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For Ladies Who Masturbate Too Much

…like, we don’t know, you’re forgetting to eat, or bathe, or something?

The Utne Reader’s new article on the rise of “Dirty Girls Ministries” may provide you with some fascinating background reading. Or masturbation material, depending on what you’re into:

Dirty Girls member Amy Christine Proctor, a self-described addict and a flight attendant from Colorado, started masturbating while she was visiting chat rooms on AOL. Unmarried and a virgin at 30, Proctor has struggled with her sexual identity since puberty, believing her same-sex thoughts are a sin. Last year, she says, she was masturbating almost daily, sometimes twice a day. To rehabilitate herself, she became an active member of Dirty Girls Ministries and started driving two hours to attend a 12-step program for sex addicts called Heart to Heart.

Almost DAILY, ladies. Sometimes? Twice a day! (Clutches pearls, looks shifty.)


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