Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The Facebook Purity Test

For every question you answer “Yes” subtract one point from 100. The remainder is your Facebook Purity.

  1. Do you have a Facebook account?
  2. Did you join in 2004-2005?
  3. Do you remember being annoyed when Facebook started allowing high school students?
  4. Click on your profile picture to see all your old profile pictures. Are there more than 20 of them?
  5. More than 40 profile pictures?
  6. 60?!
  7. Do you have more than 1,000 friends?
  8. Have you ever compared your friend count to someone else’s?
  9. Do you “Friend” people immediately after meeting them, even if you’re unlikely to ever meet again?
  10. Do you accept Friend Requests from anyone who has “mutual friends” with you, even if you don’t know who that person is?
  11. Do you accept friend requests, regardless of the existence of “mutual friends?”
  12. Do you ever friend someone yourself because you’ve noticed that you have mutual friends?
  13. Do you have a Facebook “Page,” in addition to a Facebook profile?
  14. Have you ever asked or encouraged your friends to become “Fans” of your Facebook Page?
  15. Have you ever been in a relationship on Facebook?
  16. Have you been in an “It’s Complicated” relationship on Facebook?
  17. Are you currently in a fake relationship or marriage on Facebook?
  18. Have you ever broken up with someone by simply changing your Facebook relationship status?
  19. Have you ever announced a major life event by changing your Facebook Information (changing your status to “engaged,” changing your status to “divorced,” changing your gender, etc.)?
  20. Are you trying to mask your sexuality by not answering the “Interested In” question on your profile?
  21. Do you hide the year of your birth on Facebook in an attempt to look older/younger?
  22. Have you ever unfriended an ex on Facebook?
  23. Have you ever unfriended an ex’s friends on Facebook?
  24. Have you ever friended an ex’s new significant other on Facebook?
  25. Have you ever looked up an ex’s new significant other on Facebook and gotten disproportionately enraged that his/her privacy settings are set to super high so you can’t see their pictures?
  26. Do you use Facebook to look up exes and try to determine whether or not you’re better off without them?
  27. Have you ever deleted your Facebook account in frustration or protestation, only to eventually reactivate it later?
  28. Have you ever been the administrator of a private Facebook group based on an inside joke?
  29. Have you ever been the administrator of a public Facebook group that gained 5,000 or more members?
  30. Are you a creator or administrator of “I Flip My Pillow Over To Get To The Cold Side,” “I Will Go Slightly Out Of My Way To Step On That Crunchy-Looking Leaf,” or “I Don’t Care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass”?
  31. Have you ever been in a Facebook group to protest a new Facebook feature or update?
  32. Have you ever poked someone?
  33. Have you ever engaged in a “poking war”?
  34. Have you engaged in a poking war in the last year?
  35. Do you write on everyone’s wall for their birthday, even if you don’t actually know/talk to that person in real life?
  36. Have you ever done anything to artificially inflate the amount of birthday messages on your own wall?
  37. Have you ever, in the history of your Facebook account, purchased a Facebook gift to send someone?
  38. Have you ever, in the history of your account, purchased a Facebook gift to send to yourself anonymously?
  39. Have you ever written something inane on someone else’s wall, just to “mark your territory”?
  40. Have you ever asked a friend to write something specific on your wall, in the hopes of someone else seeing it?
  41. Have you ever tried to search for someone, but accidentally typed their name into your status instead of the search box?
  42. Do you have over 1,000 photos of you tagged?
  43. Are most of these photos ones you’ve uploaded yourself?
  44. Are there any pictures tagged of you on Facebook in which you’re clearly intoxicated?
  45. Are there any pictures tagged of you on Facebook in which you’re doing something illegal?
  46. Are there any pictures tagged of you on Facebook in which you’re not wearing clothes?
  47. Are there any pictures tagged of you on Facebook with an ex?
  48. Are there any pictures of you on Facebook, not tagged, that would cause serious damage to your career or reputation were they to come to light?
  49. Have you ever knowingly uploaded or tagged an unflattering picture of someone?
  50. Have you ever been caught cheating or flirting thanks to Facebook?
  51. Are you ever more excited about uploading a vacation album than you are about going on the actual vacation?
  52. Have you ever knowingly uploaded pictures of yourself tagged with someone attractive because it sort of looks like you might be dating?
