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Exercise Gadgets to Ruin/Enhance Your Life

The best way to get fit is to spend hundreds of dollars on gadgets, and then watch the desired result automatically happen. Right? Here are a few good ways to spend your money becoming perfect.

Calorie Monitors
The BodyBugg is a device you wear on your arm that counts the calories you expend when you sleep, walk, run, exercise, and do pretty much anything, which is useful if you like to be on top of what you're burning and not burning (math, control!). It's $250 (it has a pedometer and links up to your smartphone), but it's on sale for $200. (Amazon users are on the fence, although they happily endorse the similarly priced BodyMedia FIT Armband, $209.)

Meanwhile, the less-expensive Fitbit tracker ($99) "gives you a clear sense of how you’re doing and encourages you to be more active," which sounds like a living, chattering nightmare, but it does just as much as the BodyBugg, costs less, looks prettier, and everyone seems to love it ("At any time during the day, you can push the one little button on the fitbit to display an estimate of calories burned, steps taken, miles walked, and a graphic of a flower that is larger as you're more active." @–>->—–).

Watch your step — literally (ayyy!). More than 3,000 users give the Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer, $21, a 4.5-star average rating, plus it's a pocket pedometer, meaning you don't have to strap it to your arm like the BodyBugg (or pay hundreds of dollars). Or you could strap it to your arm! Whatever you like. (And here's a slew of other good-looking pedometers, because why pick just one. Use a few at once, see if they say different numbers. Fill your pockets with pedometers.)

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Okay, I love the idea of a pedometer, and I tried to use one for a while, but the problem is that I wear a lot of dresses. How does one wear a pedometer while wearing a dress? I mean, I guess you could clip it to your underwear, but that seems kind of uncomfortable, right?


@thebestjasmine Wear a garter and clip it to that, maybe?


@thebestjasmine Get a Fitbit! I just left a comment but then I realized maybe you wouldn't see it since you only get emails when someone replies directly to your comment. Anyway, a fitbit is basically a super pedometer. And you can clip it to your bra! I clip it up from under, to the gore that connects the two cups. It works perfectly on all but one of my bras (the bra it doesn't work on is super thick with like 300 layers of slippery lace so the fitbit can't really grip to it).

Hot mayonnaise

@KeLynn: You get emails?


@Hot mayonnaise Yes! It took me a long time to realize this (and I only did because someone else's reference to Hairpin emails made me tinker around the site) but if you go to your settings, you can get an email whenever someone replies to a thread that you posted in.

Leslie Popplewell

@thebestjasmine I love my fitbit! I bought one for my mom and my sister and my husband and we all friended each other on the fitbit site. And I beat them all every week!


My boyfriend has been using a FitBit while participating in a study! He was really enjoying it until he left it clipped to a pair of pants and sent it through the wash.




GUYS. I've had a Fitbit for about 3 months now and I LOVE IT. It isn't quite as beefed up as something like a body bugg, but I also don't have to wear a hideous black band on my arm all day every day so....it was sort of a no brainer for me. It clips to my bra and no one is ever the wiser. Until I want to show it to someone and then I have to stick my hand up/down my shirt in broad daylight to retrieve it. But I'm getting pretty good at not being self conscious about that anymore.


I really like my fitbit, the downside is that you can accidentally leave it on and it gets left in the wash. But I hear they have good customer service.
I stopped using mine a couple of months ago, but when I was wearing it, I lost a bit of weight because I changed some of my habits, like making sure I get up from my desk at least once and hour and take a quick walk around the building.

The Secret Sharer

i think the one that would be the most fun to have is the heart rate monitor. the more i think about it the more i want one.


@The Secret Sharer That's me with the Nike watch, I lust after it! Mostly I think it would be good if I was kidnapped while on a run or walk or something. Like low-jacking myself?

The Secret Sharer

@nogreeneggs hum yeah! or imagine you have black outs, you could just download data to see where you've been! I might get that one not that i think about it...


Get a puppy. Lose weight from all those puppy miles you're logging each day taking her for walks. (For reals, I walk 3-4 miles a day now.) I bet a FitBit doesn't lick your face/bite your nose when it's happy.

Edith: I am available to do an exercising with puppies article. (Puppy bicep curls?!)

Leslie Popplewell

I have the swimp3 thingy even though I swim very rarely. And I bought the bodybugg but it doesn't have a display on the device, so what's the point? So I returned it, and like the fitbit much better.

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