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One Minute of Clueless Clothing

The lovely ladies and gentlemen over at Worn Fashion Journal (buy it, read it; read it, buy it) have put together a 60-second montage chronicling every outfit that Cher Horowitz wears in the landmark film Clueless, which came out ... 16 years ago. [shriek]

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16 years ago I very much coveted all plaid outfits.


@EleanorRigby Including ones where there were two different sizes of the same plaid, yes? Delightful.


Oh man. Babydoll dresses. I want to wear them again! Except for how they would look on me now vs. when I wore them as a teenager.

fondue with cheddar

@Brunhilde I LOVED babydoll dresses, but they always looked like maternity dresses on me because I've got big boobs. :(

Yankee Peach

I wanted Cher's software program that would match up cute outfits for her. I also wanted her pink pens with the fuzzy pom-poms on top, and, um, Josh.


@Yankee Peach: And Josh has played the same great guy ever since.


It's 2011 and we still don't have software that puts together outfits for us?!


@likethestore I am 90% sure there are several iphone apps.


Pointing out Clueless is 16 years old is way harsh, Edith.



It's only 12 years since the DVD!


@SuperGogo It is only 16, and this is California, not Kentucky!


I recently visited Urban Outfitters and they are trying to bring back thigh high socks. I still haven't fully processed my thigh high sock trauma from 1994 (and how they made your legs look like sausages escaping the casings), oh no...I am not going back there.

so what?

@parallel-lines no way, i LOVE over-the-knee socks. and cher has so many great outfits that showcase them.

was anyone else a little shocked at just how short some of their skirts were? just me? okay.

so what?

@so what? also, this is pretty great round-up.


@so what? no, but over-the-knee socks, yes absolutely. love them now, especially with the fall coming and boots and what. so cute.


@parallel-lines Oh, I'm with you. Yeeugh.


@CrescentMelissa I'm not talking about just over the knee--I'm talking the ones from the movie that are kinda more of a hose that's not quite a thigh high - they go a couple inches above the knee and those fuckers were constantly rolling down and pinching you in places that made your legs look like they were being strangled. They suuuuuuuucked.

Pound of Salt

Sheer blouse and leather skirt. Still love it.


This is awesome. I might have to watch it over and over again a few times. Also, I still love that red dress (not the sleeveless one, the other one).


AAH I just watched this movie a few days ago! Amy Heckerling needs to only make teen movies set in fictional Los Angeles high schools.



All based on Jane Austen novels, please. I would shake apart with joy if she would only teenify PERSUASION.


@ilikemints I would like to see a version of Northanger Abbey. Imagine a weird-gothy LA house.


@ilikemints: Another Amy Heckerling-Cameron Crow collaboration would be kind of perfect.


My older sister had my mom make her a replica of the yellow plaid suit back in the day, and it's now in my possession. I'm toying with the idea of wearing it on my last day of work.


these are all still fashion dos. love.this.movie.4eva.


"But...it's an Alaia!"


now do Party Girl!


@Exbee Party Girl > Clueless

One thirtysomething's opinion. Clueless just reminded me of the floor of a dressing room at Contempo Casuals - all the skirts were too short, they had those weird spaghetti strap dresses and most of it sucked. I am not nostalgic for my high school wardrobe.


@Exbee OMG PARTY GIRL. The clothes in that movie are so amazing I almost can't even TALK ABOUT IT. Clueless was my shit at the time, but I appreciate Party Girl on a much higher level as an "adult."

Mister Horrible

What I remember about Clueless is how after leaving the matinee showing, the people I went with proceeded to ridicule me because they claimed "you must not have enjoyed it as much as we did because you didn't understand it because you've never kissed a girl."

I still don't really know what they meant by this. I enjoyed the movie just fine, thank you! Although I thought Breckin Meyer was the real breakout male star of the movie. Sorry, Paul Rudd! I was wrong.


@Mister Horrible At least Breckin was great in that Party Down episode.


Um, excuse me? Am I the only one who realized 8 and 9 were the same outfit? I thought it reeked!


@ajayne That must be your Designer Imposters perfume.

ALSO: You guys! Clueless is showing in McCarren Park tonight, for all you NYCers!


There should be more of these types of posts. I hope not sporadically!

oh, disaster

Oh goodness, do I still love this movie. "Duh, it's like some famous quote." "Where'd you get it?" "Cliff's notes."




so there is this new-ish song (no idea who sings it) that plays on our satellite radio at work that references "Alright" by Supergrass. and whenever it comes on i run around yelling CLUELESS? CLUELESS?? and if someone freaks out equally as much as i do that is how i know they are awesome.

also @exbee YES. PARTY GIRL.

Creature Cheeseman

BABY BACKPACKS! Girl on pretty little liars was wearing one last weeeek! I mean, what?

Ann F.

That's pretty neat compilation video.

Btw, check out my online boutiques store.

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