  53. Have you ever looked through the entire “See Friendship” archive of two people, neither of whom were you?
  54. Have you ever looked through every single photo of a crush, high school sweetheart, or one night stand?
  55. Have you ever looked through every single photo of someone you’ve never even met?
  56. Have you ever eagerly looked through the vacation or wedding albums of someone you don’t really know?
  57. Do you have anyone who’s Facebook friendship is extremely valuable to you, based solely on the fact that their pictures, statuses, or general disarray of their life gives you endless voyeuristic pleasure?
  58. Do you regularly update your Facebook status?
  59. Have you ever put anything about an illness, personal problem, fight, or sexual proclivity in your Facebook status?
  60. Have you ever uploaded a sonogram?
  61. Have you ever gotten into a heated political argument with an acquaintance on Facebook?
  62. Have you ever deleted a Facebook Status or post because there weren’t enough “likes” on it?
  63. Have you ever “liked” someone’s picture as a way of flirting with them?
  64. Have you ever accidentally “liked” someone else’s post, and then clicked “unlike?”
  65. Have you ever unfriended someone in a moment of passion, and then embarrassingly had to re-friend them?
  66. Have you ever stalked your friends’ little sister/brother’s Facebook page cause they’re actually really hot?
  67. Have you ever pulled up someone’s picture for nefarious sexual purposes?
  68. Have you ever downloaded someone’s Facebook picture onto your computer?
  69. Have you ever taken someone’s private Facebook pictures and forwarded or sent them to third parties?
  70. Have you updated your Facebook “Interests” in the last two years?
  71. Have you ever played “Farmville”?
  72. Do you ever use Facebook Chat?
  73. Have you ever created a second, or a fake Facebook account?
  74. Have you ever used Facebook to cheat on a significant other?
  75. Have you ever created a fake Facebook account to make a significant other jealous? (By writing on your wall, etc.)
  76. Have you ever gone through your Facebook Friends with a friend, pointing out everyone you’ve slept with?
  77. Have you ever seen anyone in your newsfeed and had absolutely no idea who it is?
  78. Have you ever logged into someone else’s Facebook account without them knowing?
  79. Have you ever noticed that the person who used a public computer right before you left themselves logged in, and taken the opportunity to take a quick gander at their messages/pictures before logging them out again?
  80. Have you ever left your Facebook logged in on a shared computer and been terrified about what someone could find?
  81. Have you ever changed or altered someone’s Facebook profile (their status, their stats, their “Interested In,” etc.?)
  82. Are you friends with your parents on Facebook?
  83. Are you friends with your parents on Facebook, but only with restricted access?
  84. Have you ever had to sit your mom down and have a talk about what she writes on your wall?
  85. Do you spend much time looking at that girl  from high school’s crazy Facebook page because she’s so different and you just can’t believe how she turned out?
  86. Do you have reason to suspect you are indeed “that girl”?
  87. Have you ever done a “Facebook Friend Purge”?
  88. Have you announced said purge in your status before actually doing it?
  89. Have you ever RSVP’d for a Facebook Event you weren’t actually invited to?
  90. Have you ever made a Facebook event and hidden the guest list to save embarrassment in case no one RSVP’d?
  91. Have you ever clicked through the RSVPs on a Facebook event to see if any cute/hot/available people were going, before deciding whether you yourself would go or not?
  92. Have you ever been guilty of creating a Facebook event, inviting every single one of your friends, and then bombarding them with multiple “reminder” messages?
  93. Have you ever tried to use Facebook to pick someone up?
  94. Have you ever successfully used Facebook to pick someone up?
  95. Have you ever accidentally clicked on a virus while stalking someone else’s profile, only to have “Click Here For Disgusting Hot Girls” show up on your own wall?
  96. Have you ever had to pretend you didn’t know something about someone, when in fact you’d seen it on Facebook during a late-night stalking session?
  97. Have you fallen for one of those “Click Here To See Who Reads Your Profile” links?
  98. If Facebook were to develop (or make public) technology that allows everyone to see exactly who has been looking at their profile, would the results be hugely, hugely damning for you?
  99. Do you greatly mistrust people who aren’t on Facebook?
  100. Did you actually just answer 100 questions in order to figure out your Facebook purity? You’re a little less pure, now.


