Monday, August 1, 2011


The 1950s Glamour Tutorial

“Jane the cat is alive! I’M ALIVE!”

Jane used Elite Eye Lashes #8 in black, similar to this style from Ardell.

Previously: The Eyebrow Tutorial: Window Frames to the Soul

Jane Marie produces the radio program "This American Life."

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my ultra-red shu uemura was 194 :(


I can use my eyeliner brush with an eye pencil?? No way!


That is a story about spider silk.


@TyrannosaurusWreck I am also only getting the story about spider silk at the museum. What gives?


@TyrannosaurusWreck Yeah! I don't even see the player - I even tried using a different browser.

Sella Turcica

CG smoothers powder. Grandma-smelling makeup if ever there was.


Ahahahahahaha I have boy-short hair and thus cannot do the glamourpuss curl thing but that last line was money.


@annepersand You could totally pull off the short hair variation, though! Like this: http://www.doctormacro.com/Images/Gardner,%20Ava/Annex/Annex%20-%20Gardner,%20Ava_02.jpg


Oh my god, this is amazing. I am going to go home, I am going to do this, and I am going to vamp all over my apartment. I am not actually sure how one vamps, but I figure it will come to me with the hair.


Is my lipliner supposed to match my lipstick? Or can I just use a nude for everything? Does it go inside or outside my lips? Do I cover it with my lipstick?

Jane Marie

@heb hi! it should come close to matching although there are colorless lipliners that just prevent your lipstick from bleeding into lines if you have them.


When the Liz Taylor Hollywood scandals of yesteryear post went up I thought, "I wonder if Jane likes Liz's eyebrows. I bet she does."

'Not sure I'm comfortable with this level of mental infiltration, Hairpin.

peachy lefever

THIS LOOK IS FAB!! love it. Jane, what eyebrow pencil are you using? I've got similar coloring and feel like the one I'm using is too dark?

Jane Marie

@peachy lefever thank you!! i use the Perfect Brow Pencil from Anastasia in what's now called "Soft Brown."


@peachy lefever I read somewhere that she used 3 different colors and drew indiviual lines and also read elsewhere that she used a lead pencil as well.



gin twin

JANE!!! Just gorgeous. So inspiring that I think I might cut my hair. I basically have your former haircut right now- long with full bangs. Do you happen to have a picture of what your hair looks like on days when you're not stunning 50s Jane but just regular stunning everyday Jane?

Emily Denadel Emery@twitter

Jane - this is amazing. So fun! So awesome!

Plaintive request: can you do some segments that feature ladies as gorgeous as yourself, but, you know, blonder? or blacker? or whatevs?

I am clueless and pasty white, so it would be super helpful.

Jane Marie

@Emily Denadel Emery@twitter sure! when are you coming over?


@Emily Denadel Emery@twitter I second the "blonder" request. Can't we just manufacture a blonde Jane? We probably have the technology.


@Emily Denadel Emery@twitter agreed, the blonder jane for selfisher reasons, and i can't imagine we don't also need some varying ethnicity as well. maybe once the varying janes are located you can form a gang? and you can get in fights with the #whitegirlmob, but go get drinks post-rumbles?


@Emily Denadel Emery@twitter YES, I would love a brown skinnned Jane clone for beauty segments.


@Emily Denadel Emery@twitter I...third (?) this request! I have very pale blondey red hair and equally pale brows/lashes, so this kind of over the top dark glamourpuss look just would not work on me (I don't think so, anyway). I would love love love some retro style beauty tips for the fair haired ladies.


This look is great, but I am mainly excited about the white-eyeliner-on-your-waterline trick! Totally doing from now on when wearing eyeliner.


@ennaenirehtac agreed! The only reason I went and bought a highlighter was because of a how to be a girl post and now I also never leave home without it. Thank you Janeeee!

:Cinnamon Girl:

@ennaenirehtac AGREED.


@ennaenirehtac White eyeliner on waterline is a great trick! It's particularly good for photographs and retro looks, but it can look somewhat harsh for everyday wear. A better option is yellow or cream liner. MAC Butter is a good one. It provides the effect without any of the harshness.


@OsGirl Awesome, thanks! This is exactly what I needed to know.


I just went out and IMMEDIATELY bought rollers.


It's called a cupid's bow. On your lips! Cupid's bow.


@DorothyMantooth Man, was I wrong. I thought it was called a snot trout. o.O


Man do I wish I had the energy to do this. Or a place to wear it. Jane, if my hair is naturally pretty curly, would I have to straighten it first and THEN put rollers in it? Cause I'm emphatically not doing that.


@mirror_father_mirror I was totally going to ask the same thing! I've always wanted to try this look, but seeing as it takes me like, an hour to straighten my hair, I kinda figured it wouldn't be worth it. But thanks for the encouragement Jane!


@mirror_father_mirror (Off topic, BUT your username has that movie playing in the cinema in my head.)


