Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Why Can't We Read the New Alan Hollinghurst Novel Yet?

If you're not an obsessive fan of The Swimming-Pool Library or The Line of Beauty, you may not be weeping into your Cheerios over this injustice, but it's completely unfair that The Stranger's Child, already long-listed for the Booker Prize, is not gracing this side of the Atlantic until October 11th.

What are they doing to it? Are they planning on sending it over via the Queen Mary? Does it need to be rejiggered for an American audience a la Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?

(The Stranger's Kid? The Diary of a Stranger's Kid? Eat, Pray, Slow-Moving Country House Novel?)

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My London-dwelling bestie is visiting and brought the book with her -- there are several friends in line who get to read it before I do, but she gave me an exhaustive account of how it's so well-researched but just not as well-executed as it should be!


http://www.amazon.co.uk yo. The shipping is not as bad as you might think.

Nicole Cliffe

But what of the PRINCIPLE of the thing? What of my carbon footprint?

(nearly twists ankle running to find wallet)


@Nicole Cliffe Just means that you should order the longlist books all at once. Economy of scale and all that.


I've never read/heard of this dude. What's his stuff about?? All this cover is telling me is it's about '20s Garden Party.


@Megan Patterson@facebook Do you need to know more than that?


@Megan Patterson@facebook He's great: I can't speak to this book but his others explore questions of queerness and race in Thatcherite (Line of Beauty) and pre-AIDS (Swimming-Pool Library) England. Highly recommend.


Do you KNOW how long it takes for Meg Cabot books to get published in the uk?
I think we get the rougher deal.


The beauty of the bound galley: I'm halfway through this bitch and it's excellent.

Female Trouble

oooh, thanks for the tip! Somehow I have been woefully unaware of this author's existence. I am excited to get started. Swimming-Pool Library first?

chope des puces

@Female Trouble SPL is wonderful, but Line of Beauty perhaps most unambiguously gorgeous, and best one to start with? Everyone in it is devestatingly sexy, and the main character dances a twist with Margaret Thatcher.


But what does it mean if the guy I'm dating says this is his favorite book?


I was at the same party as Alan Hollinghurst once. Actual stood one metre away from him same. Not enough people appreciate this high point in my life.
Alain de Botton was also present. I stood on his foot. Low point of my life.

miss buenos aires

@Emma_DB I would actually be more excited about the latter than the former? Unless the latter was a real jerk about me *accidentally* breaking his toe bone.


Thank you for this post! I have a feeling I will really enjoy this author. Swimming Pool Library is officially on hold for me at MY library via inter-library loan. :D [librarylibrarylibrary!]

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