Monday, August 29, 2011


Floors in Art

Click on a floor to see its context.

Previously: Painful Groins in Art.

Lili Loofbourow writes about 17th-century ideas of reading and digestion, cognitive science, Chile, and femscularity. She blogs for Ms. Magazine and as Millicent over at Millicent and Carla Fran.

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What? The Floor Scrapers was too obvious?! It's only the best painting of a floor in the whole world.


Lili L.

@E Not too obvious! Amazing!


@millicent I mean, terracotta tile floor number one has a nice shine on it, and the flax barn has a good wood flooring, but...the floor scrapers. I saw it once at a musuem, and it was...god. Caillebotte. That man. He did a lot of sexy paintings of sexy shirtless men.


This is weirdly fascinating!

Valley Girl

Good stuff. Love the one with the babies! I also really like the ones of plain, unadorned floors for some reason.


Great post, but no Vermeer? No Piero della Francesca? No Caillebotte? I feel we missed out on some great floors!

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