited clapping and seal-like sounds*

I hate cleaning the floors more than anything else, too. It is exactly what I visualize when I hear the world chore. Probably because my method is absurdly comprehensive and takes at least two hours, which means I only do it twice a month. But, here it is:

Sweep corners, baseboards, hard to reach places, nooks and crannies. Don't bother with the dustpan (ridiculous contraption) - just sweep to the center for vacuum collection.

Vacuum with your Dyson. Your animal Dyson. Which you got an account of your hypoallergenic, non-shedding dogs. Then you realized that you yourself shed more than your damn dogs. Damn, girl, you shed. Anyway. Slow, deliberate, careful vacuuming of all of the floors.

Spray and mop - I make my own solution in a spray bottle and have used them all, including Murphy's Oil, which is my sentimental favorite, and Method Almond, which is heaven. My process is some weird hybrid between barely wet/hardly damp mopping and a toweling off with a stack of towels I use only for the floor cleanings. It takes forever.

Post-mopping sweeping - this is the only time Swiffer comes in handy, but I usually use my microfiber pad thingie. I have also been known to re-vacuum.


i clicked on one of the mop links and went to a meeting. i came back and saw one of my tabs: "Welcome to Quickie.com." WTF NSFW?!

and then i remembered i had clicked on that mop link. haha. who knew cleaning can be so dirty? dirty cleaning awwwwyeaaahh.


I believe I fall into that special category as my floors are painted. Red. And peeling. [Shudders] This was not my doing.


@thatsrealbutter Perhaps we need to have a party where we sand/repaint/seal your floors, and you give us beer?


@Ophelia Oh that would be grand! However the floors also look like they're made of freaking plywood so if we sanded we might all fall through the floor. Let's skip the floor crap and go straight to beer!


@thatsrealbutter Good plan.

Hello Jodi

I love the Swiffer! I buy those microfiber cloths and wash them. Do that many people really not have a washer & dryer? I've had my own since I was 22. Purchased myself.


@Jodi Mathews@facebook yeah, really. it's uber-rare in nyc to have one because dryer exhaust from so many apartments is an absurdly dangerous fire hazard. really. even nice buildings sometimes won't allow them! but yes. we are stuck with awkwardly hand washing delicates in the bathtub and destroying our clothing sending it out to the laundromat to presumably be washed in temperature-of-the-surface-of-the-sun water. Or doing it yourself in the laundromat, but there is no greater hell. Sigh.


@Jodi Mathews@facebook Oh, go take your monocle out of your eye. I move around a lot. I couldn't imagine dragging a w/d crosscountry with me or anywhere else I have adventured. I also lived in NYC for the past 10+ years. Never had a w/d.


@liznieve I think there needs to be a hairpin post about the special hell of trying to clean your clothes in New York without ruining them or wanting to kill yourself. My last two apartments have had W/D hookups but no dryer vent. After spending a month researching ventless dryers and indoor dryer vents and other things non-city-dwellers probably don't even know exist, I said fuck it and have been dropping my laundry off at the laundromat/handwashing it in the tub ever since.

Lera Atwater

@xx-xx-xx, @ liznieve, I'm on my second stint living in eastern Europe. The solution here is that people have washers and not dryers. So the hateful part of handwashing and wringing out is done automatically and everyone hangs up their clothes to dry on lines or (if you're like me and had no lines) drapes them artfully on chairs and cupboard doors.

Plus, you can be smug about using less electricity or something. ;)


@Lera Atwater Yeah, I did the washing-in-a-machine-and-hang-drying thing for a while when I lived abroad, and it does make the delicates/hand wash stuff way easier, but THE WRINKLES! I have never needed an iron so much in my life.

Lera Atwater

@xx-xx-xx sigh, well ya... I wasn't going to bring that part up! Maybe Jolie has a tip for that.


