Friday, July 29, 2011


Were You Alive In...

Previously: 1926.

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You stinkers! You can't just time hop like that! (yes, yes I was.)


@HelloTitty I was doing dishes. For the entire year and then some.


@zidaane Cute!!!


@zidaane holy cute!


@zidaane As a Park Slope Parent (that's right, big P Parent), I oppose the stand of children on spinny chairs!!! You were killed just after that was taken, right. RIGHT! AND ARE THOSE WHEELS!?!?!?


@Kneetoe There were 4 others to take the place of one going down. This was not some half shit operation. I was completely expendable to keep the dish washing operation going. This was Irish mean of course. 5 go in. Somehow 5 came out. I don't know what kind of shaky system you are employing in Park Slope.

Totally kidding- We ourselves had one kid and we treated him like the Dali. He never held a knife on a chair in his life and he's 18.


@zidaane Haha I love your comments. Only one? How do the dishes get done??!?


@Kneetoe I have a dishwasher but still wash every dish by hand. If my son goes near the sink he needs gloves.


richard lawson, show thyself!


@becky@twitter You have to say it three times in order for him to appear:

Richard Lawson!
Richard Lawson!
Richard Lawson!

(did that work?)


@parallel-lines no, but beetlejuice is here now.



Maybe you need to be looking into a mirror, or perhaps at a photo of the Real Housewives?


Got my first six string.


@likethestore Did you buy it at the five and dime?


@applestoapples i bet likethestore played it til their fingers bled.


*call me if you need more time-traveling fonts. (No, god no, I definitely wasn't.)


I was, but was very young.

kid madrigal

No, but I love these posts! Type nerd.


@kid madrigal Is it from Laugh-In? I think yes.


I wasn't but apparently my Gap jeans were!

Edith Zimmerman

@LolCait I love it!

Lily Rowan

Nope. :( I mean, Nope! :D :D


No! Although by last week's ova assertion, yes!


Yes, but I was a little tiny redheaded baby and thus did not notice any of the excesses and fun times all the grownups were having back then.


@City_Dater Wait, you also have red hair? Viz yesterday's discussion, it seems we ARE actually the same person.


@City_Dater No Way! In 1969, I was a tiny redheaded baby too!


Over the years my hair faded to a strawberry blonde shade that I now chemically enhance so I am not mistaken for a grey-haired crone.
If you do not find me at the Hairpin meetup so we can scream "You're me!" at each other I will be so disappointed.


@City_Dater I will do my utmost to exercise my screaming muscles prior to the meet-up.


@Ophelia Oh, good lord. Yes, we are all the same person.


@City_Dater In the second half of '69, I was also a tiny baby with hair they thought might turn out to be red like my Mama's, but I fooled 'em! It's gone all sorts of different shades as I've meandered through life. It's red-from-a-bottle now, though. :)


I feel a little sad now, but no. WHEN WILL YOU TELL US WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT?!!A!!


Nope, but that was the year that my dad graduated from high school. Then, when I was in high school (the same school, 30 years later), I would wear his letter jacket sometimes. I felt like such a dirty badass with "69" on my sleeve.


Woah, I just realized that's the year my parents divorced. Or was it the year we moved to DC? Alzheimer's HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA hah?




@atipofthehat We had to make our own toys out of people and wood and it was messy.


If I were, I would've been standing on my momma's porch, telling you I'd wait forever.

but no.


Indeed, I was alive in 1969. You are homing (honing?) in on my birth year. Warm, warm, warm...


Noooooooot quite... almost...


I was living in an Eichler with a bright orange front door in Sunnyvale, watching the first episode ever of "Sesame Street." Also this year, my mom, a feminist and trendsetter, was the first woman among her set to wear slacks to a party.


Nice try, but you're not going to trick me into commenting on these lazy Friday afternoon posts that still somehow rack up dozens of comments this ti....dammit!


Alive and busy filling diapers. Someone had to do it.


Glad to see a few Hairpins alive during the sixties. I was there for most of that year.

Yankee Peach

Alive and according to legend, an infant insomniac who stayed up all night watching PBS with her dad. Sigh. It explains so much.

Jemma Boyle@facebook

You betcha! 9 years old.


Can I just say that I am eagerly awaiting Richard Lawson's first article on this site, as he is, for me, The Best Part Of Gawker (tm)?


I was a babe surviving hurricane Camille in Mobile Alabama.

Ironika Leigh

of course i was. but only by a few weeks. FINALLY.


It would be another nine years before two starcrossed 19-year-olds would hook up and accidentally have a baby girl they would then give one of the most common names of the late '70s.


Yes! I think I was in second grade. It's all a blur.


I was just about to get squeezed out, managing to get myself born on my sisters fourth birthday. She was ticked, she wanted a doll.

The Secret Sharer

yes, i was born in 1969, my mom was 25 and my dad was 27, and i had an older sister, she was 8.


Yep, born in August of '69!


Nope, but that is the year my parents married.

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