100-90% pure: You were born before 1970.

89-80% pure: You use Facebook for the games, or to post that really interesting article you naively think other people will care about.

79-70% pure:  You friend people and accept friend requests pretty frequently, and will sign on if you have a new notification. Sometimes you will use it to procrastinate, but you otherwise would rather spend your time elsewhere.

69-60% pure: You think Facebook is a great “networking tool.” You friend most everyone you meet, and have definitely spent the odd night looking up people you used to know.

59-50% pure:  You post albums, read your newsfeed when you’re bored, and will spend a good amount of time on the profiles of people who are important to your life.

49-40% pure: You post albums, read your newsfeed obsessively, and will spend a good amount of time on the profiles of people who have absolutely no bearing on your life. You use a variety of Facebook features, including games, quizzes, photo uploading, group management, etc. You user your Facebook Status as a pseudo-blog and frequently broadcast details of your life.

39-30% pure: You’ve considered giving up Facebook because you’re mildly perturbed by the amount of time you’ve spent getting sucked into the albums of people you went to high school with. You console yourself with the notion that “surely everyone stalks people on Facebook?”

29-20% pure: You don’t really talk to other people about how much time you spend on Facebook. You look people up the second you meet them, or even hear about them. You’ve figured out how to find and access the pictures of people you aren’t even friends with. You wonder if Facebook actually does you mental harm, because you’ve gotten depressed while stalking mutual acquaintences and exes. You hope your life looks as fun and happy on Facebook as other people’s lives seem to.

19-10% pure: You don’t understand how people lived without Facebook. You use it as a tool to find out information and disseminate information about yourself. You get excited for Wedding and Vacation albums that you know are coming but haven’t even been posted yet. You carefully curate your own Facebook page, and your favorite part of your birthday is seeing all your Facebook greetings, which you count, and compare to how many your friends got. You believe everyone on Facebook is fair game.

9%-0% pure: You logged on to Facebook in the Summer of 2004 and have not signed off since.

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Chiara Atik remembers life before Facebook, but just barely.

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Something something Friendster.


@melis : Tooootally, and also something something MySpace.


As a Facebook purist and elitist I would argue that some of these criteria are more befitting of those who came over from the great MySpace exodus.
More whiskey in my tea, Jeeves, while I update the description info for my "Crocs are Fugly" group created circa 2004.


How would you even do #36? A friend wants to know, etc.

Okay Yeah

@hands_down My friend's thoughts exactly.


@hands_down Suddenly wishing everyone a happy birthday two weeks before your own, making a lot of "old connections", changing your info around to show up in folks' news feeds/so it looks nice for your big traffic day. A friend of mine actually did it. (I SWEAR!)


@hands_down My theory is to update your status throughout the day of your birth describing in detail what a FANTASTIC birthday you are having and how blessed you are that you have so many wonderful people in your life sending you well wishes.

I get really weirded out by the people from high school who I haven't talked to in years who obviously see that it's my bday in the little reminder thing yet write some too long message about having a special day so I wait until like the last possible minute at the end of the day to say the "wow, thanks guys!" stuff.


@hands_down Is it weird that I think the one about making a fake account and posting on your own wall to make someone jealous is kind of a good idea? I mean, I've never done it, but it kind of sounds like a good idea.

Theresa Borkowski@facebook

@hands_down thank everyone for their birthday wall posts throughout the day... my friend says.


@hands_down There was just a tech blog post in I think the New York Times about someone who just changed their birthday three times in a short time to see if his friends would notice.

Princess Slayer

"If Facebook were to develop (or make public) technology that allows everyone to see exactly who has been looking at their profile, would the results be hugely, hugely damning for you?"

I live in terror of this.


@Princess Slayer I think Friendster's demise started right around the time they introduced this feature. Remember? You could turn it off, so people couldn't see who you were stalking, but then you couldn't see who was stalking YOU, so you had to constantly wage that war between anonymity/ignorance and...the dark side.


