Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Florence + the Machine, "What the Water Gave Me"

The first single off 24-year-old Florence Welch's second album (out November 7, not yet titled) is now online and available for $1.29 on iTunes. The accompanying video is very spindle-wrists-and-emotive-blouses, but the song is huge.

Plus: Lil Wayne's "How to Love" video.

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Floooorence. I love you and you secretly make me want to stop eating sandwiches but GIRL with the reflection double vision sixties thing? Get it together.

Sella Turcica

Okay, I only watched the Lil' Wayne video in between checking some email, but I thought the lace gloves the stripper wore were very cute!!!! You know, for going out and stuff, not for putting on my obviously fake glasses and going to school.


@Delighted by User The biggest take away from that video is definitely to go to high school and be smart and stuff, but then GO TO BEAUTY SCHOOL. Because they make effing bank and have hardly any student loans. I just had this conversation with a hairdresser who is younger than I am, makes more than I do, and gets to wear the funnest outfits ever to work, while I mix and match banana republic and keep things vaguely cute but mostly bland.


You just made my day.


I've never been crazy about F+M's goofy music videos, but her music is boss. Can't wait to listen to this after work.


Stevie + Tori = Flo


emotive blouses! florence & the machine's new album title.


@hannahc Oh God that would make my life.


All of her spindly-wrist dance moves is exactly how I danced to her set at Bonnaroo. She is flawless. Lungs is one of the best albums EVER.


Can her and Natasha Khan just form a witchy woman super group already?


Ugh. Florence. Ugh. So lovely.

Also, the club remix of this song that Sweden should get on already, is gonna be amazing, I can already tell.

fondue with cheddar

I'm not familar with Florence Welch, so when I read the title I immediately thought, "Dystentery?"


@jen325 Familiarize, girl! You will not be sorry.

fondue with cheddar

@DorothyMantooth Alas, I can't listen with sound at work, I don't have internet access at home, and I don't have time to hang out after work and listen because I leave right away. Maybe I'll remember to watch it tomorrow morning if I get here early.


@jen325 Or just pop by a Target or something on your way home & pick up a copy of Lungs? It's GLORIOUS!

fondue with cheddar

@DorothyMantooth I'm going to have to make do with the free option here. I'm so poor right now. But I will definitely have to check it out!


@jen325 : OH GOOD, it wasn't just me.


I fucking love this.

Beck Rea@facebook



Also, am I the only person who just wants to get a headband on this girl, pronto?


Okay, then.


I just decided I wanted to know more about her and when I went into wikipedia and typed in "Florence Henderson" I was very surprised by the results. Woops.


"Hurricane Drunk" never seems to get much appreciation from her first album, but I loooooooove it. Anyone else?


Okay okay the song is good but now I'm really mad that a google image search for the title of this song turns up pictures of Flo and not the painting of the same name by Frida Kahlo (I thought at first the song might be about that painting! But I don't think it is).


UGH. Florence is so effing GLORIOUS.

If you have the chance to see her live, pay whatever you have to. WORTH IT.

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