@Lera Atwater If you shake the clothes really hard (like, make-them-snap hard) when you take them out of the washer, and again once they're half-dry, it helps with the wrinkles a little. Not perfect for everything, but at least you won't have to iron t-shirts.


@Ophelia there's also always splash-with-a-bit-of-water-then-use-hairdryer trick. but I am sure this is not good for any of the fabrics either.


@Lera Atwater Same thing in China: no dryers. But they have this lovely little contraption - the underwear chandelier, which allows you to hang up all your underwear at once without taking up a lot of rack/shower rod/ lampshade space.


Does the Swiffer hate apply to the Swiffer vacuum, too? Because that thing is amazing. I actively try to find reasons to use it.


People really don't know how to mop? For shame! I too love cleaning but I hate doing my floors. It's terrible.


My mom told me that hands and knees were the only way to wash a floor, since mops only push dirt into the corners. I spent many years disputing that (as I toiled away washing her floors) but now that I have my own floors to wash, I see that she was right... Damnit.

My worst floor cleaning disaster? I drove a fork lift into a pallet of u-brew wine kits. About 20 of them were stabbed by the forks, and each one had about 20 litres of grape juice in them. A tidal wave of grape juice came pouring out. My supervisor (the one I had assured that I knew how to drive a forklift, honest. Done it a zillion times. Trust me.) handed me one bucket and one mop. Longest day of my life.

Rebekah Monson@twitter

I am a filthy person. Lucky for me, an incredibly clean person has loved, cared for and trained me for the past five years. Here's what I have learned about floors: Fabuloso is the secret to long life and happiness. String or sponge mops are disgusting and useless. The only acceptable mop is a Cuban T mop, which allows one to change out the towels when they get overly dirty and then bleach them in the wash after use. (http://ht.ly/6p6Ic) Rubber brooms are the only solution for daily pet hair duty. (http://ht.ly/6p6ZS) Go ahead and get yourself a stand-up dustpan too. It cuts the sweeping annoyance in half. You must move the stove and the refrigerator and the big furniture every few weeks to clean underneath and behind them, and you have to do hands and knees for corners and baseboards. I can't believe how much I've learned.


All I use anymore is my steam mop and it's my best friend.


What is the thinking on Orange Glo system? I use it occasionally on my wood floors and they look...okay. They look best after a nice dry Swiffer


I do not resent being told to handsies and kneesies wash. It really is better than mopping, at which I suck.


My lease includes instructions on how to clean the wooden floors in my apt. (no, seriously).


@lemonyfreshk Do you live in DC? Because my last apt came with instructions on which drain cleaners we were allowed to use, and the one before that forbade thumb tacks, and specified which paint colors you could use. Then I moved to NY, my lease is only 5 pages long, and I looked at the broker like, "um, where's the rest of it?"

Lily Rowan

@Ophelia ONLY five pages?? Ha!


@lemonyfreshk When I lived in Williamsburg (where I lived for 10ish years), I had a one page "rental agreement". It was basically, "Be cool, give us 30 days and we'll give you 30 days notice. PS 1 small cat allowed."

every tomorrow@twitter

@Ophelia My lease specifies which products to use to clean the bathtub. I suspect because the bathtub is so cheap that if you use too harsh a cleaner on it the bathtub itself will dissolve and run down the drain.


@Ophelia haha no I live in Tampa. My lease is 23 pages… I'd be amazed at a 5 page lease too!


I'm so glad I'm not totally abnormal about cleaning smells. I love bleach and Comet, they smell clean to me! And PineSol also gives me flashbacks of Girl Scout camp.

For my hardwoods, I do a quick vacuum with the brush head on my Miele, and then I use my not-a-Swiffer damp mop. I forget the brand, but it has green velour-y pads that I toss in my ammonia solution. Ring out well, mop away. When it dries out, I rinse it in plain water in the other side of my bucket. I have two of the cleaning pads, so I rotate them till the job is done. With the separate rinse water, I find that I don't have to make fresh cleaning solution partway through.