@Princess Slayer I sometimes think this feature has already been invented and everybody is keeping it a secret from me so they can all laugh at me behind my back at how much I stalk random people/ex/ex's new girlfriend/ex's friends.

I clearly have issues.


@Princess Slayer Everytime one of those "see-who-stalks-you-actually-a-virus" pops up, I am terrified that it is legitimate.


@batgirl are you me? facebook does know the people who's profiles i visit regularly because when i type even the first letter of their name in the search bar they up immeadiately, i can only pray to god that facebook chooses to keep this information to itself.


@batgirl Ummmmm yes. They do track this information, although ostensibly (currently?) for analytical purposes. On the bright side, fb guards this information jealously, since it's the main way (right now) that they've monetized fb: selling personalized ads based on your network/habits. If it was ever in their interests to release it though, I think they maybe would.

Relatedly, when they started showing that "random" assortment of friends on the left side of your profile, did you ever notice that it was rarely, rarely "random?"

Chiara Atik@facebook

@nokittythisismypotpie re: the "random" assortment of friends, I have come up with like, a billion theories as to that, but nothing really compelling. What do you think? People who visited your profile? People who YOU stalk?


@Princess Slayer Am I the only person who doesn't Google- or Facebook-stalk people? There is one man who I'd like to keep my eye on, and I can barely bring myself to type the first three letters of his first name. I find something grossly humiliating about the practice; it doesn't strike me as particularly adherent to the adage about how living well is the best revenge.


@Chiara Atik@facebook When this first happened, I was incredibly creeped out because it was half people who were my actual real-life best friends, and half people who I had facebook messaged (which is obviously intended to be private, if I wanted it to be public, I'd have posted it on their walls!) recently. Which really, really bothered me. Even more, actually, than the people whose profiles I regularly visit for no apparent reason (yes, vaguely stalkerish, whatever) showing up there. Which also happens.

(I have strong feelings about this.)


@nokittythisismypotpie Oh crap.


@Chiara Atik@facebook The worst part of this: my educational background is partly in statistics, so it bothers me that I have to think about whether there are recency effects and selective memory clouding my judgment, and whether my impressions of "random" are biased in any way. And that I've thought about figuring out how often certain people would have to show up in order for it to be truly non-random, in a significant way.

Tuna Surprise

@Clare - I thought I was the only one! I don't care what most people are up to with the exception of one ex. I think about googling him (and he has a super unique name so it would probably yeild results) but I just can't bring myself to do it.


@Princess Slayer LinkedIn apparently does this now (yes I have a LinkedIn and yes I only use it to stalk people) and I had a fucking HEART ATTACK when I realized it.


@antarcticastartshere I have a fake LinkedIn account that I made deliberately to stalk someone. My fake name is pretty much a giveaway too. Ugh, ugh, ugh!


@Princess Slayer check it: you can see what the results would be if this actually happened. it's just...very unnerving. http://thekeesh.com/2011/08/who-does-facebook-think-you-are-searching-for/


I have had one profile picture the whole time I've been on Facebook. In my defense, I really like it? Although it was taken seven or eight years ago, now that I think about it, so now I'm afraid I'm One Of Those Ladies who uses their high school yearbook photo when they're in their forties.

Lorrie Mcgruder@facebook

@area@twitter OH WOW, LOL my fb pic is 20 yrs old, lol. But then, all my friends need to do is look in my album and see my "last years vacation in Vegas" LMAO!


I'm in the 70s, but the description of the 50s sounds way more like me.


@Gnatalby I was just thinking that very thing.


@Gnatalby Same here. But I'm pleased that I can legitimately claim to be in the 70s anyway (in my Facebook status, of course!)


"You were born before 1970."

No no no, this result is fundamentally flawed. Ignoring Facebook isn't for old people, it's for people who hate everything. Old people LOVE facebook. God, how they love it. It is terrible.


@queenofbithynia: Some Canadian lady sent my mom a message on Facebook because they had the same last name and because the lady was all, "Oh, your son looks just like my father as a boy!!" and for some reason my mom decided this was amazing and not kind of creepy, and she would not stop talking about the Facebook Canadian Lady for YEARS


@Nutmeg My mom used to love those same-last-name-frienders until one who friended me (not her--I know, I can't believe I accepted) stole her email address to use as his login to several porn sites and myspace. And now she's very afraid.


