Monday, August 29, 2011


"Toilet Paper That Nice Deserves Respect"

The latest development in the wide and wonderful world of toilet paper is the Toilet Paper Roll Cover, a patterned cylinder to protect and stylize your "naked" spare roll. Here, Amber and John give one to their friend Eric as they get ready to eat dinner. You can currently get one, too, if you want — and for free — with the purchase of any Cottonelle 12-pack.

Cottonelle is also on Twitter (1,221 followers), in the newsletter game, and an incredible website. The roll-cover campaign is called "Respect Your Roll," and in that vein it'd be fun to see Chamillionaire get some of that Cottonelle money. (They seem him rollin.)

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Or just knit one of your own like those tissue box covers your grandma has.


@QuiteAimable If it doesn't have a dollar store Barbie knock off attached, I'm not interested.

fondue with cheddar

@KatnotCat With a matching toilet lid cover.


When I went to the bathroom at Le Printemps, les toilettes were sponsored by this toilet paper company: http://extracolorful.com/view-all.html Every stall was done up in a different color. I got lime green.

fondue with cheddar

@Clare I don't like colored toilet paper or tissues. I like to be aware of the color of stuff that comes out of my body. I know that sounds really gross, but it's a matter of health.


@jen325 I was grossed out because I considered buying the TP that's the color of my avatar (I'm a sucker for anything fuchsia) but it was 5 euros a roll!!


@Clare: Please tell me that the t.p. didn't come in brown...


So was this thing created because there are actual people who go into other people's bathrooms and gasp at the audacity of openly storing toilet paper in a room where a toilet is present?


@applestoapples They'd faint in my house, where I have about 16 spare rolls in the bathroom. The humanity! (I just shop in bulk).


@DrFeelGood How gauche! I bet you don't even lay jasmine-scented macrame doilies over your post-coital wet spots.


I understand this was supposed to be "casual" and "laid back", but if I was cooking John and Amber dinner, I would expect John to wear something a tiny bit nicer than a gray hoodie and a tee shirt.

And as he stands there eating bread and dropping crumbs on the floor, he has the audacity to call naked toilet paper primitive. SERIOUSLY, JOHN?! You are not invited.

Valley Girl

@punkahontas Don't you see, he may be sloppy but he's MARRIED. Poor Eric can cook and everything but he's never gonna find a decent woman with that naked TP.

(Thank you for sharing my distaste for stupid John. Entitled much, dude?)


I would fill it with giant spring-loaded snakes so when nosy guests opened it - BOING - novelty snakes right in the face!

(please don't wipe your butt on my hand towels--the toilet paper is under the sink, which is where any sane person would look)

fondue with cheddar

@parallel-lines I REALLY hope you aren't saying that from experience. I would use my hand before I would use someone's towel.


@parallel-lines CRAP. Mine are in the linen closet. I don't really have much storage space for hair products in my bathroom, so under the sink they go.


@parallel-lines Oh my god, that would be the most hilarious dinner-party gag ever. I would never stop laughing. I'm probably a bad host.

fondue with cheddar

@glitterary At least you wouldn't have to worry about them peeing their pants.


I'm really confused. Are you supposed to remove the lid and take the toilet paper out of the container every time you need to use it? Or is this for "extra" toilet paper? And if so, do you need to get as many as you have extra toilet paper rolls in your bathroom? And am I being tacky by "storing" my extra toilet paper rolls in the plastic wrapping they came in, until there is only one left? Aaah, Cottonelle, help me be less primitive about my butt-wiping supplies!

fondue with cheddar

@xx-xx-xx It's for an extra roll, and I don't think storing it in the plastic is tacky if you keep it in the cabinet.


I think it's your duty as a host to be very transparent about your extra toilet paper. I don't want to hunt, I am already mortified that I have to use someone else's bathroom at all**. Let's just get through this as quickly as possible

** White, Catholic, New England, woman


I like the part where the puppy escapes right at the conversation begins. He's like, "You people are insane, I'm gonna go take a shit on the front yard."


nothing is more untoward than acknowledging poop.


@brad Girls always use paper, so we acknowledge nothing.

@NeenerNeener And his mind is blown.


I once filled out a marketing/opinion survey about this commercial! Like, in March probably? I told them it was really stupid, but they didn't listen to me I guess.
(I also filled out a survey once about that dumb "respect the v" Summer's Eve commercial, but they didn't listen to me about that either.)


For anyone considering purchasing Cottonelle, don't. It is the most dingleberry-inducing t.p. I have ever encountered.

fondue with cheddar

@ejcsanfran TRUTH. I would rather use cheap, rough paper than that stuff.


Don't they have these already? Although they're usually knitted by someone's Grandma, and in that Grandma's bathroom.


suuuuch a waste of paper and energy. wouldn't it be really annoying and unsanitary to take the toilet paper out of a box every time you go to the bathroom?? i hate this!

here is a new development in tp technology that actually seems like a good idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PtgIVQNdvg
why hasn't anyone thought of this before?!


I need this so my tp rolls stop getting murdered by my asshole cat.

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