Friday, August 31, 2012


Make Your Own Sigil

Would your family crest be a knight refusing to discuss his feelings? A potato sitting on top of a rake? A thermostat set to 58 degrees in January? A blood-soaked game of Boggle? Make it so! (via)

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A half empty bottle of liquor atop a stack of overdue library books.


@JessicaLovejoy This may well apply to everyone on the hairpin

Sunny Schomaker

@JessicaLovejoy Fortunately, my library books are not overdue. I may have renewed some of them over the course of several semesters, though. If I have them for over a year, they're mine, right?


@JessicaLovejoy I prefer to think of it not as "half empty" but as "time to buy another one."


@LacunaKale Maybe that is the sigil of the Hairpin itself!

RK Fire

@stuffisthings: Our House words could simply be "Time to Buy Another."


@JessicaLovejoy My house crest should be a pile of empty gin bottles atop shield in the shape of a stack of ridiculously expensive university library fines, with fruit flies rampant. "Oh the fruit flies, they too love gin." would be the motto stamped upon a banner made of dirty laundry.

I'm not ready to grow up!


Guys! Watch the awesome Bonnie Burton teach me to make a coat of arms on Geek DIY!@t


A fridge full of alcohol (and capers?) but no food and a cat surrounded by gifts of supplication.


A stern knight throwing a book around while everyone else chews nervously.

Heat Signature

A flaming coffee bean (because my husband and I can get an amazing amount of stuff accomplished with little sleep) on a field of blue (because we love the ocean).

Judith Slutler

A tent (or bicycle? or polarfleece jacket?) surrounded by tomato plants and garlic cloves with a mountain in the background. I can only imagine it in quilted wall hanging form, like my mom would sew it.


A cat eating cheese on a field of violet.


A dog holding a watering-can full of paintbrushes, I suspect.

My mother's sigil would TOTALLY be a thermostat set to 58 degrees in January.


My family crest would be a passive-aggressive Post-It note on a field of Shame Green, flanked by the Classical personifications of Catholic Guilt and Sibling Rivalry. Motto reading "You Could've Called, You Know."

Tuna Surprise

Yeah, I need to find someone who can translate "descended from matriarch who thinks ya'll could stand to lose a few pounds" into Latin for our family motto.


@Tuna Surprise Google translate says, "descendit de matriarch qui putat stare posses amittere paucis librarum"

Hot Doom

a laptop with an apparent never-ending vortex at the center of a screen that appear to be crying tears of blood, and is littered with cats and tubs of hummus and greek yogurt. It will represent the countless hours of wasted life contrasted with the life giving powers of cats, hummus and greek yogurt.

sarah girl

I haven't decided on the specific symbols yet, but everything will be covered with a fine layer of cat hair.


@Sarah H. Yes!!


Mine would have an over-trimmed Christmas tree on it. I remember trimming the tree with my family one Christmas, and my brother looking at the tree and saying "Our family is like our Christmas tree: pointless and full of crap."


Antidepressants, small ugly dogs, and the hope that tomorrow will be better.


@frigwiggin Pug dogs or little scrappy ones with leads made of string? I feel that having a small ugly dog in the vicinity means that today is already the tomorrow that is better. PUGS!

RK Fire

For myself and my husband: a quartered shield, with a barbell, a rugby ball, a laptop with a cat picture on the screen and a pint of beer. Still haven't figured out the house words/family motto yet.


@RK Fire 'For Yea This Is The Household That Knows How To Keep Fit Well And Waste Time Better'? But in Latin or Greek or Aramaic to make it fancy

Mohawk Chick

Mine would have a heap of unwashed laundry, a butt and the motto "Well...fuck."


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