@queenofbithynia Yeah, but IF you were 100% facebook pure, than no way are you born after 1970.


@cmcm No, 1979 was after 1970, right? I'm not a numbers person. The whole point of the internet is writing long boring essays that nobody cares about and arguing with strangers, and Facebook is no good for either. I don't understand why anybody would ever have a Facebook page (except to pop up on google searches and divert employers from one's more sordid history) and I'm not even saying that just to be an asshole, mostly.

Okay Yeah

Mine was 68%, but I fit the 30-39% and 40-49% descriptions better. But I'll take 68%.


@Okay Yeah Yes, I got 63%, which made me very happy as I sure as hell could fit into someo of the lower categories by description.

Also, did anyone else feel that while they could smugly say 'no, never' to one item, you had to quickly and guiltily skim past others with a nagging feeling that although technically you can only lose one point per item, you have done that particular item a million times so you should probably lose a few more points?... anyone?...


I question the validity of this quiz as a measurement tool. My score says I'm 68% Facebook pure, but my crippling addiction to stalking high school classmate trainwrecks and finding exes who seem to have gone into witness protection would probably put me in much more shameful territory.

I think rather than a numeric scale, what this quiz needs is cutesy Cosmo style "types." I'd be a Lurker: an early adopter with the savvy to appear to be a casual user, while actually being much more embarrassingly compulsive. Or perhaps a Diviner: someone who attempts to read the tea leaves of others' meager offering of public photos and basic info to divine some greater insight into what their life is like even though I haven't contacted them in five years.


@KatieWK YES! I would also fall into your Lurker category. I got an 80, but of the 20 things I do, I do them ALL. THE. TIME.

so what?

@KatieWK i'm am 100% a Lurker. i appear to rarely use facebook when really i am using it glean vital (and also inconsequential) bits of information about people, many of whom i've never met (e.g. friends of friends). my lurking talents are actually a secret source of pride for me. i found out so many things about customers at the various retail jobs i've worked. oh god, i'm a creep.

stephanie cawley@twitter

@KatieWK I'm a Lurker too, ack! I raaaarely post/comment and pretty much never upload things but I am constantly on FB looking at other people's profiles ugh.


@KatieWK Hmm, I knew when I made that comment above someone else would have made it further down! Anyway, yes.


Yesssss 91 and not born before 1979. Although in my defense, most of my "mutual friends" that I have added were family members. Also I can't believe I actually did this.


@Megan Patterson@facebook Me too! 91 and a child of the '80s! My facebook use from 2004-2006 was INTENSE though, perhaps I just got burned out?


41 is going to haunt me forever.
Also, does it count having photos "tagged" if nobody can see your tagged photos but you?


@heb 41 is my biggest fear! I also want to know who sets their privacy so that only they can see their pictures and not even their friends can??? What is the point of that at all?


@sox I do that, with the exception of some select friends who can see my pictures. I don't want anyone I work with to have access to them.


@Lola Haha, I refuse to be FB friends with anyone at work. The VP of my department was super butthurt about it and still brings it up three years later, like if I need something from him, the response will end with "NOW can we be FB friends?". But still, I really don't let anything real, actual importance on there that I wouldn't care if anybody ever saw because it is, afterall, on the internet. (not wanting the boss' boss to see me in a strapless dress and lots of makeup is a totally different kind of reason than, say, posting a bunch of crap talk about my job, which I would never do.)


@sox The constant pruning of tags is exhausting. Why would anybody need to an easy way to find hundreds of photos of me anyway?


@sox I have a facebook settings group thing specifically for people I work with who I do not really like/trust. And my mother-in-law.


@Chaise Longue My finely tuned profile pictures will have to do.


@heb I've done 41. Luckily it was a friend who doesn't know that I'm half in love with him and I could pass it off as a funny story of showing someone who they were. Ha-Ha-Ha [compulsive laughter]


I'm friends not only with my parents, but with my grandparents on Facebook. I'm not sure what that says about me.


@Ophelia Me too. Although, in all fairness, my grandmother's Facebook usage is generally limited to posting one status update every other month, which invariably says something like "Still trying to figure out how to use Facebook."