@mirror_father_mirror "Mirror. Father. Mirror." Amazing. (Love that movie.)

Jane Marie

@mirror_father_mirror no need to straighten, curl on curl action totally works :) and wear it to the hairpin meetup this month!


@Jane Marie Really? The one time this naturally-curly-haired-gal had her hair done professionally (for a wedding, go figure), the lady straightened my hair first. And then put curlers in. She said it was easier?


Jane! Which white eyeliner did you use? Looks like it goes on really well.


@cline I also want to know this! Whenever I try to line my waterline no color sticks! It's like it's too wet and there's no friction to drag the color off the pencil?

Jane Marie

@cline @Monkey it's a $3 Prestige Kohl Eyeliner in White from Duane Reade - just a plain pencil one but it's pretty awesome.

Feminist Killjoy

@Monkey Some (usually drug store) eyeliners are just like that. Throw them away. You want a super soft one for the waterline. But not so soft that it doesn't stay put. So ya know. Medium soft. OR it could be that you haven't used the liner in a while so the outside layer has like hardened. In that case, sharpen it.


@Monkey Buxom makes an eyeliner especially for the waterliner--I think it's called insider? It has great staying power and it fairly high pigment (in the colors I've tried), but can be challenging to remove.

Does this work with slightly longer hair, too? Please advise, Jane!

Jane Marie

@S. Elizabeth yes! i mean, it's a little more wavy than "Curly" but yes. all you do is use the next size up of curlers. so for the medium ones, use large and for the small use medium. and send us pics!

:Cinnamon Girl:

I want there to be a Lot Less in San Franciscooooooo.

Lauren Miller@facebook

What is that song that is playing in the background? I love it!

Jane Marie

@Lauren Miller@facebook there are two tracks by my pal Maker from Chicago, "Friend or Foe" and "Ten Years Prior." he's ill. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3ozjuTaVXY


The video is just a black box on my screen...:(


As if I need ANY more encouragement to draw my eyebrows on way too thick.


This is amazing, you look just like her too. You're ready to put on a slip and go all Butterfield 8!

Manchester Tart

This is brilliant, such a gorgeous look. I've never actually watched any of the tutorials before because I always figured I wouldn't be able to do it no matter how simply broken down it was, but today I've gone through and watched them all, and I'm determined to try all of them. This one might take a bit of working up to, but I'll get there.

The Beltway Broads@twitter

So many tutorials. And so much failure on my end to make them work. Mark my words - I will try again. Thanks!


Why can't I have Jane's lips? Sometimes life just isn't fair.

Also, Jane- where do you wear a look like this? I love the way it looks, but I think I'd feel way too conspicuous surrounded by normal-looking people.


@bunB you wear it to the grocery store or the library. If people look at you, it is because you are awesome.


Jane! You have tricked me into believing that I could do this look myself! But then I quickly realized that I have absolutely no skill, am lazy, and don't own 98% of what is needed to accomplish this look.


Come over and do my makeup?? Kthnxbai!

Feminist Killjoy

This is great and I need hot rollers NOW


Can we talk about how to wear red lipstick (as in WHEN and WITH WHAT) and how to pick one that looks ok on you when you have red hair and freckles? I have one that I happen to like but it's been suggested to me that i look like a STREETWALKER with it on-- how do I avoid this?


@karenpr MAC Lady Danger is great on redheads!


@karenpr Red lipstick is now commonplace. I wear red lipstick every day because it is a low effort way to look "dressed". For a classy look, find a matte red. Also, stop associating with anyone who equate a red lip with streetwalking. Wear your sassy lipstick every day, and chicer, woman-positive friends will follow!

This look is great for everyday:


Oh God, this is OT but I just watched the eyebrow tutorial and my eyebrows don't do what Jane says they should and now I'm all self-conscious. They're long and skinny and barely have an arch, and what little arch I do have way toward the outer part of my eye and doesn't line up with my pupil! And I'm panicking now that my eyebrows have been wrong all this time and nobody told me.

fondue with cheddar

@winslow Don't worry, mine are wrong too. They're thick, but VERY sparse, which means I have to choose very carefully which hairs to pluck, lest I end up with bare spots. I'm stuck with sideways-parenthesis brows at best.


Jane, what is the stuff you "won't leave home without, take that Elizabeth Taylor"? I'm unfamiliar but totally intrigued.

one cow.

@Dantess Jane talks about it here! It's highlighter! I put some on once at Ulta & later caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and was all DAYUMN!


@one cow. Thank you very much! That's fantastic.


Question! That is possibly too far down to get an answer but oh well. Jane puts her highlighter on top of her powder. Another internet makeup lady I love says to put powder over highlighter in order to set it/make it stay on the face. What to do? -- Hairpin consensus?