A previous tenant in my house in a misguided attempt at cleaning waxed over a filthy nominally white textured linoleum floor. This made it practically impossible to remove the sealed in dirt. What finally did the trick was a homemade super cleaner (my house is full of chemists) that's also super cheap.


1 gallon of water
1/2 cup of ammonia
1 tbsp borax
1/2 cup of an ammonia friendly surfactant, we used Armstrong floor cleaner but Windex will also work
1/2 cup vinegar

We then laid down a generous helping of baking soda onto the floor and mopped over it with our concoction. The result was a thin paste that we let sit on the floor for a few hours and do it's whitening magic. Then we cleaned up the paste using a diluted chlorine solution (don't let the chlorine get near the ammonia or vinegar, make sure the floor is really dry before going over it again). Voila! White floors as good as new.

Megan Harper@facebook

@excess I have a tub that always looks dirty, even after it's been bleached and scrubbed and damn near set on fire out of frustration. Do you think this would work on that, too?


My bathroom washing horror story: I just moved in with my BF of 2 years. Ok, YAY. Anyway. He is a tidy but not clean person, I am a clean but tidy person, ya know what I mean? So we are working on getting the apartment that he shared with his brother for two years clean. Cause, boys, ick. I tell him to clean the bathroom, it was still covered in boy grossness. I go to bed thinking, yea, he'll do an alright job. Then my mind started going to all the things that could go wrong, the one that my heart focused on was him thinking mopping the bathroom floor with toliet water was a good idea. I shoved it out of my head and slept. The next day I noticed that the mop bucket was dry, and the sink and bathtub don't have plugs at the moment. I asked him that night what he used to hold the water to mop the bathroom floor. Yep. Toliet Water. He thought he was being SOOO SMART. You better bet I was on my "hands and kneesies" with a bottle of Soft Scrub as soon as I got off work. He still doesn't see what the problem is. UGH.

Lera Atwater

@redheadedtwit that story just made me throw up a little

fondue with cheddar

@redheadedtwit EW. See, that's the kind of thing my last boyfriend and I would have fights about. He would get upset at me when I told him how to do things, but the times when I didn't, he'd pull shit like that.


Yea. Me too. His rationale was that he cleaned the toliet before he used it as a mopping bowl AND that the floor cleaner was a disinfectant. Still NOT ok.

Lera Atwater

@redheadedtwit so he's basically saying he spread *disinfected* toilet grunge all around the floor. Are we buying that?


@Lera Atwater No. Thats why I put up hair up with a bandana and made like Cinderella on those damn floors the next day. He got pulled by the ear when I was done as I said "SEE! This is what a CLEAN bathroom looks like/smells like"
Is it bad that I sometimes try to train my bf like I used to train our dogs?


@redheadedtwit Not to say I ever pulled my dogs by the ears, they always had collars on. Maybe I should put a collar on him....


I HATE swiffers. We used them at B&N for a number of years. And you know what happens when you use those things for years? You develop a sensitivity or something and your hands itch like mad when you touch those things and kind of turn red. *itches just thinking about it* Swiffers: fucking hate them.

Emily Christina Murphy@facebook

i already clean my laminate floors how you suggest! i'm so proud of myself i could burst!


vinegar and water solution in a steam-vac for my laminate floors. My fave: vinegar & water in a spray bottle and a bar cloth - give it to an 8 year old and watch them clean everything in site for fun!

dottie chang

I have a robot vacuum also known as a Roomba which I love. It is like a little parade float that also cleans your floor. I have added stickers and charms on top to enhance its beauty.

I like Roomba or DJ Roomba so much I have just ordered its mopping counterpart the Scooba. Call me lazy! I don't care! I hate cleaning floors. This way I can set up the machines to go, watch some episodes of Pushing Daisies on Netflix and still feel like I am cleaning.