I want to say "I don't have a Facebook account" but I feel like that's the new "I don't have a TV." I don't have one because I spend too much time on the internet as it is? Google Reader is my drug of choice.


@figwiggin I think you are good to go with "I don't have facebook because I spend to much time on the internet as is." If someone judges you for that it is not your problem.


@Pizzahut I go with "I don't have a facebook account because facebook is SODDING ANNOYING." Seriously, I lasted like a week before I was so irritated with the poking and the lists and the wall and the privacy issues and the visual chaos and ThisVersusThat "games" and _fuck this noise_.

Google+, otoh, is entirely delightful thus far. And yes, I was born after 1970 (though not by much).


@Pizzahut The judging, it's amazing! Like I'm the only person in my generation/the world who doesn't have one. My friend's mom seriously brings it up EVERY TIME I SEE HER. (And I see her frequently, because she cuts my hair.) "Oh, I would have sent you a Facebook invite to my son's graduation, buuuuut--"


@figwiggin Why can't she just give you an invite when you see her??


@figwiggin Yes. People are ridiculously judgy when I tell them I have Twitter but not Facebook, since apparently Facebook is useful while Twitter is pointless and stupid. But it's just because, like you, I spend far too much time online as it is...


Where is the one for where friends you have who used to be sort of normal now put up statuses extolling the power of god in their lives, constantly quote scripture, and generally clutter up your newsfeed with a bunch of ridiculous things that are in total contrast to they way they were when you met them?

(Or is this just me?)


@nokittythisismypotpie Mine do the same thing, but with babies instead of god.

fish in barrel

@nokittythisismypotpie Not just you. I really don't know where my friends found so much Jesus. And stories about baby and animal vomit. Gak.


@nokittythisismypotpie Me too. My Jesus-friend is a model and frequently thanks God in her status for helping her stay slim. I've also noticed that these tend to be the same people who refer to their significant others as "my rock."

fish in barrel

@muffalutta This is how god spends his days, no doubt. Keeping people slim.


Pretty sure the place for that is stfubelievers.tumblr.com.

Jolly Farton

@fish in barrel Her days.
(lol sorry)

fish in barrel

@lilly pilgrim Word. :)


@Ophelia Agreed


@nokittythisismypotpie No, not just you. Some of wildest people I knew in high school now spout religion in every, and I do mean EVERY, FB status.

fondue with cheddar

92% pure. I probably change my facebook status once a year on average. My current status is something like "I'm going to make a concerted effort to spend more time catching up with people on facebook". That was a few months ago, and I keep getting messages from friends saying things like "so...how's that working out for ya?"


@jen325 I am also 92%, largely because pretty much the only thing I do is update my status. None of that other crap.

fondue with cheddar

@Xanthophyllippa Yeah. I've got months of friend requests to go through. I've friended too many old acquaintances I don't really care much about, which makes going through everything too much of a chore. I know there are ways to filter people out, but I have no idea how to do it. And besides, what's the point of friending them if you don't read them? I played a game for awhile (Mouse Hunt?), but it took up too much of my time, so I quit. It's cool to be able to catch up with people you've lost touch with, but for the most part it's more trouble than it's worth.


I recently became engaged and had to announce engagement on facebook by changing my status, which is, I guess, the way people do things these days....but I still can't shake the gross feeling of "Ugh, I just announced my engagement on facebook!" even if it is curmudgeonly. Also, I think it probably ruins my facebook purity just a little...


101. Are you about to post a link to this on Facebook?

Maggie Dort@twitter

@rebecca@twitter Yes. Oh dear.


Rule for which there is no exception:

the people most invested and active on facebook are the people who are most trying to relive high school - either because it was the greatest or worst period of their lives.

In either case, you lost touch with them for good reason.


@karion I have considered posting, as my Facebook status, "I will not friend you just because we went to the same high school. I didn't like you then and I don't like you now."


Does retweeting this push my score up or down?


very funny. I am not on Facebook and I was born in 1971 so, close!