@timesnewroman Make up rule is cream to cream and powder to powder. Meaning that for products like cream/liquid blush and highlighters should go directly over cream and liquid products and likewise for powder products. This is because otherwise products can separate and run. You powder over areas that get oily to take take down excess shine or to set your make up. But obviously none of these rules are set in stone. If your skin gets excessively oily or shiny then you may want to powder over everything and be sure you follow the "rule." Personally, my skin is pretty dry so the whatever oil I produce doesn't usually cause my make up separate so I apply in whatever order I feel like it. Whatever works for you is what you should do!

Jane Marie

@timesnewroman i rarely wear powder, but as a rule i would not put anything on top of highlighter since it's a creme and shimmery. i wouldn't want it to lose its shine, you know?


@OsGirl Thank you! Yes, thinking about it cream over powder would prob not work esp if your skin's on the oilier side.

@Jane Marie Thank you for answering! Yes, that's what I was thinking, because if you lose the highlighter's shine then what's left, a bit of glitter? Maybe this talk of making makeup "set" is just an old wives tale? OsGirl is probably right in that it depends on where the oil on your face is. Imma have to experiment, what a shame! Or maybe who cares because I'm starting to think the major reason I bang Orgasm Illuminator on my face is its amazing smell


@timesnewroman "Setting" makeup is really handy at times, but totally unnecessary at others (YMMV; I have dry skin, so not usually something I have to worry excessively about). If you're going to a dinner party, where you will be swanning about in a climate controlled environment for just a few hours, generally you can skip.

If you're doing an hour long tech rehearsal, followed by an hour long dance performance, on an outdoor stage, in 95 degree weather, when there's no A/C in the dressing room (as I was, a week ago), you need to set the living daylights out of that nonsense. I like the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer (Sorry, Jane! It is my everything) under my eyeshadow, and I like the Bare Minerals Mineral Veil over everything once I'm done. I used these on my face last weekend and made it through both shows looking fresh as a daisy!

But yeah, it's mattifying, so I wouldn't put it over highlighter, since that would defeat the purpose.


@SarahDances Haha, thank you!!


Wow. I think Jane is the most beautiful woman I've seen! If I had a husband, I would definitely be locking him up right about now.

Love this retro look. I bought some rollers the other day.. time to start experimenting with them!


"Rollllllled out of bed a homewrecker!"


I cannot tell you how much I love this, Jane. And how much I love YOU!


My favorite parts in these videos, apart from the amazing instruction, is when Jane drinks. I was disappointed to see her teetotal for a full ten minutes.


jane. jaaaane! seriously, you've outdone yourself. just had to dig some nasty tangerine hair rollers out of my mom's house to do this.


Oh goodness, it should be illegal to be that beautiful. And I don't mean that in a ladies-hating-on-other-ladies kind of way.


Hello. My friend


Dedi cated service, the new style, believing you will love it!!!



thank you!


Hi, I love this look! Would the hair work for long hair? If you have long hair, should you still use small rollers for all rows on the bottom?

Kara Zor-el

but i'm blond! with puny eyebrows and close set eyes! if i line my eyes and darken my brows i look cross eyed!


loved this! Would love to know how to make a long haired version of a glamour-puss style (mine is kinda boob-length-ish)


This is great. I'm a blonde, but lately I've been experimenting with a stronger eyebrow and I'm digging it. I just saw Midnight in Paris, and I'm dying for a demo of Marion Cotillard's eye makeup, if you are looking for topics :) It is the sexiest damn smoky eye I've ever seen.

Jane Marie

@spottenwren@twitter you are reading my mind.


That makes me so, so happy. Because I'm pretty sure if I just learn to do that smoky eye, I will be a happier person. And her skin glows, and she has SO many curls without even an hint of frizz, instead it looks like a soft and lovely cloud wrapped in a lace headband. But the smoky eye would be enough!

i kant even

this tutorial is AMAZING and making me sad that i am so incompetent with rollers.


Ahhhhh!! So dying to have a reason for this! Jane, what is that genius pointy hard little eyeliner brush you're using? Gawgeous.


I did this (well, the hair) for work today! I slept in foam rollers. It even kind of worked! Since I have super super straight fine hair this is actually high praise. Thanks Jane!

Re: sleeping in rollers... I think some of the curls came out a little weird because the rollers moved around as I slept. Should I get one of those old-lady hairnet-type things to keep them in place? Does that work? Is it worth the embarrassment of wearing something that looks like a showercap to bed?


OMG Jane, I just thought you should know that you are my make-up guru. Anytime I try one of your tutorials I get compliments and tell people that I got the idea from my make-up guru. Usually they give me a weird look, but for the people who understand, I send them here. I am going to have to try this one soon. I can't wait!


Jane, this was great. Looks incredibly chic but is actually quite simple to achieve. The hairstyle also looks really good in a ponytail,(if that's what you call it in the US- when you pull it back in an elastic band.)
I went out today in 'homewrecker' mode as I now like to think of it, and found men opening doors, and doing all sorts of wierd courteous stuff.

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