@dottie chang Roombas make me feel sad. I don't know why. Maybe adding stickers and charms is the key?!

fondue with cheddar

@dottie chang Yay! I love my Roomba! My floors have special qualities that makes them a pain in the ass to clean, so my Roomba is a lifesaver. It doesn't get all the cat hair, but it's easy enough to pick up a few cat hair tumbleweeds by hand afterward.


with trepidation I read this article and comments because I just moved into a place with a large tiled area. The landlord had "sealed" the already glazed tile with some gunky stuff that left a residue that he didn't have "time to clean up" (??) so I did it, and mopping it 3 times didn't completely remove all the residue (you don't have to seal glazed tile, HELLO?) so I was handsies and kneesies and you bet I had a few too many glasses of wine that night to compensate.

In my research prior to the decision of hands and knees for the immediate solution, I discovered the concept of the steam mop and ordered one for the long-term solution. I am very excited!! I can even use an attachment to steam my clothes - so maybe I will not have to IRON them??? omg, No ironing OR mopping? it can't be true. I settled on the Euroflex Monster EZ1 for the steam mop model. crossing fingers.

Before I moved to this place, I rented a home with all hardwood floors and indeed I can attest that the Cuban mop method is quite good. Only I didn't have a t-mop persay, so I used a microfiber rag affixed to a broom with a rubber band to achieve the same effect. You go over the floor, take off the rag, replace with a clean one, repeat. Probably the swap-out is a little time consuming but then you don't mix the dirty water with the clean, etc.

All I'm saying is, combining many methods here can be quite the thing! But I'm totally hoping that the steam mop is all it's cracked up to be, and excited to see that even the illustrious Hairpin crowd likes their steam mops. Thank you very much and good night.

fondue with cheddar

My floors are so hard to clean. They're sealed wood, but they're old with lots of gaps, unevenness, loose boards, and splintered edges. The first time I dust-mopped using one of those washable microfiber pads, a thick 4-inch splinter came off and got stuck in my mop. I have no idea how to clean this freaking floor. I've been there 3 months, and it's been okay thus far but Roomba-ing won't be adequate forever.

Erika Bettencourt@facebook

So, is it bad that I steam mop my parquet floors every couple of weeks? I haven't seen any damage, and it allows me to avoid using chemicals.

My floors require fairly constant deep cleaning because my long haired cat likes to hair ball all over the place daily.

BTW, once I started steaming, I have not seen any small ants hanging out near cat food.

dottie chang

And now, a floor cleaning break with DJ Roomba brought to you by Parks & Recreation.


WTF?? I LOVE my swiffer. I have less than 200 square feet of floor to clean and think they are great. My floors are cork and I just vacuum them with my hand vac and give 'em a Swiff. I swipe up the hair-grit piles with paper towels.
I do hate mops- they are basically just giant sponges that push bacteria around. I can zap my sponge in the microwave every few days, but you can't do that with a mop. Ugh, those things gross me out.


hello I felt the need to report back on the steam mop. This puppy is the shiznit on tiled floors. Did I mention my tiled floor is WHITE? So you can see literally every little tiny drop of butt juice from my cat or what have you. It is a wonderful invention and much easier to deal with than any other mopping method. It's almost relaxing, if house cleaning could ever approach that. can the Clean Lady comment on the relaxing properties of house cleaning? I try to concentrate on calories I'm burning, and what's playing on my iPod. because it makes me aggravated, I tell you. we are filthy creatures and it just comes back. every. time.

Jasmine Dowker@facebook

I have always hated swiffers!!!! and hands down (hehe) the handses and kneeses way might take longer but its satisfying to see a sparkling clean floor afterward plus you get a nice work out to boot :-)

Rosy Roselin@facebook

@dottie chang Roombas make me feel sad. I don't know why. Maybe adding stickers and charms is the key?! Amazon Promotional Code August 2014


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Connie Eash Mommer@facebook

I have scrubbed my linoleum floor over and over but yet when my baby crawls on b it it turns her feet and knees black. Is that harmful to my baby?

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