#24: Kind of the opposite of this happened to me one time, an ex's more recent girlfriend friended me, but it was after they broke up. WHY, WHY, WHY would she do this? I thought maybe she'd want to commiserate about how much that guy sucks, but we've still never spoken to each other, on facebook or otherwise! ALSO, I was hanging out with said ex not too long after that and he started to tell me abou how jealous she was of me or something*, and how after I was in town the last time she was hounding him, asking if we'd had sex. Ahhhhhhh what?!? You're not allowed to do that, right? Just add someone right out in the open like that? You have to secretly stalk their profile! Secretly! And somehow it gives ME great anxiety that she did this!

*I mean he was also on acid while he was saying this, so I don't know if it still counts


How many points do I lose if I just posted that there was an earthquake here before it was even over?
Crazy Boston and it's crazy earthquakes!!


Are you now having disturbing thoughts about who might be using your photos for nefarious sexual purposes?

Yellojkt Yellojkt@facebook

Score of 81, and yes I was born before 1970.


92% pure, born in 1982. I've pretty much moved on over to Google+ and only use Facebook to play Frontierville. I know, I know, I am ashamed.

fondue with cheddar

@aliisyourfriend I don't really use facebook (also 92), but I would totally use Google+ if I could, especially because I already use Gmail.


I read up to number 9 and already I feel like deleting my Facebook.


Oooof, I'm in the mid-50s and felt pretty good about that, just enough usage to be savvy and in the know but not too much to be crazy about it. But the description of the lower ranges hits too close to home. That stupid girl I hate only got a handful of birthday greetings and I got way more! That means I win, forever! That's how it works, now, right?


But seriously guys, please just tell me who's been looking at my profile. I want to knoooooow.


#101 - Did you have several different accounts that belonged to several different geographical locations (LA, Houston, Chicago, etc.) when FB allowed you to see people's profiles based on the fact that you were in the same "network"?


This quiz made me re-evaluate so much about my life choices!


where does the the facebook that looks intentionally sparse and vintage, e.g. haven't updated your residence from your freshman dorm even though you graduated 2 years ago, you don't even have your birthday on your profile, you sporadically respond to wall posts/ post statuses bi-annually, all to give the impression that you're "too cool" for facebook even though you're constantly logged-on (not on chat, so no one knows!) and well-versed in the art of stalking?


I've lost count of the times I've looked through a strangers photos just because a friend was tagged in 5 of them or so, and then realized what I've been doing 20 minutes after said friend stopped showing up in any of the photos. Then I say to myself, "Why didn't you make your photos private, for Pete's sake?!" Then I keep on looking out of spite, or something.

Manticore Pinion@facebook

I was born in 88 and I scored 90% Fucking hate facebook, but it's all some people have any more. Used a fake name though, so at least I can't be that "weird girl" from high school


Scored a 71. Though I feel that a lot of the lower descriptions fit me closer (for example in the 59-50% percentile), considering that I'm a late adopter (I joined in 2009, and I was DEFINITELY born after 1970. I just get really bored at work watching videos render so I bombard my FB with funny cat videos or music videos.

Frankie's Girl

I scored 100% purity... I never have and never will have a Facebook account. I was not, however, born before 1970 as the test concluded.

I just happen to loathe with a white-hot passion the idea that oversharing is the new norm. Every mundane thought that crosses your head does NOT need to be shared with 500 of your "closest" friends.

And I am drinking deeply on the irony that I am posting a mundane thought on a public forum filled with people I don't know. I'm funny like that.

Janet Lance@facebook

I scored 92, definetely born before 1970. I can't believe what others may have used Facebook for that got lower scores.

Lorrie Mcgruder@facebook

I scored 56 and as for the last question....Yeah I saw more than a handful of questions and quickly grabbed my calculator, -1, -1, -1 LOL I must say though, had it not been for FB, I dont know WHEN I would have found out I was gonna be a gramma(2x this happened :-I )

Martha Gillett@facebook

WoW... I don't believe that this test is accurate... I mean I scored a 90% and I was not born before 1970.... I was born in 1985... I am only 26yrs old.. but I quess it just means that I am really mature for my age. Oh well I am not going to argue.. I know that I am not a Facebook Junky! :)


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Keep it going!


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thanks for give us a new idea,

Buat Facebook Yuk..

Qadir Qd@facebook

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