Thursday, August 18, 2011


The Top 5 Makeover-y Sites, Apps

If you're curious about how you'd look with Liz Taylor eyebrows, red matte lipstick, and hazel eyes (or anything, anything, and anything), but you're lazy, broke, or intimidated, there's always the virtual makeover, where all you need are long, empty hours and a picture of yourself looking at the camera. Here are few of my favorites.


I've said it before, and again after that, but TAAZ (which is free) is the greatest online makeover site of all time. Go to it! Plus you can do things there like give Nosferatu a new look, or freshen up old elementary school pictures. The possibilities are literally endless, which after a while tinges the whole thing with a vain frenzy, as if there must be some mathematically perfect, life-changing combination of hair/makeup out there for you — the ideal violet eyeliner, the most devastating side part — that you'll probably never find, no matter how many hours you spend browsing hair templates. In any case, TAAZ. It's T[h]A[t] [am]AZ[ing].

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I think "at the end of the day it still pretty much looks like you're putting your head in a clown hole" is the best thing I've read all day.


TAAZ always convinces me I would look so good with a platinum-blond pixie cut.

No I would not, TAAZ. I would look like a confused, sallow-skinned Bieber wannabe. Let's get real.


Someone got into the make-up bag...


@_ribstbbq_ I figure she's old enough to do her own make-up.

Edith Zimmerman

@_ribstbbq_ <<<<333333


This is equal parts creepy and awesome.


@cherrispryte I mean, ideally this could be combined with that princess site Edith turned us on to back whenever that was. (agh, just tried the gamut of search terms I could think of but could not find it)


Am I the only one who uses this as the grown-up equivalent of making faces in the mirror? Like, picking the craziest/worst hairdos, makeup, etc. Such a great time waster, plus I now know that I should go buy some sage green eyeshadow.

Agnes Aileen

"It is indeed very useful for all the women. Taaz app is awesome of all the makeover options available online!!! One can sit back at a place and get clear pictures of self after application of makeup products, the store from where they could be bought along with various expert advices too!!!!! I’m sure it’ll help many confused ladies choose the best face makeup without any loss of money on tester packs.

Taaz has launched a new iPhone app. Try it out at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hair-try-on-by-taaz/id569640481?ls=1&mt=8



hmmm its preety good

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